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(2.76 MB 3106x4096 IMG_20210421_114534.jpg)

Anonymous 04/21/2021 (Wed) 04:52:01 No. 2491
how do you draw any thing three dimensional without using perspective lines but correct visually and relstive to eac other on paper
I overlap things and hope it works
>>2496 thats interesting... what do you overlap
>>2496 hello what do i overlap
>>2501 Your threads with the QTDDTOT thread
>>2491 You do it with perspective lines so often, until you see them in front of your minds eye. That's when you don't need to draw perspective lines anymore, because they are already there.
>>2491 You draw the same things you would while using a perspective grid, but without drawing the perspective grid.
>>2510 hurrr >>2512 does that work? can perspective lines fo curves >>2513 i dont have all the kind of grids to make the image
>>2516 >i dont have all the kind of grids to make the image then git gud
>>2491 >>2497 >>2501 >>2516 kill yourself
(90.41 KB 311x433 IMG_20210421_215746.jpg)

just need to generate curves and lines needed to make a correct image in pwrspective like below... what do i need to kno >>2517 wtf nothing to study? >>2518 u first
>>2531 There's literally chapters on curves in perspective theory in the Scott Robertson book I posted for you the other day but you decided to ignore that.
>>2532 i read that one maybe im looking for something else more advanced or direct
(81.64 KB 218x408 IMG_20210407_222534.jpg)

(28.90 KB 155x199 IMG_20210406_194236.jpg)

(37.56 KB 316x195 IMG_20210328_155703.jpg)

>>2532 looking for articles like this maybe
>>2534 Kind of looks like Framed Ink but I think that's a One Piece character so idk
>>2535 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curvilinear_perspective sorry i mean this link i forgot to post. links like wiki that explains the constrcutions of variety of objects or simple shapes in perspective or 3d form

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