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(303.94 KB 318x367 ClipboardImage.png)

Anonymous 09/17/2020 (Thu) 17:19:12 No. 130
Is there someone wants to donate this book so I can disassemble the spine and scan it? I used to have this book but it went missing when I move out from my old apartment to a smaller room. It already took up space before so a digital copy would be nice but for some reason, there's no ebook from the official publisher. I've been searching every nook of chans and normet socials and none of them have the scanned book so I guess I need to start it myself then. I'll give my contact if someone interested to participate in this because I have the access to an library archive scanner.
(I think I'm the only fella here rn tbh fam)
>>130 >disassemble the spine may I prevail upon you to refrain from doing this
>>141 Not him but a single book is a worthy sacrifice for digital immortalization of the work. The only problem is if op cares so much he should probably buy the book himself instead of begging on an obscure forum, no one is liable to send him the book no questions asked because he could just keep it for himself and not deliver.
>>130 Its just 50 bux and theres 1 copy avaliable on amazon right now. Also as a consolation prize, you can get pic related through the usual channels.
>>358 pic fell off
There was another thread about this book a while back on 8kun, are there really no scans of it around? It's somewhat baffling considering how popular it is.
(226.28 KB 720x1714 IMG_20201029_201136.jpg)

>>377 Nope. I did request this book all the way back in 2016 and some people promised to deliver it but they didn't. Anyway, I did order it for myself and might scan it for everyone. But the book has yet to arrive.
>>359 It's not available to purchase. Pic related.
Update: The book is still yet to arrive. September 22, 2020 November 5, 2020 1 month and 14 days elapsed.
>>771 Sorry to hear that, man. Did you receive any shipping information at all? Hopefully it didn't get lost/stolen in transit.
>>772 Update: September 22, 2020 February 21, 2021 The book hasn't arrived yet, should I consider it's lost ? >shipping information No, Book Depository didn't provide any shipping information. According to their website, the delivery is free because the book are delivered as snailmail parcel. I guess I should've seen this coming. Gotta wait next year then if I need to order another book. Priorities.
>>359 There is an epub/mobi of that book available on Libgen, although the picture scans are not the highest resolution.
>>1912 Thanks for this! I'll contribute the Saturday Evening Post he did. 322 of it I think. https://www.mediafire.com/file/agntzobgmwl7rhi/JCLeyendecker.rar/file
>>5712 Baste and Team Fortress pilled
Is it really that good?

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