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Black men getting white girls Anonymous 09/16/2022 (Fri) 07:45:31 Id: 0ebe52 No. 9302
Where are you from and how likely and accepted is it that the black guys get the beautiful white women?
>>9302 I'm from Germany. I knew this white girl who hung around tall negro guys, very pretty nice white tits, good legs. She *almost* went with a black man but settled for white guys instead. She said white men look better, simple as that. So near yet so far. Maybe she will fuck a black cock eventually.
I knew twins from germany, met them on OF - one of them had clips with a black guy and the other one I‘ve talked just solo stuff. I started to talje to one a lot and we started chatting aside from OF because we were getting alone real good. After some time she told me that she has a child. It was a mixed race one! She was tall blonde and blue eyes. Unfortunately from one day to another she deleted her OF, Insta and snap and didn’t replay to me anymore
>>9593 2nd pic looks like a jewish girl i went to hs with

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