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(25.96 KB 640x483 BookKlub.jpg)

Monthly Book Klub Scribe 09/12/2021 (Sun) 03:30:49 No. 333
Hello anons and welcome to the book klub. Here once a month we read a new book, and then talk about it.
(27.81 KB 280x430 9780099765219.jpg)

(178.87 KB 907x1360 71+QN4jdJPL.jpg)

>>333 For september we are reading Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk. >but anon I've seen the movie The book has differences. Can you spot them anon? >well is it good? It's fucking great. And as an added bonus the short story guts takes 5 minutes maybe if your slow to read, so we are adding that on as an additional topic of discussion. https://genius.com/Chuck-palahniuk-guts-annotated

(22.95 KB 309x475 cover.jpg)

Presented without comment.
>>335 The opener features our hero elucidating upon the subject of suppressing the report of a pistol firing. Chuck believes cutting compensator holes will accomplish this. This is untrue. You can buy a compensated barrel, and see for yourself that if anything the report is louder not quieter. The only added benefit is the muzzle tends not to rise as much, and there is less felt recoil. Not a great start insofar as his technical knowledge is questionable right from the start. However I will note that his ignorance on technical subjects is kind of a plot point. He believes himself to be more skilled than he in fact is. Anyway back to the book.
>>335 thanks

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