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(2.00 MB 1991x5000 black_tinder_experiment.jpg)

(556.93 KB 1447x849 c10_.png)

(1.01 MB 1539x856 cutie1.png)

(554.29 KB 1435x597 c38.png)

(641.99 KB 1468x799 c61.png)

Girls Talking About BBC on Dating Apps Anonymous 09/29/2021 (Wed) 08:14:21 Id: f15282 No. 1629
Girls doing raceplay or mentioning Black cock on dating apps. None of these are my OC, they're from a guy catfished as Tyrone on posted results to 4chan. I have a ton more if anyone's interested.
(796.19 KB 1449x598 F10.png)

(601.40 KB 1446x714 f7.png)

(838.79 KB 1452x739 f5.png)

(798.73 KB 1544x867 Cap9.png)

More? These are pretty good I've done some catfishing with a nigger account, had some interesting results, but nothing worth sharing
>>1629 I think he stopped posting because a lot of them were fake.
(3.34 MB 3000x2626 2-01.jpg)

(7.60 MB 6355x5563 3-01.jpg)

(6.51 MB 6355x5563 4-01.jpg)

(2.98 MB 1770x3300 hfxnjxdfhcj.png)

(680.74 KB 1453x843 g1.png)

(632.41 KB 1451x753 f2.png)

(757.85 KB 1445x843 Captur5.png)

(633.09 KB 1487x833 Ca9.png)

>>1657 all fake
>>1697 Yeah, they're obviously just images of models plucked off the internet.
(752.53 KB 1451x848 d2.png)

(645.42 KB 1436x907 c52.png)

(780.74 KB 1449x835 Captu0.png)

(292.85 KB 716x1525 1623885252647.png)

>>1701 FUUUCK! That last one is sooooo fucking hot. Whiteboy beatdowns is one of the best parts of the BNWO.
>>1715 Agree, especially the stabbing~
most of these look fake, no girl actually talks that explicitly especially when you just start a conversation with her and the two of you are not familiar with each other
(487.45 KB 1439x847 c29.png)

>>1719 The ones I'm posting are almost certainly real. See pic: She says she dated black guys her whole life. IG username is in bio. Go to her IG account, and what do you know, her current bf is black. I'm posting the dirty ones first, most of them are more tame. >no girl actually talks that explicitly especially when you just start a conversation with her They will if you're attractive, keep in mind these are essentially hookup apps.
(511.00 KB 1443x541 c11.png)

(559.05 KB 1442x857 c41.png)

(586.31 KB 1465x781 c54.png)

(418.11 KB 1437x768 c32.png)

>>1719 with black guys they do, breaks the ice really quickly.
>>1719 In general women don't talk like that to strangers, but a subset of sluts on hookup apps do.
>>1719 I honestly don't care, I just like the idea of them being real, it's like erotica.
>>1727 They do talk like that to Tyrone, Pookie and Rayray
>>1723 >The ones I'm posting are almost certainly real. Kek. Ok tranny
(578.51 KB 1443x833 C3.png)

(421.10 KB 1434x862 c28.png)

(524.85 KB 1446x739 d3.png)

(693.12 KB 1467x853 Captu.png)

(98.88 KB 549x965 Kitchen.JPG)

(123.16 KB 1080x1350 Bedroom.JPG)

(233.51 KB 1080x1080 IMG_20200425_054638_144.jpg)

(179.54 KB 1575x899 YYP04zJ - Imgur.jpg)

(269.93 KB 1915x923 9.jpg)

(53.93 KB 1031x630 1.png)

(169.47 KB 1073x593 2.png)

(46.06 KB 1175x593 3.png)

(266.03 KB 1210x593 4.png)

(17.72 KB 1429x420 5.png)

(265.52 KB 1203x593 6.png)

(44.65 KB 1077x593 7.png)

(264.80 KB 1404x593 8.png)

(278.58 KB 1048x593 9.png)

(294.47 KB 966x593 10.png)

(265.17 KB 1275x593 11.png)

(294.21 KB 1210x593 12.png)

(270.14 KB 967x593 13.png)

(270.72 KB 1067x593 14.png)

(353.80 KB 1092x593 15.png)

(325.33 KB 1058x593 16.png)

(290.14 KB 1254x593 17.png)

(367.76 KB 1362x593 18.png)

(134.74 KB 558x593 20.png)

(427.88 KB 693x593 19.png)

(49.14 KB 425x593 21.png)

(221.65 KB 1148x593 22.png)

(264.53 KB 1179x593 23.png)

(128.26 KB 662x593 24.png)

(189.35 KB 571x593 25.png)

(40.14 KB 395x593 26.png)

>>1927 "2-3" what did she mean by that?
>>1937 I think she doesn't remember, or that's how i interpret it.
>>1939 I guess. Did you make these? Where would I get convincing pics of a black guy
>>1941 Thanks, I will give it a shot.
>>1942 Don't forget to paste the results after lol Anyway i suggest the same approach i used and ask how many BBC's they tried before
>>1943 Sure, did any of the girls go further than just telling you how many blacks they have been with? Most of it seems pretty surface level tbh.
>>1942 >>1944 I dropped the conversation cause it gets boring after tbh
Did a quick 2-day experiment like OP. Did it in Denmark in the second biggest city. As we all know the bitches on Tinder are the least valuable members of the female sex. but even then I only managed to get 56 matches (I think, some of them unmatched immediately) in the two days. Out of the 56, 4 were actually hungry (thirsty?) for black cock. 2 said that they are black only and the other 2 just preferred black but liked some whites too. The largest chunk was of 47 of the women that were merely race-blind. They didn't prefer black and got really turned off when I asked them about race and color. Clearly, they just matched with the guy because the pics were of a tall chad. The remaining didn't respond. In short; most of the people who are into IR are dudes with issues and if a white girl dates black, it's because she has been taught that race is just color so she doesn't care about it, which means she is not "black-owned" and the black guy didn't really "Steel ma womyn". A whitepill for once. Nice
>>1952 Yes, porn isn't real life. Do you guys really have to reinvent the wheel every day?
>>1952 Post results
post results!
(133.18 KB 1080x1080 renamed1.jpg)

(711.25 KB 591x1280 3RN84s8.png)

(762.28 KB 591x1280 ScauN1n.png)

Not from a dating app, but I had some success with this girl. I catfished her and she believed it was a male friend of hers messaging her. She's bisexual and she was dating a girl at the time, but she was really open about her sexuality and told me pretty much anything I asked. We talked for slightly over 3 weeks and then she ghosted me, so there is a lot of stuff I can share if people are interested. Sorry if there is some context lacking on these screenshots, but it's difficult to put an entire part of a conversation into the screenshot.
>>1957 You deffo should and it's pretty funny cause she doesn't look like the type of girl who gets BBC
(729.41 KB 591x1280 1 - 1OwLA61.png)

(793.97 KB 591x1280 2 - rtrHSUK.png)

(790.07 KB 591x1280 3 - RAcRiHy.png)

(740.75 KB 591x1280 4 - 7eRccX4.png)

(698.50 KB 591x1280 5 - Bm4vRbb.png)

>>1958 Sort of true. She's been with a black guy. From what I've gathered she likes men who are fashionable and artistic. She isn't into big tattooed gangsters I suppose.
(767.54 KB 591x1280 6 - ilWD09g.png)

(815.25 KB 591x1280 7 - inFOOQv.png)

(761.67 KB 591x1280 8 - uhlqznU.png)

(784.40 KB 591x1280 9 - QYG76in.png)

>>1957 >>1959 Some of these are reposts. Not exactly sure what to parts to share since we had a pretty long conversation.
(80.20 KB 640x800 6tin - Ellie (0).jpg)

(267.06 KB 640x800 alya14 (13).jpg)

(34.67 KB 1443x899 IMG_5714.PNG)

>>1980 Nice catch
>>1935 Tell me there's more of the Roosa girl, i went to the same school with her just few months ago
>>2001 Nothing else honestly. Do you know something more about her, is it known that she is into BBC?
>>2004 No unfortunately. I wasn't in her friend group or anything, i just recognize her
(90.35 KB 541x817 1 (2).jpeg)

(53.67 KB 557x691 1 (1).jpeg)

(90.62 KB 540x792 4 (1).jpeg)

(82.97 KB 555x859 2 (2).jpeg)

(78.60 KB 549x803 4 (2).jpeg)

(61.98 KB 547x855 5 (2).jpeg)

(28.41 KB 1080x787 qwgv74un9ij61.jpeg)

(474.28 KB 2358x4096 a4lh3idwmij61.jpeg)

(615.00 KB 2500x4096 phexohfwmij61.jpeg)

On instagram.
>>2041 PAWG is built for it
(877.43 KB 1444x714 Capture5.png)

(656.85 KB 1435x837 Capt.png)

(841.16 KB 1490x854 Ca.png)

(414.63 KB 1463x775 c42.png)

>>1954 Problem is, porn distorts our perception of real life. Even if you are a self-aware addict, you still fool yourself.
>>1952 56 matches in 2 days for some black dude in Europe isn't a whitepill.
>>2052 Everyone else is aware. It seems it’s you that needed confirmation for your low self esteem so that you won’t an hero.
>>2041 who is she?
>>2095 Yeah, I starting to doubt that.
>7-8/10 white girls are getting not only niggered but are also developing a taste for it White bros.. I don't feel so good
>>1956 It's so much hotter when they're not the type to get bbc
>>1952 >56 matches What the fuck, It took me a month to get it. In short this thread is super fucking depressing. So just being a nigger is a free pass to be an dumb animal and it gets excused and encouraged?
>>2190 It's much worse in America. I made a tinder catfish with a nigger and got easily 85+ matches in 2 days, girls acting extremely thirsty generally. Many were attractive, most weren't fat, and many did not seem the type to like niggers. I think that most white women have at the minimum fucked a nigger or even dated one. The young ones anyway. Good luck finding a pure wife, because this tinder experiment was one of the most blackpilling things I've ever done. 9/10s were in this fictional niggers messages all but begging for nigger dick. None of this blacked shit is even exaggerating, it's safe to say whatever attractive white girl you may be thinking of has been blacked at least once. Because my main finding was that 90% of white girls are basically race blind with who they fuck, so a determined enough black man that isn't bottom tier could probably pull an 8/10 white girl if he wanted to. It's fucking over. If a white girl lives in an area with a remotely substantial black population, she has almost certainly been blacked. We lost bro. If you don't believe any of this shit all you have to do is make a tinder catfish and see for yourself. It's nightmare fuel
>>2149 More? What age is ur profile set at?
>>2055 >>2190 Only weak low iq hitlerfags like you get demoralized by this lies. Those who have the most matches on this evil app are largely white men, you just have to be a cute white man and you will see a hundred bitches of all races come and talk to you. When a muscular black man at 20 matches, the cute white man at 70 matches. When the black man at 30 matches, the cute white man at 80 matches, so on. If you don't have any matches it has nothing to do with race it's just that you are fucking UGLY, like 80% of hitlerfags. Anyway (((tinder))) is an app full of worthless whores, it's just for sex, there is no "good" woman on this app, you are never going to find a good and respectable white woman to create a white family on this app, it's just a waste of time and a tool of debauchery create by jews. All the statistics and data clearly show that white men are the most requested on dating sites, that couples of black men with white women are very in minority, and that half of white women who go with blacks are fat and ugly, but despite this you continue to be manipulated by lies. You're just way too easily manipulated, it's hopeless, kill yourself.
>>2191 >Blablabla lie lie Nice imagination, now go back to jerk off to your interracial fantasies, cuckoid.
Remember: you think it's common only because you're totally obsessed with it, that's all. So since you are obsessed with this, your brain only sees that and does not look at other couples. When you see a black man/white woman couple, there are 15 white man/white woman couples nearby, but you ignore them. Me i don't ignore them because i'm not a obsessed cuck like you, when i see two black man/white woman couples, i see 20 white man/white woman couples nearby right after, on internet or IRL, because 90-95% of white women go with white men. You are in denial, you don't look at reality as a whole, you only look at the small minority that matches your fetishism, it's pathetic. The truth is you are just white cucks and black losers obsessed by interracial sex, that's all. Why is there no "couples of white men with white women" thread??? 1: because there would be millions and millions of photos to put, it would be infinite because these couples are 100 000 times more than black/white couples. 2: because nobody cares, because everybody knows that 95% of white women are in couples with white men. 3: because it's not a taboo like interracial couples, there is no one who fantasizes about white male/white female couples so nobody cares, but there many whites cucks and black men who fantasizing about black male/white female couples, that's the huge difference.
>>2195 >Coping this hard All you need to do is make a tinder catfish of a nigger and you'll learn how common it is. But you won't because on some level you know I'm right
Set at 20, may be influenced by the presence of a Liberal college nearby. This is a small fraction of the total. I got easily 120 matches and didn't swipe right on fat or ugly women. You've got to be in denial to think the average white woman has not or will not take bbc
>>2193 Here's another
>>2191 How do you make a fake account? I don't want to use my phone number.
>>2223 I use a Google voice number as a burner but you still need a number to get one Every man needs to Tyrone fish at one point in his life to see how bad (or good?) Things truly are
Does tinder give a notification to the other person if I screenshot conversations? Can I get banned if I make things too sexual?
>>2241 No and no.
>>2224 i would really like to see a collective effort to do some datamining. The ultimate goal would be a geographical heat-map of snowbunny populations. This would serve the purpose of redlining geographical regions to find a suitable BBC addicted girlfriend for respectable suitors. If I took the initiative to start a google doc do you think any anons would be willing to share their zip-code-specific data sets?
I started a few hours ago with some profile pics from this guy >>1941, I have 12 likes so far, but no matches. Will report back when I have anything more interesting.
>>2266 I should add that tinder always goes hard at first
>>2267 >>2266 65 likes right now. Had a few matches so far, but the girls are kind of evasive. Some girls are about what you would expect, they look and dress like sluts, but a few of them are really not the type you'd expect.
>>2288 >>2267 >>2266 Also, made a small error, the pick up line I used implied that I was looking to date the girls. I'll make a collage of girls I matched later and post screenshots of good chats I had if any.
Any girls reacting to bbc dick pics?

(80.50 KB 1449x863 photo_2021-08-25_14-00-35.jpg)

(180.15 KB 640x800 IMG_2176.JPG)

(69.35 KB 640x800 t (20).jpg)

(170.61 KB 640x800 IMG-20200905-WA0104.jpg)

This thot would literally try a BBC foursome with unknown black guys.
>>2325 Please translate Was she verified in some way?
I was doing some catfishing and I was getting some solid matches. Someone must have reported me though because Tinder tells me that I have to verify to proceed. Am I screwed or is there any way around it?
>>2055 >>2190 Really? It was a good-looking, buff, and tall nigger with a high-end job. Those people don't exist in Europe, and they barely exist in the US. 56 matches... I got more and I am a 4/10 manlet. Maybe a 5 now that I lost weight. It is a whitepill though - out of 100.000 people, most of them young as it is a college city (which also means that there are a lot of females as they are still retarded like me and they get a higher education. It wouldn't be a stretch to say 60.000 are females) with relatively few jobs, 56 of the women there matched with a 10/10 nigger. Most niggers are in the range of 4-6/10 as most people are in that range, and imagine the reach they have... none. Again, 4 of the girls were "snowbunnies". Not exactly insane or anything close to society-destroying. 2 of them were fat, for fuck sake.
>>2341 Post some of his best matches and convos?
You guys know any black ,,models" or actors I can borrow pics from? I'd love to try that in my area
>>2379 Avoid ones with lots of followers Tinder can detect when the same photos are uploaded over and over for catfishing, and might punish your profile by withholding matches Also if your pics look too "professional" girls will know it's a catfish.
(147.94 KB 576x593 TINDER 3.jpg.png)

(44.38 KB 443x593 TINDER 2.jpg.png)

(230.62 KB 585x630 TINDER 1.jpg.png)

>>2428 This is fucking amazing, anon!
anyone wants to provide his phone number? my number got banned from tinder and badoo. If I could get an acc on again Ill share what I have gathered so far
>>2643 Post what you have gathered
(904.08 KB 1583x917 MicrosoftTeams-image.png)

(89.41 KB 640x800 3.jpg)

(99.85 KB 640x800 5.jpg)

(93.51 KB 1445x785 DSC_5184.jpg)

(81.45 KB 1441x909 EVA MADRID 1.jpg)

(68.98 KB 1431x827 EVA MADRID 2.jpg)

(109.73 KB 640x800 EVA MADRID 3.jpg)

(34.57 KB 640x800 EVA MADRID 4.jpg)

(36.06 KB 640x800 EVA MADRID 5.jpg)

(78.47 KB 1439x913 IMG-20160802-WA0105.jpg)

(137.84 KB 640x800 IMG-20160802-WA0099.jpg)

(108.86 KB 640x800 IMG-20160802-WA0100.jpg)

(148.60 KB 640x800 IMG-20160802-WA0103.jpg)

(75.71 KB 555x925 IMG-20160915-WA0016.jpg)

(113.49 KB 551x911 IMG-20211020-WA0007.jpg)

(150.17 KB 551x941 IMG-20211020-WA0011.jpg)

(87.47 KB 547x931 450.jpg)

(546.86 KB 901x927 kek.png)

(35.66 KB 567x753 TINDER 1.jpg.png)

(547.44 KB 891x919 TINDER 1.jpg.png)

>>3089 I remember that there was a discord server dedicated to tinder catfishing, maybe you have the link?
I wish I saw this thread years ago. A couple of white guys id met online and myself set up tinder profiles as black guys as an experiment (I used pics of a black guy i went to college with, who was always popular with the ladies). And we'd share screen shots of matches and chats. Is was a real eye opener to how differently (and easier dare I say) things are for black guys. Girls quick to talk about sex, chat dirty. Offer phone numbers and discuss hooking up. And it was the same for all three of us, and 90% of the time is was white girls no less than 7 out of 10. And usually pawgs. Being from London, a common theme was matching with girls from outside of London. Who were looking to hook up when they visit London for the nightlife.
>>3091 Do you still have screenshots?
>>2104 jessicafitbunny
This shit is demoralizing. Made a fake profile with an almost empty bio a few days ago and got like 8-12 matches a day and tons of likes. I had girls of all kinds matching me, bimbos, hipsters, classy girls etc. I've used tinder before and I would get around 5 matches on a good week. I don't think these girls specifically seek out black guys, a good-looking white guy with abs could get the same results, but it's depressing to see girls of such high quality being so eager to interact with a black guy.
I've just set up a profile as a black guy and within the first 15 minutes I've had 7 likes and 1 match. (And the match is a girl who would be massively out of my league). I'm not a bad looking guy but that's more likes that I've had in weeks when I've tried Tinder as myself. It is demoralizing.
(55.31 KB 1233x337 B2W2.PNG)

Stuff like this, as well as other things I've read from women is why I have a hard time believing the dating site stat copes from white guys. The kind of interactions white women are having with black men are not the kind that are going to be counted in those charts. It's stuff that stays in the shadows. Pic related is a lot of what I saw repeated from women and why it could never be accounted for.
>>3390 This is ideal to me. Date/marry/have kids with white guys, so that we can get companionship. They'll get good husbands and fathers. The delusional white guys can point to this to feel better But... they constantly fuck black guy for the best sex ever for all involved.
>>3390 Yeah it's hard to tell what is and isn't real. It's true that white women mostly settle for white guys and don't have a high opinion of ghetto looking trash, but I've also had girls tell me they thought some black men were attractive, but they felt like dating a black guy was just improper. I don't think it's as bad as coomers calim, but the situation also isn't as ideal as some right-wingers claim, it's probably somewhere in the middle.
>>3390 >Pic related is from an interracial fetish site Yeah, no shit you see it repeated.
>>3409 Certainly anecdotal, but my wife's preference is lighter skinned black guys (like somewhat watered down i guess) having said that she's fawned over a couple really dark men too. The turnoff for her with most black guys is how fucking stupid a lot of them are.
>>3414 Yeah I've heard variations of that too. I've heard girls say they were attracted to blacks or Arabs, but they never went through with it because they were violent, uneducated, extremely possessive or super unreliable. Of course most of these are not an issue with one-night stands, but I think most women don't actually do one-night stands and it's only a sizeable minority (10-30%) of girls who fuck around a lot.
(18.82 KB 470x242 uno.png)

(419.62 KB 462x680 dos.png)

>>3603 wow, she is beautiful
>>3604 And not for us c:
(34.64 KB 459x488 uno.png)

(459.99 KB 458x658 dos.png)

(496.71 KB 452x618 uno.png)

(334.30 KB 454x521 dos.png)

(44.42 KB 451x436 tres.png)

(1.05 MB 1088x1433 uno.png)

>>3411 but those types of women are really the type we should be listening to as an expert on this topic, not some girl that's barely ever had sex though. if the sluts prefer black guys, it's a sign they're simply sexually superior
>>3414 she white? you white? >>3437 that's not comforting at all. "tee hee I find their features way more attactive than those of my men but they're scary and I'm afraid of them" lol.
Dating stats are a cope. Women obviously don't want to date niggers, who would, but many non-trashy women wouldn't mind fucking a nigger and they certainly find at least SOME of them attractive. I don't think there'a a single white woman who wouldn't find at least ONE black guy attractive if you give her a large sample enough. That already means you lost and we don't even have to bother discussing this. There's no remedy. There's only delaying the situation like muslims do. I do not want to live in a society where white women turn to niggers for pleasure, and use white men for reliability and security. Even if a white woman tells you they don't like blacks physically, it's possibly because of upbringing or prejudice. Had she grown up around blacks and were drenched in nigger culture from birth, who says she wouldn't like their features? We need a cure at the biological level. We need to isolate the chemical culprit in their brains. Only then will the white race, and mind you, all other races, be safe from the nigger menace
>>3437 >>3409 Some black dude I'm friends with irl told me that his relationships that were very racial (ie girl being super into him because he is black) typically didn't last past ~3 months because the novelty of him being black wears off after a while.
>>1629 Op you got more from Icelandic girls?
>>3724 > I do not want to live in a society where white women turn to niggers for pleasure, and use white men for reliability and security. Why not, anon? You claim that blacks cannot be reliable to our women, yet you repulse the idea of white men fulfilling this need. Either accept and embrace that responsibility or find some better cope.
How get Girls on omegle , wanna mske tjm se my bbc
(74.77 KB 604x643 MM.PNG)

>>3724 I'd like to think this isn't very common, but I keep coming across things that increase my paranoia about it being true.Maybe it's a finding what you seek kind of thing, or maybe I'm just not as willing to delude myself as much as most white guys, I don't know. So I cope by just enjoying i and jacking off to it.
Ehhh don't judge me but I have a fetish for Sicilians fucking Italian women or European women, so I made a fake Tinder with some Sicilian actor chad I found, got 184 likes in like 4 hours lol and I was instead having fun than getting turned on by it, so I tried the Big Sicilian Cock approach, guess what? THEY ANSWER EXACTLY LIKE THOSE GIRLS They're just turned on by a chad (yours only get 80 likes in 2 days that's very bad) and will say anything to get the dick I even mentioned how good their pale ass would look on my sun blessed skin and they all started mentioning it too, using pasta names to refer to my dick, instead of chocolate it was rigatone or some big type of pasta lmao. Pic rel is the guy I used, the blonde girls were literally all over him, doing cringe shit for attention it was actually pathetic, I decided to try it in France, oh god the Arab girls....I'll make a thread on the Arab girls for sure because they were all into degradation with me saying stuff You think you brother will get mad if I fuck you with my sicilian cock? Stuff like that and they'd just send emojis drooling, I even told one about giving her huge type of pasta while the family was doing ramadan I actually found a new fetish and it's about colonizing BERBER 10/10 pussy
>>4288 You're on your way to becoming a BLEACHED chad. Why specifically have a fetish for Sicilians tho?
>>4288 > don't judge me but I have a fetish for Sicilians fucking Italian women Italians having sex with Italians is your fetish? Oh boy wait until you find out about a certain country full of Italians...
>>4725 >>4724 >>4723 >>4722 Nice catches
>>2008 With an ass like that, it's no surprise.
(1.19 MB 1536x2049 55.jpg)

(967.33 KB 1536x2049 87.jpg)

(925.06 KB 1564x2048 88.jpg)

(661.02 KB 1152x2048 99.jpg)

(459.58 KB 1119x2048 0.jpg)

(162.36 KB 1559x778 Living Room.JPG)

(418.99 KB 1041x2048 KitchenLiving.JPG)

(343.61 KB 1082x2048 1.jpg)

>>4953 Dang she got huge boobs and ass. Post wins and rest of convo and more from Iceland!
>>4953 >>4952 She looks British for some reason
>>4953 Need her socials
>>4953 How the hell did you get her personal info?
(42.80 KB 551x853 vsco_042322.jpg)

(197.41 KB 553x806 vsco_042322 (1).jpg)

(86.62 KB 556x843 vsco_042522.jpg)

(105.79 KB 885x863 HHL.jpeg)

(545.50 KB 879x789 ticket-20220418134722.png)

(32.48 KB 581x727 ticket-20220418135340.png)

(80.67 KB 887x859 shinylikeclara_0012.jpg)

(99.56 KB 904x766 shinylikeclara_0014.jpg)

(100.39 KB 903x869 photo_2021-10-22_04-11-22 (2).jpg)

(68.57 KB 568x776 LEIPZIG.jpeg)

>>5482 True snowbunny right there
>>5759 >pernille Damn, post more danish girls please. Also, which apps do you guys suse? I cant use badoo without paying for it, which sucks. I was perma banned on tidner too.
>>5875 You can try Bumble and Hinge. Actually if it is popular in your area i would suggest yubo too.
Assuming it's all real and you guys are non black this shit so beta XD You guys create account to "prove" your fetish is real? LMAO
how you create a fake account? dont you need a phone number?
>>1629 This is a great thread, because it finally allowed me to break through the illusion that is this fetish. Women are attracted to attractive me, regardless of their race. Women don't really understand "racism", they judge men of every single race on looks, personality, etc. >inb4 b-but these white women are so thirsty for BBC Because the catfish profile is using pictures of a ripped and handsome guy. Women will say and do anything to keep the attention of a guy they're sexually interested in. Why do you think troll streamers like Catboykami got so many black women sexually interested in him, despite calling them niggers lol. Leave this place, block it if you have to. Read the flying eagle method or easypeasy. You're worth alot more than yu think my friends (except for trannies, you should kys)
>>6119 You know... there are a lot of things going on that you may or may not understand. You're SUPPOSED to remain married from a young age to one woman for your entire existence. Men didn't like this and broke away from the Biblical teachings. Now, the world is under grace because women have become whores. They're completely broken and so are the vast majority of the shitstains on this planet. So, it's like why even live with this garbage? I really don't know what to do because I'm 30 now and have never had sex or kids or a wife or anything. It's just kind of silly. My life was a waste of time and I got nothing out of it except to watch most other people have the times of their lives.
Just admit it. YOU fucked up. God didn't. YOU did.
I'm not sure I care enough. It's almost like I want to be King of Babylon (even though I'm not) JUST to *see* what kind of worse things you can come up with; just to watch how bad a poor and immoral and ghetto you become. “I will hide my face from them,” he said, “and see what their end will be; for they are a perverse generation, children who are unfaithful."
(47.12 KB 1178x226 btw.PNG)

>>6119 It's definitely real for some women. To deny it completely is a cope.
(194.15 KB 1579x899 IMG_4579.JPG)

>>6119 >Catboykami got so many black women sexually interested in him, despite calling them niggers lol. >so many >only 2 women showed the basic level of intrest in him >guy looks like a twink and has the comedic skill of an edgy middle schooler. You had it right at the beginning and then lost the plot. Women are dumb.
>>6588 >>only 2 women showed the basic level of intrest in him What total bullshit. He got a lot of attention in IRL videos as well as on omegle.

(146.44 KB 519x824 vsco_060422.jpg)

(150.38 KB 1576x748 hjw47kh3g6q81.jpg)

(156.42 KB 1575x689 2811488408354167306.jpg)

Can someone make a subreddit for this fetish?

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