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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

Draw Thread Anonymous 09/30/2020 (Wed) 02:39:21 No. 349
Moe Anthropomorphism Edition
(225.85 KB 374x681 Capture.PNG)

WIP Note - I have no idea what I'm doing, will need to study how light works on diff. textures
>>5925 >I have no idea what I'm doing Could have fooled me, it looks great. That transition towards the bottom of the shirt on left there is very nice, you've handled it with great subtlety.
>>5925 If anything, I would say there are a few spots where there is a harsh blotch of pigment that looks a bit "conspicuous" and makes things look somewhat less even. A few of those occur in the chest area where it interrupts the kind of smooth, seamless rendering you exhibit towards the bottommost portion of the garment.
(1.49 MB 3138x3078 Do or Die2.png)

(1.39 MB 3138x3078 Do or Die.png)

(74.52 KB 800x582 Do or die Flower.jpg)

I spent about 10 hours making a flower. Source has purple spots, but I don't know, it's really fucking hard to get Photoshop brushes to do what I want. I think the dots may flatten it, but I also like them for the contrast they provide, they really make the petals *pop*. Regardless, I've been up for 18 hours at this point and I am exhausted. Wasn't going for 100% accuracy, just wanted to try painting in photoshop. Weird fucking posting issues.
>>5960 Rather than painting it looks like you're using vector graphics, gradients etc. It's a pretty decent reproduction from a lineart perspective. The bottommost petal is a little longer and thinner than that of the reference, the leftmost petal is a little more narrow, the negative space between the unbloomed flower and the petals on the right over and underlapping it is a bit larger, and some of the flower's stamen aren't exact-but it's pretty well done for what it is all-in-all. Keep practicing.
>>5964 >Rather than painting it looks like you're using vector graphics, gradients etc. Hrmmm, I see what you mean, but then, how do you avoid that? I was using a brush with very low opacity and very soft edges, is it something else I'm supposed to do? >aren't exact-but it's pretty well done for what it is all-in-all. Keep practicing. I'm aware, it wasn't lineart practice as much as painting practice, and while it certainly wasn't easy I wasn't exactly "tryharding" the line art as much as possible.
>>5966 >how to avoid Good question, I'm not much of a painter myself, but what I perceive as having been done in this piece is you used a soft round brush for the whole thing which kind of gave it an appearance similar to if you'd just used the gradient tool and made a "selection" in the areas you wanted to paint. To that end you've actually done a pretty skillful job, making it look as if it were done with a tool rather than a brush, however if you want a more "painterly" look it's good to use harder brushes with texture. I recommend watching some of Daarken's tutorials on his personal website, a lot of stuff about the nuances of digital painting from process to software. http://enliighten.com/blog/category/tutorials/page/9/
(664.43 KB 1305x2048 crab.png)

(1.10 MB 1305x2048 crabnf.png)

brush + filter testing
>>5970 >tfw no chitinous, exokeleton'd crab-girl gf
>>5970 I bet she squeaks when you rub her.
(185.04 KB 882x832 batmeme.png)

I don't think I'll be going any further with this but I had a bit of fun with the flavor of the month meme
>robin made a joke about catwoman's "hairless pussy"
>>6050 reminds me of some old internet artist I used to like back on newgrounds but I forgot his name
>>6052 Probably Harry Partridge/"Happy Harry" He is among the greatest traditional animators active today in my opinion, and even though my own work falls far short for now I count him as one of my influences
>have a fun idea for April fools day drawing >almost done on day of >stretch my hand and somehow sprain my wrist and strain multiple tendons in my hand >have to wait almost entire week before my hand feels well enough to finish it Blogposting aside, enjoy this lame joke that would have been maybe funny if it had been done in time
(548.18 KB 657x2835 stretch.jpg)

>>6084 Some of those stretches are legitimately dangerous, man. Be careful. Very qt drawing tho
(206.05 KB 1200x679 하인리히 신부.png)

from comic 'desire' ji ryoung choi
>>6109 I like your tank, in and of itself it's very well constructed. Is it on a ledge though? Otherwise the perspective gets completely thrown out of wack by the man standing next to it. They don't appear to be standing in the same space.
(257.24 KB 722x700 BUN.PNG)

>>6117 Looking good so far, I like the oversized gloves
(247.50 KB 1024x1109 gwhw.png)

trying pencil-type brushes
>>6134 >how are you B-...een better, thanks for asking! >pencil type I like them a lot, I usually use the CSP "chalk" brush but I think they have a newer pencil brush which works pretty good.
(1.12 MB 1450x2260 face.png)

Sneedvening /loomis/. Been a while since I visited. Fell out of practice drawing tbh. Out of the blue I installed GIMP a few days ago and jumped on the 'digital painting' bandwagon. Did this face most recently. Okay, thank you.
>>6153 based and Sneedpilled. I never had much luck getting GIMP to work properly but I never worked to hard at it either. I always recommend people give Krita a try
(2.25 MB 3923x3881 anna-concept.png)

(5.91 MB 2957x3558 annaprofile.png)

(728.92 KB 1650x1650 desiree-concept.png)

(10.29 MB 5924x3721 dai-profile.png)

Here's a bunch of my OCs. I'm working on these for various game projects I'm doing. One thing I'm working on is a team of magical superheroines who work at a mall food court together and each have powers based on their individual store cuisines. I have these two done but I need to work on Desiree's profile art similar to Anna's - her weapon is a pair of flame gauntlets that shoot bullets that she calls her grill mitts. Then after her I still need to work on the remaining three team members. I have a lot of characters I need to draw and I'm mainly looking for inspiration on their warrior costumes. The fat snake girl is unrelated to them but it's my latest piece. She's a minor antagonist for something else.
>>6170 I should say those colorless sketches are very old, they're from 2020 or something I think.
>>6153 Based neanderthal maxxing
>>6170 Not necessarily to my taste but pretty good improvement.
(319.31 KB 495x630 image.png)

(161.95 KB 516x586 image2.png)

(156.06 KB 240x747 Capture.PNG)

>>5687 fin
(701.39 KB 1232x895 image.png)

Just a pale imitation of a work from someone who is far greater than I.
(228.37 KB 936x939 warm-up.png)

Trying to warm my smooth brain up.
(1.08 MB 1387x2006 undefined.jpg)

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