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Drawing Hardware General Anonymous 05/09/2021 (Sun) 14:14:30 No. 2780
A THREAD FOR DIGITAL DRAWING HARDWARE AND PERIPHERAL QUESTIONS I was drawing this morning and my tablet (HUION WH1409 8192) pen's pressure was acting up and I pressed down harder on it thinking the nib was stuck or something but I felt the nib get lodged into the pen. The nib was really stuck in there but I managed to get it out. HOWEVER, now it's not registering pressure whatsoever and I've tried sticking objects down the shaft to see if I could maybe get whatever was in there out or maybe reset the pressure mechanism, but to no avail. I'm pretty sure it's just fucked. I found what model it was online but how exactly does replacing a previous pen work? Should it work out of the box when I touch the new pen to my tablet or am I going to have to install new drivers? Are the settings on it going to have to be reset?
(348.46 KB 508x616 tech_support.png)
If you are just replacing the pen then you don't need to do anything. The settings are stored in the driver which detects the specific model of tablet independently of the pen. TL;DR >Should it work out of the box Yes >am I going to have to install new drivers No >Are the settings on it going to have to be reset? No
>>2781 I figured that was the case, thank you for the quick response.
>>2780 If it's anything like a wacom Intuos pen, it's not unthinkable that you could fix it yourself. They open up quite easily, and the construction is rather simple. My old one broke in a similar way and all I had to do was move a spring back into place. It worked like a charm for several years before breaking in an accident. If everything but the pressure sensitivity works, I wouldn't be surprised if it's just that. I'm sure there are videos around explaining the procedure. If you're getting a new one anyway, it couldn't hurt to try since a pen without pressure sensitivity is near useless.
My laptop has a touch screen, drawing on it is ok but not what I want. Would getting a wacom improve things or is it about the same experience and you just have to get used to it?
>>2784 Do you mean your screen can accept a stylus input with pressure sensitivity? If not then of course a tablet would be better, holy moly. Screen tablets on laptops in my experience are inaccurate and shitty, and if you mean a literal touch screen and you're drawing with your finger or something then I suggest you stop that immediately.
(95.39 KB 1268x1079 me-irl.jpg)
(74.01 KB 737x696 cowgirl ecorche.jpg)
(31.33 KB 525x525 Blook.jpg)
(205.97 KB 1249x856 equivalent.jpg)
Get the biggest Huion or Wacom tablet you can reasonably afford and can accommodate on your desk. Also, get a bigger desk/use a table if you have to. >IKEA gang It's worth it.
>>2784 Most laptop touch screens use AES technology which kind of sucks for drawing. I know Wacom uses EMR and the only laptops that use that are Samsung.
(38.97 KB 540x808 i am not good with computer.jpg)
How fast are pen tips supposed to wear down? Is it fine if I already feel a pointy tip/edge on it after two weeks of frequent use or have I been too heavy handed?
>>2809 I have no idea, because I've been drawing for literal years with the same tips and I've never had them wear down. It's very strange.
>>2809 If you have a wacom Intuos 5 or later the surfaces for those models are intentionally designed with a gritty texture to make your nibs wear down almost overnight under the guise of imparting a "natural feel" to the tablet's drawing surface. Get a clear, hard plastic film or laminate from an art store and cut it to size or spend a lot of money on a "POSRUS Nib-save" laminate sheet like I do because I'm a lazy ass.
>>2814 It definitely might be a difference in hardware, or it could also just be bad habits on my end which I've yet to cull. Do you draw with fairly light strokes? >>2823 I got a One by Wacom and I honestly don't know if it's one of the rougher types or not since it's my first one. I'll definitely do that when I get the chance though.
>>2838 I draw fairly lightly, yes. For reference, I'm using a Wacom Pen tablet Intuos S. Maybe you can fiddle with your sensitivity settings to force you to draw lightly?
>>2838 the One is relatively new and though I've never used it, from all appearances it doesn't look like it has that kind of surface-but I could be wrong. If your nibs are wearing out really quickly though I can only assume that could be "One" reason why. It's almost impossible to tell from the pictures alone. If it feels like it has any appreciable grit or texture then that is the likely culprit. In the past the Wacom 3s and 4s had basically a slick rubbery plastic surface which preserved nibs for long periods of time.
>>2839 Yeah, I've had it set right down the middle but I'll try gradually increasing the sensitivity. >>2842 Yeah, it doesn't seem to be any rougher than a hard plastic surface. Most likely just a me problem. Thanks, anons.
(7.13 KB 296x226 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2852 Try something like this.

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