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Weird feeling Anonymous 09/14/2021 (Tue) 17:57:08 Id: b72a99 No. 1444
Why the hell i find coalburners so cute? Yeah what yall heard "cute" instead of hot.. Just seeing a white female who got knocked up by a black man makes me have a crush on her almost instantly Most fucked up part is i don't even want to have sex, but rather snuggle in bed with some preggo white girl It's fucking weird i know but that's how i feel
And obviously i'm not telling any of this to my therapist. I'm not sure how she might react and it's embarrassing for me to tell
What's the point of seeing a therapist if you don't tell them the things you wouldn't tell normal people?
>>1446 Already told my therapist i jerk off twice a day sometimes even more, that i got a porn addiction and it's almost impossible for me to quit it and get better unless my parents cut off my internet Telling her that it turns me on to see black men fucking white women would be too much cringe
>>1448 she's your therapist, its her job to listen to your problems and give constructive advice. She's being paid to listen to your story, no matter how cringey it might be. You already have a porn addiction, so blacked isn't a far cry.
>>1444 I have problems respecting women stupid enough to let a negro knock them up. I think it's hot when they just fuck them, but it crosses a line for me when they consider a black guy worthy enough to actually knock them up.
>>1459 Yup but truth is most black men abandon women after knocking them up and i wouldn't mind dating a girl who has been with a black guy and has a mixed baby i don't see that as a red flag unlike /pol/tards
(722.77 KB 2480x3508 f1gnosycyhr51.jpg)

>>1464 >i don't see that as a red flag unlike /pol/tards. speaking as a /pol/tard I hope you plan on purifying that poor mixed-child with an infusion of European DNA.
>>1464 >I don't see a woman lacking forethought to the point that she gets knocked up by someone who's likely to leave her as a red flag Maybe if you don't mind having an absolute retard as a wife with an inability to plan for the future.
>>1445 Is your therapist cute?
>>1466 Sure, but it depends on what you consider as "white" based on american standards >>1468 Not really, or at least i don't find her attractive i started going to therapy not only because of my porn addiction but for my anxiety and advanced state of depression but it doesn't seem to work for me
>>1470 How do you masturbate, anon? hand or prone with a pillow? if the latter, which was my problem, though unlikely yours, throw the pillow away, it's easier to get butt naked and fuck your pillow at basically any time of the day than to sit down and fap until you cum, prone with a soft pillow is one of the greatest pleasures in the world, but it's also a powerful addiction.
>>1472 >jerk off tips There's enough dick in the world to fuck you up the ass and make you cream like never before wyteboi. Why bother touching yourself when you can let a real man do it for you?
>>1472 I just use my left hand lol, used lube gel once and it felt great, kinda chilly on my cock but i enjoyed it tho
>>1473 I'm shy. >>1477 Well, don't know any other methods to help you, I have probably a minor porn addiction right now, a really high one a few months ago, I have my ups and downs every now and then.
(6.70 MB 498x280 terra babcock.gif)

>>1479 who is that chick in the clip? (she kinda looks like terra babcock)
If you don't see anything wrong with it then why not date one
>>1464 >i wouldn't mind dating a girl who has been with a black guy and has a mixed baby i don't see that as a red flag unlike /pol/tards That's because you don't have standards.
>>1479 last one is the best vid

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