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(553.92 KB 1145x972 megaphone.png)

Fren 07/07/2021 (Wed) 23:08:56 No. 108
My girlfriend sucked 37 dicks!
>>108 It is very humid and very hot and the polles is so high that even the insides of my ears are itching.
Life is going well, I feel very comfy at the moment.
>>110 I'm thankful every day that I don't have allergies. Whole rest of my family has them, and it sounds like hell.
>>113 I'm mildly allergic to cats, but I love cats and always want to have them around and snuggle them and bury my face in their fluff. So, allergies year-round. Thankfully it's not too bad though, I have three cats right now that spend the majority of their time in my room, and it just means I need to keep a box of tissues nearby at all times. At least I'm not allergic to other stuff, pollen and whatever else doesn't bother me.
>>108 Not good, I study / work like 12h every day for several weeks now. And my 8chan board is dead which makes me sad.
>>121 Well you can't just say that without telling us the board Fren. Maybe you can advertise it on /b/.
>>114 I think am allergic to pine trees because when I visited my brother I was sneezing really badly. I never had problems with my Christmas tree (spruce), I love the smell of Christmas trees. I am also allergic to shrimp and crab to the point where I broke out in hives but was fine when I was a kid.
>>129 The only kind of seafood I look is popcorn shrimp and pollack. Especially pollack, that shit's great as a breaded fillet with some tartar sauce. I've tried crab but like most seafood, it just doesn't do it for me. It's got this odd after taste that ruins it.
The coffee keeps my body awake, but not my spirit.
>>109 In a row?
>>108 Very good OP thx for asking. How was your day?
>>180 Well it's been raining for a few days now so I haven't been outside much, but a whole bunch of birds randomly started appearing around my house so that's fun.
>>184 Awesome! Birbs are cool. I want rain anon. So dry.
>>137 Yeah you'll need weed for that Fren. Together, they keep your body and your spirit alive!
>>123 Now I'm curious about the dead board. >>217 It's still illegal in my state.
>>239 Maybe it's something really cool. Anon is gonna wow us all one day.
>>242 The key is to just keep the board clean and keep refining it. Boards don't usually start getting users immediately, but eventually they will in time. This board is a bit of an outlier since it was made pretty recently I think, but usually it takes a while to really get any users.
>>259 Not tips on bringing back a board, the name of anons dead board. Thats the question anon.

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