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QTDDTOT Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 10:05:18 No. 1309
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: There's no QTDDTOT edition
>>2770 Yeah, I remember being there and seeing that and it was honestly really shitty and unnecessary what that guy did. I didn't think that was what deterred him though, considering art was still being uploaded en mass not long after it was posted here so I figured that he was still going at it. Booru-anon if you're still out there and lurking, all I want to say is I know that it's a thankless job, but I think I speak for most of us here when I say that it doesn't go unnoticed. Just know that some rotten idiot doesn't spoil the bunch of really cool artists who understand the value of art being shared and enjoyed over validation and fame. Whatever the case, I hope you do whatever makes you happiest and if you've decided to to resign then I guess anons will have to do it themselves if they want their art on the booru badly enough..
>>2771 >you've decided to to resign Did you even check the booru before talking? He uploaded to the /loomis/ tag just a few hours before your post.
>>2773 I'm pretty sure that wasn't him. There's been people who probably uploaded their own art over the course of the past few weeks since normally booru-anon is pretty meticulous about making sure every drawing is uploaded to the booru and there's been quite a few from both the practice and draw threads that aren't up. Like I said, it's not the end of the world if he stops curating the booru, just a shame that we lost someone who was willing to do really important work and unless every artist (or another booru-anon rises to the occasion) uploads their drawings a lot of them will not find their way to the booru.
>>2777 >I'm pretty sure that wasn't him It was him. He always wait for the posts to accumulate before updating. It's just ridiculous how you assume he quit when the last update was yesterday. He has always been uploading every 2-3 weeks. People take break sometimes, real life stuffs happen, there is no need to freak out unless he stops uploading for 6+ months. The faggot BO needs to calm down, because no one knows if he really quit. It's all speculation at this point. The booru guy is capable of talking for himself, he doesn't need other people to speculate on his actions, or the reasoning behind his actions. I'm sure he will explain himself if he feels the need to.
>>2778 Easy man, there's no need to sperg out, it was just a simple question of whether or not we should start uploading our own art or if he was just preoccupied with stuff IRL temporarily. >the last update was yesterday. He has always been uploading every 2-3 weeks My stuff for the past few months has been getting uploaded to the booru no more than a day after it was posted, and my posts aren't really far apart so perhaps there was just a kind anon who was volunteering. If that's the case, then I apologize for the misunderstanding.
>>2778 >>2779 After going there for the first time in a long time I just realized the booru owner normally uploads anonymously. I guess that kind of defies convention of website staff making a spectacle of themselves-which admittedly would have been useful in this one instance; I was wondering why there was even a question of whether they were gone or not.
Are there any other boards/places where the people of /loomis/ gather to share progress and tips on how to draw?
>>2792 This is pretty much it. There are 8chan and 4chan-adjacent Dick Sword servers that have a lot of activity, even moreso than /ic/. Unfortunately it does seem that Discord has quickly overtaken imageboards despite their total disregard for user privacy. I'd found out recently through an unrelated server that you can't delete even publicly available posts older than 2 weeks, so good luck living it down if you ever invite the wrong person into your community, say the wrong thing or post any personally identifiable information. Loathesome program tbh.
>>1309 With this place on the brink, I'd like to remind you anons that https://anon.cafe/loomis/ exists
>>2816 >on the brink what he mean wit dis
(13.59 KB 639x380 oh no.jpg)
>>2816 >on the brink I noticed that /v/ had captchas for every post now, plus the usual daily captcha. Is that related?
>>2827 I can only assume it's related to the /hebe/ tantrum. https://8chan.moe/site/res/2514.html
>>2829 Reading posts by pedos on the internet in general has convinced me pedos are some how even more mentally ill than furries, trannies, and jews. Not that I haven’t noticed an overlap. I‘m not even talking about the sexual morality involved.
(5.02 KB 810x616 skin-hair.png)
What skin tone would you call the left side of the image? I feel like it's not light enough to be pale but not dark enough to be tan. Right side of the image is the hair color I might use, how dark/light is the skin against that? I wanted it to be a light olive originally or lightly tanned but not in peachy/orange way.
>>2831 To me it reads pretty much like a healthy tan, if there is such a thing, but it might look too saturated when you get other colors in there. It could possibly be a bit darker. Hard to say in advance but when you get some contrast in with undertones and highlights, maybe subsurface scattering and other minor variations if you're taking it that far, that vastly changes your perception of the color. For that reason I wouldn't think too hard about the base color in isolation.
>>2830 >>2829 I'm tempted to put pedos close to zoophile furries. There's a similar inhuman disregard -- or cognitive dissonance -- regarding taking advantage of less mature beings for sexual satisfaction. Comparatively, even mentally ill, diaper-eating, fart-sniffing, at-mom living, taint-cutting furries aren't as bad.
>>2816 >https://anon.cafe/loomis/ >"This is the place you wanna come to if you want to request drawings." Not a fan of art boards that allow requestfags. Into the trash it goes?
>>2840 They're using a single begging thread so that they can justify removing beggars from all the other ones
>>2832 There are undertones to skin color, in general the skin is either warm, cool or neutral, this is in addition to either being fair-skinned or a nigger. Warm undertones mean yellow, peachy with golden hints undertones, cool means red, pink with bluish hints, neutral is either olive or a mix of warm and cool. The color you posted looks like the average off-white that eastern slavs are due to yellow undertones.
Odd question, but what art programs are available to Windows 98? Discovered my jailbroken ipad emulates 98 surprisingly well.
>>2848 Could probably find an old ass photoshop.
(1.13 KB 255x32 paint-bw_palette.gif)
>>2848 MSPaint.
Does anyone know of any drawing/painting related podcasts?
Somebody explain to me why I should try/listen to drawabox? He reads like a faggot in between any of the good points he makes like a sniveling faggot and it's hard to take it seriously.
>>3031 Just use Peter Han, it's the same shit-it's universal concepts taught by a million people. Uncomfortable (the Drawabox guy) is using Drawabox to fund Isis and he's annoying and a whiner. He's a mediocre artist that had the great idea to "gameify" art instruction but that's pretty much it, ultimately he's just condensing the material of better artists.
>>3032 By Peter Han, are you referring to Art Station?
>>3031 >>3032 It might be worth mentioning that drawabox was a student of Peter Han (I think he actually went to wherever it was Han taught in person. Can't remember, don't quote me on it). So he is teaching basically the same thing, just less competently. I've seen a lot of people upset about that, which is kinda funny since he actually even asked Hans permission.
>>3031 >>3032 and >>3039 are absolutely correct. Learn from the master instead. t. Peter Han pro
>>3041 >>3039 >>3032 Well, you've convinced me, I have the entire CGMA archive (or at least the ones /ig/ thought were worth having) so I'll give this guy a go instead. Thanks guys.
I want to use texture pens for my line art but the texture always seems too 'pixelated' (As if the anti aliasing is set lower than would be liked) and I was wondering if that has to do with the image DPI? Normally I have it set to 600 px but does that really matter? Is there a rule of thumb that I should be setting the DPI at depending on the canvas dimension, or is should I just keep it at a certain number? Should I just crank it up, or Is there a certain level where it hits diminishing returns?... Or does DPI not really matter that much? I'm on CSP btw for reference.
>>3050 DPI is literally only for printing. What you want is a larger canvas to work on. Set it to something like 5000x4000, zoom out, and bump up the brush size.
For a long time I have wanted to improve my drawing skills to make commissions online. However, the more I think about drawing porn the worse I feel about it. Does anyone here ever feel regret about the stuff they post? Not just like if it looks bad or anything but how you'd be contributing to a shitty culture, or group, or helping someone's bad habits?
>>3051 Ah. I knew that printing was reliant on it, but I didn't think about it like that. Good response nonetheless.
>>3060 Did you draw porn commissions?

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