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Anonymous 09/16/2022 (Fri) 20:00:23 Id: d9aa81 No. 9357
how to convert white women into the big black cock?
>>9357 >-_Snaptik_6881397256906411269_swagboyq-on-ig.mp4 where's the vid of her fucking that obvious black bull she was gonna fuck?
>>9452 dont know
There used to be a creator who made PMV's specifically designed to get women into BBC/hotwifing. It was really, really good, because this creator seemed to actually know how psychology works and made the videos from the perspective of the female mind, and he didn't make the mistake of trying to project the male fetish of humiliation and inferiority onto women, like 99% of men in this fetish try to do. So to actually give you a practical answer to your question, takes notes from this PMV creator, and try not to talk about cringy "bnwo" or any other humiliation bullshit to women. 99% of all women are going to think it's a huge turnoff. If you actually want to get your wife to fuck a BBC infront of you, your best bet is to do it from the 'non-cuck' perspective, where it's more like a swinging/beastiality kind of thing.
>>9357 >>9832 ffs op, I hadn't even opened your wemb's yet. Your wembs are exactly what NOT to do when trying to convince women into this fetish, because like I said, 99% of women think your humiliation fetish is disgusting.
>>9973 You have to be joking, right? That account is literally the complete opposite of what I described. It is nothing but BNWO/white inferiority shit. The videos are literally titled "bwno for white boys". The account I'm talking about is still on xhamster actually, not all videos are on there, but luckily, some. https://xhamster.com/users/bbcpmvsforwomen I highly doubt if its actually a woman that created those videos (like the account description says), it might just be a psy-op to make other women feel more comfortable watching it, but who cares. If that would be the case that would only make this person's project more brilliant.
Setup an orgy with white men and white girls. When the girls have been fucked for a while and are horny "casually" let black men enter the orgy and fuck the white girls, so all of the white girls are getting fucked by the black cocks only, while by a complete coincidence the white guys fuck off or just stand around and watch jerking.
>>9833 >99% of women think your humiliation fetish is disgusting. the problem is also OP is a faggot. all porn is techincally gay but a lot of blacked shills push the gayness too far and now retarded redditors make threads of just their ugly brown dicks with no girls
>>10002 This is like, the most unrealistic scenario ever. If you have the power and network to arrange such a thing, you are far beyond the point of having to ask how to get a girl to spark some interest in bbc.

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