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(8.53 KB 380x479 jxl.png)

Fren 07/08/2021 (Thu) 13:32:36 No. 126
Have you frens heard about JXL? IT looks pretty promising. It's a new file format for images that intends to replace PNG, JPEG, and GIF all at the same time, providing all of the advantages of the 3 formats together, while producing smaller filesizes. Support for it is getting added to Firefox, and it's ISO standardized. I think this gives it a decent chance of actually succeeding where other attempts to replace these formats failed. Here's some links if you're interested. Official website: https://jpeg.org/jpegxl/index.html Community website: https://jpegxl.info/ Issue for adding JXL support to Firefox: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1707590 Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JPEG_XL
So what you're saying is that in a few years I'm gonna have to convert all my meme and hentai images to this format?
Shit looks pretty cool. I've always wondered why we have a bunch of different image formats that have different capabilities when you could hypothetically just have one format that has all those capabilities itself. Hopefully it'll catch on once its complete and the browsers and image-software start supporting it.
>>126 Huh. Neat.
you convinced me i'm in!
>>138 >>136 Now we just gotta wait for it to be supported by anything, then we can start converting our *looks at >>128* 43,214 file meme and hentai collections! Thanks for the heads up OP. Though, why didn't you post this in /t/?
>>139 >why not /t/ I thought that if I did make this thread on /t/ they'd probably just call me a faggot then ban me, so I decided to just make it either here or on /b/.
>>144 Sounds like you're thinking of /v/ instead of /t/.
>>148 Oh yeah you're right my bad. Lol /v/ is cucked as shit.
(148.07 KB 811x1027 1609193491577.jpg)

>>151 >Lol /v/ is cucked as shit. Come shitpost on >>>/vb/ then ;'^)
>>156 It gets better everyday. I still plan on making the chrono trigger/cross thread.
>>151 >>156 >>157 I'm guessing this is why BO links /vb/ as "video games" and not /v/. Maybe he agrees.
>>158 I love the miniwebring. Best idea all week.
We gotta add Acid and Codexx to add for support for .jxl once it gets added to a stable release of Firefox. You know, to keep us docile.
>>128 So do you just put your memes and hentai together in the same directory? How'd you get that number?
>>185 Many years on the web langhing and fapping while hoarding it all for future use. Also, I don't keep the files together themselves, but both my meme and hentai directories are in a directory together.
>>275 Is that main mega directory called c:\
>>276 >Windows No, I have one in my home directory that holds my memes and hentai together. It makes it easier to back them up.
>>126 So jxl can be used to replace pngs? Does it have an alpha channel (transparency) and can it be compressed without fucking the quality of the image? I didn't see those mentioned on the official website link you posted.
ooo i think i read a bit about this a little while ago, i hope the format becomes more widely used soon it looks super cool
>>126 I think its association with jpg (by being a successor to it) is going to hurt its adoption among people who care about quality preservation and transparency, even though it looks like jxl will have both a lossless mode, and an alpha channel just like png. >>301 It looks like jxl combines all the features of jpg png and gif together. So yeah, it has lossy compression, lossless compression, animation, and an alpha channel for transparency. That's why it has the potential to replace all 3 formats, because it essentially combines them into one universal format.
>>426 Yeah that's fucking cool.
So we can't actually start using it yet, can we? I often make image edits in gimp, so I'd love to start exporting them as jxl files if I could. It'd make it more simple to combine jpgs and pngs.
Tell me please this is not another kike invention to steal data from users, or worst, get more detailed data about the user, something beyond the hash fingerprint. you know what I mean...
>>699 How could an image format be used to harvest data? It's not executable.
I'm just waiting for JXL to be supported in Firefox and imagemagick, so I can convert my entire meme collection to JXL. It looks really promising.
>>126 >It's a new file format for images that intends to replace PNG, JPEG, and GIF You thought it was a cute girl? It was me, Jumpscare!
>>718 That sort of fuckery can already happen with animated PNGs (the high quality file-format where cute girls are likely to be stored in the first place) so not much is changed.

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