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(124.01 KB 1045x608 pepe farm.jpeg)
Loomis Feels Thread: Treading New Ground Anonymous 09/24/2020 (Thu) 05:18:23 No. 146
Tell me how you feel
(1.08 MB 1240x1592 SOCIETY.jpg)
Feeling pretty freaked out by the election shenanigans. At least I have art practice to keep me mentally occupied.
>>774 tfw you don't even care about CSS.
>>783 Dude same, this shit is absolutely fucking bonkers and I haven't been able to cope, seethe OR dilate properly since the 4th. I haven't even rallied people to come to the drawpile in advance like I usually do.
Both anon cafe and 8kun are dead. 8moe is the only place left for me to stay. I hope it will last and be less dead.
>>789 Welcome fella, it's been a little dead because of the holiday and election but we should get back to a nice comfy pace yet again soon I imagine
2020 been a shit year, fake pandemic, fake elections, just been kicked out of home. I got 2 months to sort my life out or else you may see me selling shit art at stop signs or out of a tent :(
>>792 These n*ggas really going to kick my mans out of the house right before winter? smdh
>>792 Are you working right now or "between jobs"? There's no job more reliable or easier to obtain than working at a small pizza restaurant chain. If you have a car you can make bank delivering or just cook/wash dishes. >go to maps.google.com >type in "pizza" >type up the phone numbers of the nearest 10 stores in notepad >go down the line, call them all and ask if they're hiring (call between 2-4 to avoid lunch rush); at least a few of them will be >apply in person >likely just walk onto the job
>>790 Every altchan's loomis related board is dead. Did everyone stop using imageboard or go back to cuckchan? I seriously hope there isn't some kind of secret club that everyone but me knows. Maybe there was only 5 people on altchan loomis to begin with and it's dead because the samefag stopped posting.
>>813 Nah man, when GG happened /loomis/ was actually doing pretty well; I think we might have even had a couple dozen posters at one time (as quaint as that sounds, considering we have probably between 5 and 10 now it was pretty nice), it was a golden age for imageboard drawfellas. Then, without warning the software began to fail; Freddit and Joshie-Woshie-Moonie-Bean failed to fix it in a span of something like six months-it might have been even longer. It was a complete disaster. By the time the original 8chan recovered it was beyond too late, the dream-as they say-was dead. /pol/, /v/, /co/ and some of what were the other top boards of the time endured but also lost a lot of traffic from what I understand-but nearly every board outside of those featured on the front page were rubbed out, permanently. Here we are a little over a year from the launch of 8kun after suffering miserable software issues there as well. We're actually somewhat more active here than we were there and I'm trying to get more people to at least occasion the board but it's been slow going, so far. >>792 I hope you're okay bruh, keep us posted.
(103.84 KB 500x500 holeintheground.png)
I'm actually doing pretty well. Earlier this year I quit my slave driving job and was able to get my life back on track.After that I was able to complete a lot of different things that were otherwise hanging indefinitely, did a lot of practice. But even with money to fall back on it was an intensely difficult choice to make as I have fought learning how to say "no" to people who otherwise wanted to subvert my will. It's hard. I stared into the abyss multiple times in the last two years, and for me I don't think it's possible to live without art or drawing. Even if I have to, I will just kill myself instead.
>>814 /co/ actually managed to hang on for a few years, and the board peaked around time Samurai Jack's 5th season was getting released. Months after that a few events coincided (PG autist, moderation issues, spammers, diaperfag) and they crippled /co/. Still, the board has enough users to consistently get 24 to 30 uses on streaming nights. I keep meaning to draw more, but I am too deep in the grind mindset. I am polishing my perspective skills and it's been weeks since I drew anything that's not a deliberate exercise.
Goddammit I fucking hate brushes with a deadzone where it doesn’t make a mark until you press hard enough. Fucking Procreate brushes.
>>817 I really can't get used to drawing in Procreate, I think I'm just not used to orienting the iPad itself. I'm not sure what makes it so difficult; there's probably some kind of artist-friendly case that lets you hold it like a trad artist would hold a palette or something that would help
>>821 I got a chinese knock off of an expensive leather case from ztotop, it’s pretty good. Procreate itself is kind of fucky in some ways, it doesn’t have a stabilizer, just that streamline function which only works on curves. And it’s always obvious when someone is using the default brushes, they have no anti-aliasing.
>>813 > I seriously hope there isn't some kind of secret club that everyone but me knows It's called twitter. Come join us.
>>825 >It's called twitter. Come join us. No, thanks. This is the gayest reply I've read today.
>>825 Post your Twitter Chad-senpai >preferably in this thread here >>497 I've never seen work you've put effort into
>>825 Let me rephrase that; most of your work on the drawpile seems to originate from a sort of "stream of consciousness" even if it's all very solid from a draftsmanship perspective. I wanna see something you put your full power behind.
Edited last time by loomis on 11/13/2020 (Fri) 07:29:52.
I'm losing momentum again ffs
(126.77 KB 610x939 reversed_bunnysuit_venom2a.jpg)
>>826 It's only gay if we're mutuals, anon. >>828 >>827 Yes, you have. That's pretty much it. That's how I do things. There's just a lot more. >Post your Twitter Chad-senpai I thought it was common knowledge. I know BO doesn't discourage it, but I try not to shill here and only post board relevant stuff to keep my presence in line with everyone elses. It is an anonymous image board, after all. Even if the very nature of us posting personal and identifiable art tends to preclude that somewhat.
>>830 I thought you were the (other) Chad guy. My mistake!
(355.46 KB 321x487 smug_christian_manga_girl.png)
>>835 >he thinks I'm THE artchad because I used the chad flag >I'm just the PG-13 cartoon boobies doodleguy
(359.08 KB 450x359 1605116537026.gif)
>>830 BUNDA
>>813 >I seriously hope there isn't some kind of secret club that everyone but me knows There is a discord drawfag server around that's pretty comfy As much as it is disagreed upon, there is that and twitter.
>Caricature artist at a theme park for a little over 2 years >Money's nothing special, basically minimum wage or less, entirely paid on ~30% commission and tips >The real caricature money (short of a publication deal) is in fairs, where you work like 2 weeks straight and earn around 6-8k, requires park experience which is why I took the park job, have been networking with people specifically for this process >Pandemic killed ALL the fairs >Came back to the park around august >it was shit pay but tolerable >it's getting less tolerable >no tips >they keep coming up with new hoops for us to jump through or some stray park manager will just go looking for reasons to fuck with us since all caricature booths in parks are 3rd party companies >the commissions I did outside of caricatures are drying up, not enough to keep going really >spent the actual lockdown grinding and portfolio building >can't fucking tell if it helped >commission clients are getting progressively shittier, assholes with stingy budgets who want cheap art for their fucking twitch logos at theft prices >started abusing adderall to get work and commissions done >it's taking bigger physical tolls than it used to >bigger depressions, longer sleeps, more lethargic, can feel myself slipping out of shape >dunno how much longer I can use this crutch >getting progressively more depressed by all of this >parents constantly pressuring me to become a fukken art teacher in some shitty school >I hate kids, know they don't give a fuck about school, dunno if they're even really going back anyhow >dunno what the future holds >dunno if I'm gonna make it >dunno if I can even do this anymore
>>839 You don't need to become an art teacher at a school like your parents want, you could become an art tutor though I'm sure if you've got the will and the skill. Just make a personal facebook page and start putting yourself out there on facebook, craigslist and other sites that'll let you. You could reasonably expect to get the same amount of money as a tutor as you would a teacher-the only difference would be you're dealing with one kid vs many kids.
>>839 Dang anon i don’t know what so say. I hope you’re doing fine through all this, and do look forward to the Vaccine that would solve the pandemic problem. Seriously man, i hope that you’d get better, please don’t take the easy way out.
>>827 >Post your Twitter Chad-senpai I told you Twitter is fake and gay. JavaShit? No thanks. >>>/loomis/805 Was something I spend a bit more time on. https://anon.cafe/loomis/res/560.html has also two pictures I colored. But I can only produce so much for a given identity.
>tfw no (art) gf
Been working a lot, barely any time for drawan
I'm seriously having difficulty focusing. Couldn't even silence my monkey brain enough to practice the past few days even though I had them off. The first year of drawing really sucks, but I'm confident I could improve if I could just get in the habit and most importantly stick with it.
(684.24 KB 680x453 1606022582520.png)
>>918 With how rowdy and tempestuous the political climate is I'm looking at yet another 6 months to a year off, myself. If you think the first year sucks though wait until you get to the point where you can objectively discern why your art is bad but you feel powerless to improve it. The only way past is through... YOU HAVE TO LIVE IT!

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