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(747.38 KB 3000x2000 1663623592777554.jpg)

Tiny Asians Anonymous 09/20/2022 (Tue) 00:20:12 Id: 550230 No. 9716
Tiny Asian chicks 5 feet or smaller getting stretched by massive cocks of all colours, if the guy is seriously fat with a massive cock that right takes the gold
No only bbc. This board is exclusive to the power of the black cock
>>9719 no, from all races.
Jasmine Grey 4,9
Jade Kush 5,0
And the hottest of all Asian Rae Lil Black 5,0
>>9837 Only black kings get to fuck. Whitebois masturbate
(51.23 KB 1024x576 1641048909207.jpg)

(967.62 KB 3088x2320 1637187648702.jpg)

(1.32 MB 3088x2320 1622114667140.jpg)

(50.80 KB 1024x769 1641078593819.jpg)

>>9862 you're fucking warped this dude here is only 5'7" and has a 8.5 cock and has been fucking model tier whores for the last 5 years and is starting an onlyfans for it as well
>>9870 >posts one (1) example vs the hundreds of thousands of bbc. Stop coping my dude. Bwc is a meme and should be treated as such
(506.20 KB 2636x2035 0576f9e6.jpg)

(729.45 KB 3840x2160 0576f9e8.jpg)

>>9887 >posts one example vs the hundreds of thousands of bbc. you do realise that all of those bbc are pornstars, most niggers are just like the rest of males from any other race average or way way below, and if you don't then your brain really truly has been rotted away by porn and you further do realise that it mostly down to camera angles and trickery that makes them look as big as they seem on video.
>>9889 Except the stereotype has lasted longer than porn has been around. Women know from experience that blacks are more aggressive and better lovers so even if they are similar size the black will conquer for being more alpha
>>9914 >more aggressive and better lovers man do you even hear yourself sometimes you really are mind warped, niggers slam their cocks in a girl a few times pump their load and then finish how does that make them better lovers and no they are not all professional pornstars, and the fact that you are trying to even make that argument that even if they have a small cock they are somehow still better than any other race proves this point that your brain has turned to mush from this white self cuck hating propaganda
>>9929 Except women are choosing blacks as their sex partners. We have posted time and time again on this site the statistics black men outbreed white men in all interracial partners except for Asian. The number grows each year as more women find out about the vitility of black men
>>9941 >Except women are choosing blacks as their sex partners. yeah only because they've been brainwashed by Jewish leftists and social media into thinking that's what they should be doing you depressingly sad self-hating cuck Incel faggot, you really do eat up this horse shit with a big spoon and ask for seconds don't you?
>>9942 I do because it's the future. I cream at the thought of more women every year shitting out these mongrel bastards which will grow up and spread more like a virus. I get off to the idea today and future generations of women are brainwashed to bbc. Humanities destruction is the ultimate fetish

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