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(244.95 KB 960x960 drawthreadOP_moe_editionB960.png)
Draw Thread Anonymous 09/30/2020 (Wed) 02:39:21 No. 349
Moe Anthropomorphism Edition
>>2815 DUDE
>>2815 This is so fucking cool. The mix between traditional technique and algorithm-induced colors is great.
(164.98 KB 1200x1188 shibu bonfire lit.jpg)
>>2815 Those colors invoke a warm fuzziness inside of me. Like I could gain warmth just from being near it. Me likey.
>>2824 WEED >>2834 >>2836 Dang, wasn’t expecting people to like this so much. My art teacher suggested painting something posterized to practice keeping the paint texture smooth, and I chose the colors. I’ve always liked analogous color schemes.
>>2845 LMAO
(381.76 KB 900x450 various052121.png)
King, King of Fighters/ digital paint practice/ inking practice
>>2887 King-u! Also muscle baby and girl covered in mysterious substance. Hmmm. Good stuff anon!
(290.28 KB 1090x870 WIP_05222021.png)
Posting a WIP inspired by Francois Boucher's sketches. Aside from the crosshatching, I love his sense of form and use of overlaps to create believeable, adorable little cupid boys. So I'm trying to practice that.
>>2892 Downvote
(10.50 KB 640x640 be_nice1.png)
>>2892 Upvote >>2896 Yep, the downvote has been negated
(875.55 KB 640x360 Blue Dante.mp4)
>>2902 No it hasn't LOL
(86.21 KB 552x694 Cheese.jpg)
A friend spontaneously asked me to do a "study" of a picture of a mutual friend of ours awkwardly cutting cheese with a weird hand position. As I thought the picture was amusing as well I agreed. I'm not a painter and unfortunately I don't understand much about color and stuff like that but I gave it a go. I do not like Philip Guston at all and his simplistic, smelly, greasy work was the first thing that came to mind as I finished this. I could have spent more time refining the shapes themselves but color, value and all of that sort of thing are completely outside of my paygrade. Was fun to try though! I need to do this sort of thing a lot more often as there is a lot of stuff that works much better/faster as a painting.
>>2914 People act like color is some mysterious wizardry, but really, if it doesn't immediately make you go "ugh" or burn your eyes, it's probably fine.
>>2919 For what it's worth, I failed in a lot of ways in the drawing aspect as well lol. I understand where you're coming from but I was really kind of taken aback by how difficult it was to get the "right" color, accounting for hue, saturation etc. It was a learning experience that's for sure but admittedly I was lazier than I should have been, too. Just have to move on to the next one I suppose.
(4.36 MB 3954x1692 ClipboardImage.png)
(2.82 MB 3248x1426 ClipboardImage.png)
(1.51 MB 3060x1105 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2725 been a minute since i posted in this thread, this past week, most of these from the past 2 days. has been full of some very self indulgent degeneracy and attempts to actually use my brain for perspective. >>2928 to be fair it's not the worst thing for what it is considering it is not your bread and butter in the first place, i know i've picked some absolutely shit colors and rendering earlier on, plus skin is surprisingly tricky to color >>2887 always love your colors anon
>>2930 >you will never get swallowed whole by a pregnant fox with huge tits Why even live?
(552.62 KB 940x1556 rick.jpg)
(483.54 KB 878x1608 p1.jpg)
(506.79 KB 910x1603 p2.jpg)
(325.21 KB 896x1422 p3.jpg)
>>2955 Based and Axe-murdererpilled
(1005.95 KB 1723x828 local value.jpg)
>>2955 You've got some neat ideas, but you could do more to help the viewer make sense of what the details are structurally. For example with these heads, I can't really tell if the stuff on them is clothing or some kind of carapace. Maybe try to either separate them more clearly, or make a point of demonstrating how they blend in with the skin. As details get denser they begin to read as texture. That's cool, but unless you specifically want it to look uniform the next step would be to assign local values to things to make them stand out. Depending on how you arrange them it completely changes the impression, so that can be fun to play around with. I defiled one of your drawings to illustrate, sorry.
>>2959 Was going for like a Guyver or Engineer from Alien kinda thing where its a bio suit. I don't mind the edits at all btw.
(1.36 MB 1840x1160 CLEAN THIS SHIT JANNIES.png)
(721.54 KB 1066x1160 cake2.png)
(4.83 MB 4856x2384 p1.png)
(1.48 MB 2026x2256 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2930 it's been about daily, bros. running out of ideas but i thought to myself last night about going on about studying plants, always fuck those up considerably. i would try something far more challneging with what i know but i am not patient enough for that, i'm mostly kind of a fuckoff person drawing as fast as i can, which is definitely detrimental. probably my unfamiliarity with plants can hone more observation >>2935 to share the pain with our fellow degenerates. otherwise we would be very lonely
(257.39 KB 1080x1200 Kaylie cursed shirt.png)
(290.54 KB 1080x1200 elroy cursed shirt.png)
(323.92 KB 1080x1200 andy cursed shirt.png)
I've been slowly narrowing down what brushes I want to use to a relatively small group, but unfortunately my indecisiveness will always be my worst enemy. Also looking at these now, I think I could have used my negative space more effectively but oh well.
(179.08 KB 600x600 me the pizza.jpg)
>>2971 Ew, she's smoking. Also you accidentally drew that one character with a dinger-I hope you said "no-homo" first. >>2972 Andy is based, your other characters are okay too tho. You did a pretty good job with the shading, though some of the lines look a little crispier than they should, perhaps. At least you have a good bit of width variation. Andy needs a bit more pelvis I think fren. It looks like his benis is being cradled by the pubic symphisis rather than emerging from beneath it if you gnometalmbout.
>>2972 Andy has small vagina apparently.
(972.18 KB 1799x3129 snapdragon.jpg)
I haven't been drawing or posting enough, time to fix that
>>2983 Oh snap. Looking good fren
(404.94 KB 540x432 dumb stupid pervert.gif)
>>2973 >>2980 H-he's grower not a shower, I-I swear!
>>2985 Anon, I have some very bad news for you, but you should probably do some crotch studies so you actually understand what's going in that area of the pants. You don't seem to quite grasp how far the penis and testes sit below the belly button, or even how the crotch on most pants work.
>>2986 I know it was a joke
>>2987 I've got a joke for you...right here. heh W-wait a second. Let me run that back.
(1.03 MB 1108x1640 2 (4).jpg)
(731.77 KB 1064x1447 2 (5).jpg)
(1.17 MB 1588x1604 IMG_20210522_0025.jpg)
(726.92 KB 994x1597 2 (2).jpg)
Not enuff orks ere!
(415.78 KB 899x1564 snapdragon-scaled.jpg)
A little color >>2991 I'm loikin' dese 'ard boyz
(46.27 KB 474x632 snapdragon2.jpg)
(277.35 KB 1071x1600 snapdragon.jpg)
>>2994 I never actually realized snapdragons are an actual thing, moreover a beautiful flower. I just thought it was a cool gamer name by qualcomm

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