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(3.61 MB 4032x3024 random_shelf.jpg)

Stack/Shelf Thread Scribe 07/13/2021 (Tue) 22:06:06 No. 100
Feel free to share your book shelves and or stacks!
(3.32 MB 4864x3648 564785367985.JPG)

can't wait to get back home to share mine!1
(2.69 MB 2448x2448 14072.jpg)

Oh fine heres one of my current shelves.
I need to buy a new bookcase sometime and organize all of my stuff. Right now I'm using an old CD shelf for most of my smaller books while all my big ones are just sitting around in piles or in boxes I've got in my closet and downstairs. The problems is they're all different sizes, from pocket sized softcovers to massive hardcover anthologies so no matter what it's going to look a little messy.
>>291 Yeah, and the worst offender are trade paperbacks. Always some weird ass fucking dimension. Always look ugly. Hardcovers are more or less interchangeable as bottom shelf books and they look fine near the floor, but theres nothing you can do to a tpb to make it not look ugly.

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