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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

QTDDTOT Anonymous 12/31/2020 (Thu) 10:05:18 No. 1309
Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread: There's no QTDDTOT edition
What are the lines called when they're used to define geometry without changing the overall silhouette, like the lines on the knees of the green haired girl, the ankles on the blue haired girl, or the folds on the clothes in the spoiler in >>4964? I noticed it's not everywhere, like >>5280 hardly has any besides the clothes. But then there's the third picture in >>5339 which has lines on the ribcage that aren't exactly outlining any anatomy. I think another common example would be noses, though there seems to be a lot of stylistic freedom and variation in how people draw noses. Regardless, when you're not viewing a face from the side, I don't understand how someone draws in that part of the face. Is this just anatomy and it's a stylistic choice if you add it? How would you approach drawing such details, especially when they don't change the underlying silhouette? Is it understanding lighting well or are their tricks / hacks to it. I have a feeling this might change completely when using color, cause you have more than lines to work with, and you can actually draw the geometry of these features better with a gradient of light. But I've only been using pencil (sometimes pen) and I don't quite understand this part. might have partially answered my own question while trying to describe it
(379.20 KB 1000x800 1645979333034.jpg)

>>5830 >What are the lines called when they're used to define geometry without changing the overall silhouette, like the lines on the knees of the green haired girl, the ankles on the blue haired girl, or the folds on the clothes in the spoiler in >>4964 The lines on the legs of the green haired girl just look like tan lines to me, overall what I think you're talking about just looks like light/value changes responding to anatomical landmarks as they turn towards or away from the light source. Knowing the anatomy and form enough to understand the "cross contours" is one way that could help inform you of how those shadow different shapes, though it goes without saying but a lot of really complex lighting like that often is achieved with close observation of reference material. Here's a pretty simple example I'd found on /ic/ just now that appears less complex and might prove more informative.
>>5833 >The lines on the legs of the green haired girl just look like tan lines to me I actually didn't notice the tan lines before, but that wasn't what I was referring to. I was talking about the part that seems to outline her thigh muscles. Like what is drawn here around 13:32 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBzuciXtVCs A different example for a different body part is when he draws the ankle around 14:20. I don't understand anything about how you would paint this since I haven't even touched color or shading while I practice (not even a year in), but what's confusing to me about this is that these parts of the body are usually depicted with slight color shifts when painting, at least I think. But you can't really do that using line art, but they're still doing something. I can't tell how much of it is anatomically correct since I don't understand anatomy, and how much of it might be stylistic. Also, is the difference between the first and second picture that the shadows are darker and not the actual light source?
(126.83 KB 461x696 Capture.PNG)

What are ways to make the highlighted arm less awkward
>>5844 I feel like the balance of proportions is off. The positioning is fine, but the arms feel pretty large compared to the abdomen. If the body is beanpole, the arms also beanpole.
Anyone got good pics of extreme lateral flexion in girls? Pic related is all I could find. I don't think boorus have any tags for it.
>>5846 UOOOH!!
(188.66 KB 900x1354 037.jpg)

(151.36 KB 1200x798 024.jpg)

(188.81 KB 900x1354 040.jpg)

>>5846 There are some images along those lines in Irina - Ballerina in the resource hub. Mostly from behind or at oblique angles for some reason, but that's also useful. Very good set in general.
(940.74 KB 461x696 lazy redline.bmp)

>>5844 Basically the biceps attaches to the scapula, so for lack of a better description, it seems to be going into her armpit too low. I think what you would see is something more along these lines, although it's been a while since I studied arms so I'm not too sure about the specifics.
>>5845 >>5850 I see, thanks
>>5844 I think it's the hand. That resting hand is very hard to get right, speaking as someone who tries and fails to draw these kind of poses a lot.
(1.28 MB 2996x2366 Don-2NP_Pill_Box_concept.jpg)

Does anyone know what art style picrel would be classified as. I like the feel that it has and couldn't find the creator of the image through google.
>>5857 I'm not sure at all, if you want to see some good shit that sort of fits that aesthetic though take a look at John Berkey, one of my favorite artists.
(173.14 KB 458x868 ClipboardImage.png)

How is the torso? I think it looks fucked but that might just be because I overcompensated for my thighs fetish and made the legs too thin. Ignore the arms, I just guessed the muscles because I haven't studied arm anatomy in years.
(765.36 KB 994x750 ClipboardImage.png)

Also, what causes this depression in the yellow zone between the front of the pelvis and the midriff? It's often very prominent in women but I've never seen it mentioned in any anatomy book.
>>5904 Unspoilered porn on SFW marked boards goes against the global rules, knobhead.
>>5905 Tasteful nudity isn't porn tho
>>5904 I believe it is the impression on the skin left by the inguinal ligament combined with the lower abdominal muscles
(399.78 KB 1000x1000 Loomis_logo.png)

Hey brothers, I wanted to enlist /loomis/ to the Infinity Cup tournament (basically we used to have a soccer tournament online for various 8chan boards, ours is http://infinitycup.shoutwiki.com/wiki//loomis/ ) but before I did that I wanted to ask if anyone else would have liked watching the matches. We didn't have the best of showings last time, but the cytube stream was lots of fun for me.
(851.17 KB 634x739 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5904 Fat increases in the red area before the yellow area. Someone with a reasonably low BMI will have the red area "hang over" the yellow area. If you lower the fat of the person drastically the feature disappears. Think of it as the very early intimations of a muffin top. If anything did contribute to it outside of just bodyfat percentage, it's probably >>5908
>>5857 Either Zeerust or Futurism
>>6017 I appreciate the offer and the graphic, fella, but I'm just too busy. I welcome our board's participation in the event though.
so confusing why did artga.in board get changed from /loomis/?
>>6030 There's been some effort to distance it from the /loomis/ "stigma" due to some apparent conflict(?) and at least one person complained about the original name over on anon.cafe. There's a statement here >>5874 from the owner so there's that. Is there an actual beef with cafe's /loomis/? I've read something about moderation having a grudge and stolen themes, so what's the deal?
>>6034 >conflict I don't post there much, but I don't feel I have a poor relationship with anon.cafe at all, at least I haven't gone out of my way to foster one. That said, the creation of such a board doesn't accomplish much other than split what was already a strained community by that point, and the fact that one of the first threads there was a request thread makes me question the original (i.e. not current) board owner's intention in having created the board-without so much as comment on the original-to begin with. I could be wrong but I'm not sure they declared that they were a different person than me as well despite the board being identical top to bottom, which is a little weird, however all-in-all they seemed sincere enough and the board is well kept. All that's water under the bridge; I don't take it personal and I don't have any hard feelings about it. Recently I've stopped linking back to them because, after over a year of doing so they never returned the favor. I'm compelled through various channels to support the new Drawpile-adjacent board artga.in, even if they've recently discarded the /loomis/ moniker (something I don't feel good about, but fostering a healthy community sometimes takes compromise and is more important than my own ego). I was only made aware of the controversy of 8chan.moe and the webring issue long after the fact, and I'd invested too much into this board and the people on it to leave despite my own reservations regarding site policies or off-board content I have nothing to do with. With any "migration" effort you always lose people, not unlike how a caravan crossing a river often ends with a handful of people getting dragged under the surface of the water by alligators and it's for that reason why I will not be abandoning this board any time soon, while similarly being faced with the reality that, despite my best efforts over the past 8 years, it likely has experienced what growth it was ever going to get.
Edited last time by loomis on 03/30/2022 (Wed) 04:01:16.
>>6037 The original webring /loomis/ board was actually on the now defunct julayworld webring imageboard (mainly to host /cow/ but the admin allowed people to request a board on their site) way back in 2019 when 8chan died. In early 2020, the julayworld admin took the view that people ought to be making their own mini-imageboards and announced that he would be shuttering the site down and moving /cow/ and a few other boards to a new webring imageboard. At that point the BO manually migrated all the julayworld/loomis/ threads over (meaning that the timestamps on them are all wrong) to anon.cafe. The 8kun /loomis/ board was back up and running at that point so it was weird that they never got in contact to figure things out. I feel they made an honest effort to carry on the spirit of the original /loomis/ when it seemed to be gone forever but unfortunately they were always busy with their job and never quite had the commitment to properly run the board.
>>6057 >At that point the BO manually migrated all the julayworld/loomis/ threads over (meaning that the timestamps on them are all wrong) to anon.cafe. Hello, I was the guy who created anon.cafe/loomis/ I did it so that anons could migrate from 8kun and Julay more easily, but in the end work related stuff came up and I couldn't really advertise the board much, so I gave ownership to another guy (who apparently also gave up his ownership to another one). I had no connection with the other /loomis/ boards.
>>6060 Hey, no problem man. I'm glad you're here actually, and I hope I didn't come across as insulting, it just wasn't a circumstance I was super familiar with so I could only grasp at straws in a vain attempt to figure out what was going on. You kept the community alive elsewhere in ostensibly its current form and that's a good thing. While I would have hoped most if not all the activity would have been centralized here, I later learned of the various reasons people had decided they didn't want to associate with the 8chan brand anymore and I understand completely.
Have you guys been badmouthing the other /loomis/ board?
>>6128 Nope, not me. I question the decision to allow request threads but other than that I have no problem with them. I stopped linking back only very recently after a long time of the favor having never been returned, that's the extent of it really. No drama afaik
>>1309 I'm planning on going through Fun With a Pencil again to get back in my groove, and I was wondering, are there any other art books that encourage structure while avoiding perfectionism the way FWAP does?
>>1309 RIP /loomis/
>>6185 Well logically the next step after FWAP would be figure drawing and it will take you along time to finish FWAP. After that best to move on to figure drawing for all it's worth. FWAP already glosses over drawing the figure in a good amount of depth so the shift to FDFAIW will not be that unfamiliar since you would have the hang of drawing figures
If I wanted prints of some random art I find online what would be the standard process for getting that done? Is there a recommended site or service for that?
Whose the new BO and why'd you delete the drawpile thread (and the other ones you deleted)?

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