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(316.99 KB 853x1280 1584759725868.jpg)

Welcome to /k/! (Meta Thread) Anonymous 05/30/2020 (Sat) 20:16:15 No. 2 [Reply] [Last]
This board is dedicated to the discussion of weapons and military equipment, tactics, vehicles, experiences, stories, and more. All discussion related to this board ("meta") goes in this thread. Please keep all coronavirus related discussion in the COVID-19 general. Read the disclaimer at the bottom of this post before continuing. Useful Resources ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ >Murdercube https://the-eye.eu/public/murdercube.com/ Database full of useful information relating to weapons, guerilla warfare, medicine, philosophy, and much, much more. >Forgotten Weapons https://www.youtube.com/user/ForgottenWeapons

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Edited last time by Vampyr on 09/09/2021 (Thu) 18:09:34.
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(81.04 KB 640x1101 d1c.jpg)

If you guys don't start reading books I'm gonna make a guns + books thread. I'll do it anons I'm serious. >>>/lit/333 Has a good recommendation for a book.

(151.96 KB 1000x1000 bootknife.jpg)

Boot Knife Thread /k/ommando 09/17/2021 (Fri) 22:39:33 No. 541 [Reply]
So you bought a pair of badass meme boots for when shit hits the fan, but what about a booy knife? Yeah you need one. So lets talk about boot knives. Oh and according to these dudes back of boot is best carry point. https://youtu.be/jGRDV5ip3UE

(448.16 KB 1280x720 bnmgbnm.jpeg)

ITT - Cursed guns The Most Cursed Guns 08/16/2021 (Mon) 00:46:38 No. 417 [Reply]
Post either your own, or photos you've found (basically fucking everything)
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(107.65 KB 596x618 oregon-trail_sick.jpg)

>>507 I swear every LGS I visit has at least one of these things for sale that I was sincerely worried if it was gonna top a Taurus or an XD in being pushed to first timers.
>>524 It's so awful, last week I was getting ammo and saw it again, I had to try it real quick. Clerk got it out of the glass case and lemme try the trigger. Bro it sucks so goddamn bad. I knew right then and there it deserved it's own post. And also yeah it's weird how every lgs seems to have like at least one of these monstrosities. They must have have manufactured millions.
(1.08 MB 2416x4288 bubbasayshi.jpg)

Found this gem of a mosin

(292.77 KB 1242x1504 america says fuckyou.jpg)

Last american drone strike in Afghanistan /k/ommando 09/17/2021 (Fri) 22:26:20 No. 538 [Reply]
One last batch of muzzies killed before we leave apparently. The US armed forces on the way out decided to strike and kill 10 civvies at kabul airport, including seven kids. The only real way to explain this is something wasn't disabled that we abandoned and this was how we disabled it. Alternatively, salty over getting their shit pushed in by goat herders some drone officer decided to kill some random afghanis. Aljazeera link because lol https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/9/17/drone-strike-killed-10-civilians-in-kabul-us-acknowledges

(35.27 KB 1024x634 FuckTrudeau.jpg)

Canada General - SKS edition /k/ommando 06/29/2021 (Tue) 03:09:20 No. 145 [Reply]
Let's talk about guns this time edition Canada General New here? Want a firearms loicense? Read this: https://pastebin.com/Ndb2jSAu https://www.howtogetagun.ca/ Wanna help firearm rights? https://firearmrights.ca/ And lastly first for fuck Trudeau.
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>>203 >plebbit link Fucking leafs
There now if you people still dont buy guns Im gonna start just throwing rossi's over the fucking border.
https://www.howtogetagun.ca/ Look just fucking read this would you? And then buy a goddamn gun.

(47.43 KB 600x390 1602004185733.jpg)

Rhodesia thread /k/ommando 06/29/2021 (Tue) 05:00:01 Id: c11d80 No. 159 [Reply]
The place for babypuke green FN fals, and slightly more rascism than every other thread.
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>>526 Nigger ''Nigger A. Frican
>>529 Weird word filter
Heres one m8s

(20.72 KB 640x480 this man grabs guns.jpg)

David Chipman not be head of ATF /k/ommando 09/09/2021 (Thu) 19:07:05 No. 499 [Reply]
Biden withdrew his nomination for the head of ATF today. After putting forth david "gungrabber" chipman as the man Biden trusted to round up Americans guns, Biden got hammered by congress basically. A win for the second amendment today, but theres no guarantee that tomorrow wont have a worse man promoted to the position of gungrabber czar.
>>499 Apparently we havent heard the last of this faggot https://www.ammoland.com/2021/09/white-house-withdraws-chipmans-atf-nomination-but-eyes-new-position-as-gun-czar/ The story now is that Biden still plans to use Chipman for a mass confiscation event, but with congress cockblocking him he is expected to create a new post and appoint chipman to it unilaterally. Fuck sleepy Joe.
>>503 Also not seeing a general gun news thread. Are we supposed to make a new thread for every news item no matter how minor and unlikely to draw even one comment? If the BO doesn't put up a general in 24hrs I guess I'll make one. Anyway bumpstocks no longer machine guns! ATF BLOWN THE FUCK OUT https://www.ammoland.com/2021/09/us-military-courts-rules-bump-stocks-are-not-machine-guns/ well according to a military court anyway. Yeah this doesn't really effect anyone who doesn't live on a military base... Still cool.
(13.13 KB 371x387 Smug Rally Viincent.jpg)

I love how Joe Manchin keeps making the gun grabbers, leftists, and Rhino Neocon's seethe. One DemocRAT is preventing them from nationalizing/corporatizing rental properties to Black Rock, one democRAT is preventing them from nationalizing all the Crypto currencies, one democRAT is preventing them is preventing them from scrapping the filibuster preventing 'glorious' direct democracy from being achieved, one democRAT is blocking Congress from being able to ram another 'assault' weapons B& down the throats of law abiding citizens, one democRAT halted the leftists and rhino's attempt to appoint their beloved genocidal pyromaniac and fast and furious fuck up chip off his shoulder David from becoming the new ATF Tsar, one democRAT took the absolute joke that is the current Oval Office government and basically curve stomped it. I mean fuck I don't agree with Manchin on everything but as far as DemocRAT's go he's alright in my book but almost anyone who can milk all those salty leftist tears is alright in my opinion. I might have to go on a diet with all this delicious sodium, it's starting to become dangerous for my health.

(28.90 KB 768x453 gauss-gun-768x453.jpeg)

Gauss rifle for sale /k/ommando 08/13/2021 (Fri) 23:16:31 No. 405 [Reply]
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>>405 Oh and you have to sign a waiver when you buy it. Because apparently it might explode at any second. Which on one hand fair enough, and on the other hand Glock never made me sign a waiver.
>>406 This is why I hate any EM "weapon", they're all fucking useless. The thermodynamic inefficiency of converting chemical energy to electric energy, and then to kinetic energy is obviously less efficient than going straight from chemical to kinetic. You're adding an extra step which means it's never going to be as efficient. >>407 Why not integrate a 10 round battery with the 10 round mag?
>>517 Yeah see? It took you ten minutes to think of a better way of doing this then the californian developers. I don't know man. I assume because they just bolted a gokart battery onto it and called it a day.

(79.28 KB 625x457 fuckit.jpg)

The lounge /k/ relaxing, weapons, chitchat, ballistol plugs Vampyr Board owner 07/11/2021 (Sun) 02:46:07 No. 278 [Reply]
The lounge /k/ relaxing, weapons, chitchat, ballistol plugs, and assorted chicanery. This is place.
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(624.84 KB 936x283 itsafudd.png)

I have been holding onto this for a month, but so far no reason to use it has come up. So good. It's a shame. Someone needs to start talking about muh fohty five and muh stopping power soon
Dear gun store owners. Put a fucking price tag on the goddamn weapon you cocksucking shitlords. Real helpful having 20 rifles on display behind the counter and then asking you to show me every single fucking one just to know what the goddamn prices are. So much fun anon. I know you love it to. But seriously have the pricetags fucking visible or I will waste exactly as much of your time as you have wasted of mine. Assholes.
I just had a moment of self realization. I've spent at least 6 hours of the past week listening to a man autistically fire a round, read off a number, and then fire again, read off another number, Etc. It is the most oddly relaxing fucking thing in the world.

(1.30 MB 2912x4096 gun fox.jpg)

(109.69 KB 914x600 fun is fun.jpg)

I'm a professional gunsmith, ask me anything. /k/ommando 07/11/2021 (Sun) 03:36:12 No. 280 [Reply]
Thought this might be a good thread to liven things up. I have: >No degree, because those schools are all DeVry-tier rackets >5 years apprenticeship under a master gunsmith who was a retired millwright machinist >3 years experience doing it solo as an actual, paid job There are still a lot of guns I haven't personally worked on, but the list of guns I haven't at least touched, shot, or tinkered with is pretty short. I'll check back on this thread every so often and try to answer every question if I can. if thred 2 ghey pls b&
29 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>511 Fascinating. Well shit, guess I'm gonna do that now then. Thanks bro. The more you know eh?
SoyGoy here. When can we get blasters? I want my plasma lazor guns plox!
>>514 Best I can do for you is Gauss, check out thread >>405 Heads up it sucks donkey balls like a man dying of dehydration. What's so cool about plasma anyway? That shit malfunctions and your hands melt off, plus you probably die. Just go to your local gun store and look at some rifles, handle a few, and see the coolness up close and personal like. If you are still deadset on spacetech, then buy a tazer or the gauss rifle. I really stress that there are better options available though.

(65.97 KB 960x720 watchgun.jpg)

Glocks big announcement /k/ommando 09/09/2021 (Thu) 06:14:26 No. 494 [Reply]
They made a watch. Hand etched signature from Gaston Glock on the back, this pocket watch can fire a single .44 round. The ultimate backup piece. Highest quality internal mechanics on the clock itself. This is the coolest thing ever. And only $50 a watch!
(413.18 KB 1233x800 glockwatch.png)

Lolno I'm lying anons. Glock is over priced and they kinda hate their customers. I still own one but one should never lie to themselves. It's kind of a shit brand. Heres a pic of the actual watch. Its $400, it don't shoot shit, its got a neon green zombie watchband. And it's stipled apparently. Pretty fucking gay The only thing I told the truth about was Gaston Glocks signature is indeed featured prominently... On a piece of paper that comes with the watch. Wowie. Not really too much to say about this watch. A casio is cheaper and just plain works. Also I heard these watches may explode randomly. Glock quality everyone.
>>495 im pretty sure all gun manufacturers outside of garage ar 15 companies hate their customers becuase they would all much prefer to be doing bulk sales with cops and militaries and hate that the plebes can even buy their shit
>>508 Yeah that's accurate. At least Ruger doesn't price gouge as much.

(47.29 KB 848x601 fuckoffnoguns.jpg)

Buying guns /k/ommando 06/28/2021 (Mon) 20:06:39 No. 34 [Reply]
This board should be thriving. Everyone should own 3 guns minimum. A glock brand glock. A rifle A shotgun Whats your excuse anons? Also if you have any interest in purchasing a firearm let me walk you through it. Easy peasy. The catalogue looks like a holocaust is all im saying.
11 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>190 Matchlock, flintlock, and wheellock are considered antiques and as such require no license or registration. All other black powder is the same provided its made before 1898 or designed before then and reproduced in modern machines. So yes and no. Trudeau has made it impossible to get a modern weapon, but theres nothing preventing you from buying two sashes abd thirteen black powder pistols and going full pirate style.
Step one. Finding a lgs. Anon do you have a phonebook? Or an internet connection? The answer is yes obviously how the hell else would you even read this otherwise? So duckduckgo your town/city and gun store Step one completed.
>>500 Step 2. Go to the gun store. Fingerfuck gats, ask lots of questions and generally annoying to the staff. Don't worry about it it's literally their fucking job. If you find a fun you like then inform the staff that you want to buy it. A background check will be required. Those used to take ten to thirty minutes. With all the Corona fuckery it might take ten days right now. Sorry. Anyway heres a 4473. This is how a background is checked. They hand you this paper and you fill it out. Pay for your gun then leave and wait for a phonecall saying you can buy a gun. Further tips. Ask of they have ammo for the gun you want. Odds are if theres nothing on the shelves in your caliber they have some in the back and will sell you a box or two with your shiny new gun.

(199.95 KB 2048x1152 1626454176153.jpg)

Block 19 /k/ommando 07/17/2021 (Sat) 02:41:07 No. 324 [Reply]
The latest one off design to butthurt mothers against drunk design.
29 posts and 16 images omitted.
>>485 That's still probably more comfortable to shoot than pic related.
>>487 Christ what even is that abomination?
>>491 Apparently a 2 shot derringer with a shit handle. Apparently it holds two more in the handle but no ejector so not really an in the moment thing possibly. They also offer it in a .45 I wonder if thats any better. Probably not.

(92.37 KB 648x960 1623736717325.jpg)

Banners /k/ommando 06/29/2021 (Tue) 18:19:00 Id: 0b2069 No. 174 [Reply]
Banners. We have exactly one. In my opinion we require more. So if anyone has banners plz upload.
5 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>476 Heh nice. I really like the inclusion of the quote and the /k/ute guns.
>>481 Thanks, I'll probably make more banners in the future as I enjoy making these.
>>489 Cool! These were all really nice. I look forward to it.

(146.52 KB 1170x780 maskup.jpg)

The Taliban now owns Afghanistan /k/ommando 08/31/2021 (Tue) 21:44:00 No. 466 [Reply]
https://web.archive.org/web/20210831213906/https://www.aljazeera.com/gallery/2021/8/31/photos-triumphant-taliban-parades-at-kabul-airport-after-us-exit So things that jump out. One the Taliban is now practicing trigger discipline Two they are wearing masks Three they are now using 5.56X45mm So I guess now we sell them Nato ammo? Is this winning?
5 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>477 Heh >>478 Holy shit look at all that kit.
>>471 >33 Mi-17 The Mi-17 is of course a russian helicopter notably flown by Neall Ellis in Sierra Leone. Flown heavily by American special forces in Afghanistan in 2010 the Afghan National Army began using them with mixed american afghani crews. Despite the DoD claiming these were disabled I bet we see these airframes operational again within the year.
>>471 Damn they even got arty, and all those m9's. Spaghetti gun is so pretty.

(109.48 KB 825x1024 thismachinekillshippies.jpg)

Famous guns /k/ommando 08/13/2021 (Fri) 22:50:43 No. 403 [Reply]
Guns that are infamous. Such as this Charter Arms .38 undercover Used to kill famous hippie John Lennon. I call it the "imagine there's no oxygen" pistol.
13 posts and 17 images omitted.
(21.20 KB 448x296 sonofsam.jpg)

(578.08 KB 2048x1367 07GRACE1-superJumbo.jpg)

(35.41 KB 440x292 5459881.jpg)

From 1976 to 1977 in New York David Berkowitz shot, and stabbed several random individuals in the city. Girls smooching in cars with a date was his favored target. He used a Charter arms .44 bulldog pug revolver. He was known as the .44 killer, and Son Of Sam. Of note this jew later found Christ in prison and is now a christian. He maintains a fun little website on Jesus Christ at Ariseandshine.org
>>464 TBF they didn't exactly have a quick means of communication and flow of information back then. I'm sure once the artist found that out that he painted the wrong gun he himself was embarrassed too.
>>467 Good points. Well if we ever make a draw thread maybe we can start correcting these paintings.

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