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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

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Clip Studio Paint Anonymous 02/10/2021 (Wed) 21:13:14 No. 1710
So I've been debating with myself about this for a while, but from what I've seen CSP seems like a really good digital drawing program and every artist I follow seems to gush about it. Now i know that throwing money at something doesn't necessarily mean it will make your drawing easier or better, but I've been using Krita for some time now from the recommendation of a lot of people here but it honestly seems pretty limited as of now and kind of runs like shit on my computer for reasons I haven't been able to figure out. I'm going to get the 3 month trial regardless to test it out, but I have a few pieces in Krita that I might as well finish first. I'm just wondering if anybody here uses it and what insight or tips they might have about it or if it's just a waste of time.
I have CSP, Photoshop CS5, Toon Boom Studio and Krita. I use Krita the most but CSP is very good and more reliable than Krita in some ways. If nothing else it's well worth trying out. If the performance is even a little noticeably better than it'd be well worth the expense imho.
>>1710 I've owned Manga Studio 5 and CSP, and also used Photoshop for a fair amount of time. I even bought a brush set for CSP from an a digital comic book artist. Photoshop has great filters and image manipulation tools. CSP has superior ... uh ... hmm ... anyway, I personally think Krita is just the best of those. But if you actually notice a speed improvement with the brushes in CSP, then obviously use that over the alternatives. Laggy painting is the biggest productivity killer. Maybe your experience might differ.
(1.60 MB 500x365 me feeding OP.gif)

https://onedrive.live.com/?authkey=%21AAx288IhpHvPMKo&cid=EB85A310F710873D&id=EB85A310F710873D%2152321&parId=EB85A310F710873D%2152317&action=locate Look a free lifetime CSP trial! Don't use Krita unless you are on Linux. CSP better for Windows users Download brushes You can customise everything watch a tutorial or two Need a powerful computer or lag CSP is the superior option for drawing Block CSP with a firewall. Don't connect CSP to Internet >>1713 This. Never use laggy painting Don't use CSP on a weak computer
(247.87 KB 432x567 1440363901325-0.png)

I have used both Krita and CSP, and have somewhat dabbled in Photoshop. CSP is to me honestly better than Krita, or at least drastically more comfortable. Which makes sense since it is an industry standard program. It feels more natural, like I have more control over my drawings. Krita feels nice, if a bit awkward. It reminds me a bit of Blender - a free program for your artistic activities, which will likely become widely spread and heavily improved further down the lane when everyone in the digital arts industry have learned their craft by using it. But at the moment, it is still in that awkward, good replacement position if you haven't yet/can't be bothered with cracking a better tool.
Krita is complete trash from experience. It doesn't have proper vector drawing, and creating a canvas bigger than 1080p makes the program extremely unstable and laggy. It's unusable unless you can actually draw. CSP is really good though. The shortcuts are kinda fucky, but aside from that it runs really well and has all the features I need. I'm hoping it goes on sale on humble bundle or something so I can get it for an affordable price.
>>1904 >t.MacOS user
>>1905 I uses windows 7, that shit just wasn't coded right.
>>1904 When's the last time you used it? >implying you aren't using a hamster wheel powered computer
>>1909 Last year. >implying you aren't using a hamster wheel powered computer CSP runs pretty well on my i7, if that's too weak for Krita then it's still shit software.
>>1911 Newer CPUs don't improve the user experience of users, because of all the layers of cruft between the hardware and the actual program.
>>1941 Newer CPUs don't improve user experience because it's stagnant technology. Clock speeds barely changed. The only real advancements are more cores, which doesn't change much unless the program is made to make use of that, and more and faster memory, which doesn't help either as the shitty program still requires constant RAM access.
Meanwhile I break my back using Ibis. Clip Studio is a really nice program and makes lineart easier for sure. At least for me
I love clip studio. It is built for illustration. I have everything I need to make a good illustration in clip (excluding perhaps some of the photo manipulation tricks ps has for photobashing) i would fully recommend using it and buying it so you can use the asset store. Pirate it for now and wait for their massive sales to buy it for like 40% off if you are so inclined. I would just buy the full version if I were you
Anyone here downloaded lack's brushes? I remember someone uploading them, but they were deleted

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