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(1.01 MB 3106x4096 IMG_20210420_220754.jpg)
Anonymous 04/20/2021 (Tue) 15:18:16 No. 2465
ok new question, how do i define the positions,direction, length, angle, curvature of the curves and lines required to form the image of the forms attached precisely, relying on...whatever perspective, the view and the object's properties? tldr, guessing+drawing lines and curves correctly
>>2465 Nigger read a book because that's what it will take to answer that fucking question.
>>2467 i dont think theres any book like this, as it i quite different thannthe usual technique...but i could be wrong so just suggest me one
>>2465 Practice until you can wing it lmao
>>2470 like tracing? is there somethimg more general purpose so i dont have to have tons of images to trace?
>>2468 You already got it recommended in the other thread. Perspective Made Easy and the first 30 pages of Figure Drawing for All It's Worth.
>>2472 any other specifically on smaller things like the curves themselves? rather than basic shapes
This is now a dubs thread
>>2477 Checked >>2471 You'll have to put in the work anyway
>>2478 tru but then i might get stuck tracing forever is that good?
>>2480 Don't just trace mang
(369.76 KB 750x753 IMG_20200905_131924.jpg)
>>2495 there we go
Cleaning service? Delete this thread please?

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