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(32.23 KB 383x512 unnamed.jpg)

Sexymilfliz4bbc aka SexyNMCouple13 Anonymous 06/07/2021 (Mon) 19:27:38 Id: 85ea9d No. 57
Hello, I am looking for siterip of her stuff. Does anybody have it? Thank you
>>57 I'll post everything from the last thread that was deleted. I'm not putting this shit into a mega or whatever the fuck it is, someone else can do that.
(285.80 KB 848x1280 000.jpg)

(290.01 KB 960x1152 0000.jpg)

(287.35 KB 960x1215 00000.jpg)

(180.87 KB 1133x1280 liz-bj1.jpeg)

(206.17 KB 958x1280 liz-bj2.jpg)

(260.45 KB 1280x977 liz-bj3.jpg)

(227.48 KB 1280x1066 liz-bj4.jpg)

(85.57 KB 423x750 liz-bj5.jpg)

(357.81 KB 1280x1280 liz-bj6.jpg)

(478.64 KB 1280x1707 liz-bj7.jpg)

(476.73 KB 1280x1707 liz-bj8.jpg)

(490.30 KB 1280x1649 liz-bj9.jpg)

(502.31 KB 1280x1707 liz-bj91.jpg)

(99.44 KB 1000x750 liz-mission00.jpg)

(67.89 KB 500x500 liz-mission1.jpg)

(295.46 KB 1280x960 liz-mission2.jpg)

(30.19 KB 500x667 liz-mission3.jpg)

(45.30 KB 500x553 liz-mission4.jpg)

(19.43 KB 500x375 liz-mission5.jpg)

(31.88 KB 500x750 liz-cowgirl1.jpg)

(26.02 KB 500x750 liz-cowgirl2.jpg)

(36.85 KB 500x666 liz-cowgirl3.jpg)

(101.47 KB 1000x1271 liz-cowgirl4.jpg)

(42.10 KB 500x667 liz-cowgirl5.jpg)

(41.78 KB 500x667 liz-cowgirl6.jpg)

(23.80 KB 500x500 liz-cowgirl7.jpg)

(40.72 KB 500x666 liz-doggy1.jpg)

(26.59 KB 400x534 liz-doggy2.jpg)

(119.07 KB 1000x1334 liz-doggy3.jpg)

(139.18 KB 1000x750 liz-doggy4.jpg)

(4.12 MB 854x480 liz-1.mp4)

(7.39 MB 854x480 liz-2.mp4)

(5.10 MB 854x480 liz-3.mp4)

(13.99 MB 682x480 lizfull.mp4)

>>86 This is the previous three clips combined into one. Also this is all I've got.
>>74 Thank you. I am glad somebody saved stuff from the last thread. We need more of her stuff tho. Anon from previous thread said, he has more vids and even pics of her face. Lets hope somebody will post it.
There’s supposed to be a 30min+ video of her… anyone got any leads in where I could find it?
>>169 Is it HD?
>>169 Poppichulo34 was selling it
Yea I tried to hit him Reddit but couldn’t get a response. Long story short I know her irl and am dying to see the vid. I’ll def help to find anyone whose got that connection with poppichulo
>>233 do you have any of her pics with face?
>>233 >>215 Does he offer any proof that he actually has it? What's he asking for it?
>>235 Nothing explicit with her face, just normal fb type of pictures >>236 He does have a couple of women who look like her when it comes to body type, but from what I’ve gathered he was the one who caused her original doxing by posting and selling
>>243 Someone should get in contact with him and link him to this thread. Pretty sure he could make this video available without risking any type of legal actions.
>>239 He is the black guy in the video i think he has a xhamster account still and he was active on one of the cuck websites.
>>243 Yea he was because they started a subscription service through email where you can see full face with no censors and he decided to also try to make money publicly on xhamster after. Poppichulo got butthurt because they didn't tell him they planned on selling, then put her uncensored cock on face pictures on xhamster on his account and she got recognized because she was a real estate agent in Santa Fe. I watched it all go down it all happened with in a 2 week period.
>>256 Interesting you say she was in real estate in Santa Fe… her and her husband were Air Force down in Albuquerque, though I’m pretty sure they’re both out now
>>250 I highly doubt that's gonna happen. Whatever video there was is probably long gone. There was a guy on the old thread who said he had her uncensored pics and videos on his hard drive but that it kept crashing before he could access them. If he was being honest, that's the only way to get her uncensored stuff. Another way, and this is even more unlikely, would be to try and contact her and offer $$$ but since she got doxed last time she's probably done for good.
>>257 There was a email screenshot picture that had her dox. It all seemed fake at the time until they made a short post about it then deleted everything a day later.
>>267 Damn any chance you managed to save that one?
>>267 Where was that posted? >>256 If he posted those then someone has them saved. Is there any archive sites that comb for that type of stuff? >>255 I bet he would share his shit for some crypto.
>>270 >>273 No but, there was a archive post from tumblr on there account under "Sexynmcouple13 " and "Sexynmwife4bbc" theres a chance someone reblogged it and got archived but tumblr nuked most of the porn on there so good luck.
>>275 Quality probably isn’t great but is this her?
>>281 No she had a blonde pageant queen look. Very Blue Eyes. Has Tattoos. Similar face shape to pic related
Hey everyone, just found these. Your welcome.
These lesbo ones seem rather rare.
>>325 Those pictures are pretty rare, they’re the only 3 I’ve seen when it comes to her doing any girl on girl. These are a couple of a younger her before she wised up and started blurring (and pre tit job)
>>330 great find. is there any more that you know of?
(378.65 KB 1915x1388 archived-xvideos-profile.png)

here's a screenshot of her archived xvideos page; she went by sexymilfliz4. the three videos posted in this thread are the same ones listed on her profile. i don't think anyone has the dildo videos though.
>>335 >>330 Now just blackmail her with the face pictures lol
>>330 Fucking awesome. Where did you find those? >>335 Nice find. Lot's of interesting info there. >>337 Stop.
>>330 Thank you so much. This thread is way better than previous one :)
>>333 I’ve run these through reverse image search and pimeyes, no luck finding any more to that set… but if you stumble across anything be sure to share the love >>335 You just need to know where to look to find the John Holmes dildo video, though with the names of the others I might be able to find something now… >>338 It’s been tried without luck, but if you think you’re a better man be my guest
>>342 There's no need to threaten her or cause any extra stress that she doesn't need. I bet she could be convinced to get back in the game. Everyone should reread her tumbler posts, she was all about this. Is there any social media pages for that fucktard poppichulo or whatever his dumbass name is? Someone said he was still active somewhere but didn't say where.
>>344 One more for good measure. Her body is crazy.
>>344 If you have her original posts or somewhere they can be viewed I’d be very interested. He’s active on Reddit under poppichulo34
>>345 Damn.
>>391 Probably not.
>>391 It is her
That's definitely her. This guy is posing as her being his wife. Not him of course. Posted some videos her hard to find videos. I've chatted with her & hubby quite few times. They both are recently retired from air force, with family & will not be coming back to the internet. https://xhamster.com/users/latino_bull_86
>>403 I still can’t believe her career survived the doxing… everyone lied to cover for her. One of the craziest things I’d seen in the AF
Yeah it was wild. She told me some crazy stuff. I've had people offer me $ to give out their names & personal stuff. That was strange, never would do that kind of thing. They are cool people just living their lives & did some wild shit for a period & moved on.
>>405 Any chance you’ve got the longer vids of her? Or know where I can find them?
I do have stuff (pics & vids) but unfortunately not going on the internet on my part. Just the way it goes with what I discussed with them.
>>407 Any chance you’d be willing to talk off this board?
No thanks. Just wanted to put out the link for people looking for stuff. Have nothing more to add man. Best of luck.
(3.16 MB 720x480 liz-4.mp4)

Here were the remaining videos from >>335
(4.36 MB 720x480 liz-5.mp4)

(3.28 MB 720x480 liz-6.mp4)

(8.92 MB 720x480 liz-7.mp4)

>>413 I'm sure there's a way to remove the god awful watermarking but it's above my ability. When I saved the videos they were 426 by 240 so I converted them to 720 by 480. The quality is still shit but at least the videos aren't microscopic. Tip for anyone looking to download videos: avoid software that watermarks your saved videos; use youtube-dl (https://youtube-dl.org/). It supports pretty much every porn site and is very simple to run. You can also use internet download manager but it's only free for 30 days (after the trial ends you can download a crack and use a pirated version) and you'll have to convert the video to mp4 afterward (anyvideoconvertor is good).
>>414 https://youtube-dl.org/ youtube-dl tutorial
>>404 They lied to coverup how embarrassing it would be for her and her family to go through the public shaming. >>403 She's still active but isn't the one posting her content.
>>417 I mean let there be no doubt working in aircraft mx everyone knew… there was a “gag” order to try to keep ppl from talking but that didn’t work out well. I’ve placed all the pics on got on a Vola. 1vxvjfp20 If anyone is interested
>>426 They had a huge incentive to make sure it never got out. For some reason, if you were to type in a name that may or may not be hers + the _ ___ an article would come up talking about a woman who was being falsely smeared with revenge porn and that the pics weren't her, yet the name wasn't in the article. Somebody was probably having a laugh and put it in the html. It's terrible PR for them so I'm not surprised they covered it up for her, but it still makes me laugh. She wasn't some rando either, they actually marketed her locally as one of their female succes stories so if it got out that one of their strong, successful, girrrrrrrrl power women was having sex with other men while her husband filmed it, the a f__ would be mocked all over the world. I really hope she and her cuck understand how much global embarassment they avoided because "they" protected her. >>417 she's still screwing other guys lmao just asking for trouble.
>>428 I think once a person sets down this path it's almost impossible for them to stop doing this. I bet it's driving her and her husband crazy they can't keep posting pics of her getting railed. or maybe he's in this thread with her and laughing at all the material he has offline. Not to mention owning her
>>438 Well Bobby, fulfill your cuck dream and drop what we haven’t seen yet... your wife is built to be used so let us help
>>464 No shit.
Any new discoveries of this goddess? TY
>>426 Can you reupload the Vola?
>>501 bump
>>566 She is so fckin hot momma :3
"She never stopped doing this, just stopped posting" How do you know she never stopped?
>>615 Read the captions they were posting with their content. Her husband was trying to breed her with bbc.
>>617 It doesn't mean they are still active. Whatever they posted seems was entertainment. She didn't have any kids with a black guy.
>>618 I see.
Anything new?
>>750 Thank you
(113.29 KB 2796x271 Untitled - Copy.jpg)

Email me>>750
>>784 Why? What do you have?
>>789 Good question
Any updates? TY
anytnig new?
Any new stuff of this goddess? Thank you
bump please
youtube Fay1bNw-ImU
>>1055 Thank you. Any porn stuff?
more of her? TY
>>1055 This is why women in the military are a mistake, she would legit sabotage a military plane for if a BBC told her too, women really do have ocd coomer brains. They all have a specific type they decided from childhood they would instant fuck no matter what usually whatever was the ideal pushed for male role model. Now I know military chicks are always huge whores, but it seems even the intelligent ones that can make it to airforce or intel are full depraved sex obsessed and psychopathic. I have only seen women do full on treason for hot dick the various intelligent officers that have turned or spied have been women. Now if you think the west is bad China got a entire intelligence team of women hot dicked, by a literal 7ft German spy that was a interpreter at the threat of torture and death a group of 100 Chinese Intelligence Women handed over all their spy information on Germany. Nigerians Presidents wife getting dicked down by a crooked nose Frenchie. German intel became double agent for half black rapper that went full retard muslim. The CIA's cyber unit is ran by literal roastie cat ladies.
Bump, need more of this slut! TY
Now they are using the following profile names: MCKENZIEBRIAN and FITSOUTHERNCOUPLE4FUN
>>1425 on what websites
Yup can confirm they are back and very active
>>1425 google did not find anything useful :/
kenziebrian on twitter/reddit
Search engines show nothing on FITSOUTHERNCOUPLE4FUN
swinglifestyle website
Thanks, but to access the photos/videos on the swinger site you need a paid membership. Would someone please post them here? Thanks
Honestly we should find someone else who is actively producing content. Jane Dro seems like a viable candidate but her videos are all the same, filmed the same way, and she does the same stuff everytime. Anyone else have a suggestion?
https://xhamster(dot)c0m /videos/first-time-couple-get-carried-away-6371160 Is this her?
>>1441 No. That's some ugly ass Australian chick. Her other videos aren't great and it's a good thing they don't show her face.
No, that is qostube dot com /model/prittypussygirl/
(632.62 KB 824x824 yngnkky blacktowhite L277.png)

>>57 >>1438 She is fat as fuck and bulls are often better to follow because they fuck all the hotwives. More like aredheadqos, firstclassj,mrsamsterdam,jennysroom, neversatisfiedxo,areallyweakguy https://qostube.com/models/
>>1442 based xev heard right pic isn't actually her though
>>1458 Then who else is it? You think the person who posted it would have no problem coming out and showing their face.
The op hotwife is hot Two that are also hot are: wifelovesbbc and mrsamstedam Does any one have a face photo of mrsamsterdam?
>>1237 Sources for every single thing you said? at least 10 different ones.
>>1531 thats from a decade of observation, studies and memory holed storiesalready put in too pleb form, that would take days. The Chinese spy ring was on a taiwan news website. Nigerian is just a open secret in Nigeria and their elite likes to wear flamboyant rapper designer clothes and to have Western boytoys. There was the israeli female soldiers fucking palestnians terrorist,fucking tourist and dating arabs more recently.

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