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(2.84 MB 704x480 1648284599402.webm)

Anonymous 09/21/2022 (Wed) 20:01:35 Id: 640aa5 No. 9919
Deep down you know my deleted thread last night was correct. This shit is utterly pathetic and insane. You can hide in your nigger dick safe space to your detriment and remain a mentally ill loser or you can embrace freedom from the slavery of porn and become a real human being, a man. It's your choice.
Read RATIONAL RECOVERY by Jack Trimpey, btw. Know thyself. https://pastebin.com/ETHU5J9C
(3.23 MB 512x288 1658348415698584.webm)

Cease, brother. You have long stayed in the abyss. Now you must rise above this.
>>9919 There's nothing wrong with porn.
Shut up, "Melanie"
>>9928 >>9935 Meant you
Why do you care, maybe I'm not a good person who deserves to be a porn slave
>>9928 im addicted to nigger dick porn myself but this is pure cope
>>9940 It's not.
>>9945 >Blasting your brain with constant dopamine so your reward system is hijacked into worshipping ugly nigger dick and encouraged by Jewish pornographers isn't bad Touch grass incel
>>9967 Imagine believing mainstream health advice from establishment shills.
Yes goy, keep stroking to bbc and white genocide because there's nothing wrong with it. The APA said so!
>>9969 Imagine getting health advice from /pol/ and NoFap Redditors,
>>9919 I WILL keep touching myself to BBC.
Virtue signalling aside you are still here with the rest of us.
>>9988 Imagine thinking that being against porn means you're against all masturbation. Imagine thining that it's okay to condition yourself with niggerdick-centric imagery and thoughts. Imagine thinking that fucking up your dopamine receptors with supernormal stimuli is okay because muh psychiatrists said so. MUH DSM. Imagine being that pathetic. Oh wait, you don't have to, because it's your life. >>9995 >I WILL keep being an insane addicted loser Your loss >>10003 It's not virtue signalling and I'm not like you guys because I can admit the truth that bbc obsession is a supernormal stimulus addiction run amok and it can be escaped. READ RATIONAL RECOVERY YOU STUPID NIGGERLOVERS.
i will never be a real man, so guess i'll just keep jerking to nigger dicks
>>10024 >>I WILL keep being an insane addicted loser Yes. >Imagine thining that it's okay to condition yourself with niggerdick-centric imagery and thoughts. I don't have to imagine. >Imagine thinking that fucking up your dopamine receptors with supernormal stimuli is okay because muh psychiatrists said so. MUH DSM. Seethe about it harder. Just had a 6 hour goon session to big, throbbing BBC creampies. Cope.
>>10024 U a good boi, anon. Porn addition is a real thing. Our society refuses to even consider that it could be a problem in someone's life. I wonder. What's your stance on WMAF and WMBF style stuff? I like that stuff more than BMWF tbh. Should I switch to beating my meat to submissive chinks and nigresses getting bleached by BWC? Or just go cold turkey? Idk if I can just stop over night. Been considering it lately. All the troons fagging up this fetish has really started to annoy me. Thanks for trying to help these pathetic coomers and troons even if they can't see it.
>>10033 What you need to do is to stop cold turkey. I'm talking about breathing. Stop breathing. Do the world a favour and stop breathing.
>>10037 Instructions unclear. I just pass out and start breathing again.
>>10024 You are totally virtue signalling while fapping along to whiteys getting mudded like the rest of us.
>>10040 I can't argue against that. But I find something strange. These kind of posts, the self-help type I mean, seem to get a lot of traction on this board. Way more than the typical troll posts. Maybe there are some painful truths being spoken of that many here would rather ignore.
>>10033 You need to stop talking to yourself lol
>>10043 Are you me?
(103.47 KB 434x498 4848484848.jpg)

>>9919 You retards doing these sort of post come here more often than actual interracial lovers. You won't get screen capped and shared on reddit, bro. Chill out and just enjoy bbc like we know you do. <I-I-I DON'T LIKE IT Yes, that's why you take the liberty of clicking on the interracial board, scroll through and post so often.
>>10051 You are more pathetic than all of them combined
(32.15 KB 448x364 Crabs_qbo8oh.jpg)

>>10051 crab trying to keep others in the bucket. the variant of porn is honestly not the thing to focus on here. >hurr durr admit you like bbc! the fact you want to try to keep others addicted to pixels because you're to weak to be honest with yourself is sad. look at yourself in the mirror.
>>10052 >>10058 he says, as he visits the bbc board for the 30th time this week
>>10033 Read Rational Recovery. It's linked in the second post. >>10040 >self-help is virtue signalling >trying to help others who struggled with the same problems as you is virtue signalling You are a LOSER with a LOSER MENTALITY so you will never change and you will live and die a LOSER. The above applies to you too >>10051
>>9920 Thank you. It's Easy Peasy to stop.

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