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(99.62 KB 530x249 IMG_20210421_093401.jpg)

Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 02:40:43 No. 2481
hello...any tips to draw curves for this turned car wheel(yellow), given relative shapes like the wheel's hole(blue) or given vanishing point lines (green) of the subjects so to make it right? I also find the innee circle(red) conpletely confusing to draw to "correction" and fail to find any good reference to build the lines... basically, how do i draw the correct curves/line from my mwmory to represent the subject/image as correctly as possible?
(29.52 KB 480x513 Upset.jpg)

(219.81 KB 425x425 tire.png)

The answer to this and every other thread you've made is called "linear perspective" as others have told you. It is a fundamental of drawing, painting, animation and illustration and there are plenty of resources for this both in the pinned thread on this board and elsewhere on the internet. It is an expansive and difficult subject so no matter what anyone writes for you here out of the goodness of their own charitable heart it will not be nearly enough, you need to watch videos and read books on the subject, period. Linear perspective is among the single most important and difficult subjects in drawing. You have a lot of work, watching (here's a good place to start: https://www.ctrlpaint.com/library/) and reading (https://bit.ly/3mW0abp) to do before you should even bother beginning to ask serious questions like this. Your posts have given me the impression that you're not using a drawing tablet either, in which case I suggest you either get one pronto, or start posting work in traditional media like pencil, pen, etc.-or gtfo because you're just wasting people's time otherwise.
(236.66 KB 801x749 IMG_20210421_105126.jpg)

(338.43 KB 1032x797 IMG_20210421_105141.jpg)

>>2482 aw man, which books again? i have like 15 years experience of reading those books and i think i have gone thru ctrlpaint in my younger days and still this small tiny problems still raise so much confusion, compared to other things like nose or eyes... and no matter how much practicing i just cant ease of the question that pops in my mind >post here s some as you can see it s mostly guessing game and making the perfect curves, which dont only exist in linear perspective but also in any other perspectives...
(2.84 MB 1944x2303 1618730640049.jpg)

>>2482 >tablet thats like laziest time wasting activity which i can get thru with alot ctrl Z i suggest you should reply me with the topic i need than go around showing your technobabble skills which is completely useless to me
(25.04 KB 640x479 images-45.jpg)

>>2482 >linear perspective is hard no, it s simple it s easy it s lazy it s the dirtiest worthless tool i ve used all my life and honestly maybe you used that too much for you to be able to think more elaborately but maybe this isnt your thread and you should ease offf
>>2486 >asks a question pertaining to linear perspective >"it's easy" Then go do it and stop making threads asking questions about this subject you've apparently mastered.
>>2487 i think you are too high up in your own arse and the subject i ask is require different solutions and you simply posted this 3 second basic technique but maybe you are too lazy to deal with anything advanced outside your own bubbles so please dont bother replying again as you are completely unhelpful
>>2488 What is preventing you from using this three second basic technique when it is exactly what you should be doing to get the answer to your question? Is three seconds too much time for you or is the basic technique not actually that basic?
>>2489 it's too simple and it does not work i need a more advanced way to draw three dimensional objects in correct forms relative to all the objects
>>2492 whats with the icons >scoro oh yeah. good stuff, basically iterations of al the basic stuffs. very cool, but nothing new to me. lots of linear perspectives... but i cant find curves in the book good share, do you know anything else like that?

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