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(124.01 KB 1045x608 pepe farm.jpeg)
Loomis Feels Thread: Treading New Ground Anonymous 09/24/2020 (Thu) 05:18:23 No. 146
Tell me how you feel
I just took extra hours at work in exchange for a $3 an hour raise. One of my biggest problems has historically been that I work too much (including family obligations as work as well) and now I've just made it worse. Not sure how I'm supposed to "make it" when my progress has already been as stiflingly slow as it is. I guess I should probably cut as much social media/imageboards/Discord and etc. out of my life as possible to compensate too. Considering I can and do use those things throughout the entirety of the ten and a half hours that comprise my workday I don't really have an urgent need or excuse to do it when I get home and have a couple hours of free time. Ultimately I can only blame outside factors so much though; I wish I was a "real artist" and didn't feel like I have to force myself to draw and practice etc.-but I have to do that with everything so it might as well be something I can at least appreciate and admire, right? I hear a lot of people telling me I should quit, calling it a "sunk cost fallacy", but what they don't understand is that there is nothing else that I'm just going to take to and take off with anyway. I'd just be starting the pattern again with something else.
Edited last time by loomis on 05/10/2021 (Mon) 17:29:36.
>>2796 You should ask yourself: "Why do I want to draw?" Some people might be able to better formulate their goals, but the pursuit of any skill starts with "Because I want to." This is a question all artists eventually have to face.
>>2775 Call him bro, worst thing that happens he thinks your a retard and hangs up.
>go to new store last week for the first time >it's a sty (not surprised tbh) >this week I buy a $40 5-tier rack to stack up a lot of the stuff that was on the floor in bins, scattered randomly across tables with wanton disregard for any organization whatsoever >get a text from the boss expecting a "good job" "nice work" or some other flippant but appreciated pleasantry. Boss's wife acts like I've done something wrong and boss himself says nothing This shit reminds me of when you fix someone's computer once and they blame you for any computer issues they have from that point forward. >"One problem".... >"I don't want to have to look through huge piles on a daily basis to see if there's anything new that needs to go out" If only you could see what I was (literally) wading through when I got there last week, the audacity of this statement is actually humorous. I wasn't expecting to have my name put up in lights but geez. A simple "thanks" would have been nice. I sure as hell didn't do all that without an ulterior motive though to begin with so I'm not too upset. If I can get that back room cleaned up I will be able to draw at work again for the first time in over two years. They don't have any cameras back there, and best of all the location is an individual unit in a strip mall instead of being part of a larger complex, so the customers that do come in are generally the type to come in, buy something and get out instead of people wandering in from the restaurant or hardware store across the hall for example, with no intention of actually buying anything. Things are tough now, but soon I'm going to be getting paid $18 an hour to draw for 10 hours a day. I can hardly fuggin' wait
>lose my debit card >"it'll turn up" >*a week goes by* >okay I'm not finding it, fuck. >cancel card and have them send me a new one >find card pushed way down in one of the card sleeves of my wallet the next day JUST
>People are spamming fake DMCA notices to ban twitter artists >"Pay us 100$ in crypto and we'll stop" I had been feeling awkward about not having a twitter account, but yeah, nah, fuck that.
(25.29 KB 563x487 love.jpg)
I feel at peace with the world. I haven't enjoyed this level of serenity in a very long time. I feel like all of my goals are achievable and that the world isn't such a hostile place anymore.
(449.28 KB 400x300 pat.gif)
>>2846 Hearing that kind of cheered me up. I hope you get more of that.
>>2846 >>2847 I don't want to be rude or anything, but could you two please get yourselves a room and take your gay weebness somewhere else? Your friendly concerned neighbor.
(166.31 KB 760x708 friendly_concerned_neighbor.jpg)
>>2867 >I don't want to be rude or anything, but
>turn 35 today IT'S F*CKING OVER
>>2885 Anon it was over the moment you were born.
(847.82 KB 2390x3320 zoomerfaggot.jpg)
>>2885 Happy birthday grandpa!
(64.96 KB 790x444 X Dee Snyder xd.jpg)
>>2889 Why u little...
(150.57 KB 463x411 samus_loves_(you)_also.png)
>>2885 Happy birthday, anon I hope you have a wonderful year, and remember: it's never too late, and it's not over till the end.
(748.74 KB 3840x3208 bones.jpg)
Another weird dream where I was a little girl last night. It seems like daily drawing enhances my dream experience. I remember my dreams much clearer now, and the frequency of me encountering/being my characters increases. >zombie apocalypse >zombies fast as fuck, basically humans with enhanced physical abilities and reflexes >trapped in a sort of locker room with direct access to a helicopter landing platform >uninfected people around me getting killed by the zombies >run towards the platform >suddenly scenery changes >find myself in an arena sort of place >bamboos everywhere >unable to get out >4 zombies running toward me >take a small kitchen knife from a corpse lying on the ground beside me >dodge their attacks while slicing with my knife >my small body makes dodging super easy >after a long time I have bruised one of them enough to kill him >his body full of knife marks >still didn't take damage from any of them >start focusing my attack on the second one >wake up Whenever I have a horror dream I'd always run away, but I managed to turn things around this time. A smaller body makes moving around much easier, and it was quite enjoyable. I don't think I could've evaded every single attack from those fuckers with my normal body.
>>2908 I had dreams...once
>make passable sketches that I think are okay >try to make a proper composition or improve or focus in a specific area (anatomy, perspective, proper shading) >suddenly everything is dogshit >can't into pencils >can't into digital >can't into color >pic related So this is what it means to be subhuman. I'm coming up on a year of seriously trying to learn to draw, and all I really have to show for it is a bunch of technical notes about spatial relationships required to produce certain shapes, but I can't actually implement them. I can't even draw fucking matching eyes, which I've been doing almost exclusively nearly every day for nine goddamn months. I thought talent was supposed to be a meme.
How do we cope with the fact that Harb has been abducted by his evil twin, Shadow the Harbhog? The Drawpile won't be the same without its Monarch
>>2925 Sketches only look good or passable because you're correcting any mistakes you make subconsciously when you view it. This is the vagueness of sketches in action. Finished products are where it's made quite plain where you suck and where you need to improve (with hope that at least some aspect is actually good). Don't feel bad that you can't make a finished product look good, dig into why your finished product doesn't look good. >I thought talent was supposed to be a meme. Talent is a meme, you can stop here and keep being dogshit, or you claw forward towards the objective. The choice is yours.
(40.34 KB 600x450 Harb_cat.jpg)
>>2929 Does anyone have an idea what happened to him? I hope he didn't die for real.
>>2932 I'm sure he's fine. Perhaps even he needs to just deal with his own stuff every once in a while. He's been active and available to a remarkable degree for as long as I've been frequenting the pile. I can only speak for myself, but while I would appreciate the sentiment there's also a limit to how much concern you can be shown before it becomes invasive and burdensome. Give the man some space. If he's gone, it is almost certainly by his own choosing. It's easy to forget in a small community with people as identifiable as here, but we are still fundamentally just anonymous strangers.
>>2929 >>2932 >>2933 From a business perspective, Drawpileman's absence is troubling because he is the one keeping the lights on. Worst thing that can happen is the site going down at the end of the month because he owes his VPS provider $5. I believe he paid in advance until 2024 though, so we don't have anything to worry about.
>>2933 Yeah I don't mean to be weird and bring more attention to this situation than it may warrant, I was (mostly) joking and I'm (pretty) sure he's fine even if it's way out of character for him. >nice dubs btw >>2934 That would give us some time to make alternative arrangements I suppose but thankfully I'm fairly certain those arrangements won't be necessary. If I had to guess that this is anything other than him taking an extended and well-earned break after years of meritorious and uninterrupted service it's that perhaps he is without internet himself temporarily. Perhaps he moved or something idk.
>>2931 >Don't feel bad that you can't make a finished product look good, dig into why your finished product doesn't look good It's not as much that I can't tell what's wrong with them, it's that I can't seem to address those problems. It's like there's some sort of disconnect between my ability to see the issues and to actually use my body to correct them. I thought it was just something that went away with practice, but it seems like I was wrong. It's totally possible that I'm practicing in the wrong way somehow, but that sort of obtuse question isn't really one you can look up an answer to.
>>2925 Same, just have to keep at it. I mean really keep at it and don't get complacent when you do something okay. Maybe come join the matrix chat? >>2931 There are definitely people who intuitively grasp the fundamentals of drawing quicker than others and that's what people usually think is talent.
>tfw when the general state of internet learning, in every subject and hobby Hey what's up guys, ya boi TootsGhost coming at you with another video today, gonna tell you how to x. Alright, we're going to get right into it but before we do, go ahead and hit the like and subscribe button. That helps me out a ton and lets me make more videos like this. Also, go ahead and visit my patrion page to access to my exclusive content and become a TOOTER! Hell yeah! Where my Tooters at? TOOT TOOT, ITS THE TOOT TRAIN! ahahahh you guys know whats up. Also this video is brought to you by nature box. Go ahead and subscribe to Nature-box for ALL your amazing snaking needs. This week....( five minutes of ad read). Oh man, they are so good too, you know I've been working out at the gym a lot lately and I love their snacks for... (five min of mandatory personal relationship with sponsored product) Alright lets get down to X... (30 second how-to) That's it guys. Remember to like the video and subscribe to my channel. Join my patrion and become a fellow Tooter - WHERE MY TOOTS AT!?!?!?! TOOT TOOT!! HAHAHAH you know what's up. You get some exclusive videos, only for my Tooters, and get to hang out with me on Twitch. Anyway that's all for today, I hope you found this video helpful. Until next time. TOOTIE TOOTIE TOOOOOOOOOT. >>2937 What kind of practice are you doing?
>>2941 I know what you mean. It's almost enough to make me miss the days of sitting through twenty minutes of a twelve year old stuttering in a 2$ mic to find out where a button is. Almost.
>>2940 >There are definitely people who intuitively grasp the fundamentals of drawing quicker than others and that's what people usually think is talent. Did I say anything indicating this was not the case? The entire point of the exercise is to make something worthwhile. You can bemoan the fact you weren't sprinkled with talent by the fuck you fairy, or you can earn that skill through practice. Talent is a meme, all that matters is if you reach the objective in the end. >>2941 This is why I read really old fucking books and don't bother with youtube. Hell, sometimes I'll open a youtube video just to get the name of the topic and just google the wikipedia article or what have you and read it there, because it''s much faster.
>>2941 >Alright lets get down to X... (30 second how-to) That's it guys. >it's also either a plug for some sponsored product, or "just do it, and remember to have fun and kind to yourself ;)" "Information age" my whole ass. >What kind of practice are you doing? Mainly figure and anatomy, posing and such, with more general line practice either integrated or done separately. I can't seem to do measurements without using a ruler every time, and most curves I try to make don't have the arc I'm trying to get, regardless of what pivot point I'm using. The first thing keeps me from being able to make symmetrical faces or bodies facing straight on, but the second one is way more infuriating, because it prevents me from drawing spheres or curved surfaces with guides that follow the right angle, which fucks up both the perspective and positioning of features. I've tried getting around this by using straight lines as guides and drawing curves along them, but they usually end up making whatever I'm drawing look more stiff, and still don't really look the way they should. I wish there was a way to specifically practice those things, but it's hard to know what I'm even doing wrong, since everyone I've ever seen draw doesn't seem to have ever had any issue with either of them.
>>2945 >"just do it, and remember to have fun and kind to yourself ;)" Goddammit, getting this kind of empty motivational bullshit with no actionable information is why I thought art was retarded for most of my life. > I can't seem to do measurements without using a ruler every time There’s an arc in art skill where you gradually use more tools, construction, and measurements, then you eventually get that shit nailed down and start using less. You mention struggling with moving beyond sketches, and putting lines exactly where you want them to go. Have you done much human-photocopier type work? It doesn’t help in drawing from imagination directly, but it definitely trains your eyes and hands, and more rendering skill is never bad. Likewise, my instructors always tell me that much of training under the old masters was endlessly trying to make perfect copies of your masters paintings, and when you succeeded, you had finished your apprenticeship. Alternatively, I hear the Peter Han dynamic sketching class is fairly popular, and is focused on exactly what you are talking about. I have no experience with it myself, anyone else care to chip in?
>>2946 >There’s an arc in art skill where you gradually use more tools, construction, and measurements, then you eventually get that shit nailed down and start using less. That's what I thought, but I'm still not seeing it. It feels like I'm skipping a step or following instructions incorrectly, but for the life of me I can't seem to find out how. >human photocopier work I'd like to be good at that sort of thing, if only because I recognize how it would be useful, but I'm typically a bit hesitant to do very much of it because 1) I don't want to end up only being able to make copies of things that other people have already done, and 2) because it's too reliant on perfection in areas I suck at, and making too many mistakes makes it impossible to identify and correct them, and it also makes things that are done properly look like they aren't, which leads to lateral or backwards moves. Several months ago I spent a long time trying that, but I was also constantly superimposing the new one over the original to see where I went wrong. My thinking was that rather than measuring first and then making the line, I'd try eyeballing it and then checking how close I was and redoing it to increase the accuracy of my eyes. It didn't seem to help at all so I stopped and went back to practice of fundamental pieces, thinking that I'd get more accurate by trying it repeatedly. I wouldn't say that time was useless, because I learned a lot of perspective distortion rules and improved in some areas I struggled with, but I don't have the ability to consistently reproduce them, or tell by a glance whether or not things are the right size/position. It seems like the sort of thing you would do after you already have some skill with getting things how you want. I also tried repeatedly tracing over collages of different parts in hopes that I could get better at making certain movements in certain situations, but it doesn't seem to help much. I think part of that might be because I can't tell how the original strokes are made, so it's not really practicing them. >Peter Han dynamic sketching class I remember hearing about this a few years ago, but I never looked into it because it sounded like it focuses mostly on trading accuracy for fluidity, which would only be helpful if I was already pretty good. I started doing DrawABox exercises too with the intention of improving my arm articulation, but that seems to have the same problem though admittedly I haven't gone through all of them, and it's too focused on shoulder use (not that this is necessarily a bad thing, but my tablet's too small for it to be very useful, and I don't have space for a larger one.) I'll look into it again, though, thanks. Sorry for the wall of text.
>>2948 >It feels like I'm skipping a step or following instructions incorrectly, but for the life of me I can't seem to find out how. Ok, everyone reading this take a moment and talk about what books and courses we started with and have read. Aside from the obvious of doing that upside-down Picasso thing, most of my early learning came from Keys to Drawing by Bert Dobson. >I don't want to end up only being able to make copies of things that other people have already done As long as you also practice anatomy and drawing shit from imagination outside of the copy grind, you won't end up like the endless Walter White portraits retards. I don't know what's going wrong for you in failing to improve, keep in mind gittin' gud takes literal years, and your ability to see and your ability to draw don't grow in tandem. >too focused on shoulder use The TootsGhost copypasta strikes again. The human wrist is a piece of shit that can't withstand being bent or flexing as well most other joints. When doing arm related hobbies like art, gaming, typing, or playing the piano or guitar for extended periods of time, you need to keep your wrists straight so you don't get carpal tunnel and nerve damage. So it's a good idea to learn how to draw with the rest of your arm as well, the fingers, the elbow, and the shoulder. The other reason is for drawing straight lines on larger canvases. But you don't need your shoulder involved if you aren't trying to draw on something like a 2 foot wide sheet of paper.
I was on a good drawing streak for a while but it just came to a screeching halt because I legitimately can't imagine things in 3D in my head anymore. Have I incurred some rare form of brain damage? >>2949 I started with drawabox but didn't finish it, the exercises are pretty useful for practicing the fundamentals I think. I see a lot of people who start drawing from their earliest memories so I think it would be hard to remember what it was first like for them.
>>2949 >that upside-down Picasso thing When I did this, half of it came out way bigger than the other side. You could still tell what it was supposed to be, but it looked as though the corner was stretched out or something. I guess I could try drawing with just one eye, but I feel like that would cause more problems than it would solve. > I don't know what's going wrong for you in failing to improve Me neither man, I feel like I've hit an invisible wall. Maybe my references are too stagnant. I'd like to watch someone else to understand motions better, but there aren't many videos that show more than the fingertips or something when people are drawing, and if there is, it's usually of people who've been gud for like 20 years and don't need to follow construction steps anymore. >The human wrist is a piece of shit that can't withstand being bent or flexing as well most other joints I know, it's why I've been trying to get better at arm use in general. The difference is that I know that my arm drawings are going to come out super inaccurate, while my wrist should hypothetically do what I want it to. I've watched people draw both ways and have their shit turn out well, so I've been wavering between trying to build muscle control with my arm and detail accuracy with my wrist or my fingers I guess, since I've noticed I have a tendency to draw much like I write when dealing with small things regardless of how I'm holding the pencil. Maybe that's my problem, but I don't have the muscle control with any other articulation points to be able to make perfect comparisons. If what I'm drawing takes up a whole A4 sheet, I'll use my shoulder extensively, but if it's something smaller than 2 inches or I'm not sitting at a table, I'll use my wrist. >>2953 You could always try painting or some other form of value-centered style. That way, you won't really have to imagine things in 3D, you can just construct them based on where light and shadow falls. Not that I'd know what I'm talking about, but it's worked for me before.

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