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(109.22 KB 685x1024 big-black-shemale-cock.jpg)

Black Trannies Anonymous 08/13/2021 (Fri) 05:38:55 Id: 049eb3 No. 985
Anyone into black trannies on here? Or is this board strictly black male/white female?I'm not really into men (other than seeing black men fuck white girls), but I guess I find black trannies the best of both worlds to fantasize about being with - a woman with a bbc. Am I the only one that degenerate, or is it mainly cause they mostly look like feminine dudes rather than actual women?
They're different fetishes all together. The point with blacked being that she only cares about tall aggressive man with a dick, and the nigger literally has nothing else to offer beyond that, hes shit in every other way but that doesn't matter to her and you can't do anything about it. Its entirely masochistic. You're getting off to an honest woman, and she sucks. Where wanting to have sex with a tall aggressive female whos more "hung" than you is just a part of femdom I think. I'm not a negrophile so maybe this is just my perspective but sure that's the reason since there isn't overlap with any actual gay porn. That all said, I like black trannys when its not super obvious that they're just doing it for the money.
Black tranny with big floppy dick and lubed butthole is acceptable wife Buck nigger tops belong in the garbage though Never to fuck a white women Black mens place is as a woman getting fucked in the ass by white men ONLY
As long as the tranny's cock is pumping inside a white pussy it's fine.
>>1012 >:c black holes r 4 white cocks tho
(75.95 KB 768x768 1589680038-0.jpg)

I think they're hot. They can dick you down and then you can return the favor.
(49.85 KB 449x650 neena1.jpg)

keep these nigs in their place boys don't let the cucks have their bucks turn them all into bottoms
(16.50 KB 360x240 1649307_00740_360b.jpg)

(38.68 KB 305x450 312_450.jpg)

(56.51 KB 299x450 185_450.jpg)

(163.79 KB 800x1200 133501359106728653_9999.jpg)

Keep blacks in their place

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