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Fren 07/22/2021 (Thu) 18:55:43 No. 518
Remember Fren, being a virgin is not the end of the world! I had sex a few times before, and I'm still a loser to this day. Nothing really changed at all.
>>518 That's the spirit! (I think)
You know, I never really got people's obsession with the concept of virginity anyway. Like, we don't have a special word for not driving a car before, or firing a gun, or drinking wine. It's a strange fixation I think.
>>535 I agree.
>>535 It's not that strange considering the emotional, and physical ramifications that sex has, especially prior to widely accessible, and reliable birth control.
>this comforts the loser
I never had sex, but I'm gonna say I did, and no one can stop me. All the benefits, none of the herpes.
Yeah but if you're a virgin people call you incel :(
>>518 I bet you're the one who made >>612
(741.06 KB 620x643 ClipboardImage.png)

>>518 But I hear that if you have sex with 100 people, you unlock the legendary golden penis. I wanna experience that power!
I'm told sex isn't as good as people make out.
>>753 Sex is less about the raw feeling of the sex (which is only slightly better than masturbation) and more about the mental satisfaction of you being able to have the sex. It's hard to explain, but the pleasure of sex is really more in the mind than in the body.
Fuck secks, I just want somebody.
>>759 Trust me, you only think you do. That idealized vision of a girl that loves you for who you are and is always spending time with you doing things that you both love together is just not reality. Sometimes it takes a few years to realize that a relationship isn't going to work, and if that's the case, you better hope you're not married and had no kids with her. The reason relationships lasted so long in the past isn't because the people in them were happy. It's because divorce was heavily discouraged by society, so they had no choice if they wanted to keep up appearances. Now that it's not seen as such a bad thing, we see the reality of long-term relationships. They're few and far between. I'd recommend that instead of being sad because you're lonely, try to improve yourself. Think about parts of you and your life that you don't like, an try to improve them. Make yourself someone you can be proud of. Enough that you don't need a significant other to be proud for you.
>>760 I want another lad.
>>761 Oh... well now that I think about it, I recall knowing a few gay guys, and their relationships are actually fine usually. Never thought about that.

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