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FAQ and QTDDTOT HHHPinochet 11/27/2019 (Wed) 11:32:59 Id: 261585 No. 926 [Reply] [Last]
Criticisms of right-wing libertarianism, low effort gotchas, and unpopular opinions should be limited to this thread. You aren't owed attention or a platform to speak out against our views, any new threads attacking anarcho-capitalism will be deleted. COVENANT COMMUNITIES A lot of posters seem to be ignorant on what a covenant community is and what its implications are. A covenant community is a small, homogeneous, gated community with strict controls on who can and cannot enter, who can and cannot gain residency, and what conduct must be observed within the community. In other words, it is a privatized micro-ethnostate. The idea was popularized by Hans-Hermann Hoppe, attached are some select quotes from Hoppe explaining the covenant community in his own words: >there would be little or no “tolerance” and “openmindedness” so dear to left-libertarians. Instead, one would be on the right path toward restoring the freedom of association and exclusion implied in the institution of private property. There exists a legal principle known as estoppel, which says those who do not value or abide by a certain norm are not entitled to appeal to that norm in their own defense. Commies don't believe in property rights, so they have estopped themselves from appealing to property rights in their own defense. Therefore, there is no need for a covenant community to wait until the commie commits a trespass before physically removing it.
Edited last time by sangvinivs on 07/12/2020 (Sun) 13:06:58.
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What would the age of consent be in your private community, Anon?

(378.75 KB 600x719 guide to physical removal.jpg)

Welcome to /liberty/ HHHPinochet 08/19/2019 (Mon) 22:30:01 Id: e35c08 No. 3 [Reply] [Last]
A board for discussing private property norms, Austrian-school economics, and natural rights. Refugees not welcome. Check out our bros at 9chan: https://9chan.tw/libertarian/
Edited last time by sangvinivs on 06/13/2020 (Sat) 22:14:15.
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(628.26 KB 633x833 Saint Black OPs 2cel.png)

>>4372 The problem is a common defense may be one of the few things a central government might be better suited for and one thing in which the stakes are extremely high. It is a contradiction, but so is getting invaded by statist aggressor nations and losing liberty until the end of time.

(233.05 KB 1000x785 PROPAGANDA.png)

OC Thread: Julay Edition Anonymous 10/22/2019 (Tue) 22:48:44 Id: fd811b No. 451 [Reply] [Last]

OC, fresh memes, and rare Aurelias.
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(161.85 KB 2670x1168 Flagbearer meme.png)

I did a little thing.
(155.07 KB 1000x800 hoppe vs ancoms.jpg)

I did a thing, hopefully one of you will find it useful.
>>4531 I know what you're going for with the rope (basically him being dangled into frame, it's quite funny but I just don't know if it reads that well to a brainlet and the less thinking they have to do to "get it" the better because as it is that's all "theater of the mind"; unless there's a picture of Earnest holding a rope or something to strengthen that idea I'd just drop that entirely and give him a little yellow and black ancap hat instead), it also looks more like Hoppe is caged rather than giving the impression that he's being protected. Also, you've done a compositional no-no here where the characters on one side of the screen go to the other side, move Hoppe and Earnest back to the left. 6/10 execution but the idea is 8/10+

(151.31 KB 249x364 jthnybgtevfrcedswaq.png)

Anonymous 07/21/2021 (Wed) 03:09:32 Id: 6345a0 No. 4518 [Reply]
If liberty is more important than security and material wealth, who's gonna build the roads and stop people from having buttsex? Checkmate, libertarians.
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>>4518 kys
(148.59 KB 893x876 ihatecommiescum.png)

Also it's libertine principles that increase material wealth as well as access to essential services, faggot. Just admit you don't know jack shit about what goes on in the world around you LARPing communigger.
(608.67 KB 650x1350 lsmug.png)

>Imagine having an ideology so fucking stupid that people having buttsex is one of your biggest issues. >Imagine caring so much about what other people do that you are willing to give your money and rights to the state just to stop them. >Imagine your first approach to faggotry not being "Lmao who gives a shit". >Imagine being worried about "Muh people" or about "Muh race", when good economic policy would already intensivize people to have more children. Imagine focusing on pie in the sky concepts like race, nation or community instead of discussing actual issues and pushing for tried and true strategies that increase quality of life for everyone. >Imagine LARPing about being in some kind of great war while the state keeps fucking you in the ass. >Imagine not caring about being able to create a system where you can buy things cheaply and make money however you want. >Imagine not realising that free market is responsible for decreasing poverty and bettering the standards of living. >Imagine justifying government attrocities because you think they won't turn against you. >Imagine not understanding the mechanisms of power. >Imagine adhering to any commie-derived ideology >Imagine wanting to control people and thinking you won't be fucked over instead. <Then remember that you are libertarian and none of this applies to you.

(1.46 MB 1024x768 s0ro3lat.png)

Anonymous 07/21/2021 (Wed) 19:38:30 Id: 000000 No. 4524 [Reply]
How does /liberty/ go about making money?

Anonymous 04/03/2021 (Sat) 02:49:11 Id: 000000 No. 4412 [Reply]
What does /liberty/ think about the property rights/standing of children, and what happens after they gain self-ownership if they aren't born with it? Some of you think they should be protected but since protection can't be defined objectively nor granted voluntarily since you wouldn't take a childs no seriously violate the nap and we're back to having a state. I was pretty on board with children being parents property until they "have property of their own" or "leave home",etc. Children if they can't decide for themselves are someone elses decision and thus property, and if they aren't the parents property then they're the states. David Reimer lost his dick as a baby through a circumcision accident and after was turned in a "girl". His parents were cool with this idea. Given the preface above and assuming theres nothing wrong with that conclusion, could the now mutilated adult claim anything from his parents, for his condition? If so, on what grounds?
14 posts omitted.
>>4440 >I think two conditions need to be met. They need to have gone through puberty, and they need to be able to sustain themselves economically. Having gone through puberty isn't biological adulthood. The brain is still developing even after that and there are still people in their 30s who can't sustain themselves economically for whatever reason. If we are going to determine it purely by facts and logic, then I think it should be 21 which is the average age when the human brain is fully developed.
>>4440 >think of the children Where would that end, just because you haven't explicitly taken any money from anyone doesn't mean its not welfare. Brains are a physical and inherited thing. By protecting stupid people from ruining themselves or their property especially at the expense of others, How would you plan to enforce your child protection? you'd only perpetuate the stupid. This includes their children. >>4442 >the brain hasn't finished "developing" The point of a libertarian society is that everyone is a sovereign. Having any laws would be possible, no matter the subject. For example: there are people too poor to buy an expensive house and some people who can afford such a house. We should make a law so all houses should have a starting or ending price in between what could be afforded by both groups. Thats practically socialist right? Lol ... But why? Is it because its about houses and not guns, or weed, or something else you like.
>>4467 Not the same anon with whom you were discussing this earlier. >We should make a law so all houses should have a starting or ending price in between what could be afforded by both groups. Except if you do that, how can you efficiently do it such that the sellers are able to fully recoup their costs and make a worthwhile profit? You can't just throw homeowners under the bus because you're more concerned about everyone else, as that would be an arbitrary (and therefore, illogical) position. Additionally, in implementing your idea, you would fall facefirst into the calculation problem: you could not possibly find a universal means of setting price thresholds such that homeowners would always and invariably be able to sell their home at a profit. Again, you would be forced to arbitrarily restrain price thresholds on a case-by-case basis, which, as I'm sure you can see, would likely lead to enormous corruption and nepotism. Besides, it's their property; if someone else has the authority to dictate the price at which you sell it, they are the ones who actually own it, not you. This is similar to how mutualists argue property is based on use: why should this be so? Why does it follow logically that one should magically have to give up one's hard-earned property as soon as one ceases to occupy it in some way? I realize that isn't the point you're making, but the reason I mention it, is because you're making a similar argument: that property should be conditional based on your subjective sense of justice, as opposed to the simple, versatile, autonomy-respecting concept of contract and reciprocity. Furthermore, in saying that someone has the right to dictate how you use or sell your property, you negate the very principle of private property. Going further still, you could take this to its logical extreme and say that your argument is tantamount to a negation of self-ownership, since, if you cannot own property, how can you state that you are your own property? Contrariwise, how can you non-arbitrarily decide that a person can only own themselves unconditionally, but that everything else must be owned conditionally?

(138.99 KB 800x800 anticom.png)

Anonymous 06/26/2021 (Sat) 21:38:40 Id: 952ebc No. 4491 [Reply]
What does /liberty/ think of rightist unity?
You talk like we have a say in whether or not that happens. Right unity is pretty clearly just an attempt at free real-estate, so we can jump from >1% to 30% or 50% of the rightwing. Nobody is going to agree to that or ever have any reason to. Right unity is like dressing up as the popular kids in hopes that some how gets us in their group.
Auths and collectivists of any kind get the bullet.
(8.44 KB 195x293 lnr.jpg)

>>4491 I could easily make the argument that the left/right dichotomy is entirely immaterial compared to the authoritarian/libertarian one. As >>4497 basically says, the real issue is with those who feel the need to play the moral arbitration game. Personally, I don't especially care if someone wants to be what I consider a degenerate; all I care about, is whether or not I retain the ability to disassociate from them if I so choose, and if I retain the ability to disagree vocally and openly with them. >Inb4 leftists will always choose to coerce those with whom they disagree Yes, and so will those on the authoritarian Right. Saying that leftists tend to coerce dissenters into doing what they want is quite true, but that misses the forest for the trees: the reason why they do that, is because the only way they can even attempt to implement their retarded concept of equality of outcome, is by means of coercively kneecapping the naturally more-talented and -stronger. Appropriately, this means they are applying anti-competitive monopoly not only to economics, but also to the social sphere, as well; they break down competition because, to the leftist, such is an injustice rather than a cause for self-improvement. Thus, what we need is not rightist unity, but rather, libertarian unity. Never forget that SEK3 himself is considered a left-libertarian, yet he was able and willing to work with ancaps on both sides of the fence. Hell, so was Rothbard, to the extent that he founded an entire fucking political journal for that sole express purpose.

(126.17 KB 960x720 pole.jpg)

(26.91 KB 1092x1037 sadfrog.jpg)

Anonymous 06/05/2021 (Sat) 15:44:55 Id: bc655e No. 4465 [Reply]
I'm starting to think communism is like a virus without a cure. The only way to become immune to it is by getting infected once and surviving it. Look at all the ex-Soviet countries like Poland, those are the most anti-communist countries. Is this our fate? Are we doomed to have to go through communism at some point?
1 post omitted.
Slave labour is the only way to fulfil communist promises at least to a bunch of people. It is the most appealing system at the end, because you don't have to do jack shit while someone else does things for you. People will always want to change reality with their own will, the only time when we will have a more libertarian society is when people accept that many times, changing the world to make it more "equal" only makes things worse, while leaving people be makes things generally better but not perfect.
>>4510 >because you don't have to do jack shit while someone else does things for you. Only according to the utopian mythos of communism, in practice, everyone had to work and they simply worked harder for less personal gain. It's a retarded system for morons which has taken a pseudo-religious significance among its desciples.
>>4512 The people at the top were living it up pretty well. Hell in most communist countries the system becomes so class heavy that you would think it's what commies were swearing to fight against.

(46.97 KB 620x465 Deus Ex.jpg)

(99.22 KB 425x784 Deus Ex NSF hero.jpg)

(6.24 MB 960x720 Deus Ex Best ending.mp4)

/liberty/ media Anonymous 03/11/2020 (Wed) 12:54:55 Id: 23ee38 No. 2069 [Reply] [Last]

As I don´t see any thread like this. I would like to started this so we can share entertainment products that we think has libertarian messages.
The example that comes up to my mind right now is the original Deus Ex
54 posts and 43 images omitted.
>>4505 The Illuminati is the 'light' face of the Synagogue of Satan (S0S). The sooner you realise the S0S exists and controls the dominating majority of global finance-media, the sooner you stop being a fool.
(2.77 MB 1920x1030 Borg-2030.png)

>>4506 The Borg is a good example of what the S0S seeks.
>>4503 There are no natural slavers anon, I don't know of a group of people that hasn't engaged in slavery in history. That being said jewish thought still influenced libertarianism a lot, so to completely dismiss them is unfair in my opinion. Don't get me wrong there is a SHIT TON of things that Jews need to be criticised for. But their contributions aren't black and white.

Libertarian National Socialism Anonymous 02/17/2021 (Wed) 05:44:28 Id: 3030dc No. 4342 [Reply]
>>>/pol/8031 This is a continuation of a deleted thread on /v/ https://8chan.moe/v/res/228762.html#q239225 >National or 'Nazi' as the Jew say, on the subject of Race and Eugenics. >Socialist in that Citizens should receive revenue from Publicly owned property. >Libertarian in everything else HAIL VICTORY!
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>>4501 The early USA, for reference, was a White Nationalist Libertarian Confederal Republic.
>>4501 Lol yeah everyone is projecting, we aren't pol so we dont have much else to do. Anyways, theres a big difference between a confederacy and national socialism. He didn't mention defense at all in his post , it was literally Publicly owned property. You can have a "shared" defense without the need of ultimate authority over a people. >anarchy is war Whats the difference between voluntary action and anarchy? Its an ancap board, pretty sure anarchy is required.
>>4501 You are wrong in many ways, first of all, libertarianism already has a threat that it stands against, no matter whether it is anarchist or otherwise. It's called "The state". Even if you are a minarchist and consider the state to be a necessity to some extent, you still look at it as a necessary evil, something that is like playing with fire and wanting to keep at bay. The idea behind libertarian organisation is the idea of voluntary organisation. You do the shit you want, you associate with people you want, you trade with people you want to buy from as long as you aren't violating anyone's rights. The government at best merely watches that people won't kill each other, but even then a lot of responsibility is levied onto the individual who is better off having some guns in case he wants to defend himself. This isn't some pipe-dream either because we know that people easily and voluntarily form organisations and hierarchies when left alone. While obviously, violence does happen, this is to be mitigated by maybe, perhaps a minimal state depending on what libertarian you ask and a right to self-defense. And as >>4508 said, there is a difference between a confederacy and national socialism. Not only that but the very idea of allying oneself to a heavily state-based ideology influenced by socialist thought is retarded. We are literally the opposite.

(56.78 KB 304x304 komipoint.png)

Random/Shitpost Thread Anonymous 01/23/2020 (Thu) 18:17:39 Id: 481c8d No. 1601 [Reply] [Last]

Listen up kiddo. We need to have a little chat. You thought you could lurk around here just because you're a cool guy and we share the same worldviews? You thought /liberty/ was open and free for everyone? That's not how it works, pal. This isn't some hippie-dippie commie shithole. Nothing in life is free besides the cheese in a mousetrap. You gotta leave a post in this thread every time you visit the board if you wanna keep the lights on over here. Yes, I know, I know, but someone had to say it. You know how the economy is these days, it's tough for everyone. Don't make it more difficult for the rest of us, we all have to carry our own weight. We all have to do our part to keep the place running. There's no room for freeloaders around here. Leave something in this thread each time you visit the board and we can keep on being friends.
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(50.26 KB 720x645 7oculm24g6571.jpg)

(256.94 KB 1080x1080 we'll be free.jpg)

There's only one way to secure your liberty
(25.04 KB 1200x800 minarcho-hoppean.png)

are flags accepted?

(4.77 KB 201x251 panarchism.png)

Panarchism Anonymous 06/20/2021 (Sun) 18:04:28 Id: 2dbfba No. 4476 [Reply]
What does /liberty/ think about Panarchy? Is it a good enough compromise between ancaps and left-anarchists or is it a scam for ancoms to get their way?
5 posts omitted.
Any "tru anarchist" (tm) is fundamentally a panarchist. If you believe everyone should be allowed to live by whatever ideology they want as long as it's voluntary, then you are a panarchist. But the reason you barely hear anyone use that term is because people want to be more specific with which ideology they support and would live by under anarchy. So yes, if ancoms agree that destroying property that isn't theirs is immoral and agree to live far away from me and not bother me, then I don't care what they do. And if they decide their system fucking sucks and wanna join our side, they're more than welcome to. Panarchy would essentially be a free market of ideologies.
>>4487 Excellent summary. I've personally taken to calling myself a voluntaryist, both because it sidesteps having to muddle through the three distinct definitions of anarchy, and because it reinforces the idea of not giving a fuck so long as nobody's messing with me or anyone/thing I care about. However, panarchy, if it managed to work, would be the ideal. Honestly, though, I expect that a voluntary society would take an even more meta-ideological form than that: panarchy implies that multiple competing legal providers coexist in the same space, sort of like the Icelandic Commonwealth; however, undoubtedly, some voluntary communities would reject such a notion, either out of ideological purity (ancoms, probably mutualists, too) or out of the concern that such a plurality would constitute a liability in some way. Thus, even the panarchist model would be mutable, based on which territory one found oneself in at the moment.
>>4487 The only problems is that when ancoms fail with their commune, there will be definitely someone who will want to use them and seize their property which would lead to the creation of slave labor of some kind, which would lead to the creation of the state. The problem is that not everyone will be adhering to libertarian principles even in a libertarian society which would mean eventual expansion to ancom lands after Africa 2.0 happens.

Anonymous 05/28/2021 (Fri) 20:57:41 Id: a1a614 No. 4448 [Reply]
Where can I get an ancap booba gf
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>>4470 Like with every other problem with women and in away the human experience as a whole; so long as women have a monopoly on reproduction you will never have whatever it is you want. Especially an ancap gf. So if you want to solve all the problems of the world, including lack of ancap gfs, you need to reproduce independently of women the best you can. Atm thats through surrogacy, but hopefully in the future it will be through artificial wombs.
(641.21 KB 717x1100 download.png)

>>4481 Hold the phone, you can definitely have a tomboy ancap gf!
>>4488 based

(57.49 KB 499x574 legislatorsaredumbasses.jpg)

Darknet Libertarianism Anonymous 01/10/2021 (Sun) 00:42:49 Id: 000000 No. 4207 [Reply]
So, I understand I'm a little late to the party, but all the Big Tech censorship has made me realize that I need to find a bunch of libertarian sites, forums, chans, blogs, and all the other various regular services that's hosted on Zeronet, I2P, Onions, Bitmessage, and Freenet. My plan is this. Sometime back I made a webring that modeled a VT321 console (remember those computers that first replaced the card catalogs?), and some webring directories. I want to make a similar webring only focused on libertarian websites, and to see if there's any way I can mirror current libertarian content on the clearnet before it gets banned by Big Tech. 1 - I can't realistically host this and remirror as much as I can across all the different darkweb platforms currently available. I need to focus on one--maybe two. I was thinking Zeronet given its censorship resistance, ease of use, and how they seem to have a way around getting banned by ICANN what with their own DNS system (namecoin) and not being as resource-hoggish as Freenet, and an Onion website since Tor is pretty much what everyone thinks of when think Deepweb. 2 - I can realistically only mirror a fraction by myself, and given my job, only update it maybe once every three months maybe. Even then, I'd have to choose a handful of libertarian websites. I know mises.org would be a good pick, and I'm guessing they wouldn't mind the remirroring. Is there any way anyone knows of to make this easier to remirror on the technical end? Are there any websites I probably shouldn't remirror because they'd get all Randian "muh copyright" on me? 3 - Any libertarian sites already on some deepweb network that you know of that I should include? This chan has an onion address, so it's going on the list. 4 - Any other tips or thoughts others might have? I'm still unsure if I want to do this, given how shit I am at committing to projects like these.
15 posts and 1 image omitted.
You still alive, OP?
(1.01 MB 2560x1380 SEND-ME-SHEILDED-PIVX.png)

PIVX is the Darknet Libertarian currency.
>>4207 So, any progress on this, OP? It was a pretty promising project.

(95.13 KB 1920x1080 zoomer.jpg)

/liberty/ jewtubers? Anonymous 09/13/2020 (Sun) 02:05:24 Id: e94c93 No. 3721 [Reply] [Last]
Zoomer here (yes, unironically), if there's one thing I know about my generation better than anyone is that the best way to influence us is through e-celebs, and I happen to know of a few good ones: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa2-piBMbmik7L5-zPFmPTA https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxZrPPhcmK_0FoE2LpqgbRw https://www.youtube.com/user/youngrippa59 https://www.bitchute.com/channel/awxvaKDmUzaI/ and by FAR the best one, (if you're only going to check out one of these channels, let it be this one!) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5PPbhNfajmhPq7RvkMgVmw Post some other one's you know of
43 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>3792 The problem with trying to actively debate with any Breadtuber is that they won't even agree to it in the first place and nor will they hold themselves to any standard. If you had watched any debates that they do they always nitpick deapite destroying their central point. And at that point they'll most likely just throw slurs at you. But you cannot gain a huge userbase simply because they'll try to deplatform you. I think what we're lacking is an actual Right-Wing platform that won't cuck regardless of the heat that it would get and at the same time independent of the Big Tech...
>>4290 Right, the only reason they are thriving is because everybody who disagrees with them gets banned. They never could've risen to prominence before the youtube purge of the alt0righters. This is all by design of course. 2016 big tech Trump trauma fucked everything.
Found this channel recently. These two videos are very good! Don't let the title confuse you, they are not pro-leninism https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5L3DNF8uVw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1tToYQQgpyk

(506.67 KB 900x900 ClipboardImage.png)

Resisting The Great Reset Anonymous 03/07/2021 (Sun) 00:16:12 Id: d6ad58 No. 4380 [Reply]
How do we resist this dystopian scheme the WEF is pushing? It seems to be the real agenda behind the scamdemic. Even though it seems to be unpopular right now, it doesn't change the fact that governments and their subsidized corporations/organizations are going to push this hard and if it succeeds, I don't know if we could ever escape it. I noticed that people even in non-libertarian circles have been suggesting what is essentially agorism. Saying that we should just create parallel societies through grassroots economics. Is this the proper way we fight this?
6 posts omitted.
>>4387 Bitcoin may not be 100% private, the blockchain is indeed public and anyone can search for transactions, but, there's no way to really identify you unless they know your public key or other stuff, and, if we're talking about spending here, there are already stuff like coinjoin to allow you to spend it with some amount of privacy. >You're better off with physical cash than with that. From a spending perspective, yes, from a hodling perspective, lmao. Fiat currency value will only decrease and decrease within the next years >Bitcoin, on the other hand, is exactly what governments want their own currencies to be in the future. Bitcoin is decentralized, do you really think that government wants decentralization? >but the evil governments and corporations out there will never accept it and allow it to propagate. they can cry as much as they want, the only government can effectively ban ANY decentralized cryptocurrency would be to just ban the whole internet, and trust me, this would absolutely 100% backfire.
>>4395 >the only government can effectively ban ANY decentralized cryptocurrency would be to just ban the whole internet They may not be able to ban it wholesale, but they can sure as hell kneecap it by scaring people away from it: https://archive.is/KJwGk
I'm all for agorism, but is secession still possible? Texas has always been the number one candidate, but they are increasingly being fed up with Biden's policies, and I bet this Great Reset could be the final nail in the coffin for them along with other states. >>4395 >the only government can effectively ban ANY decentralized cryptocurrency would be to just ban the whole internet They could just force ISPs to block cryptocurrency protocols along with protocols for VPNs and anonymizers like Tor and I2P. Maybe the agorists and crypto-anarchists could start creating their own underground ISPs or meshnets, but I'm not sure if enough have the capability to do so. I'm not saying you should avoid crypto entirely but it's good to diversify and have backups like precious medals or even just simple bartering. The latter of which is much easier to do with your normalfag neighbors than explaining and convincing them to use crypto and counter-economics.

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