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(58.05 KB 315x508 cover.jpg)

Horus Rising - Horus Heresy #1 - Warhammer 40k Anonymous 07/11/2021 (Sun) 06:37:22 No. 1
The first book in what will become a very long series. Dan Abnett. What the Black Library call their best. Hes an okay author, and by the end of all this we are going to look back fondly on this novel anyway. The introduction of Horus himself of course, but also Garviel Loken, and a score of "remembrancers" who will become more important later but here mostly just get drunk, and abused by locals and demons. Well it's pretty good, and short so there isn't much I can say that you wouldn't read shortly anyway.
>>1 I like the Horus characterization in these first three. It could have been a lot better, but it was nice to see.
(57.45 KB 315x508 cover.jpg)

Book 2 of the Horus Heresy Series. Still Dan Abnett. Still good. Garviel gets fleshed out some more, and kyril syndermann does as well. We meet some tyranids, and emperor's children. The time on murder was a lot of fun and would have been nice to see expanded. And then we meet a new alien/human civ that I forget the name of. Kinda a proto-tau. Anyway erebus swipes some shit and a cool running battle through a city happens. Also could have been longer. Then end of book 2. Good book. I like book 2. Not as much as flight of the Eisenstein but what are you gonna do.
Are you going to do all of these?
>>92 Yes. Even though I only really enjoyed like 15 out of the 50 or so.
Is there anywhere in particular I should start if I want to dive into Warhammer? As I gather, it's quite vast, and 40K is only one component.
>>95 Well in terms of Fantasy. Gotrek and Felix by initially william King, and then uhh Dunn? Good series. Eventually vermintide. For 40k The Horus Heresy series starting with the books being talked about right here. And for this reason really. Theres an Age of Sigmar thing going on with Fantasy, but I don't know anything about it. I sidestepped that knowledge long ago.
>>95 Now thats in terms of Lore. The setting if you will. For various Table Top Role Playing Games. Uh deathwatch? I think its called is a fairly cheap 40k rpg to get into. Or maybe Only war. For fantasy idk. Well except for the wargame that is the real heart of the franchise. Fantasy and 40k are simply a way to play Lord of the Rings. With giant armies fighting giant armies. For universal stakes. But to buy an army (unpainted mind you) you are talking $1300-1500 easily. So not a hobby a lot of people fall into first. The rpgs like deathwatch dont really need anything but if you play you will be encouraged to buy at least a squad of space marines. And then paint for various legions. Well it adds up quick even there but still sub hundred dollar range.
Now to just understand the basic wargame you can buy or torrent a codex for an army and or whatever warhammer calls a basic ruleset compendium. Thats fantasy or 40k. Or watch jewtube. Theres a guy who makes excellent lore videos. Luetin09 I think. So you could just spend about 20 hours hearing it described. For 40k a brief synopsis is the future is grimdark bleak, no hope, only war, and oh wait Roboute is back.
Christ I wish that guy asked more questions. You realize that I am going to have to continue right? At least we are done with Abnett for a week or so.
>>96 Is Fantasy a proper term for the lore that precedes 40K? Or just your personal shorthand since 40K is futuristic and fantasy is often thought of as more medieval era? Can you link me a free version as possibly a PDF? I heard about a vermintide game that came out some time ago. Something like Left 4 Dead
(100.93 KB 354x599 cover.jpg)

Galaxy in Flames - Ben Counter -Horus Heresy 3 The conclusion of loken's storyline. The end of the beginning. We leave with the Galaxy in all out war. Horus Ascendant. There isn't much that can be said without giving away significant portions of the book. We see Istvaan III. Well the Eisenstein has been introduced. Anons it is almost time for it's historic flight. The remembrancers are no more, and the first church of God the Emperor has taken it's first steps. Theres a crew rebellion in a fucking Titan. Anons this book rocks. Seriously there will be God awful trash before we are through, but so far it has been smooth sailings, and flight of the Eisenstein is imminent. Ahh what a good week.
>>110 Prior to Age of Sigmar it was known officially as Warhammer Fantasy. I havent played classical wargame. Nor seen it played. We need a Fantasy expert. Yeah there was a vernintide game. There is also a book by the same name I have been meaning to read. The Gotrek and Felix novels are set in fantasy, my friend is obsessed with that series. I keep asking him to write a review but nope. The best I could get is its basically Conan the barbarian except with a dwarf, who has a mohawk made of nails pounded into his head, and an elf whos a psychopath. Apparently they go around monster slaying. Honestly always struck me as just slightly better than Salvatatores fucking dark elf bullshit. But whatever.
>>50 Graham McNeill wrote false gods >>1 >>111
>>110 No, warhammer fantasy and 40k are different settings by the same company, although they do share things in common like the chaos gods and some characters. A good starting book would be the ciaphas cain series, eisenhorn or gaunt's ghosts, since they start you up with regular humans and the shit they have to deal with and it escalates into the wider universe.
>>338 To further add, 40k is set in our world in the far future (the first map is warhammer 40k previus to the moving foward ofthe plotline GW did, 2nd after that, and yes, the galaxy was split in 2), you and me shitposting happened in that setting way back in the past, while fantasy battle is its own world that just resembles ours.
>>338 Gaunts ghosts is pretty good, I should review the first book appropriately enough titled "first and only" Your right that is probably a better place to start than right at horus heresy.
>>338 https://archive.org/details/DanAbnett-GauntsGhostsFirstAndOnly Heres a link to the first Gaunts Ghosts book. Enjoy anons.
(3.81 MB 720x404 thumbs up crusader.gif)

>>341 Im gonna give it a re-read anon, thanks.
>>342 The first couple books are good, and then Abnett decides what a badass fighting unit really needs is to be mixed gender. So then he has then recruit a bunch of useless civilians merely because of there sex, and then these "badass warrior bitches" emasculate everyone of our heroes and show that women are really the best fighters in the 40th millenium. Sickening really. And a shame, because it ruins what was up til then a semi-believable war pulp. Well anyway the first two or three are okay.
>>343 Finished necropolis where the female recruits join. Actually liked it a lot more then I remember. Pretty good. Not sure why it so annoyed me previously honestly. The next book is also pretty good so far. Minimal 90s girl power horseshit. Bareable. Oh and Colm Corbec mentioned the imperial infantrymans uplifting primer. An old favorite of mine that everyone should have a copy of.
>>344 Honor guard. Yeah it's not bad. Sometimes called the first in the saint saga. The bullshit is minimal. But yeah it's there. Still an enjoyable jaunt. The next one is the guns of Tanith. Should be good.
>>348 Okay finished like ten more of these. Damn things are addictive. Yeah, I recommend the series as a whole. It's good.
>>351 The are fucking good right?

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