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(82.34 KB 900x583 843948.jpg)

(21.80 KB 615x1017 vzgsr34edmx61.jpg)

Girls you want to see get Blacked Anonymous 06/07/2021 (Mon) 21:57:59 Id: 557039 No. 59
@tuvaosgard 20 yr old Swedish Goddess
jordyn jones
sarah tonin on youtube
natalie roush
meg turney
All of them
>>92 >>100 this
(262.13 KB 1253x2048 Eyo0MdtWEAUbmPt.jpg)

(227.97 KB 1198x2048 E3IDYu4WEAMBHh7.jpg)

(309.91 KB 1198x2048 E1yv0H6XMAIeDAX.jpg)

(132.31 KB 1080x2023 ngu3j1o62lx61.jpg)

(100.79 KB 675x900 gu96exid35071.jpg)

Sabrina Nichole
(220.50 KB 1200x1435 Eus6NYeXEAUSY3t.jpg)

(528.09 KB 1638x2048 Eu3F_9pXcAkMjOQ.jpg)

(465.54 KB 1440x1801 E2ugqvdXIAIaY3t.jpg)

Irina Meier
(97.58 KB 640x1138 v8muiuz8zaq61.jpeg)

(86.67 KB 960x917 51d7194y33q61.jpeg)

(55.19 KB 640x1008 22vn6mvpdp571.jpeg)

Lauren Pisciotta. She is the definition of "Built for BBC".
(123.10 KB 1080x1287 madi.jpg)

(233.90 KB 1080x1350 madi 2.jpg)

(787.96 KB 720x885 madi fit as a fiddle.png)

(81.54 KB 532x1280 1713VlC.jpg)

(88.23 KB 539x1280 1715yJz.jpg)

my friend
>>93 fucking who
(134.52 KB 853x1280 440010)

>>213 She looks beautiful. Have you seen any indication of what she thinks of black men?
@fabris.isa Look at her face, the way she looks at the camera. What she is thinking about?
Alanah Pearce. @charalanahzard I think the whole world wants to see her blacked. I bet she faps to it too. There are some nice fakes of her here: https://rule34.paheal.net/post/list/Alanah_Pearce/1
(182.32 KB 934x1075 @lu_valieri_peretto (2).jpg)

(210.11 KB 1080x1350 @lu_valieri_peretto (5).jpg)

(198.55 KB 1080x1260 @lu_valieri_peretto (6).jpg)

(289.43 KB 1069x1075 @lu_valieri_peretto (1).jpg)

@lu_valieri_peretto Friend of mine. You guys think she can take it? 2 BBCs at once.
>>254 she would tap out
>>258 what about the other ladies posted here?
(3.00 MB 480x600 @manuelavagueiro.mp4)

(804.64 KB 2022x2990 dTMOJeZ.jpg)

>>274 Would be hotter if she had a spade sign on her underwear
>>291 tight. her pussy would get stretched out
(3.07 MB 640x640 video0.mp4)

(100.84 KB 454x750 1468334349044.jpg)

(67.46 KB 705x927 image.jpg)

(891.22 KB 640x800 1558727608794.webm)

I want to see these girls gangbanged by big black cocks.

(97.80 KB 1200x800 654679.jpg)

(333.61 KB 800x1200 AFZ963G.jpg)

(56.87 KB 800x533 NYKzvcq.jpg)

Krystal Boyd. It just sucks she doesn't look nearly as good now as she did in her prime. She really should have stuck around in porn after she broke up with her bf, she could've become a BLACKED icon
Girl I know. Would love to see her twerk her fat ass and watch it jiggle while she is spitroasted. Could she handle it?
(85.35 KB 630x1024 EHfhnhlWsAEG5fB.jpg)

(109.07 KB 825x1200 EAb1Sr2XsAEmfP1.jpg)

(97.13 KB 1080x1080 5aa6zfalgrm21.jpg)

Enji Night
>>355 She is married with at least one son now.
(86.76 KB 750x1061 E2QHGhDXIAIMYOl.jpg)

(94.18 KB 800x1139 E2qEPUSWQAMSfG8.jpg)

(107.90 KB 800x1191 E2qEPnUXoAIiHi1.jpg)

(81.00 KB 800x1000 EoPx6KWXUAI7mKr.jpg)

(80.65 KB 800x1000 EoPx8KtXUAAsUmS.jpg)

>>416 absolutely designed for it
(1.87 MB 1280x720 Val Steele Dredd.mp4)

Which of these girls you think can handle backshots from dredd? In my opinion these >>423 >>416 >>203 >>154 >>93
(299.75 KB 1676x2048 IMG_20210207_100100.jpg)

(183.61 KB 828x1009 1625281112252.jpg)

melsanime / rintohsaka
(3.84 MB 5568x2925 38246876452_4edb279e04_o.jpg)

>>427 if by handle, you mean having her cunt absolutely slaughtered while she's trapped under his weight, sure it'd probably be like losing her virginity again, but a 100 times more intense
>>442 By handle I meant taking 100 long thrusts per miniute by Dredd 7 to 9.5 inch bbc
>>448 well once they get to that point its not like they'd have much of a choice anyway
>>449 How about 50 long thrusts?
She works out every day just to have an ass that can satisfy black men
(2.65 MB 1080x1349 ClipboardImage.png)

(1009.65 KB 700x874 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.39 MB 711x871 ClipboardImage.png)

Faith Ordway. She was made for big black cock, look at her.
>>479 all these Boutine LA models are built for big black cock and they definitely love riding it.
(341.46 KB 1366x2048 E2_BKf_WYAIUdXW.jpg)

(238.62 KB 1370x2048 E3ECMMyXEAEa_09.jpg)

(386.38 KB 1839x2047 E5qZRqRXoAQ-1Ot.jpg)

(206.65 KB 1080x1350 2.jpg)

(525.64 KB 1080x1348 1.jpg)

(3.71 MB 600x800 3.gif)

Sophia Diamond. Blonde, blue eyes and huge tits.
>>582 It took 48 damn posts for her to be mentioned, my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
(28.67 KB 460x661 25098487.webp)

(1.37 MB 1024x576 Anjelica Ebbi.mp4)

>>355 there's a scene where she sucks a BBC for bit.
(203.33 KB 760x515 j88kh.jpg)

Greta Thunberg
>>600 lol, i saw this on 4chan yesterday.
(40.88 KB 600x600 athletic_women_02.jpg)

Marie Mccray
(258.09 KB 1158x1544 nigger slut1.jpg)

(496.77 KB 1536x2048 nigger slut2.jpeg)

(1.31 MB 3014x3909 nigger slut3.jpg)

If we're talking "born to be gangbanged by niggers", there's no one more perfect than Ashley Tervort. Just look at all that white meat, ripe to be ripped apart by huge nigger cocks. I want to kidnap 10 of the most rabid, aggresive niggers with the biggest cocks I could find, put them in an isolation ward where they're forced to watch her videos 24/7 with no release, teasing and frustrating them relentlessly while also shooting them up with drugs to make them more virile and even more aggresive. After 5 years of that, I'd pump them with a near lethal dose of viagra, release them on Ashley, and watch those niggers rape her to death.
>>714 wow, she actually said "big beautiful black thing" while nervously laughing.
(2.38 MB 1500x1870 1615469445118.png)

(3.48 MB 1656x1840 76549567404.png)

A friend of mine.
>>718 i really wonder how slim/skinny girls like this even handle a black guy.
>>718 Cute in a arthoe sort of way
(111.64 KB 676x868 3.jpg)

(89.95 KB 604x898 2.jpg)

Could she handle that bbc?
(2.84 MB 2448x3264 96876996.jpg)

(2.96 MB 2448x3264 8656998.jpg)

need her blacked and stretched perfectly built for bbc
(103.75 KB 1024x1001 Hannah.jpg)

(131.88 KB 1019x957 5643.jpg)

(1.07 MB 1080x2400 t559ywj6wj361.jpg)

also, Lena Klenke
(95.59 KB 687x1030 caroline-naked-2.jpg)

(1.02 MB 1535x2291 3.jpg)

(496.71 KB 1080x1350 CarolineZalog671.jpg)

(2.91 MB 3648x3649 11.jpg)

Caroline Zalog
>>768 Definitely built for it.
(49.06 KB 475x791 g0iug.jpg)

These two would gladly jump on one
>>768 Is she one of those sluts who doesn't understand OF is for porn?
(128.81 KB 2048x1242 26850365.jpg)

(2.61 MB 576x1024 1627443706693.webm)

>>712 Her too!
>>778 more
(81.76 KB 473x859 kjkjjk.jpg)

>>791 I can share more on disc if you want. I'll add you if you drop yours
(69.96 KB 1073x1430 1627481545674.jpg)

>>790 name?
>>793 nice
>>154 fucking BASED i thought i was the only one keep going, anon also, is it me or did her tits get bigger lately
>>718 top qt
(75.65 KB 1080x1350 ka30jx627ri01.jpg)

>>819 Yeah I thought I was the only one too, some anons say it's camera angles but I think she just entering milf age. Honestly be nice to see her getting bred by someone like Dreddxx.
(1.96 MB 368x400 1627864603659.gif)

She and her milkers need it
(181.23 KB 1125x851 7fe1249.jpg)

(183.86 KB 960x720 2019-12-25 21.10.42.jpg)

(96.49 KB 960x1280 2020-01-12 20.34.36.jpg)

(382.46 KB 960x1280 2020-01-06 13.34.23.jpg)

Amber Hayes
Sanchan Claudia
Legend_of_Peach Think she can handle a bbc like Dreddxxx?
>>872 Amazing body
>>875 bbc slut
>>889 delicious thigh gap
Made to be bred with Bbc
(2.82 MB 686x1080 1626428181955.webm)

(2.94 MB 640x1136 view.mp4)

(10.74 MB 640x1138 viewam.mp4)

(87.32 KB 1242x962 1my6lmy3unk61.jpg)

(7.55 MB 568x320 d00f104.mp4)

(8.12 MB 334x720 341.mp4)

>>59 Abigale Mandler, its clear she has been Most of her paid bullshit is mild apparently
>>898 Another above average girl who expects people to pay for her shit lol
(64.49 KB 1000x750 face1.jpg)

(224.75 KB 750x1000 sideboob1.jpg)

(94.68 KB 800x1000 lifeguard2.jpg)

(316.85 KB 801x1000 grass_4.jpg)

(671.54 KB 1620x2160 cleavage_2.jpg)

i'd pay dearly to see Adriana Fenice's fat white udders be used by niggers i can't even begin to imagine what they'll look like after a BLACKED pregnancy
>>898 readheads go so well with getting blacked.
Would you like to see her (Kiira Korpi) getting Blacked? Kyllä = Yes En = No https://strawpoll.com/aa29kgu61/r
(60.34 KB 563x587 anzujaamu_20200203_201057_0.jpg)

(82.84 KB 540x720 C4SBIkkVcAE6Q9y.jpg)

(129.25 KB 1080x1349 1570680028225-pol.jpg)

(140.69 KB 810x1080 1508011035771.jpg)

(128.43 KB 800x1200 1497342169896.jpg)

>>59 Anzujaamu
>>1019 perfect
>>1035 Nice edit, almost didn't notice it lol
(386.89 KB 468x585 anzujaamu_20200724_150321_0.png)

(861.98 KB 718x835 1539497671858.png)

(3.47 MB 1440x1776 20170825_200631.png)

(4.67 MB 1638x2048 1508050358537.png)

(705.49 KB 1080x1080 1629123667706.jpg)

Made for bbc
>>1047 cute nigger bait
(140.53 KB 1200x1200 1539042016728.jpg)

(229.79 KB 1280x1600 1570682595257-pol.jpg)

(410.01 KB 1370x1826 1570680224599-pol.jpg)

(699.28 KB 960x960 1514181457666.jpg)

>>1047 >>1059 >niggerbait Fuck that's so hot and accurate. She's the perfect match for huge niggers with her small body and adorable face. She must be irresistible for black men
i want to see something exciting
>>1060 cute
Don'ttrusttherabbit on youtube. Big mommy milker cute smug german closet cutter slut.
>>1087 Nice, Germans love that stuff
(77.70 KB 675x1200 Evc5Wd7UYAQvl2E.jpeg)

(133.04 KB 1152x2048 EUA8jKLUUAEDb3M.jpeg)

(163.53 KB 1536x2048 ERk8q9rVUAI7WOW.jpeg)

@dieyoucuck Her name is Kennie, also a hot IG username lol. She has lips that are perfect for BBC. https://spankbang.com/3jie1/video/ https://spankbang.com/3jie1/video/
(154.48 KB 1080x1350 view.jpeg)

(167.85 KB 1080x1350 views.jpeg)

@angievarona This sexy Cuban baddie from Miami who is plump in all the right ways.
(2.89 MB 368x720 1629749669477.webm)

>>1139 khazar milkers!
(165.13 KB 1169x1630 20210825_012548.jpg)

This chick
(1.08 MB 640x1136 1604370960898.webm)

Bbc fucktoy
>>1447 >>1436 adorable
(845.08 KB 720x1280 EO4F5e6tKpZa_rGG.mp4)

>>1501 She's been blacked. There's a video of her out there shaking her ass and the nigga cameraman starts grabbing her cheeks. Not hardcore, but it's not a big leap that she's been nigged.

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