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50 shades of Führer Anonymous 11/27/2021 (Sat) 02:59:25 Id: 000000 No. 510
I had an idea for a steamy taboo romance. Making something in the likes of 50 shades of gray but with a nazi male protagonist. Like for example she is a regular girl who believes in BLM and almost gets raped by a pack of blacks. But them the hero appears and saves her. He behaves all mysterious and hard to get while showing he has a heart of gold in the process but then she discover his secret and start trying to convert him. He gives her a ultimatum and asks her to submit to his whims. Then the 50 shades shit starts and he teaches her to feel like a real submissive traditional woman. While all her friend reprimand her. We could make some and try to get the media reverse hyped about it. How its despicable and racist and all that and then take advantage of the forbidden fruit effect to make women want to read it. It would be just so easy marketing. The idea is precisely to exploit that taboo thing to arouse interest. There's psychological research on it that says people will show more interest for an article if the researcher mentioned previously it was banned or something. It could be such a success. But more for ego boost for the writer. Because selling this would be a nightmare. Anyone wants to do it?
>>510 "Closing in ten minutes!" A bored looking male barista with two earrings lets out in a falsetto. Sheila glances down at her half finished macchiato, then puts away her iphone with the buzzfeed article half read. I'll finish it on the subway she thinks as she sips her cold milky coffee. Zipping up her purse she stands and heads towards the exit. A black youth sitting in the back smiles and stands up, following her towards the exit. Sheila doesn't get more than ten steps out of the starbucks before wondering how those inhuman police could have gunned down that innocent African-American. He had just finished highschool and was applying to yale the article on buzzfeed had said, and she just couldn't understand those racist savages in blue, pausing on the sidewalk she unzips her purse to get at her iphone. Suddenly her arm is grabbed and she feels herself being pulled into the narrow alley between the starbucks and the borders book store. "You say anything and I'll cut your fucking throat bitch" a low black voice utters into her ear as she feels something sharp prod her in the small of her back. Stifling a cry she tries to turn and find out what's going on when another hand clamps over her mouth. She is thrown into a dumpster and falls as the hot red blood gushes from a gash on her forehead. "Fuck it we gonna have some fun first whore" She look up through the red haze as a black male who looks to be about 16 advances towards her with a rusty switchblade held blade up in his right palm, a large smile splits his face, and suddenly she understands what is happening but not why. So she does the worst thing she could do and screams. His smile disappears and his face lights up with rage "Goddamnit you cracker whore I told you what was going to happen!" The barista passes the alley, the streetlights showing sheila him in full detail as his face jerks away from the scene and he steps away. The knife slits her upper chest and tears away her skimpy belly shirt. The rapist spreads her legs and reverses the grip on his knife. Sheila tries to raise her hands and ward away this fate, but his hand is too strong and pulls this pathetic defense to to her side. Her arm pinned and a knife now inches from her face he speaks again. "Last chance honkey, Shut the fuck up or I'll bleed you out!" Releasing her wrist his left hand darts under her skirt. Sheila can't believe this is happening, she attended a BLM protest last month, and always donated to the NAACP. "I love blacks" she pleads "I know whore" he responds with a smile again, and pulls away her panties. "Fucking Nigger!" A voice cries from behind the youth and suddenly the smiling face is smacked into the wall. Sheila starts screaming. She looks up to see a man in denim jeans, white shirt and black leather jacket viciously kicking out towards her assailant. His short cropped blonde hair rings a blemish free face, he is white, and he is violent. Sheila tries to pull her panties up as blood from the youth splashes warm across her top. The man is kicking the black and screaming more obscenities, the shock is overwhelming and sheila half stands before falling back away from the dumpster and the scene of havok playing out across her retinas. Finally turning from the rapist the white man looks at her, and stretches his hand out towards her. "Come on! Lets get the fuck out of here." She grasps his hand and is pulled upright, then they are running from the alley. The man flicks blood from his knuckles as the leave the alley. The street is anything but empty, but no one looks twice. An old firebird in blue is parked along the curb, a keyfob comes from the mans jacket and with a chirp, flash of headlights, and an audible click he puts it back before jerking the handle and opening the passenger seat. He pushes her in, half jumps half slides towards the drivers side and in seconds is seated besides her as a powerful engine roars to life. "Who are you" she asks with eyes wide as saucers. "Someone who doesn't look away" he almost growls as the car speeds away.
>>511 Obviously wont be in any final version book or otherwise, but here's what is probably blasting from his stereo as our hero makes his escape from a biased justice system. >a file had a format not allowed by the server. >mp3. Ugh lets try this then https://files.catbox.moe/d4rk7t.mp3 https://files.catbox.moe/i5pc0b.mp3
>>511 I started reading it expecting just some pol humor greentext kind of thing but this is pretty good anon. The biker stereotype fits pretty well. Just remember he has to be high status like CEO or something >Sheila Not a better name? kek >Sheila can't believe this is happening, she attended a BLM protest last month, and always donated to the NAACP. This feels a bit of a caricature though. I think it would be better like >Sheila couldn't believe it. How could she deserve it? She attended a BLM protest last month, and practiced everything she learned at the african-american studies subject. She has always fought racism. Idk I think mentioning NAACP feels unnatural. Normies are pretty ignorant >he is white, and he is violent Kek >>512 It would be nice to have some very very subtle pol references in the book. Like: -Why this moon with sunglasses plastic figure on your bedroom? -Nothing... When he thinks something is funny he says kek one time but them corrects it quickly
>>513 Yeah I needed him violent off the bat, because I find that easier to write hehehe, but also forgot he had to be well off. Never read 50 shades. Hmm something to think about and tweak a lil Heh yeah her name sucks. I did do this with little forethought. Gonna try thinking on a better one at work tomorrow Yeah I thought her internal monologue of >oh no not me I'm a good yt Was badly done while doing it. Your version is more natural, might riff on it or just steal it as is. Heh, a dumb line but funny Yeah that's better, I like that. Subtle good call. Well thanks anon glad your liking the start, I'm gonna try to put more down after work tomorrow.
Okay meta notes. I like writing here because it brings notice to anons board and I like him, and I like drawing attention here, this is a much more sfw board than >>>/lit/ however and this book can't really be finished here, so I'm gonna do what we can here before eventually moving the whole thing to /lit/ Heads up for future notice, when it happens I will announce it and provide a link. Probably a month from that happening though. Anyway as always thanks to anon for keeping a clean, spamfree board to write in, and thanks for his help when it's needed on projects. Looking forward to finally finishing a story for once, let's hope this is the one that actually gets to those magic words. "The end."
The idea is silly as shit, but more power to you. That said, no steamy BDSM smut on muh precious ded board.
>>514 >I needed him violent off the bat, because I find that easier to write Just remember the target are regular white girls. Don't take it too far. I think being as violent as a marvel movie is a safe bet >>515 Godspeed anon >>516 kek

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