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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

Loomis Feels Thread 2: the New Normal Anonymous 07/13/2021 (Tue) 05:14:38 No. 3408
Tell me how (You) feel (´ ͡༎ຶ ͜ʖ ͡༎ຶ `) Old thread: >>146 Thread Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5xbsqZrqgo
>>6009 Well! I take back what I said. If I could downvote you I would!
>>6009 >>6010 revoke his reddit karma!
>>6011 >ivan >radio ze bombers
>>6008 God I wish that were me >the gobbo bob gobbler, that is
>>6008 Battery almost dead done for the night.
>>6008 >Y'all >/ic/
>>6032 It's okay. I took it back once I saw you're all just a bunch of dumb fucking niggers.
>non-participatory lurkers gatekeeping an otherwise dead board over superficial nonsense again Sad! Many such cases!
I can't focus for shit. Even though I have plenty of free time to draw I just end up getting distracted by aimless scrolling. Whenever I do draw I find myself getting overwhelmed on what to even start. I think I want to start with some simple goals but I'm not sure what.
>>6044 Do you have any work to post to show your current skill level? If you've never drawn before, I recommend practicing at least the first half of Peter Han's dyanmic sketching course. There was also an infographic for a drawing exercise someone posted the other day, but I can't find the damn thing now. The exercise boils down to having two sheets of paper, randomly putting dots on one, then accurately replicating the dots on the other sheet of paper. When you think you're done, overlap the one you tried to make accurate to see how you did. This is a good first exercise.
(2.41 MB 6888x4024 Beginning.jpg)

>>6045 This is a thing I made a couple days ago highlighting exercises that emphasize what I feel to be really important foundational skills, good for unlocking someone's ability to have confidence in their manual dexterity as well as their ability to perceive and properly record spatial relationships "mentally"
>>6045 This is some stuff I did while going through one of Loomis' books I think. I've done a lot of the basics and I still do those exercises, but the moment I venture out of drawing boxes or whatever I get pretty lost quick.
>>6048 One thing I'd thought about recently was to get a clear sheet of vinyl or something and one of those spongy erasers, I'm going to start putting that clear sheet over art I like and try to "construct" it, tracing over it in marker and then just erasing. It's my hope that with this I can start to better visualize 3-dimensional forms rather than just copy contours
>>6048 One thing I forgot to mention, it looks like you're using a mechanical pencil. I suggest using a wood pencil for not so you can vary your line width with more finesse. There's nothing wrong with using a mechanical pencil, and in fact I recommend them in lieu of the expensive felt tip pens Peter Han recommends for his Dynamic Sketching series, but for your actual studies some nice wood pencils "wood"n't be a bad idea at all.
I've been trying to write out posts explaining my fears, only to misstep my commands and accidentally close the browser tab, two different instances. It's only after these accidently-dropped tabs that I've come to a realization of just what's holding me back. Fear. Fear of being humiliated. Fear of being shamed. Fear of being judged. I am afraid of being humiliated, shamed and judged... ...for not being as good as the masters. ...for not having 'proper' human anatomy. ...for having something anatomical be out of place. ...for having improper character "mannequin" structure. ...for not doing things "the way" anons expect it to be. ...for leaving out or making mistakes of small or significant details. ...for being 'wrong', or doing something 'wrong'. ...for not being able to do something perfect in my first stroke. ...for putting something out that I personally feel is wonderful, beautiful, fun, or an improvement from my older works. ...for having sketches and lineart that is busy or "messy" looking. ...for not living up to someone's expectations. ...for using digital tools like the line or curves tool to speed up my workflow because "it's cheating". ...for tracing (over) something because "it's cheating/plagiarism,", even if It's something I'd never release or claim it's completely original. ...for admitting I traced something, and having my reputation be forever-ruined because of it. ...for being the target of some overzealous bully-critic who wants nothing more than a power high. ...for admitting my faults. ...for doing nothing. I want these fears to be healed. I can't fucking stand it when someone says that "you have to live with this,". It fucking feels like they still have the problem and have no fucking clue what to actually do and just may a stupid excuse to justify their lack of progress. I'm not asking for 'a cure,' I just want to be able to be happy, functional, and practice and do all this shit that artists do without being burdened or being emotionally-paralyzed because of fear and shame.
>>6064 Oh look, I must have posted this in my sleep
>>5981 >Newgrounds Never mind about that. Looks like a lot of new people going there were of tumblrite-like mentality. I am afraid that given enough time newgrounds will become tumblr's successor. >all those typos and missing words That's what I get for typing up long posts right before going to sleep. >>6001 You're welcome and good luck
(849.98 KB 1642x875 saddest moment in anime.png)

>Forced to get social media at last >Will begin uploading artwork tomorrow >0 guarantee that it will be worth it because it's just for a resume I hate modern society so much it's not even funny lads.
>>6070 >my gf who told me I should just looked at my art and was against me posting JUST
>>6073 >this nigga has a gf and I don't be havin' one of dat JUST
>>6075 Don't worry. As artists, we are.
>>6080 If I had kids I would set you on fire. But I don't have kids and I don't have any fire. nevermind I don't have anything.
>>6063 Yeah I use mechanical pencils for the convenience, but shading and line weight with a regular is definitely easier. The only thing I don't like is the strange way I have been told to sharpen pencils.... but I'm not sure if that really matters all that much.
>>6110 The sharpening method actually does have legitimate purpse, people can get really fancy with it, sharpening it on one side to make a flat plane for shading or making a super sharp point an inch or more long and stuff like that and are able to achieve a lot of versatility with that, kind interesting the different ways people figure that kind of stuff out.
I think I've begun the realize what my main problem is. If you're going to teach yourself then you have to be your own teacher. And I am a very bad teacher.
>>6124 Having an actual teacher engaging with you on the fly can really enhance things, certainly. I remember at my brief stint at the Atelier the teacher pushed me much further than I'd have gotten on my own, it's a psychological thing as much as anything else.
>>6125 This was not an endorsement for art school either lol, rather taking pay-as-you-go classes from a local studio or Atelier, or perhaps better yet from a tutor would be best. Self teaching is adequate for many people but if you find yourself totally lost and struggling even with all of the resources online and consulting others it is certainly an avenue worth exploring.
(327.52 KB 1200x1529 assault crossbowman.jpg)

>>5400 >>5428 >>5449 This is me posting again, some things have changed and things have stayed the same. >The book Still a mess, but my folks are proud of me, and show it off constantly, which is nice. Sent copies to a bunch of my teachers who were supportive of me doodling in school which hit me right in the feels big time. Hasn't taken off but I never expected it to, just a small thing I'm moderately proud of myself for making and can show off if I look for new work. >At the caricature job Hoo boy. The boss hired a bunch of girls right out of art school and the gig now has about 8-9 gossiping dorkbitches none of which are above a 7. They're trying to rat out one coworker who doesn't like drawing black people and takes a lot of breaks when black families approach. I wish the guy was subtle about it but they also usually don't tip and can be extremely rude to the artists at times. Couple of new guys too who are all decent, as to be expected, but it doesn't exactly balance out the problem if one of these girls starts actively snitching. It only takes one snitch to completely ruin a workplace and these are also girls in their early/mid 20's who haven't experienced consequences for their own retarded behavior yet so I'm mulling over my options. My best friend at the job, the guy I illustrated the book with, also left cuz he got a better deal at another place and that hits me seriously hard and I miss him. That's the least fair, really. I just miss my best friend who made my work much more fun. Work itself has been crazy, covid fucked up all the spring break schedules so the park is super busy all the time and though I've made a ton of money it's extremely stressful to work 10 hour days in a hot ass theme park drawing theme park people. I just took my vacation because I turn 30 in a few days and refuse to do so while working those shit shifts. As soon as my vacation began I got an email for a fantasy character art commission, so at least I have no dearth of things to focus on.
>>6149 Good to hear back from you, man. That's one thing I'll always like about this place is that even as many months may pass people who you thought may have left forever show up again unexpectedly. Also, you're telling me you have over 10 caricature artists? You must work at a big-ass theme part for that to be feasible, though I guess you probably aren't all working at the same time.
>>6150 We have just under 30, it's one of the giants in central florida. On rotation there's 8-14 working between several stands.
>>6151 *8-14 per day
Loomis you have been very busy and forgetful recently, and especially with your new job I thought it would be in your best interest to relieve you of your duties, so you do not have to waste your precious time here anymore. If you want to talk about it you know where to find me.
>>6157 >If you want to talk about it you know where to find me. Sure do, take care for now; I'll see you on the board in either case, probably
Hello Loomis. Hopefully you are doing well. No need to feel obliged about your moderator duties at artga.in; I already have people to manage the /ic/ drawpile thread, the drawpile and the imageboard. We are doing just fine so please take all the time you need to adjust to your new job. Please let me know when you are ready to participate in the community again so I can unlock your moderator account. I always lock inactive accounts to prevent potential unauthorized logins. You are welcome to join us anytime you want. We are not going anywhere. btw feel free to delete this post once you have read it if you no longer wish to see me. No hard feelings.
(195.86 KB 264x269 XhBf.gif)

>Just blew it with the only woman I have ever loved But hang on, there's more. >But now that we no longer date she acts the exact same way she always did >this plus her ending the relationship and refusing to give me another chance over a simple verbal argument that I apologized for opened my eyes >realize that essentially she never loved me

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