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programming general Fren 09/13/2021 (Mon) 15:18:57 No. 723
You do know how to program, right Fren? At least simple scripts?
well I wrote a small 1 line script to delete old files from the Trash folder if that counts.
how are you even supposed to start learning how to program. It seems so unapproachable, like there's a hundred things you need to already know before you can actually do anything useful.
>>739 Well for your first programming language you're gonna want something that let's you write simple things easily. A fun way to potentially learn how to program could be to make a board on this website and ask for custom Javascript to be enabled. You could learn how to use Javascript to do fun things that make your board more interesting.
>>739 Python is the standard "first programming language" so just try that.
Alright so what's the deal with Haskell. Is it just a meme language for autists, or is there a benefit to functional programming in a pure way, instead of just having it be an aspect sprinkled into a more classical procedural style? I get the feeling that the community has a bit of a superiority complex, kinda like the Arch Linux community, so that's not a good start.

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