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(189.12 KB 666x1013 cover.jpg)

Meta thread for discussion of the board itself Vampyr Board owner 07/11/2021 (Sun) 06:59:49 No. 4 [Reply] [Last]
In this thread we talk about the board itself. We ask questions like >vol me fag >why this board suck pp? >banners? >why yo momma ghey And get answers like <k <cause you make shit threads <I don't know how to make those <Fuck you pavement ape! Also people call each other faggots. There is drama. And somehow a journo blames this all on David Duke.
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(58.05 KB 315x508 cover.jpg)

Horus Rising - Horus Heresy #1 - Warhammer 40k Anonymous 07/11/2021 (Sun) 06:37:22 No. 1 [Reply]
The first book in what will become a very long series. Dan Abnett. What the Black Library call their best. Hes an okay author, and by the end of all this we are going to look back fondly on this novel anyway. The introduction of Horus himself of course, but also Garviel Loken, and a score of "remembrancers" who will become more important later but here mostly just get drunk, and abused by locals and demons. Well it's pretty good, and short so there isn't much I can say that you wouldn't read shortly anyway.
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>>338 https://archive.org/details/DanAbnett-GauntsGhostsFirstAndOnly Heres a link to the first Gaunts Ghosts book. Enjoy anons.
(3.81 MB 720x404 thumbs up crusader.gif)

>>341 Im gonna give it a re-read anon, thanks.
>>342 The first couple books are good, and then Abnett decides what a badass fighting unit really needs is to be mixed gender. So then he has then recruit a bunch of useless civilians merely because of there sex, and then these "badass warrior bitches" emasculate everyone of our heroes and show that women are really the best fighters in the 40th millenium. Sickening really. And a shame, because it ruins what was up til then a semi-believable war pulp. Well anyway the first two or three are okay.

(25.96 KB 640x483 BookKlub.jpg)

Monthly Book Klub Scribe 09/12/2021 (Sun) 03:30:49 No. 333 [Reply]
Hello anons and welcome to the book klub. Here once a month we read a new book, and then talk about it.
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(22.95 KB 309x475 cover.jpg)

Presented without comment.
>>335 The opener features our hero elucidating upon the subject of suppressing the report of a pistol firing. Chuck believes cutting compensator holes will accomplish this. This is untrue. You can buy a compensated barrel, and see for yourself that if anything the report is louder not quieter. The only added benefit is the muzzle tends not to rise as much, and there is less felt recoil. Not a great start insofar as his technical knowledge is questionable right from the start. However I will note that his ignorance on technical subjects is kind of a plot point. He believes himself to be more skilled than he in fact is. Anyway back to the book.
>>335 thanks

(141.23 KB 234x331 xm5iDg4.png)

/writ/ Scribe 07/17/2021 (Sat) 21:24:07 No. 132 [Reply] [Last]
Are you writing? Do you want to? Dreams of writing for anything in particular? Share, chat, and critique. Let's suffer together.
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>>272 That's a thing? And it was intentional this whole time? Well now I just need to know who is responsible for this to vent my spleen. Anon I find two of those in a book I throw it in the trash. Personally.
(61.74 KB 1313x841 The Thought Experiment.png)

(22.23 KB 1860x817 Thought Experiment Chart.png)

I had an ambition of stimulating human progress through writing by reconstructing history entirely. The basic gist originally was starting from the very beginning by studying how universes were made and trying to alter details from there for different results. That took a left turn due to the limitations of knowledge of our own universe so I then tried for using a human equivalent sort of entity and having it interact with others of its own kind with a world that was intended to have certain basic parameters governed by dice rolls. I'm not sure why I stopped, but it was brute forcing through creating civilization based on thought alone, from the very basics of language, to warfare and strategy, I do still wonder how a limited point of view and understanding of our world would paint a picture of reality, and if such a picture could be applicable. Was it too naive, or did it require more minds to be feasable?
>>330 > I do still wonder how a limited point of view and understanding of our world would paint a picture of reality You yourself are an example of this, but if you want a novel point of view try looking up videos of the machine learning algorithms deep dreaming. An algorithm that was trained to recognize images of things like dogs, people, plants, and buildings will have a very limited understanding of our universe, and allowing it to deep dream will show you just how distorted a functional understanding (in terms of being able to categorize things) can be. Deep dreams work by feeding in a random image into an AI, getting the continuous output from the AI on what it thinks it is (e.g there's a 32.87% chance the image contains a dog), modifying the image to maximize those values, and repeating the process with the image. The videos on the subject also tend to "zoom" the images in so the AI doesn't settle on a single image. What you get out is a series of images which approaches the distilled understanding of the values you chose to maximize in the AI

The Screwtape Letters By C.S. Lewis Scribe 09/01/2021 (Wed) 18:25:53 No. 327 [Reply]
I have not read this book yet, but after reading this excerpt that defines /pol/ and political misanthropy in general, I just might. >This is an epistolary novel, written in the form of a series of letters. The letters are from Screwtape, a senior devil to Wormwood, who’s trying to tempt his human soul.
>>327 This looks pretty good OP. Let you know more later

(78.90 KB 570x807 crow absorbed in book.jpg)

What are you currently reading? Scribe 08/01/2021 (Sun) 02:26:58 No. 276 [Reply]
Or what have you recently read? Talk about it ITT.
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>>276 I've been reading the entire Ender's Game series out of order. I've read Ender's Game, Ender's Shadow, Shadow of the Giant, and now I'm reading Shadow Puppets. It's neat to see the idiosyncrasies and changes in continuity over the decades of Card's creation of the series.
>>322 That's a better reading order then what was considered the series when I was younger. The Shadow series following bean and petra was a late addition, after he had written a number of books following Ender. But most people hated those books. The old reading order was Enders game Speaker for the dead Xenocide Children of the mind And I do not reccomend those. The bean series is far more enjoyable, plus we finally see a bit of empathy towards Peter. Hope you enjoy the series anon.
>>323 The bean stories are indeed great. Peter playing politics makes for some of the best story beats, though it does get unrealistic at times. Hey, what can you do? Gotta make the one world gov under Peter work out somehow, what better way than by using Bean to dab on people getting in Peter's way until he's powerful enough to not need Bean anymore?

(413.54 KB 1200x2130 810o+reOZJL.jpg)

Daemon - Daniel Suarez - Daemon 1 Scribe 08/20/2021 (Fri) 02:17:21 No. 311 [Reply]
An interesting near future scifi book. I believe the author is a practicing medical doctor. At the very least he finished med school. Theres a strange horror he brings to the part with his knowledge of anatomy. And then he starts having fun. Ai controlled motorcycles with chainsaw arms, a video game nazi gains AI sentience and begins saving the world from jews. It is bizarre and quite a bit of fun. Theres some sjw shit at the end of book two where it gets all preachy about revenge being pointless, but other than that you got the burned man. Ripped off bot from fallout online, but from the idea of a swat guy going through anons killhouse. So the story is a brilliant game designer dies, and his last gift is a program that turns on that destroys all society, and rebuilds it into a better form. Book one mainly deals with that. And it gets fucking messy. So much cool action in this. I spent the last month wanting to reread this but couldn't find the title. A duckduckgo search for near future scfi written by a doctor about nazi video games returned nothing obviously. But today I found it. So anyway I'm starting this again now. It's good I recall.
Fuck it heres the intro. See if it doesn't grip you. What the hell just happened? That was all Joseph Pavlos kept thinking as he clenched a gloved hand against his throat. It didn’t stop the blood from pulsing between his fingers. Already a shockingly wide pool had formed in the dirt next to his face. He was on the ground somehow. Although he couldn’t see the gash, the pain told him the wound was deep. He rolled onto his back and stared up at a stretch of spotless blue sky. His usually methodical mind sped frantically through the possibilities—like someone groping for an exit in a smoke-filled building. He had to do something. Anything. But what? The phrase What the hell just happened? kept echoing in his head uselessly, while blood kept spurting between his fingers. Adrenaline surged through his system, his heart beat faster. He tried to call out. No good. Blood squirted several inches into the air and sprinkled his face. Carotid artery… He was pressing on his neck so hard he was almost strangling himself. And he’d been feeling so good just moments before this. He remembered that much at least. His last debts repaid. At long last. He was getting calmer now. Which was strange. He kept trying to remember what he’d been doing. What brought him here to this place. It seemed so unimportant now. His hand began to relax its hold. He could see plainly that there was no emergency. Because there was no logical scenario in which he would emerge from this alive. And after all, it was his unequaled talent for logic that had brought Pavlos so far in life. Had brought him halfway around the world. This was it. He’d already done everything he would ever do. His peripheral vision began to constrict, and he felt like an observer. He was calm now. And it was in that cold, detached state that he realized: Matthew Sobol had died. That’s what the news said. And then it all made sense to him. Sobol’s game finally made sense. It was beautiful really. ...Clever man
Part one is okay. I like it, part 2 has issues that bug me. But it also has the oberstleutenant. A video game nazi given the power to act in the real world through robots. Robots with a thousand knives. And what does this AI do? It tortures feds to death. In fairly graphic detail. Easily my favorite parts.

(39.46 KB 384x499 1604017959573.jpg)

/lounge/ where anons have a chat Scribe 07/11/2021 (Sun) 06:46:52 No. 3 [Reply]
On occasion when you aren't calling each other faggots, and declaiming the poor taste in other anons. Well it can be good to have a friendly aimless chat.
19 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>305 Wait to play W3. But do play it once the all the DLC is released. I thought it was better than W2. >>308 I'll look into them. I do love me some Asimov.
>>308 Nice just grabbed them both. Will let you know what I think in a day or two. Thanks man! >>310 Yeah that's what I'm hearing. Will do bud.

(49.82 KB 400x595 9781568651545.OL.0.l.jpg)

(41.78 KB 283x475 979177.jpg)

Challenger's Hope - David Feintuch - seafort saga Scribe 08/19/2021 (Thu) 05:56:44 No. 306 [Reply]
The second book in the series. Im including the 1995 hardcover book club edition art, because I have always liked it better. And it conveys Seafort's complete and total hatred for satans children. Which all xenos must be. So here we get to see probably the the second longest campaign waged against the fish in these books. It picks up more in the third, but here we really start to rack up the kills. And then disaster once more. With no way home, food and air running low. A crew made up of the worst offenders, and impressed colonists. Only two functional lasers. Stranded in deep. Awaiting the casual hand of death. Damn this is my favorite of the whole series. The only thing that can hold the ship together, and see anyone home alive is the Captain's fanatical discipline, and complete and totally unshakeable will. Highly recommended. You will have fun.
Two books in is a good time to talk about the cap'n. I am not entirely sure what the authors intent is for several scenes. Nick comes across as slightly deranged. It reminds me of zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance. In that the author there was an asshole, and didn't know it. So his character's tend to do weird fucked up shit. Similar here, although the extenuating circumstances that Nick goes through could explain his behavior. I think we are supposed to be seeing a man on the edge of a nervous breakdown. When he is likeable it is despite his massive character flaws, or perhaps it is when he isn't concerned with trivialities. Very little Vax in this book. A shame as he is an interesting character in his own right, and is seen very little of in the third book. What these characters are feeling, or why they behave as they do is troubling to me. I don't know if its inconsistent writing or if David had a point. Or maybe he understood people better than me. If he did I wish I knew what exactly he knew about humanity.

(36.58 KB 322x500 51WqxiWlYfS.jpg)

The Guns of Avalon - Roger Zelazny - Amber 2 Scribe 08/15/2021 (Sun) 01:43:25 No. 303 [Reply]
Ah Corwin, our beloved heroic protagonist, rightful King of Amber, and currently a blind prisoner in it's dungeons. Yeah somehow we start in worse place than the first book. But it ends with Corwin deciding this fantasy universe needs M-16s. Ignore the Darla parts as much as possible. She sucks.

(4.60 MB 1400x1943 ClipboardImage.png)

(97.65 KB 220x325 ClipboardImage.png)

Kurt Vonnegut Scribe 08/10/2021 (Tue) 23:28:29 No. 294 [Reply]
I just finished Slaughterhouse-Five, this was my introduction to Vonnegut and it couldn't have left a better impression on me if it tried. I went into this completely blind and with little to no expectations but left pleasantly surprised. I would love to know what the fact that ending was supposed to convey exactly beyond "war bad". What should I read next?
>>294 He was anti-war for sure. Of the post world war 1 "oh the inhumanity of man" sort. He's good but that is the overarching theme hes getting at. I'd say offset it with something prowar. Like starship troopers. Not like the movie. Have you read zodiac by Neal Stephenson? He wasn't a cuck when he was starting out so the earlier stuff is good. If you want more vonnegut cat's cradle is popular. For more in the anti-war vein catch-22 is excellent.

(3.61 MB 4032x3024 random_shelf.jpg)

Stack/Shelf Thread Scribe 07/13/2021 (Tue) 22:06:06 No. 100 [Reply]
Feel free to share your book shelves and or stacks!
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(2.69 MB 2448x2448 14072.jpg)

Oh fine heres one of my current shelves.
I need to buy a new bookcase sometime and organize all of my stuff. Right now I'm using an old CD shelf for most of my smaller books while all my big ones are just sitting around in piles or in boxes I've got in my closet and downstairs. The problems is they're all different sizes, from pocket sized softcovers to massive hardcover anthologies so no matter what it's going to look a little messy.
>>291 Yeah, and the worst offender are trade paperbacks. Always some weird ass fucking dimension. Always look ugly. Hardcovers are more or less interchangeable as bottom shelf books and they look fine near the floor, but theres nothing you can do to a tpb to make it not look ugly.

(9.32 KB 192x259 Mage.JPG)

An exploration of metaphysical concepts in fiction: consensus reality Scribe 07/28/2021 (Wed) 11:12:19 No. 245 [Reply]
The idea of the nature of all aspects, laws, entities, and phenomena of reality (aka. absolutely everything and everyone in existence) re-writing itself to match with the majority agreement of all the minds of the universe as to what it should be (consciously or unconsciously). This premise is similar to "mage: the ascension" except that it really explores what this premise of the aggregate psychic influence of mental activity over reality itself would mean, it would not just mean changing of phenomena in the present, but in the past or future as well (like if enough minds believe the holohoax happened, then the evidence in the present would change to indicate a past where it did happen, and a time-traveler to this past would end up in an alternative universe where it had occurred as claimed, unless most minds in the present also believed most minds in this past believed that the holohaox wasn't happening, which would cause the time-traveler to show up in a past where it didn't happen, but from a present where the past was changed from the present to make the present as if it had occurred back then, because the past consensus would warp reality to make it so that the holohoax wasn't happening the moment the time-traveler arrived), it would be able to affect itself, like altering what realities people's mental power goes towards, or straight up creating or deleting people with minds that could contribute to determining what the aggregate consensus on reality is, and the strange idea of making an exception for one species, normal humans, as the sole contributors to the "vote" on what their reality is going to be like is rather arbitrary, what if all minds, including those of animals and even aliens, were to have a "vote"? last deviation is the idea of belief being the sole form of mental activity that contributes to the nature of reality, it might be the strongest kind of mental activity, but the mind has all sorts of mental phenomena going on, for example, imagination and fantasy or thought and emotion, if belief has an influence, surely these should as well? The setting is one where the existence of magic means that all minds can warp reality, any kind of mental activity exerts some level of influence upon the nature of existence. The degree of psychic ability that any mental activity has to alter the world depends on various factors, like how complex the mind is, how close the mind is to what it's affecting, the nature of the mental activity itself, the level of consciousness of the mental activity, the strength of that mental activity, and the duration the mental activity occurs over. The strongest kind of influence would be the most complex kind of mind believing with the greatest level of certainty and with the greatest force of will, at the most forefront of it's own consciousness, for the longest period of time, about some phenomena occupying the exact same space as itself, something usually describing the a priori knowledge of a mind about it's own existence. Since the mental activity of every mind exerts some degree of influence over the way things are, multiple minds can be in disagreement with one another, and even one mind can pull existence in multiple conflicting directions at once just by disagreeing with itself, reality can be pulled in multiple directions by the contradictions between the different potential realities that the actual reality is being pulled towards, in this case, the potential reality with the greatest amount of psychic power behind it is the one which becomes the actual reality. In the rare cases of ties, the nature of some phenomena may be equally disputed as being multiple possibilities that are equally backed by psychic power, and in addition to being supported by perfectly equal amounts of psychic energy, these possibilities are backed by more psychic energy than any other, in such cases, the ties are settled by going through the closest minds to the phenomena and whichever possibility being tied for gets the first bit of psychic power that breaks the tie in favor of one of the tied possibilities determines the nature of the contested phenomena, locality matters (also, most of these exceedingly rare events are resolved immediately without ever being noticed). Any aspect of reality can be affected by the influence of mental activity, including the minds of others and the mental activity produced by them, in such cases, the affected minds would influence reality in accordance with their new states, thus the consensus could theoretically affect itself. Since the consensus could create the existence of new minds, or remove existing minds from existence (such as the consensus causing the creation or erasure of people), and the presence or absence of those minds would include the presence or absence of their mental activity, those new minds that are created by the consensus would create a new contributution to it, and those existing minds which are deleted by the consensus would take their contribution with them, in both cases, this would only affect their contributions towards the consensus in the present and going forward, should there be changes made to their past existence by the consensus, their contributions to it in the altered past would only be observable to one who enters this past from the present after the consensus of the past had been retroactively altered, not just by the creation or erasure of minds that existed in the past, but also by the alteration of what way the minds that existed in the past had contributed to the consensus of their time (see below). The consensus can not only affect the present and future state of reality, but also it's past and future states, should the consensus influence the past to have been a certain way, all of reality would warp itself to be consistent with having come from that version of the past, should the consensus influence the future to be a certain way, the future would warp itself to fulfill this prediction. This makes time-travel more like stepping into another world entirely, as going back to a past that the consensus of the present had altered is not going back to the "true" past that existed pre-alteration. Furthermore, if the consensus on the present had altered the consensus of the past, that past consensus would not have any influence on the time-travelers reality before they went back in time, since their minds wouldn't be present to exert any influence on reality, but after doing so, the time-traveler is now in a world where the consensus is different, and therefore reality will warp itself to match with that new consensus, since the time-traveler's influence is going to be easily overpowered by the influence of the minds of everyone else in that version of the past, and if this consensus of the past was created by a consensus of the present, it's possibly a consensus that never created a reality before, thus the time-traveler is trapped in a brand new version of reality without precedent (whether they are aware of this or not). This is because only minds that are active in the present can contribute to determining the nature of reality at any point in time, a mind that has ceased to generate any activity or which has yet to begin doing so does not have it's contributions factored in to the state of reality at the time. A time-traveler going to the future would have the same experience, as the existing consensus of the future, which may or may not have been influenced by the consensus of the present, would overpower the time-traveler and leave them trapped in a reality that is produced by that future consensus, just as with the case of travel to the past, time-travel in this setting is potentially like stepping into an alternate reality, however, normally the time-traveler wouldn't notice since the differences between produced realities would not likely be readily noticeable. Still, history is no longer an exact science in such a setting.
7 posts omitted.
Ugh so it doesn't show individual results. Very well. And lets say it's a contested action, so no DC. 1d10 = 10 1d10 = 3 1d10 = 10
>>279 Holy fuck two auto success and two extra rerolls. 1d10 = 5 1d10 = 5
>>277 It's been a while since I read the mage core book but that sounds about right. Only as a PC you have a way to cheat a little. To bend temporarily that which is commonly believed into that which only you believe. The greater the disbelief such a thing would generate, or how hard it deviates from the norm of the collective unconsciousness, determines it's difficulty but also the danger. Any time a mage cheats reality in this fashion theres a possibility of failure, and reality snapping back to it's more or less true form. Often in very exciting ways. It is an interesting philosophical concept, but ultimately probably fruitless as it applies to the real world. I would encourage moderation if reading too much into it. And if you wanna play mage then I'm down.

(428.32 KB 998x1600 s-l1600 (1).jpg)

Midshipman's hope - Seafort Saga 1 - David Feintuch Scribe 07/30/2021 (Fri) 11:32:20 No. 271 [Reply]
I shouldn't make threads at this ungodly hour. I can barely see. Oh well Midshipman's Hope! We meet our fucked up asshole of a hero. First midshipman Nicholas Ewing Seafort. The man who pisses everyone in the galaxy off, I love him. Ah what a prick, that motherfucker. So the germ of this book was ole Davy saying to himself, what if a captain was incompetent, and worse everyone knew, and worst he knows hes incompetent and everyone knows. The plot needs him unable to resign so that's what the customs of his government, training, and religion give him. So there we are deep interstellar in a world that sees ships take years to reach colony worlds, and bang hes captain. Oh it gets good, and oh so bad. Anons David can't write a convincing woman to save his goddamn life. Which is probably why his chicks seem so real. Inscrutability can be a benefit. We also meet Vax Holser, Sandy Wilsky, and Alexi Tamarov. All semi interesting in their own idiosyncrasies. We get full scale mutinies, boarding actions, corridor firefights, drunken brawls, first contact ever and immediately afterwards aliens get blown to stardust. A yes. A strong christian government that brooks no heretical hellspawn or mutiny against Gods own government. Shit what we don't get in this first book we get in spades in the truly impactful sequel. You ever felt hunger pangs? Well prepare for Davy to give you PTSD. I defy you not to lose weight reading the sequel. Ah but we can plug that later. Anyway where was I. Can't remember. Post time.

(108.15 KB 371x599 cover.jpg)

The Flight of the Eisenstein - James Swallow - Horus Heresy 4 Scribe 07/17/2021 (Sat) 03:15:38 No. 129 [Reply]
We start at the mayhem of the betrayal of Istvaan 3. We end in the airless vacuum of the moon's surface. In both there is blood. In both there is Only War In the first chapter we meet the true cast. The warships of Horus. And slowly the mere immortal Astartes, and lower still human crew. Anons we gonna see some gut ripping action. A ship making for earth with no Gellar field. Pursued by the might of Horus, hounded by daemons. Oh yeah action galore.
>>129 Anon nothing on Nathaniel Garro? Coolest guy in the fucking book?
A good book

(62.22 KB 354x500 51HHVXEq9LL.jpg)

Fulgrim - Horus heresy 5 - Graham McNeill Scribe 07/30/2021 (Fri) 09:55:28 No. 269 [Reply]
Ah book 5. Here we are finally leaving Horus' shadow and narrative for a bit. Graham is pretty good, it's unfortunate that insane artists are only marginally interesting to me. So we see Fulgrim take the road to damnation. Demons in swords. Genes fucked up. And finally an orgy of death. Ah emperor's children. Always with the raping. Yeah this was kinda fun. Needed more ferrus manus.
>>269 Oh yeah theres a cool murder suicide thing. And a serial killer. I mean basic emps children shit basically. All involving remembrancer artists.

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