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QTDDTOT Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 10:05:18 No. 1309
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: There's no QTDDTOT edition
>>5063 Anything will do, and it's mainly down to personal preference. I like the feel of Uni Kuru Toga, Staedtler 925-25, and Pentel P205 pencils. Pentel P205 is simple, light, durable, and cheap. Staedtler 925-25 is a higher budget version of that. Uni Kuru Toga It rotates the lead as you write or draw, so the tip stays sharp and lines are more consistent. This effect is more visible in writing than in drawing. I like it mainly for the feel. They have metal versions, but they might be too heavy for some. It does not bother me during shorter drawing sessions, but for longer ones I use plastic versions. Another thing that might bother people is the sponginess. When you first press against surface to draw to draw, lead recedes a bit as this is what triggers the rotation mechanism. Lately I have been using mechanical pencils for quick brainstorming sketches, and most of my physical drawing is done with 2mm lead holders. >>5064 >I fell for the Staedtler meme At least you did not fall for the rOtring meme. They are overpriced, too heavy, and I find the tip wobble very annoying.
Is there any better sites for practicing figure drawing in class mode time option? The best thing I've found so far that is decent is sketchdaily. If I end up finishing figure drawings which place is better to post them in the draw thread or the practice thread?
>>5230 I was literally just thinking about this I wonder if there's an image viewer that lets you look at your own images randomly in a timer. I have a lot of image files already...
>>5230 >>5231 You could try out line-of-action.com. It does have a timer and class functionalities. You can pause the timer too if you want. >>5230 >If I end up finishing figure drawings which place is better to post them in the draw thread or the practice thread? Practice tread is a better fit.
>>5231 That seems like it would be pretty common feature, but the only one I've done that with is irfanview. Did work pretty well though, it keeps a history of the images too so if you want to go back a few images for some reason you can.
>>5233 Line-of-action.com has too many disgusting grannies for my liking. Practice thread does sounds better for posting figure drawings, thx anon
>>5231 >>5234 It's a fairly common feature most decent image viewers have. Usually it is called slideshow. I used InfranView, ImageGlass, xnviewer, nomacs and all of them have it. InfranView is probably the best for this purpose, as it offers slightly more options than the other ones. You can even set a separate interval after keyboard input. This can be neat if you want to mix quick poses and something that requires longer time duration in a single slideshow.
>>5237 does ifranview give you the ability to pause the image is there any good imageviewer that works on linux and where can I find a huge dump file of nude poses I can't find any good one at all except from books and taking screenshots of them is tried some from a book.
(773.76 KB 2500x1767 room_of_people.jpg)

>>5278 There are no good image viewer on linux. I tried them all and none were satisfactory. I pretty much gave up looking for them and just wrote one myself. I got a bunch of naked poses from a torrent a long time ago but they are just pictures extracted from books. Your best bet is probably to scrap them from sites >>5230 and >>5233 mentioned.
>>5280 thx for the advice. Was thinking of collecting them from books the photos look best. Putting them all into a slideshow. changing the image every time the timer went off to skip to a new image. Like class mode.
(546.42 KB 947x1303 aunn.png)

(428.58 KB 789x1241 r63alex.png)

(538.33 KB 1025x1265 mayumi.png)

>>4965 >>4967 It is me again I was hesitant to show you guys my progress but I am so excited I'll show you anyway. They're NSFW pieces I made for my commission sheet I was a bit busy during the last month but I eventually found some time to draw and this is the result of my efforts. I can finally put color down onto my pieces and make them look finished Granted, my coloring aptitude still isn't where I'd like it to be and I have much to learn, I feel so relieved that I finally made a breakthrough and can now confidently color my stuff with the same soul I put into the linework. What helped a lot was limiting my choice of tools to hrb and a variation of hrb I made with color mixing enabled (for blending) and copying artists I liked (if you look at the green girl's legs you can very clearly see how it was referenced from the Cham-cham I posted earlier, hehe) I think it's a good first foot in the door of coloring and I'm so excited to continue improving, the only way from here is up!
(1.86 MB 490x503 invisible.gif)

>>5339 Good job.
>>5339 Nicely done, the poses are dynamic and the coloring certainly complements everything well enough. The only part that I would say stands out in a way that might be construed as odd to me is the perfectly circular blush on She-Alex's knee. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZwOXG-oWHI
which thread can I vent in? the loomis feels thread or is there another thread for it or is a new thread necessary?
>>5358 The feels thread would typically be used for that, yes.
>>4748 >>4749 >I just realized I answered to a very old post. Hey man, Hi from nine months ago. It's that anon you responded to. I've been doing some soul searching, and owning up to a few things. It's not "my brain" that wants to draw the way it's used to.. It's me. Still, thanks for the advice, you were the most-concise feedback I got, even thought it's a few months short of a year from that post, thanks man.
>>5402 Hey, welcome back, man
Anyone actually sharpened there pencil with a knife. I got questions. how long is the tip suppose to be. how am I meant to sand it and know when it's smooth enough. I am meant to route the pencil so the tip stays evenly sharp?
>>5415 It's a little difficult yeah, I use a box cutter a lot of the time and it's hard to get right when you're first starting, I've seen a few videos on the subject but I think practice just makes perfect because mine are often a little clumsily made. There is a "long point" pencil sharpener you can buy, IIRC it works pretty good for me, I'll try it again sometime soon to see if that's still the case-I think it's been a little while since I'd used it.
(40.41 KB 326x527 x.jpg)

>>5415 I just remove the wood around the lead and sharpen the tip into a nice oval. This is mainly for the overhand grip and you will almost never get to use the tip so it does not need to be sharp. Make the lead long enough so that your pencil can be quasi-parallel to the surface.
>>5416 To hard to get specific equipment in my area I have to improvise. I tried a box cutter they are pretty weak they only work when there is little to no wood left and want to be gentle not to snap the lead I used that for it and I used a pocket knife to get the major of the wood of but it was a pain. Do razor blades work like stand alone? >>5418 isn't the side rough af if you don't smooth it with sand paper. All I use is the overhand grip. how did u remove the wood razor blade did it slice the wood of easily and how long we talking an inch the tip. how often do u need to resharpen or consider doing it in terms of the state of the pencils condition of the lead?
(1.88 MB 330x422 rain.gif)

>>5422 You need to sharpen the side with the blade too. Sharpen the lead until it is thin enough. Yes you will waste a lot of lead this way but it is worth it. I just use a box cutter. There is a technique for it. Razors blades are too sharp for my liking. My lead is 1 inch long and only sharpen when it get too short or when the tip is not oval anymore.
>>5427 How on earth do U sharpen it with a knife the lead with out snapping it. Here is some photos of my efforts of my knife cutting skill with a pencil and my smoothing skill with sandpaper.
(480.80 KB 438x897 \.png)

>>5433 Pretty good. Keep using a sandpaper if you find it easier. If you want to try using a blade practice with a 6B first because 2B is too fragile. Place your thumb on the wood and grind the edge of the blade with the lead from the tip towards the wood at a < 20 degree angle. The lead will not snap because the force is almost parallel. You are essentially cutting the lead vertically.
>>5434 Okay cool. I will try and experiment on 6b,8b,10b pencils just need to order them in bulk then I can update in future the outcome.
>>5439 I saw a pretty detailed review of drawing pencils and the Dick Blick ones seemed to be very competitive for the price if you buy in bulk. Make sure to do your own research though, things can change quick. Prismacolor went from a top brand to shit almost overnight iirc.
Is there a discord for drawfags on 8moe?
>>5442 no, and never will
>>5442 yes, and there always will be
>>5440 Thx for the advice I settled on 6B its seems to be the perfect size any bigger feels to large
>>5442 yes, but no.
>>5473 Ah, I remember I wrote out a big response to this but my phone screwed up and I discarded it. Anyway: 2B, 6B 2H, none of that stuff has ANYTHING to do with the size of the pencil itself, it has everything to do with the softness or hardness of the lead core (the part of the pencil that makes the mark on the paper) and that's it. Hard leads are capable of the faintest values/lightest possible value ranges and the opposite is true for the soft leads (6B being the softest). Put simply: softer lead = darker mark harder lead = lighter mark These are what I use when I draw in pencil: https://www.dickblick.com/products/blick-studio-drawing-pencils/ They're what I mentioned earlier. Over ten pencils each in a full value range set for $70 is quite a decent deal (you can see an artistic rendition of the pencil's possible value range in the pictures of individual pencils). So you buying nothing but 6B is kind of silly but if you're just starting out and mostly focusing on measurement techniques you'll be fine.
>>5519 Dude 70 dollars is way too expensive for pencils I get them in cheap and in bulk from ching cnan chong. cost like 1 dollar for 12 pencils.
WEAR ARE BEAR pls don't go Harb on us, Burr. Also if you're reading this, come back ffs Harb whatever we did we're sorry

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