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Fren 07/07/2021 (Wed) 16:08:05 No. 86 [Reply]
Is it okay to post porn here? I might wanna post some comfy hentai in this thread later idk.
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>>99 but thinking of someone else the whole time, right Fren? You're staring because you got lost in space, right?
(23.08 KB 468x444 plz.jpg)

>>86 You promised comfy hentai OP! WHERE'S THE COMFY HENTAI!

(257.42 KB 1774x1552 reddit_hivemine.jpeg)

Eddit Fren 07/11/2021 (Sun) 19:08:44 No. 317 [Reply]
Do any of you use reddit in any capacity? I don't necessarily mean casually browsing a frontpage for fun and having an accounts with subscriptions. Just any use at all. Like using it to look up stuff or browsing one specific subreddit that's not shit. If you really don't use it at all, have you ever? It's okay you can be honest. Looking back on your past and cringing is how you know that you've grown as a person.
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It comes up fairly often in searches for tech stuff, the posts are often useful or at least provide hints that lead somewhere useful. For some games (especially mobile games) it's one of the best or only sources of information, at least in English.
>>317 I have the app and look at memes sometimes to kill 5min. I sometimes look for reddit results when searching for game or tech stuff. Some fan projects have their shit on there like am2r. Reddit terrible for discussions of any kind though, go there grab the shit you need and leave.
Pretty much like >>320 and >>387. I use it to get stuff like answers to questions or memes or porn (but only on the more specific subreddits. General ones like /r/ass and /r/gonewild are too vague to be useful) and things like that. I never use it for discussion though. Reddit's infamy of being a hivemind where disagreeing is punished with so many downvotes that you aren't allowed to makes posts anymore is so true that redditors often make fun of themselves for it.

(3.32 MB 498x278 screw.gif)

Fren 07/13/2021 (Tue) 22:40:42 No. 407 [Reply]
when you has sex does your dick feel like when you're screwing something in while trying to repair it and then it finally catches on the thread and you know you don't have to hold the screw in place anymore to stop it going in wrong
>>407 No. Go to doctor.

(24.64 KB 763x483 343t5mofmrmgmNNNapgr4DOS.gif)

XOXO XOXO 07/13/2021 (Tue) 03:03:58 No. 399 [Reply]

Fren 07/05/2021 (Mon) 17:55:39 No. 27 [Reply]
What boards do you guys browse, either on here or on other imageboards? As far as 8chan, I usually spend my time on the overboard a lot, so I actually interact with a lot of boards. >>>/b/ is fun sometimes, and >>>/404/ has some wacky CSS that's kinda fun, along with that odd naming gimmick. I used to go on >>>/v/ but I got tired of the BO's bullshit so I stopped. I go on >>>/t/ sometimes to help with software. They're usually nice. And other than that, I might leave replies on threads from any boards I encounter on the overboard if they interest me, even if I'm not interested in that board itself. Outside of 8chan.moe, I used to go on many other imageboards, but I don't really do that anymore. I just spend most of my time here, since all the other ones I used to like either became rulecucked or died. The only other place I go on is 4chan/b/ just for the porn threads (you know, the decent ones, which is the only part of that place that's any good anymore) and that's basically it. >pic unrelated
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My favorite thead is /cub on u18chan. I like cute young furs, especially when engaged is incestual relationship. I always found this kind of content wholesome and heartwarming (consensual only, obviously whether NSFW or not) I think /fur thread of this site is somewhat similar, you even have your own draw thread here which is neat. I'm not a often visitor on imageboards,not a big fan, sorry, I'm more fond of sites like inkbunny cause I find them more friendly. But this kind board made think that even fragile namefag cubophile like me could have a chance here.
/v/ and /liberty/, as well as other /kind/ boards.
I basically just browse here and /b/ pretty much. I don't browse other imageboards. Instead I just try to make more activity in this place.

(24.88 KB 600x250 Screen2.png)

Fren 07/10/2021 (Sat) 00:38:02 No. 261 [Reply]
Find any new games you like recently? I don't know if it counts as a game, but I found one called The Powder Toy. It's a little physics simulator where you mess around with a bunch of substances see how they react to each other. It's pretty fun, plus it's open source which is great. It just got a new update which is cool, and it reminds me of that old flash game from way back in the mid 2000s. I think it was called Quick Sand but I'm not sure.
I've been meaning to try dragon quest. I heard that it was a good series so I've been looking into getting an emulator for one of the older ones to see if it's a series I might be interested in. I keep hearing that 5 is a good one for beginners, but I also heard that 8 was good too.
>>269 I think I tried like 15 years ago to try the snes ones. Just didn't hook me.
(700.45 KB 750x732 ClipboardImage.png)

I initially wrote off Friday night Funkin as a meme game because of how it exploded in popularity, but I've been trying it recently and it's actually not bad.

Fren 07/07/2021 (Wed) 15:03:48 No. 81 [Reply]
We /kin/ now, post happy kinships my anon brothers.
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1, 2, 3, 4 everybody /kin/ some more 5, 6, 7, 8 with her, I want to copulate
>>92 I don't blame you.
>>81 I wish I had a daughter. That'd be cool.

(553.92 KB 1145x972 megaphone.png)

Fren 07/07/2021 (Wed) 23:08:56 No. 108 [Reply]
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>>239 Maybe it's something really cool. Anon is gonna wow us all one day.
>>242 The key is to just keep the board clean and keep refining it. Boards don't usually start getting users immediately, but eventually they will in time. This board is a bit of an outlier since it was made pretty recently I think, but usually it takes a while to really get any users.
>>259 Not tips on bringing back a board, the name of anons dead board. Thats the question anon.

Fren 07/09/2021 (Fri) 00:56:37 No. 176 [Reply]
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>>280 And thats why you dont huff glue fren.
(254.29 KB 500x348 ClipboardImage.png)

>>281 but it maek my head feel funny
>>282 Yeah. I mean you got me there.

(35.03 KB 640x373 insp.jpg)

(184.70 KB 746x932 1624239283121.jpg)

(440.96 KB 1380x768 1618932327136.jpg)

Fren 07/08/2021 (Thu) 18:42:30 No. 145 [Reply]
paranoid and schiz, i dont want to die. trying to put together a group for the production of "immortality". but other stuff is also welcome. if not immortality, would like the server to at least be involved in legit cool stuff. like steins gate microjumps or diy garage UFO's. maybe even a real SCP foundation thing with mtfs and stuff i dunno. gg/wtrNJNcv
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>>213 >>218 >>220 >>222 >>223 >>225 I know that religious talk, much like politics, tends to devolve into namecalling pretty quickly, but that's not how things work here. Go to /b/ if you wanna fling insults at each other. Consider this a warning for both of you to knock it off.
(283.69 KB 220x178 anime tauntrum.gif)

Political and religious meanies get out. REEEEEE
>>145 discord sucks! Why don't you use IRC or Matrix instead?

Fren 07/08/2021 (Thu) 22:08:43 No. 162 [Reply]
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>>169 >all cum
(52.12 KB 656x585 DLvJzz4X0AEAVQh.jpg)

>>170 Here's the original for your enjoyment
>>173 Yes! Thanks Fren!

(378.71 KB 700x875 E3LK3zRUUAAdOqH.png)

Fren 07/07/2021 (Wed) 13:32:03 No. 75 [Reply]
So... the rules are that everyone has to be nice to each other? Okay, I'm a pedo and I beat my dick to kids 4 times a day. Say something nice to me!
Except that you forgot the part where intentionally making posts that piss off other users is also considered unkind, which you
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>>89 loli bitch island!!!
>>117 papa epstein says we can't talk about that
>>75 That is very sweet and I would like to suck your pedocock and kiss your anus :3

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