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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

Draw Thread Anonymous 09/30/2020 (Wed) 02:39:21 No. 349
Moe Anthropomorphism Edition
(217.26 KB 873x788 loomis, moe edition.png)

>>351 I love it
>>349 Sketch-tan a cute. CUTE
(2.52 MB 1194x834 risograph hyena pt2.png)

Decided to quit being a lazy piece of shit and finish something. >>392
>>417 I like the colors, and the contours of the hyena feller appear more or less correct (maybe a little bit more volume in his ear on our left in the drawing than there is in the reference).
(17.26 KB 608x1024 morti.png)

>>430 What's her relation to your top-hatted shadow lady character? I like her spooky hair and her convenient front pockets for keeping her hands warm and, more importantly to us artists, nice and hidden from our viewers' discerning eye.
(1.02 MB 1000x1000 sketch_tan_dance_L.png)

almost leg meme
>>436 Poor girl isn't articulated that way it seems. A fine compromise though. Let's just hope the Warner Brothers's lawyers don't get wind of this
(3.66 MB 1600x1200 fall-scene.webm)

/gondola/ seems to be gone for good, so I'll post this here instead.
>>457 beautiful
>>457 I love those webms. <3
>>457 excellent
>>457 so nice
Does anyone here mind drawing Asriel? That is, if this thread would allow asking it? Here is some refs if needed.
(16.00 KB 148x125 77108.png)

(36.24 KB 311x668 77109.png)

(22.06 KB 352x99 77110.png)

(114.33 KB 1051x3298 77909.png)

(882.00 B 76x150 Asriel_Dreemurr_battle.png)

In-game refs
(215.26 KB 1125x633 sad blart.jpg)

>>478 >>479 Not A Request Thread please go to /v/ etc.
(253.86 KB 725x603 the blartening.png)

>>482 This is suffice enough. Thanks anon.
>>481 Right, sorry about that. >>480 What? Is it because I am a dumbass for asking requests? If so, then yeah sorry about that. I thought that this thread would take requests, and one just did so actually.
>>482 Draw this fag character getting killed by a good character, hell make Link or Cloud kill this character. That is if you want to. I'm just suggesting some new ideas to get the fan of Undertale/Deltarune to leave this place.
>>485 Not gonna lie I liked Undertale despite its extremely hit or miss sense of humor and gay/furry overtones. I guess as someone who'd played a lot of scrolling shooters in my day the gameplay mechanics were fairly satisfying.
>>488 Then by chancy, could you at least just draw the character? If not, that's fine. I'm not asking anything that is high art or whatever, just if anyone here wouldn't have mind drawing him. But again, it's clear that m asking should be on v. >>485 I understood I was a fool for asking on loomis since now I know this isn't a request thread.
Or were you the one who drew it before of that other drawing?
>>490 >>489 It's a principle thing, sorry. No harm in asking but thank you for your understanding. I'd encourage you to try your luck on /v/ or-even better-let's start you learning to draw this charming goatfella yourself. Do you have a pencil and paper handy?
>>493 I actually have been drawing for some time here an dthere. Just that I tend to either get lazy because I feel like my drawings aren't quite what I envision or I sometimes let doubt get to me where I pretty much say that other artists are better than what I can do. Of course, the latter is being a fucking retard, so forget that point. But sure, I'll later provide some drawings I did before, so i'll say I did improve since for 4 years I have drawn, but I am still not there yet.
>>494 Awesome, looking forward to seeing them.
What's the difference between Draw thread and practice thread? I may be posting in wrong one.
>>566 Practice thread is a dumping ground for fundamentals studies (anatomy studies, figure drawings, still lives, thumbnails), draw thread is for completed works you want to show off or receive comments for. There's a lot of overlap between the two so don't worry too much about it but that's just the general idea.
>>567 Also you can definitely be forgiven for any confusion given the complete dearth of activity-we're still recovering from the migration from 8kun so there isn't a lot of content in any of the generals yet.
(298.85 KB 1050x900 Trolly_and_pals_v3_1050.png)

>>623 made for BGC
>>624 Isn't he supposed to be a troll?
>>626 >I made over 550 flags and I completely spaced out on making a troll face one Also, I had to put Big Green C*ck out there; if I would have said BTC it may have confused our extremely numerous /biz/ crossover posters
Edited last time by loomis on 10/22/2020 (Thu) 21:25:10.
(50.90 KB 540x654 goowitch-wip.jpg)

Busy weekend so I'm going to cheat and combine my weekly drawthread and towergirls submissions heh
(120.82 KB 837x978 slugegrill.jpg)

>tfw still at "Bad Anime Convention Programming Pamphlet Cover Art" level Just gotta keep working
(134.43 KB 605x730 spooky_resized.jpg)

I drew that Spooky girl from the Jumpscare Mansion game. It isn't perfect, but I had a lot of fun drawing for once. A smile crept on to my face while I was working, and I'm not really sure why.
(32.03 KB 358x344 CirnoTouhou.jpg)

>>649 bretty gud
>>651 Good for a start! Keep your enthusiasm for drawing and develop that sense for form and proportion.
>>651 >A smile crept on to my face while I was working, and I'm not really sure why. drawing cutes will do that
(1.14 MB 829x1043 aha26.png)

(1.69 MB 936x1196 aha26Final.png)

The rough and the final (I adjusted contrast in GIMP) for comparison. I took a gamble with the hair and used charcoal. I botched it lol I wanted dark hair for this one but I don't have the proper graphite pencils yet. I also failed in the composition as I should have included the full hair style and full arm for context. Also this took me too long to finish because various reasons lol :)
>>682 You did a good job with the emblem on her necklace thing, as well as the pattern on her glove. The face is good as usual and I think you did a better job on the hair than you're giving yourself credit for. I feel like her chest area appears a little bare and some subtle impression of the sternum may have been warranted, however I know it's not always that easy to see. Same with the little triangular furrow that typically appears between the insertion of the anterior deltoid and the pectoralis which admittedly I'm not certain if it's typically visible when the arm is in that position.
(99.44 KB 555x751 Fitclops.jpg)

Drawpile fun
>>695 >planet express delivery but I didn't order anything >bow chika bow wow >>684 I'll study up on the sternum and chest area. giggity :)
(40.32 KB 1280x1216 gnzgobbo.png)

>>696 lol >>702 (I was going to post the two together but I felt like I shouldn't post work without permission) I think you did a good job here. You're good at saying a lot with a little and watching your ability to construct poses improve in real time has been a privilege
(278.18 KB 954x590 jokah.PNG)

More pile stuff >>703 thanks m8
(2.29 MB 1333x974 spring_scene.webm)

I miss the springtime already
>>712 >when you see it Oh fugg :DD
>>712 Enjoying doing my bone studies to this comfy music
(386.09 KB 1000x1000 commie_cat.png)

You wouldn't need to steal alcohol if you didn't employ a currency that functioned in a manner much like Chuck-E-Cheese tickets on a multinational scale you silly kot.
(161.13 KB 750x800 777GET.png)

>>777 Congratulations! Magnificent!
(614.62 KB 1000x1200 witch_edit2.png)

The curse of the devil trips is reversed. Only cute wholesome shit from now on.
So, a quick question, a certain artist I follow stated in a blog that if one were to write or draw something down before 15 mins were up, that would prevent something from the brain that has a problem with creativity. Is that true?
>>802 I'm not an artist in any way but can confirm that this works insofar as writing goes. I spend a lot of time writing both creatively and professionally and if I don't have anything workable on the screen in fifteen minutes or less it just wasn't ready to happen yet. I can't guarantee this'll work for anyone else. In school I was the type that "tested well", meaning that I perform best when under pressure of a time constraint, which would explain why this method helps me get the framework of something good to build on.
>>803 Ah, sorry. I didn't mean it in that aspect. the artist was referring to how before 15 mins were up after one woke up, they would be able to do things like draw or write something that they would usually scoff at or would hate. It's something I heard that can improve one's own way of drawing from what I heard. But thank you for your shared advice. That to can be useful in certain situations.
(163.48 KB 800x891 HW40k.jpg)

(212.94 KB 799x980 orkart.jpg)

Found these old drawings from when the board was first created (what was it, seven years ago?), back in the days before Hotwheels was twisted by the dissonant whispering Chaos. I had an idea for a series of drawings that (as usual), barely managed to materialize. "40K Kripple Kart" Apart from a few now-obvious perspective errors I still think they're kind of cute.
Edited last time by loomis on 11/18/2020 (Wed) 05:28:26.
>>862 Man this takes me back when anons used to praise hotwheels and /int/ was the boogeyman of the day. Oh how have the midget have fallen, and how our boogeyman was right all along.
So, I did this back on September when there was the 5th annivsary of the game. To note, I hope anons here don't judge me because of the shit fandom, as I agree some parts are shit. But, I hope this suffices for now. I'm gonna try to draw once I build a desk since I heard that was the best method.
I can show some other drawings I did back in the day. Although, Idk if there are those here who hate artists who use refs, as I used to back then and still do now.
>>874 >Idk if there are those here who hate artists who use refs, as I used to back then and still do now. Dafuq?! Everyone uses references. That's how humans learn. You can't draw things you haven't seen. Everything created by humans is just the product of their experiences.
>>875 Forget /ic/, deviantart are the ultimate crabs.
>>875 Well where I am from, some tend to think it's on some level of bad stuff. Somehow, just trying to use a model or art of a character isn't enough and you should only use your own head for drawing instead.
>>876 What now?
>>878 Are you unfamiliar with the concept of “crab” artists, who drag others down with bad ideas, bad art beliefs, bad advice, and constantly shit on other artists? Hating on artists for using refs is a great example of that.
>>879 Oh, not really that much. I did hear Devinart having some type of mob that does shit to artists who don't follow their own rules and agenda really. But for using refs? What the heck?
Off-topic here, but NSFW is not allowed in loomis correct? Also, what do anons think of those who draw fictional porn? Stuff like furry, loli, cub, rape, nechro, vore, etc? I'm just a lurker here, but I would like to know the rules here on this take.
>>881 NSFW is allowed, I don't know why the hell this is marked as a SFW board but I can't change it, I'll ask Mark about it at some point. I would appreciate if any hardcore pornographic images are spoilered is all.
>>880 Sorry, I meant to add that I am unfamiliar with what you described. Mind going into more detail about it?
>>882 Alright, thanks for answering. I just thought you might have had problems with it, espically those who do drawings of things like loli, cub, rape, gore, nechro, etc.
>>883 The term crab comes from the phrase “crabs in a bucket”. Fishers don’t need a lid on a bucket full a crabs because the crabs will all drag the other crabs down as they try to escape. Deviantart autists are obsessed with their own made up rules about stealing and “cheating” in art. There is constant drama about who’s original character is stealing from someone else’s over dumb shit like similar color schemes, poses, backstories. Likewise, using a reference is often called both stealing and “cheating”. Because these dorks can’t tell the difference between tracing and using a reference.
So, there's this shit I found in case anyone here might actually give a critique in a sense of sorts. Some anon went crazy in /v/ over it. NSFW. Not hardcore porn and not really porn per say, but it is explicit.
>>882 As an addendum, this is largely a board about art improvement, it's not a board about porn for porn's sake and anything other than relatively vanilla stuff tends to attract autistic porn freak lunatics who have no interest in creating art but who can nonetheless be hard to shrug off. There's a lot of stuff that, even if it's "technically legal", I don't really want it to be a feature here either. Professional nudity is NSFW and expected and I don't think that seeing two girls sucking eachother's tits or a cock going into a vagina is going to hurt anybody but there's a point where "porn" basically becomes /b/-worthy shock imagery and not something we want or need on here.
>>887 I decided to fucking take a look, and... it's not really porn action, but more or less casual nudity. It does include some things that I think most would agree is in a weird take. Not sure if one can say it's NSFW in the sense of porn, but it is explicit. Really through, this poster should have just posted it somewhere else. I don't know if you would agree.
>>886 What good would a critique "of a sense of sorts" of someone else's work you "found" do for you? Have you just come here to post images you like?
>>889 Is the image that bad that I am imagining it to be? Given the recent anon's statement, I would suppose they might be asking for a critique seriously, but still, does that really need to be on here?
>>889 I just thought some artists on here wouldn't mind giving a judge of fairness about what they thought of this particular artwork is all. I'm sorry if it caused a disturbance, as while it is a bit on the "weird" side, it is not blatant hentai and nudity has been a subject of critique to even today of paintings and using adult models to paint after.
>>891 At least it isn't hardcore porn, but please do remember that there are other boards here that can suit your taste in whatever you enjoy. This board is mainly for SFW art after all. >>885 Ah, okay. Thanks for the definition and on Devinart's crazy fans. From the original character stuff to similar details of art, and really, somehow using a drawing just for ref is like tracing over it? What have they been doing to think that way?
>>885 Is there any other site that is like devinart btw?
>>888 > It does include some things that I think most would agree is in a weird take. Yeah, I agree. That (>>886) shit's kinda weird.
>>893 >Is there any other site that is like devinart btw? conceptart.org artstation.com
These sites don't have the infantile and degenerate community of Deviantart though.
>>894 How so? They aren't in any postion of hardcore porn smut, and there is nudity of fictional characters that have been stated to be art. What makes this piece so different? Nudity doesn't always equal sexual stuff, and this strikes me as just your typical would be exhibit art since it's casual.
>>895 interesting. >>896 By infantile and degenerate, I would assume you mean fetish fans and people who basically cry if anyone has a different opinion? But that's nice to hear. Devinart is shit.
One of these lead to a different site instead: https://thecoldestwater.com/ = conceptart
>>899 >One of these lead to a different site instead: Then I'm sorry. I haven't used that site ever since I've learned that JavaScript is evil. Forums are a waste of time anyway. Image boards are the ultimate form of communication.
>>900 That I can agree on. It's the best. But thanks for that other site. I'm finding artwork that I haven't even seen of some of my favorite characters. Also, did you rate my drawing by any chance?
Is it worth making an account on here? What are the benefits?
>>873 What do anons think of this drawing? Anon here asked, and everyone forget because some idiot thought his nsfw image needed judging when he should be fapping it to himself on some other board. Sure, it's fine here and it's spoiled, but come on, this is a art improvement thread. Aside from that, I don't really know how to critique, but I would say it's a start. It needs improvement most likely.
>>910 Looking at the picture for one second was already plenty enough for me. I don't want to look at it, but that's necessary for a critique. So that's that.
(232.53 KB 1000x900 drawpile_witch.png)

(34.47 KB 1000x700 drawpile_doodles.png)

(269.43 KB 1000x700 drawpile_doodles2.png)

(11.72 KB 272x320 ohboyvideogames.png)

Some snips from drawpile.
(464.07 KB 1239x1059 wit.png)

Someone made a compilation of my drawings. >>927 Never thought this would happen. Some of them are drawn by Loomis and >>929
>>935 >Loomis I didn't draw those, I think it was this guy that comes in with a different name every time but shows up pretty consistently. He's drawn that h'witch quite a bit
>>936 I think anon was saying the one dead center looks like it could of been you. The colored one is (me), as well as the ? one and matching gondola. The rest are >>935 I think. (sans bendy gondola)
(508.23 KB 1024x704 cmercsmol.png)

(196.87 KB 448x704 .--..-..-.-.-.-..--smol.png)

>>1120 Nice muscle structure on the lady, I see you've been making anatomy gains. That subtle cel-shading like indication of the form in places is really nice too.
(648.02 KB 1772x997 drawpile_snow_1772.png)

(40.26 KB 700x900 drawpile_dori.png)

(250.41 KB 975x1000 drawpile_speedy_975a.png)

drawpile snips
(145.91 KB 640x1251 lady.jpg)

Pretty good painting from the drawpile, given how shitty the tools are in the program this is pretty solid work
(172.02 KB 1000x1000 hild_gilda.png)

>>1154 A calarts cutie-pie. Nicely done anon; I like her jester hat
Took the advice to study real eyes and cross referenced a lot of photos. It was very helpful. Should have been a more obvious course of action to me, really. I want so badly to get down to the nitty-gritty of hair, but I should probably just stay on course and grind angles and expressions for a while.
>>1157 It's interesting how a few strategic shapes of tone (whether solid or in this case a gradation) can add more depth and form to a stylized line drawing that the perspective relationships between the features alone cannot. Looks good, in lieu of having anything else to criticize about it I wonder if that ear should be a smidge bigger.
(244.61 KB 1000x1000 mano8.png)

hello bros new here
>>1165 >hello bros >new here I was very close to saying something rude, but then I remembered that this is a comfy board. Hello, enjoy your time.
(245.98 KB 1000x750 comfy_painting.jpg)

(2.94 MB 4000x3000 drago.jpg)

I've started to get back into traditional painting. It has it's very own appeal. Some things are faster and easier in digital, some are faster and easier in traditional. I've used the cheap Koi water colors for this painting, with a little bit of white guache. (100% original design. Anyone claiming something else is an art thief. Thanks.) In the top left you can see my premium Schmincke water colors. But I didn't dare using them.
(25.30 KB 600x750 fedora.jpg)

>>1165 Welcome. Hope you stick around! Nice portrait sketch, looking forward to seeing more work! >>1168 Wow, that's really looking pretty good. Is that a wholly original piece or a study of some of the art from Pathfinder? >nm, I just read your post all the way through
>>1170 >Is that a wholly original piece or a study of some of the art from Pathfinder? It's obviously original and not a copy of >>>/loomis/198 .
>>1154 OH! That's cute! >>1135 Nice gond anon.
>>1172 Good, because as we all know, using references and doing studies is cheating! In all seriousness I hope that thread is providing some value; it looks like they're dead set on sending me free magazines for the foreseeable future (not that I wouldn't have bought them regardless) so I'm going to keep posting my favorite articles from them as they trickle in.
>>1150 Holy sheez, nice artwork. It's gonna take me some time to get there, but damn. You should be in some type of high arts if anything.
(393.01 KB 1200x1514 bootybarian raiders.jpg)

(307.93 KB 800x1061 scarlet crusader.jpg)

(1.14 MB 3246x4057 n-sapper.jpg)

(537.37 KB 2200x3280 witch murderer.jpg)

Some recent /tg/ stuff.
>>1181 Good stuff as usual, based Osprey Publishing-anon. I'm not sure I'd seen a sketch or other unfinished work from you before, I like the buttbarians though-are you going to be pushing that one further or was it more of a one off request you decided to honor?
>>1182 Thank you! I think I might color that one, got a lot of good feedback from other places on it and a lot of asking about it so I might as well. I've been working on a kid's book commission and trying not to burn myself out on digital and with nude women I always try to color something that complex digitally.
>>1183 >I've been working on a kid's book commission Cool! >are you able to share or are you under NDA?
(1.99 MB 2550x3300 cmac-concept.jpg)

>>1184 I can talk a little bit about it. My coworker (we draw caricatures at a park) is friends with a retired producer who makes books for his grandkids every christmas, my coworker is computer illiterate so I've been doing all the coloring for his lineart. Premise is pretty cute, his grandson gets turned into all these different animals. So I get to do a lot of colorful nature backgrounds. (pic related was a concept sketch to show how our styles would interact, won't end up going in the book cuz the scene was re-written but I still got to show off a little)
>>1185 Ah, I see-it's like a rich guy's holiday hobby project, that's pretty cute. I hope you're almost finished, I assume the deadline is fast approaching
>>1185 The hatted otter reminds me of something, but I can't quite place it. It's got the stank of one of those thoroughly mediocre French-Canadian cartoons.
>>1186 nah it's for next christmas, we're cranking along on it
(467.14 KB 1320x825 hilda_gilda_1320L.png)

>>1154 I expandeded it. >>1168 Very good completely original dragon, anon. >>1181 naisu naisu (and not just the babe-arians)
>>1190 That's awesome anon.
>>1190 That's pretty nice
>>1190 That looks very cute, like some real shit you'd see on tv-the only thing missing is her being surrounded by a friend group primarily composed of obese, gender-confused lesbian personnages of color.
>>1194 >That looks very cute, like some real shit you'd see on tv-the only thing missing is her being surrounded by a friend group primarily composed of obese, gender-confused lesbian personnages of color. Yeah, she's cute. Also, her friends would not all be lesbians. There would also be a few trannies. Don't be so close minded.
(337.72 KB 1320x825 gilda-gondola-desaturated.png)

>>1190 Wholesome piece. A little note: I'll just assume you did the following thing not out of laziness, but some other circumstance. The most distant Gondola, affected the most by aerial perspective, is either too light, or the grassy hill behind him is too dark (If we were shooting for realism.). I say that because if I take the closest Gondola as a reference point while looking at his local value in comparison to the grass below his feet (not looking at the grass in shadow but the actual grass in light), I notice that his local value is darker than the one of the grass, which makes sense because browns are usually rather dark and the grass color you've chosen is rather bright. So if we assume the very distant Gondola is in front of the hill and therefore affected less by aerial perspective than the hill. That would naturally mean, he should have a darker value than the very distant hill. You're relating object of the same time to each other, but you also need to look at the relationships between the objects. *autism off*
>>1197 You're relating object of the same type to each other
>>1190 Now that I take a closer look at your painting, the grass color is actually pretty dark. The sky conveys a bright day. The grass is very dark for such a scene. This makes the Gondola have almost the same local value as the grass.
>>1190 Here's what I would've changed. (I also increased the contrast a bit and toned down the oranges, because to me the image felt overly orange.) You can decide for yourself weather you find it more successful or not.
I should've made the grass brighter... forgot
(184.85 KB 1000x563 ClipboardImage.png)

>>1197 >>1199 >>1200 (checked 2x) but muh pickin' colors directly from the shot I was reffing. I agree with the furthest gondola thing, though. I colored all the characters before painting in the background on another layer and didn't notice he was a little too bright.
(67.75 KB 720x960 stop.jpg)

>>1214 Not a request thread. Go back to /v/ drawthread if you want requests
>>1215 ok sorry :/
I suppose that I will show some drawing for tommorow. Won't be anything too fancy or the like, just a quick simple sketch that may be colored. Wished I did more before this time, but eh, oh well. Maybe I'll start some for next year.
(508.55 KB 3508x2480 sketch-3.jpg)

Here are some warm up sketches and studies.
>>1271 Based dickdragon; your subtle-and not so subtle-linework is impressive as always.
>>1272 >Bimpressive as always. What do you mean? This is an anonymous image board. You couldn't possible know who I am. It's not like you can tell people apart by their drawing styles.
(385.66 KB 1024x1240 process.webm)

(368.01 KB 2048x2480 tyr-for-you.jpg)

Let thee be blessed my child
(171.73 KB 1000x1459 cleric.jpg)

(175.68 KB 1000x1621 heavy crossbowman.jpg)

Started working on some npcs (antagonists) for a d&d campaign I started writing.
>>1287 Lookin' breddy gud >as a bonus, the snow effect makes them look particularly cool
>>1290 Thank you. I really wish I'd gotten into markers sooner because I'm finally getting how to mix them with airbrushing.
>>1190 Your picture reminded me a bit of "Attack on Titan", so I made this little animation. I misjudged how long it would take to actually finish that thing, so I've stopped, because it's not worth the effort for a little joke. I'm still posting it for fun.
Edited last time by loomis on 12/30/2020 (Wed) 05:58:45.
(784.85 KB 3000x2400 sikdorf.jpg)

Some eastern dwarfs
>>1298 That's really amazing! I especially like the titan transformation part. >>1299 Very nice attention to the texture/detail of the armor and very nice dubs
>>1298 woah :DDD
>>1298 Holy shid :DDD I lol'd hard
>>1299 based and sandpilled
>>1281 trad and chadpilled
>tfw want to post some drawings I did but the thread is like 150 posts in and I'm afraid nobody will see them at what post count do these threads bumplock at? I know this place is dead as hell but just to be on the safe side...
>>1343 <I'm afraid nobody will see them Are you from cuckchan or something? This place gets 1 post per day and is frequented by the same 12 people who read every single post every single day, so if you post your drawing everyone is going to see it. If you want to wait until the new thread you should just go back because it's going to take at least 1 year.
>>1344 Come now, it's just an innocent question, no need to be rude fella.
>>1344 I'm new to this 8chan's loomis, so I don't fuckin know. Either way I'll post them in a bit. >>1346 It's all good. I honestly miss the raw honesty 8chan, and I'm glad we're getting more traffic. It's good to be back.
(1.38 MB 2400x3054 fire sapper.jpg)

I need to do a few passes with photoshop to round it out but all the traditional work is p much done.
(1.01 MB 2000x2545 flecktarn ranger.jpg)

>>1361 same with this guy
(1.42 MB 1000x1000 fox.png)

(2.92 MB 3712x3712 37ouaswjux861.jpg)

Tried applying the techniques from that expressionism painting digitally, but eh... Let's just call it "painterly". Bitches love painterly.
(1.29 MB 1200x900 octocan_resized.png)

octocan octocan, does whatever he wants, in his can >>1361 >>1363 I'd want these guys in my party, they seem like valuable assets to any team >>1364 I like it
>>1361 >>1363 Can't tell if it's just the white background, but the characters feel very low on the value scale. It accentuates the silhouettes, which are read very well, but it's like dimly-lit figures chroma eyed onto the great white void. Especially the metallic bits, the highlights of which one would expect to read almost as bright as the brightest brights.
(360.53 KB 894x1321 IMG.jpg)

I used a real picture of a girl as reference, it was quite the experience since generally I don't stylize my stuff this much. Please let me know what you think.
(1.61 MB 1500x2000 spot wide 2 small.png)

(629.60 KB 1500x2000 maybe.png)

Spot "Mini" I wonder how they make them dance. They must have a choreographer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fn3KWM1kuAw
>>1298 NOT THE GONDOLA NO! Really good anon. >>1299 That's a really neat take on dwarves that I don't think I've ever seen before. >>1374 It's really cute. The eyes look a bit odd because they seem to be a different style from the rest of the drawing. Sort of like a eurotoon with anime eyes. Maybe I'm being overly critical. The eyes by themselves do look good though.
(740.56 KB 1384x1295 IMG_0001.jpg)

(1.04 MB 2296x1984 IMG_0002.jpg)

Just posting some stuff, I don't like how they turned out, horizon line on second one seems fucked. k have a good day.
(304.46 KB 704x1024 Δsmol.png)

(395.74 KB 576x1024 robmomsmol.png)

>>1376 Dat midriff
>>1376 Nice to see you again, monsieur >>1380 Cute, her nose is a little off from center though >>1384 Nice robogirls eee, the one on the right kind of reminds me of She-Seth from Street Fighter V
>>1384 I particularly like the joints here, very nice
(3.44 MB 467x440 557.gif)

(1.76 MB 1500x2000 spot wide 2 pregnant ok.png)

>>1395 >>1388 I haven't posted in months indeed. I feel like I haven't drawn much during the pandemic I think the first Spot model doesn't have actually have the pliers-head, but I like its expressivity. They use it themselves in some of the choreography, making her sing and whatnot >>1385 I do have a bigger version, but I omitted it first.
(826.26 KB 1178x2362 aaaaaaaa.png)

trying to draw clothing and posing
>>1396 > pliers-head Its an arm
(41.23 KB 427x640 lmao fox.jpeg)

(1.32 MB 843x1000 "clawed" monet lmfao.png)

Fucking around with the Monet brush in Artstudio Pro. Shading with blue cause Monet is where the "never use black or gray" art meme came from.
>>1432 Cut faux; looks like he broke one of his fangs though :C
(471.91 KB 1000x1000 firework_princess_l.png)

I ... I used the /ic/ chart ...
>>1483 Y-you...two timer!
(723.56 KB 1110x847 WIP.png)

Just a teaser for what's to come
(85.78 KB 700x525 S+P2.png)

Lods of proportion issues
>>1498 ...
(529.40 KB 788x1024 -.-..-.-...-smol.png)

Feet are another weakness of mine
(604.24 KB 1200x1600 kaylie face reference sheet.png)

(898.16 KB 1200x1600 Elroy face reference sheet.png)

(388.55 KB 1200x1200 bros.png)

(339.84 KB 1200x1200 siblings.png)

Doing a webcomic so I drew out the three main characters and I'm experimenting with proportions and shading techniques so quality is kind of all over the place, but I definitely think I'm making progress. Just have to refine it and nail down how I want to express it. With all that being said, anyone got any tips on lettering? My handwriting is dogshit and the only font tool lettering in Krita that gives off comic vibes is comic sans and I feel dirty for using it.
>>1501 A little late but honestly they don't look all that bad, they ARE a little small but no one cares except fo*t f*gs anyway. The real challenge I suppose is getting them to look like they're firmly planted on the ground and then arranging the figure around them as such. >>1591 >tfw no Kaylie gf or mysterious always-shirtless musclebro You've got a ways to go in the draftsmanship department but you'll get there; keep practicing.
>>1591 Wild Words is pretty standard among scanlation teams. Fonts aren't normally a part of the software unless they're tied to it by license (so not in the case of Krita), they're installed on your computer. You'll have to download one from somewhere, none of the defaults mesh very well with comics, although I think I've read some people use Calibri. The text tool in Krita sometimes causes crashes though, be sure to save before using it. You might be better off using a different program altogether for typesetting, but I have no idea what that would be.
>>1591 Blambot has comic fonts that are free use for indie/webcomic stuff. Or any of those 1001fonts dot com type of places where license free fonts are uploaded.
>>1596 would you able to define more specifically what you mean by the 'draftsmanship' part? I do appreciate the feedback.
>>1601 Your lines and shapes are stinky and weird. Your hatching doesn't come across as tone and looks more like a bunch of individual, inconsistent and very fine eye-catching surface details that are completely distinct from everything else and draw the eye away from the bigger picture, rather than describing the way the forms turn in space. The lines in the little doodles with constant line weight, like the MRE scene, feel more cohesive and less distracting and, as such, are not stinky and less weird.
Not >>1630 but they summed up some of your issues, albeit in a rude way. I can't find the specific video I remember, but there is actually a ton of brief but very good videos on refining line art that are well worth watching that explain the process, it's kind of a "youtube search + take your pic" kind of thing. If you come across any work by "Art Chad" on this board take a close look at how he does it for example. >pic related Note the varying line widths, the compressed "hidden" lines and so on. Hatching is a bit different a beast but the idea is to convey the three dimensional form of the subject with it.
>>1632 Flattering though it is, I feel I should point out that I'm not Art Chad.
>>1638 Really? Damn I felt pretty confident that was his work; sorry!
(488.67 KB 1500x1125 4 flavors of apple.jpeg)

It's done. Why haven't you taken the impressionism pill /loomis/? -fast -easy -normies love it
>>1647 Because I took the realist pill instead -slow -difficult -normies hate it
(283.60 KB 543x900 doll_painting.jpg)

>>1648 forgot to attach pic because I'm retarded
>>1647 >>1648 Artists like Joaquin Sorolla y Bastida show that you can do both at the same time to excellent effect. >>1649 That's really good anon.
>>1648 >realist pill >normies hate it Who or what was it exactly that memed normies into not liking realism? Aside from the (((obvious))).
>>1650 Thanks fam. I tend to not use the words realist, impressionist or anything like that because they're really poorly defined. I was just using it for the meme, lol. There's an idea of impressionism where you recognize that vision is light hitting your retina and you as a painter can recreate that effect by painting what you "see" on your canvas. So like, not painting the "thing" but instead painting the impression of it. If you just keep working on this, you'll end up at what most people would call "realism". But there's also the impressionist movement which is usually what people think about when they hear the word. It's in the movement where it becomes more of a "style" and can even drift away from the original impressionist idea. I'd consider my painting very strongly oh the "impressionist idea" whereas >>1647 is more impressionist in the sense of style (less so on the fourth one). Sorry for the 'tism text but it's one of those things I feel compelled to talk about whenever it's brought up. >>1651 To be honest, a lot of normies do like it when they're given the opportunity to see it. It's just that they're not ever exposed to it or when they are, they're often not exposed to the really good stuff.
(1.75 MB 825x720 shapes.webm)

>>1661 E S O T E R I C
(3.12 MB 1817x2958 me-at-my-desk.png)

Literally me.
>>1674 Me except a picture of anime lesbians touching eachother inappropriately instead of drawing software
>>1674 >tfw no 24-inch Wacum display tablet Excellent work Artchad. I recall seeing your already impressive pre-rendered version on drawpile a while ago.
(45.25 KB 512x512 you-need-jesus)

>>1675 >Me except a picture of anime lesbians touching eachother inappropriately instead of drawing software Pic related >>1676 > >>tfw no 24-inch Wacum display tablet It's a 13 inch wacum tablet. Wouldn't buy again. I'd probably get some huion screen tablet. Back when I bought the tablet it still cost like 1200USD. Never really used the touch. A screen tablet isn't even necessary for painting. I would say it's necessary for animation though. Animating on a screen tablet is a lot more accurate.
(515.43 KB 720x720 Aj gives you your hat back.png)

>>1678 Honestly I prefer screenless tablets. They allow me to look at my high quality screen placed further away. As good as a display tablet's screen might be, I doubt it can surpass the quality of a good monitor. A display tablet will result in hunched back and neck pain. Being so close to a screen will put a lot of strain on your eyes. Overall a screenless tablet is better. All the big tablets have screen though. The largest screenless tablet I have found is 12 inch. >>1675 >Me except a picture of anime lesbians touching eachother inappropriately instead of drawing software gay
>>1674 The canvas is blank. He's been at it for hours and the canvas is blank! :,( >>1661 forbidden donut
(1.70 MB 2655x3623 celtic swordmaster.jpg)

>>1707 Aye'll drink ta that!
(4.12 MB 1600x1200 gondola_stars.webm)

(428.34 KB 1600x1200 gondola_stars.png)

I was sifting through my wip folder and noticed a .kra from about a year ago that I had forgotten about. At the time, I didn't realize I could easily use a video editor to fade things in and out so I just left it unfinished. I think this is what I was aiming for. An aside: I've also noticed that someone was taking the time to upload a still frame from the .webms on to the booru. For that anon's convenience, I'll start posting a still .png for the booru from now on.
>>1785 This is lovely. Saved.
(480.69 KB 1000x1000 fudge_princess_L.png)

>>1794 Oh mama
(764.13 KB 1246x1594 oh boy.jpeg)

It's fucking drapes. I'm glad I'm done painting drapes.
>>1855 Pretty good anon. Nice understanding of lighting, I sincerely hope you had a reference for this?
(113.13 KB 640x480 drapes.jpeg)

>>1861 >I sincerely hope you had a reference for this Yep. Had to paint the image stretched vertically cause the canvas was taller than the source image. There's a few things I didn't get around to painting like that dark red rim in the bottom left, but I've gotten bored of working on it.
>>1865 What you just copied a painting instead of painting using actual drapes as reference?
>>1870 Yes, copying this low quality print out of someone else's painting was an assignment from my art teacher.
(235.77 KB 995x1669 suke.png)

>>1896 >tfw mysterious ass-kickeress gf I love the subtle folds. I feel her hand on our right is a bit too small. You have the right idea making it smaller because it's a bit further from the viewer but I feel the contrast in size is a bit too extreme for what wouldn't be too much distance.
>>1785 I like how the viewer doesn't have to interpret a lot into the stars, it's all clearly visible.
>>1785 I like how the viewer doesn't have to interpret a lot into the stars. The symbols are all clearly visible.
(311.26 KB 800x800 Art Frog.png)

YOU HAVE BEEN VISITED BY THE ART FROG OF INDOMITABLE WILL. Meaningful art gains, and an unbreakable work flow will come to you, but only if you post: STAY STRONG SMOL SOLDIER!
(111.05 KB 500x700 dangerous.png)

(332.77 KB 1000x1000 20210313_1000a.png)

>>1955 >smol >strong >a soldier check'd
(450.03 KB 1500x1500 mom.png)

(1.34 MB 1500x1500 mom colors.png)

(9.45 MB 1600x900 malomomtimelapse.mp4)

I've discovered a good software for screen recording that doesn't slow my computer to a crawl when I both record and draw. It's called Debut Video Capture Software and it's pretty fun
(823.64 KB 1500x1000 is this your set up.jpg)

>>1960 What about OBS have you tried that ? I tried to record with that on a 7 year old laptop it worked fine, but I only recorded few minutes while using Photoshop cs6 or cc2013-15.That laptop has a graphic card so that might have helped, I don't know, I also have another 8 year old laptop that has no graphic card & I haven't tested it on that. How many hours of video did you record for your time laps video? Do you use a newer pc with good hardware & do you use dual monitors,pen- display monitors ? How do have open reference images & screen recording at the same time or are you the legendary Übermensch who never uses reference images?
(846.70 KB 1000x669 gno.png)

>>1960 >proprietary software >for something as basic as screen recording
>>1963 I had completely forgotten about OBS, thanks. I don't have a graphic card on my laptop right now but I could try if I find that DVCS is lacking in some aspect or if I ever want to stream or something. >How many hours of video did you record for your time laps video? About 20 minutes for that one, here's a version in real speed. >Do you use a newer pc with good hardware & do you use dual monitors,pen- display monitors ? I've tried a wacom pen-display tablet once at a friend's and I was really disappointed. The colors were off, there was lag, and the tablet's pointer wasn't aligned to the pen's tip due to the thickness of the glass >How do have open reference images & screen recording at the same time or are you the legendary Übermensch who never uses reference images? Far from it, I used a reference for the wolf skull in the sketch. >>1965 I'm already using Micro$oft windows on this computer, there is no saving it. It could have been worse, I almost used Zoom
>>1966 Using windows is no excuse for using other proprietary software. One should always be working towards incremental improvement in their lives. As an artist you should understand this more than anyone else.
>>1967 You make a compelling argument and I'll reform soon enough. The truth is that I didn't even notice it was proprietary.
>>1967 >he's here
>>1970 Oi how do you get in the habit of drawing. It's been weeks and I've drawn absolutely fuckall. Stuck in a loop of "I should draw" and some sort of retarded anxiety of not drawing yet that demotivates me.
>>1974 Go to https://dad.gallery/ and try and get a streak set up. It's a pretty interesting way to motivate consistent activity.
>>1974 Not him but I draw something well within my comfort zone. I figure even if I'm not pushing myself or anything as long as I'm drawing instead of not drawing it's already a step forward
(326.08 KB 650x1600 struggler page 1.png)

(570.99 KB 650x2000 struggler page 2.png)

I drew my first comic this week. Even though the shading is a bit jank, and the MC's head shape is kind of inconsistent I'm actually really happy with how this turned out. Much fun was had making this.
(98.93 KB 2821x2144 drawing.png)

I uh, drew this. How do you even draw hands. It looks fucking off but I can't quite put my finger on it but I uh, guess I'll post it here since I haven't shared anything in like fucking ages. I guess it's better than my last drawing I posted here >>1405
>>2045 Good work, based struggler >>2046 If you want to draw hands you're gonna finna have to start drawing them from observation.
(83.03 KB 600x800 15897828@800-1425310376.jpg)

(112.61 KB 465x700 Another.jpg)

>>1960 >>1966 I wouldn't have expected you to draw literal fursuiters, Ciircuit. I know Breynz is really popular in the furry community for some odd reason.
(905.92 KB 1400x1600 pregnant at last.png)

(34.52 KB 912x754 sadness.png)

(57.43 KB 1156x1076 sadding.png)

>>2049 I don't mind the inspiration of Mal0 to be a fursuiter, especially since it's a nice fursuit. Maybe he's popular because he's unusual and rather well-made as far as fursuits go? In any case, I like skull-faced ladies.
(35.11 KB 640x360 Ophelia.jpg)

(370.35 KB 1920x1200 Ophelia again.jpg)

>>2051 Did you not base it on that? Because it looks very similar to both Breynz and all the "fan art" of Breynz. If you based it on SCP-1471, then you should know that's also Breynz. >I like skull-faced ladies. What if it wasn't just the face?
(168.78 KB 1200x981 SCP-173.jpg)

(22.75 KB 717x311 lol.png)

(307.49 KB 914x1121 robot_skeleton_bones_rocks.png)

>>2053 Certainly; I based it on SCP-1471, but I actually use wolf skulls as reference, along with a generic humanoid body (on which I should work fur rendering). I have heard about Breynz but I've only looked into Mal0 fanart, I wasn't actually aware that he had had any apart from fanart related to SCP-1471. That's pretty cool, but I wonder how he feels about it, because I don't think many people know about him. Many pictures on SCP just aren't sourced. >What if it wasn't just the face? I do like bony ladies (though not entirely because I also like soft tits). Ophelia is very pretty.
>>2054 > I wasn't actually aware that he had had any apart from fanart related to SCP-1471 I was referring to the SCP art, because Malo is literally just Breynz but with a different name. It's based on the same character and has the same design. >him The suiter is a woman. Honestly she probably finds all this very creepy, she hasn't posted anywhere in years. According to her Twitter bio, she's a doctor now.
>>2055 >a woman Oh wow, so she is. I should stop believing random shitposting. After verification, it appears she wasn't the only one to wear the suit however, and that she refers to the character as a "he" under the picture that appears in the SCP page. >According to her Twitter bio, she's a doctor now. Maybe she doesn't have time for the internet anymore. She also had some stalking problems on FA some years ago that could explain her lack of activity.
(332.29 KB 1080x1400 Actions.png)

(330.74 KB 1080x1400 consequences.png)

>Not a single new post since the 17th Well hot damn fellas, I'm gonna give you the benefit of the doubt that you're all working hard on your art ventures, but don't die on me just yet!
>>2146 >I forgot that the drawstrings on his shorts were off center in the second one and I was going to fix that at a later time but I forgot PAIN
(224.30 KB 1664x921 download.jpg)

(39.93 KB 750x420 Frank-Zane-workout-750x420.jpg)

>>2147 It's okay, just always be mindful of things like that and little by little your art will improve. Kek'd at the second pic btw. I will say the musclefella's proportions are a little peculiar, at least his abdominal area as they seem a little small and compressed when there's really not THAT much daylight between them and the pectoralis muscles on a real figure. Also, try and experiment with line weight a little more. Keep workin'!
>>2146 He's a big guy
(1.60 MB 480x267 jontron taking notes.gif)

>>2149 I specifically compress that character's abdomen and give him enlarged pecs to give him a more "square" look. He's supposed to be a 'gentle giant' archtype so I wanted him to look kind of boxy and soft, but still physically imposing. I used to draw him with normal proportions but the simple face with a realistic body always looked really weird to me. I guess it's just a 'muh style" thing. I am curious to know what you mean by "experiment with line weight" however. Would you be able to elaborate?
>>2153 >I am curious to know what you mean by "experiment with line weight" however. Would you be able to elaborate? The idea is explained fairly well here. https://www.ctrlpaint.com/videos/the-power-of-line-weight It looks like most of your lines are relatively uniform in weight, but there are a few exceptions here and there. Try and mess with that idea a little more and see if you stumble on a lineweight distribution you like alternative to the one you're using now.
>>2154 Ah, now i understand. Thank you for the clarification, based fren.
(60.54 KB 997x779 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm still around. Took where I left the comic, upon abandoning it, and having the game I'm working on now continue off from there instead. Been studying programming from the ground up, though, so haven't been drawing at all. Will update when I have something to actually show of it, beyond some shitty concept art. Should be fairly soon, since I now know how to make a basic run 'n jump environment.
>>2209 >I now know how to make a basic run 'n jump environment. That's cool to hear, man. From the outside it seems to me that if you can do something like that the rest of the mechanics could quickly fall into place like a domino effect. What kind of language are you using or are you using something like Godot or Construct 2?
>>2209 Is there somewhere I can find this comic, or was it a proof-of-concept for your game more than anything?
(70.97 KB 382x948 bip.png)

>>2230 >black and purple motif based color choices
>>2230 Very cool. It reminds me of a Ben10 alien (I've never watched Ben 10 though) >>2209 That's really nice to hear news from you and your work man, and see Sally as curvy as ever.
(456.28 KB 1686x1228 medievalvtuber.png)

>>2252 based and Baroquepilled
(339.07 KB 976x1134 cooking.png)

>>2261 Talking about chefs:
(799.88 KB 1400x1080 just guys bein dudes.png)

Felt a little brave and wanted to do a piece in color for once rather than the greyscale/monochrome I'm usually comfortable with.
>>2275 Feels like a good night for a hot dish >>2278 lol'd, nice work. Reminds me of those basement drinking sessions with the fellas We've talked about some other ways to improve your work previously and it appears you maybe be taking some steps in that direction with line weight variation and so on so I'll just target a couple specific things here. Your shoes could be a little better, particularly those on the Big Guy®. Consider doing a few studies of shoes using sketchfab-or even using them as a reference for your own designs. https://sketchfab.com/search?q=shoe&sort_by=-relevance&type=models Another thing, I think you did a disservice to yourself by drawing all of the beers manually because a lot of them are a bit inconsistent. Don't be afraid to ctrl+v something like that. To break up the monotony you could draw the beer he's holding at a stronger angle, and give the labels themselves some variation in which portion of the label is displayed and which portion is obscured by the curvature of the bottle.
Edited last time by loomis on 04/08/2021 (Thu) 00:29:18.
>>2288 Oh by the way, I think you did a pretty good job with the directional lighting, man. The colors fit nicely. One more thing: it might not hurt to add a bit of implied dimension to the bed. Instead of having it completely dead on straight you could add a subtle front plane and maybe make a little bit of the headboard/pillows more visible.
>>2278 Is your native language read right to left? If not I don't know why you structured your characters like you did. This has a mild "punchline" to it where one character rambles and the other isn't paying attention. The viewer's attention should first be brought to the speech bubble to read the rant and then slide over to the other bubble when they "get bored" leading to the zinger that the dude bro is asleep and isn't listening. As is I suppose the toad image is so centered and colorful it draws your attention to it immediately anyway, but for future reference if you're writing in English you should set it up so the panels flow in a similar manner to reading a book. Left to right, top to bottom.
>>2292 Very good post and something that didn't really register with me at first.
(3.79 MB 1000x1000 ruins.webm)

(10.96 MB 1500x1500 ruins-large.png)

>>2275 Someday soon I'm gonna try one of your recipes, they always look and sound tasty. I think Carol's enthusiasm for cooking is infectious. >>2278 Now he's got me thinking about jams n' such too.
>>2294 Very pleasant as usual, Gondolafella
>>2294 I really love your webms. The music is very emotional as usual. <3
(86.46 KB 1564x879 20_en.png)

(82.67 KB 1564x879 Blanquette de veau.png)

(84.84 KB 1564x879 far breton.png)

(86.20 KB 1564x879 lentils and sausages.png)

(86.38 KB 1564x879 mushrooms.png)

>>2294 This is very comfy and strangely melancholic. It makes me want to visit ruins and look at the scenery until night falls. >I think Carol's enthusiasm for cooking is infectious. I'm happy to hear that, because that's pretty much my point with those recipes: I like cooking (and it's also another excuse to draw female cryptids). Also, all the recipes have been tried, so I can vouch for them: they're pretty good. >>2278 I actually got a jam/jelly recipe for Fall.
>>2312 >cum mushroom sauce Mon Dieu! >cute birb tho
(137.64 KB 474x643 I'm perfectly sane.png)

>>2292 Wew, completely forgot about checking back on the thread so apologies for a late response. Yeah, a lot of those mistakes I've noticed that after a certain period of drawing I start to go on autopilot and I just start doing things without really thinking about them. Like for instance, I actually copy-pasted all those bottles for the sketch, but for the line work I just started inking them one by one and didn't really realize what I had done until I was painting the reflections on them. I think the solution going forward is that I really need to break my drawing sessions into pieces rather than drawing for 8-10 hours straight. Also the shoes being lumpy and shitty can be attributed to have drawing his legs at a dozen different angles and admittedly forgetting to fix their shape after finding the correct angle. Although that sketch fab site is actually really nice and I found a model of shoes that are pretty much the shape I was going for, so at least I won't have an excuse to not draw them on model every time.from now on, so thank you for that. As for >>2292 part of the joke was that the speech bubble gets cut off by the page's border right before he calls them 'glowniggers' and the idea was that the viewer would see the large colorful thought bubble first while the the rambling is meant to be noise in the background. You are right though and it is something to consider. >>2294 I really like the texture work, particularly on the building, as well as the the grass. >>2312 My dad does a ton of canning and he actually makes a phenomenal blueberry-apple jelly that's fantastic for toast, and then he also makes a jalapeno jelly that makes for a good spread for breakfast/lunchmeat sandwiches. But yeah, I just want you guys to know that your advice falls not on deaf ears, and that it makes me big sad that this board is so inactive.I will say in good news however, is that I'm working on my first digital commission, so I'll be posting that the next time I happen by.
(13.06 KB 560x541 smug.png)

(106.88 KB 1564x879 PENIS DRINK.png)

(84.44 KB 1564x879 MATHEMATICS.png)

(109.67 KB 1564x879 EXISTENCE.png)

(113.67 KB 1564x879 FOOD.png)

>>2317 She means well, most of the time.
>>2322 >As for >>2292 part of the joke was that the speech bubble gets cut off by the page's border right before he calls them 'glowniggers' and the idea was that the viewer would see the large colorful thought bubble first while the the rambling is meant to be noise in the background. You are right though and it is something to consider. You can do this same gag when it's flipped, just have the speech bubble to his upper left and have it dwindle behind his head instead of off the page.
(112.90 KB 700x663 water.jpg)

Day 4
(28.92 KB 700x663 water.jpg)

>>2338 >112.90 KB Sorry about that
(700.86 KB 1200x1080 Kaylie glasses.png)

Working on doing some redesigns for all my characters, mostly small things that nobody will probably notice.
>>2418 Cute, also heh
(84.84 KB 418x418 Tangent.png)

>>2418 I love her smug expression. Watch out for tangents though. You want your lines to have a clear origin and termination; in the case of the area right here you not only have the contours of two tufts of hair basically combining into one, but her jawline sort of joins the mass as well. I think I mentioned something about this before but it's kind of hard to explain and I'm pretty sure I was never able to find that article I wanted to show you... UNTIL NOW! Check it out: https://artofvisualthinking.blogspot.com/2012/10/those-pesky-tangents.html
(99.41 KB 418x418 Tangent.png)

I uh...actually found a couple more. It might seem nitpicky and it is, but once you know what to look for you'll instantly know what to avoid and your work will improve/read clearer.
Edited last time by loomis on 04/20/2021 (Tue) 02:08:21.
>>2440 Wow, that's embarrassing. Normally I'm pretty conscious of tangents but not this time it seems.
(184.81 KB 1000x750 first acrylic "painting".jpeg)

(130.11 KB 1000x750 4 or 5 years ago.jpeg)

(139.52 KB 1000x750 3ish years ago.jpeg)

(341.19 KB 1500x1125 glossy ibis today.jpeg)

Rate muh art progress. Been painting for about 5 years, on and off.
>>2530 Lookin' good fambalaya
>>2440 >really interesting post <90% of the posts are just random art and stuff <no tags I hate it.
(4.05 MB 3120x4160 IMG_20210423_205822.jpg)

ay lads here's my St George's day sketch okthankyou don't have a working scanner or a drawing tablet so just pencil and paper
>>2582 good lad
>>2582 You've got a way to go fella, but by drawing anything at all you're well on your way to making it.
(6.66 KB 704x461 evening_mood.png)

(1.28 MB 704x461 evening_mood.webm)

(1.27 MB rainy_improv.mp3)

It's been a long week The guitar was recorded earlier today, just some improv while the rain fell.
(1.28 MB 640x480 evening_mood.webm)

>>2599 I think something got messed up with that webm
>>2602 Very charming, and nice playing anon
(405.63 KB 1408x1712 je-veux-sucer-ton-sang.jpg)

Anyone could please draw this goth girl dressed as quiet?
(56.59 KB 1024x647 soyboy_maximus.jpg)

>>2683 Requestfags GTFO
>>2683 Oh, it's you again. >>487
(893.42 KB 1485x1225 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.18 MB 937x937 jane.png)

(84.77 KB 391x530 ClipboardImage.png)

my productivity has been shooting up and i havent posted in threads like this in years
>>2689 I'm pretty sure I recognize your work and yeah, I haven't seen you post in a long time. Good stuff; did anything in particular remind you of this doomed board? Good to hear your productivity is increasing at any rate.
>>2690 i have always lurked here and there, admittedly been hesitant to post for a hot minute mostly because i've been stagnant but i figured that's the point, the gains. i also got myself b& from twatter which is a bigger shithole so that happened to be a massive service.
(311.39 KB 523x655 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2689 smal update. colors are hard.
>>2691 >>2695 Have you considered joining the Drawpile? It's come along way since a few years ago. There's at least a handful of people that draw every day and Sundays (i.e. right now and probably for the next four or five hours) we've been getting 10+ people these days. Feel free to come check it out sometime if you're comfortable with that idea.
>>2689 >>2695 Very, very nice
(613.91 KB 822x950 ClipboardImage.png)

i don't know anything about capeshit, but someone wanted to see me draw superman and i obliged probably they expected me to fuck it up horribly but i think i did a decent job considering how rarely i draw humans lately >>2696 for sure, i've joined a couple of times with a name like 12345678 or something like that, i might try to show up more often
>>2714 So happens I've also taken a couple shots at (a version of) Superman recently, for a project concept
>>2714 Nice work, I'm not sure if he's making an incredulous expression or if he's punch drunk from a Lex-bot's kryptonite fists. >>2716 Very nice. As always your art is a lot of fun to look at.
(377.09 KB 943x566 ClipboardImage.png)

(178.50 KB 503x606 ClipboardImage.png)

(217.35 KB 526x602 ClipboardImage.png)

i drew an iguana for the first time, it's quite wonky
>>2725 Lizard/10
>>2725 I fancy that slime creature. I want to be a slime creature sometimes and fit into crevices
(1.57 MB 1600x1080 Aniki.png)

(352.10 KB 750x1000 pot.jpeg)

Pot Workin with bigger canvases now, this one 16x12.
>>2815 DUDE
>>2815 This is so fucking cool. The mix between traditional technique and algorithm-induced colors is great.
(164.98 KB 1200x1188 shibu bonfire lit.jpg)

>>2815 Those colors invoke a warm fuzziness inside of me. Like I could gain warmth just from being near it. Me likey.
>>2824 WEED >>2834 >>2836 Dang, wasn’t expecting people to like this so much. My art teacher suggested painting something posterized to practice keeping the paint texture smooth, and I chose the colors. I’ve always liked analogous color schemes.
>>2845 LMAO
(381.76 KB 900x450 various052121.png)

King, King of Fighters/ digital paint practice/ inking practice
>>2887 King-u! Also muscle baby and girl covered in mysterious substance. Hmmm. Good stuff anon!
Posting a WIP inspired by Francois Boucher's sketches. Aside from the crosshatching, I love his sense of form and use of overlaps to create believeable, adorable little cupid boys. So I'm trying to practice that.
>>2892 Downvote
(10.50 KB 640x640 be_nice1.png)

>>2892 Upvote >>2896 Yep, the downvote has been negated
(875.55 KB 640x360 Blue Dante.mp4)

>>2902 No it hasn't LOL
(86.21 KB 552x694 Cheese.jpg)

A friend spontaneously asked me to do a "study" of a picture of a mutual friend of ours awkwardly cutting cheese with a weird hand position. As I thought the picture was amusing as well I agreed. I'm not a painter and unfortunately I don't understand much about color and stuff like that but I gave it a go. I do not like Philip Guston at all and his simplistic, smelly, greasy work was the first thing that came to mind as I finished this. I could have spent more time refining the shapes themselves but color, value and all of that sort of thing are completely outside of my paygrade. Was fun to try though! I need to do this sort of thing a lot more often as there is a lot of stuff that works much better/faster as a painting.
>>2914 People act like color is some mysterious wizardry, but really, if it doesn't immediately make you go "ugh" or burn your eyes, it's probably fine.
>>2919 For what it's worth, I failed in a lot of ways in the drawing aspect as well lol. I understand where you're coming from but I was really kind of taken aback by how difficult it was to get the "right" color, accounting for hue, saturation etc. It was a learning experience that's for sure but admittedly I was lazier than I should have been, too. Just have to move on to the next one I suppose.
(4.36 MB 3954x1692 ClipboardImage.png)

(2.82 MB 3248x1426 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.51 MB 3060x1105 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2725 been a minute since i posted in this thread, this past week, most of these from the past 2 days. has been full of some very self indulgent degeneracy and attempts to actually use my brain for perspective. >>2928 to be fair it's not the worst thing for what it is considering it is not your bread and butter in the first place, i know i've picked some absolutely shit colors and rendering earlier on, plus skin is surprisingly tricky to color >>2887 always love your colors anon
>>2930 >you will never get swallowed whole by a pregnant fox with huge tits Why even live?
(552.62 KB 940x1556 rick.jpg)

(483.54 KB 878x1608 p1.jpg)

(506.79 KB 910x1603 p2.jpg)

(325.21 KB 896x1422 p3.jpg)

>>2955 Based and Axe-murdererpilled
(1005.95 KB 1723x828 local value.jpg)

>>2955 You've got some neat ideas, but you could do more to help the viewer make sense of what the details are structurally. For example with these heads, I can't really tell if the stuff on them is clothing or some kind of carapace. Maybe try to either separate them more clearly, or make a point of demonstrating how they blend in with the skin. As details get denser they begin to read as texture. That's cool, but unless you specifically want it to look uniform the next step would be to assign local values to things to make them stand out. Depending on how you arrange them it completely changes the impression, so that can be fun to play around with. I defiled one of your drawings to illustrate, sorry.
>>2959 Was going for like a Guyver or Engineer from Alien kinda thing where its a bio suit. I don't mind the edits at all btw.
(1.36 MB 1840x1160 CLEAN THIS SHIT JANNIES.png)

(721.54 KB 1066x1160 cake2.png)

(4.83 MB 4856x2384 p1.png)

(1.48 MB 2026x2256 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2930 it's been about daily, bros. running out of ideas but i thought to myself last night about going on about studying plants, always fuck those up considerably. i would try something far more challneging with what i know but i am not patient enough for that, i'm mostly kind of a fuckoff person drawing as fast as i can, which is definitely detrimental. probably my unfamiliarity with plants can hone more observation >>2935 to share the pain with our fellow degenerates. otherwise we would be very lonely
(257.39 KB 1080x1200 Kaylie cursed shirt.png)

(290.54 KB 1080x1200 elroy cursed shirt.png)

(323.92 KB 1080x1200 andy cursed shirt.png)

I've been slowly narrowing down what brushes I want to use to a relatively small group, but unfortunately my indecisiveness will always be my worst enemy. Also looking at these now, I think I could have used my negative space more effectively but oh well.
(179.08 KB 600x600 me the pizza.jpg)

>>2971 Ew, she's smoking. Also you accidentally drew that one character with a dinger-I hope you said "no-homo" first. >>2972 Andy is based, your other characters are okay too tho. You did a pretty good job with the shading, though some of the lines look a little crispier than they should, perhaps. At least you have a good bit of width variation. Andy needs a bit more pelvis I think fren. It looks like his benis is being cradled by the pubic symphisis rather than emerging from beneath it if you gnometalmbout.
>>2972 Andy has small vagina apparently.
(972.18 KB 1799x3129 snapdragon.jpg)

I haven't been drawing or posting enough, time to fix that
>>2983 Oh snap. Looking good fren
(404.94 KB 540x432 dumb stupid pervert.gif)

>>2973 >>2980 H-he's grower not a shower, I-I swear!
>>2985 Anon, I have some very bad news for you, but you should probably do some crotch studies so you actually understand what's going in that area of the pants. You don't seem to quite grasp how far the penis and testes sit below the belly button, or even how the crotch on most pants work.
>>2986 I know it was a joke
>>2987 I've got a joke for you...right here. heh W-wait a second. Let me run that back.
(1.03 MB 1108x1640 2 (4).jpg)

(731.77 KB 1064x1447 2 (5).jpg)

(1.17 MB 1588x1604 IMG_20210522_0025.jpg)

(726.92 KB 994x1597 2 (2).jpg)

Not enuff orks ere!
(415.78 KB 899x1564 snapdragon-scaled.jpg)

A little color >>2991 I'm loikin' dese 'ard boyz
(46.27 KB 474x632 snapdragon2.jpg)

(277.35 KB 1071x1600 snapdragon.jpg)

>>2994 I never actually realized snapdragons are an actual thing, moreover a beautiful flower. I just thought it was a cool gamer name by qualcomm
(2.76 MB 1500x1200 BBQ shoes.png)

(2.66 MB 434x372 pov burgers.gif)

(54.75 KB 400x400 .jpg)

>>3094 P. gud, keep at it. Rendering isn't my forte so I'm hesitant to comment on the specifics, you seem to have an idea of the basic concepts. However, I can point out that beards let through a *lot* of light. Matt Damons scruff isn't the best example, but I would expect even a dense beard to at least be light around the edges when backlit. The same goes for hair of course. That might be easier to find references for too.
Been relearning/analyzing my approach to digital color/painting. Trying to make desired results more consistent >>2930 And thanks for the compliment, man
>>3120 > Been relearning/analyzing my approach to digital color/painting. Trying to make desired results more consistent What's the approach or thought process? Or is that a secret.
(1.29 MB 2600x2500 kshit.png)

trying to design a shipgirl
>>3128 Why she burnt tho
>>3129 Is based in an infamous Steam Submarine that has a lot of design issues and a lot of the subs of this class sunk due those issues. The interiors were hot as fuck because of the dual diesel-steam engine apparently, lots of sailors were injured or died in this steel cages and the class was called K-Class for Kalamity or Killer. So I thought it would be good to put a lot of injuries in her design to show that and maybe a more gloomy aura, but I'm stilll dont sure.
(452.64 KB 998x566 memeseascape.webm)

(451.76 KB 998x566 seascape.webm)

(28.03 KB 998x566 gondola meme.png)

(26.66 KB 998x566 gondola_seaside.png)

i haven't been to the ocean in so long
>>3188 Comfy, I can almost smell that beach breeze What's the flag for?
(188.53 KB 530x612 Capture.PNG)

(784.59 KB 1263x806 C.PNG)

(944.80 KB 1200x900 Battletoadette 2.png)

(855.62 KB 1230x1110 Doom Heavy Gunner.png)

I think this'll be the first time I've posted here. Been doing all manner of drawing and painting recently.
>>3321 I like the Battletoadette, she kind of reminds me of an Animaniacs-style slapstick character, super fun stuff that's really all over the place in the best way, much like the source material. Is Big Bertha supposed to be a UAC soldieress before they all get #DOOM'd? Your Gremlinoids that are colored in a more comic book style look pretty good. Painting isn't bad either. There's actually some real nice subtlety in certain parts, particularly on the head and face of Mango on the bottom.
(1.89 MB 927x923 ClipboardImage.png)

My latest thing I did
>>3327 Neat. Textures like grain, particularly in combination with the sort of Drop Shadow like occlusion you've used in places tend to make surfaces look flat, i feel it gives drawings a paper cutout look. I'm getting a bit of that impression. I'm not complaining about any of this in itself, it doesn't necessarily make a drawing worse, but it also doesn't necessarily make it better. You are at a level of skill where you really should make very conscious choices about what goes into a picture and what doesn't. Between the aforementioned and the chromatic aberration you are going quite heavy on what is fundamentally rather cheap effects, and I think you should ask yourself what role they play in the picture compositionally. Do these things actually complement the rest of the content, or do they distract from it? If you must have them, how can the picture be composed to use them?
>>3327 Very cute, it kind of reminds me of "a Hat in Time". I don't find the "noise" texture particularly offensive even in its uniformity unlike the other anon, it just kind of looks like a stylistic choice in this instance (the character is a cartoon witch, so looking like a paper cutout isn't necessarily out of place if that's the intention)-I'm also not sure what he means by "chromatic aberration", as far as effects goes all I see is a photoshop noise filter. Maybe he means the rim light? At any rate, if you think that poster does have a point perhaps check out this video by Mohrbacher (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cz387Vy0Ps0) in which he talks about applying texture more selectively and tastefully (though he is working on a more realist piece). Things I would pick out: Some of the areas you haven't used a gradient stand out a bit too much. The tongues of flame reflected on her hat and the shaded area in the center mass of that hat and the ribbon around it for example. I think it would be best if we couldn't see those individual brush strokes as easily and instead they were more seamlessly integrated with the areas they're embedded in somehow. Something about the hard angle in the light spot of the chin irks me a bit, I think for me that contrast from an area of mostly curves almost creates a focal point. As small and subtle as it is, I still think it might be worth giving it a more rounded appearance if not perhaps omitting it entirely. The sparks coming from her sword, something about them I don't care for much. I think there's a uniformity to their positioning, orientation and length that ought to be broken up a bit. You could also try experimenting with a little more gaussian blur and the like, here. In the case of that long one you have emerging from the contour where her sword and dress overlap I think you could do without that entirely. I'd say it's technically a tangent as well even if I'm being a little anal in referring to it as such (https://schweizercomics.tumblr.com/post/11966164633/the-schweizer-guide-to-spotting-tangents). Some of the sparks are also creating tangents. Try and shuffle them around a bit and see if you end up liking the result. There's also the matter of her eyebrows. Cartoons aside, the eyebrow on the viewer's right ought to be a little smaller in volume in relation to the one to the viewer's left as it's further away, it'll aid in the implied perspective. Overall, good shit anon. I'm looking forward to seeing more work from you.
Edited last time by loomis on 07/08/2021 (Thu) 03:07:27.
>>3329 >>3330 Thanks!
>>3330 Chromatic aberration is an optical phenomenon often visible in photography. In that context it is generally considered an undesirable error, but it's recently become popular to simulate in art. If you look closely at the lines there's a bit of colour fringing around it; that's what I'm referring to. To expand a little on what I meant just to clarify, I don't particularly dislike it, although a lot of artists who are probably also photographers are very butthurt about the trend. I do think however that like anything else it should be used thoughtfully to bring attention to a focal point, or strengthen an impression. For example, in photography it's commonly visible around overexposed highlights, so it could be appropriate to use around a strong light to tell the viewer that it's really glaring. But regardless of how you might apply it you are introducing colours that might not harmonise with the rest of your palette. If it serves no purpose in the composition it's just a gimmick, and unless there's some other reason to put it there you ought to reconsider its presence, again, as with anything. But "I think it looks cool" is a valid motivation, by all means do it, I just wanted to raise the point in case it's something you hadn't thought about.
(105.84 KB 615x803 Capture.PNG)

>>3285 WIP 2
>>3322 Thanks mate! I tried to stay true to the battletoad's style with Sadie Scabs's design and character. Cherry is actually just based on the original zombie chaingunner. I don't know how she was still employed by the UAC after turning into some sort of demon zombie thing. Then again, she also lost her job after becoming a demon zombie. And thanks, I've been experimenting with different kinds of rendering, glad to know it looks good.
(191.97 KB 676x587 Capture.PNG)

Second WIP
>>3381 Oh...banana
(376.04 KB 1160x1600 best girl.png)

>>3381 Excellent. The world needs more monkey girls. Am I just imagining the similarity?
(234.76 KB 957x982 kiplwd1.png)

>>3381 Second WIP 2
(120.48 KB 452x805 Capture.PNG)

Third WIP
>>3435 OO OO OO OO AA AA AA!
>>3457 You know, looking at the hands and the eyes I'm no longer convinced it's a monkey girl. I think we might have misinterpreted the design a bit, that looks more like a big cat now. Although I suppose that inadvertently serves as pretty good critique.
>>3458 I'm going to feel bad if that's the case, now that the hands are revealed I suppose that does change things a bit. I was just hooting for encouragement but if I'd misinterpreted the character and doubled down that wouldn't be very encouraging at all, no sir.
reject monke retvrn to sexy catgril
(178.99 KB 495x760 image.png)

(814.93 KB 1200x900 dart frog frog wit da dart.jpg)

(920.17 KB 1200x900 dart frog heavy metal.jpg)

>>3497 smönk Good work anon, I especially like the tiles tbh
(155.42 KB 593x682 Capture.PNG)

(266.11 KB 1500x1500 georgefroggy.jpeg)

(862.39 KB 1796x2567 20210714_144240.jpg)

I found some part of a metal brace in the back room at work, it gave me an idea. He might work as a main character in a children's book.
>>3500 Haha nice, you just reminded me how often I see faces in stuff and think out characters and cartoons for them.
>>3500 That's really cute anon. One thing that both Kim Jung Gi and Glenn Vilppu stated that sort of resonated with me recently is the idea that you should always be drawing as much as possible (that's a given)-and not necessarily in the physical sense (this part was new to me). Vilppu rightly says that we draw with our brain moreso than with our hand (I'm paraphrasing a bit because he says we "don't" draw with our hand but I don't think he means that literally) so you should always be taking in things as much as possible from your environment. Then in KJG's more recent interview on Proko's youtube channel he talks about his time in the military and how, though he wasn't able to draw anything because of being in the middle of intensive military training, he would observe things in a manner similar to if he was, basically reiterating what Vilppu said. >he also mentions something about drawing on his hand a lot, the guy is a fanatic Anyway, coming up with characters based on everyday objects would be a good example of this, it wouldn't be a bad idea to scrounge around a bit and see if there's any other things at your work that inspire you in a similar way.
(3.82 MB 1047x1063 george.png)

I'm starting to really like this fella
>>3523 Now that's a frog with a can-do attitude!
>>3523 I will eat him t. French
(198.52 KB 1024x1024 pwjnx2.png)

(298.20 KB 2600x2500 hideyos.jpg)

>>3588 Nice horn gal >and dubs Reminds me of Jinx from Teen Titans >>3625 Watch your volumes; that one hand is quite a bit bigger than the other.
>>3628 I think I should restart instead.
(50.21 KB 627x430 Bob_ross.png)

My first completed art in a long time. Went along with bob ross Seasons 25, Episode 1 for this one. completely freehand in grafx2. Wanted to give it a shot and make something so I can benchmark my eventual improvement.
(58.87 KB 994x1009 g.png)

>>3692 I like it >>3718 Really cool
>>2051 Did you used to post little comics on something awful ages ago?
>>3722 Unfortunately I think our French friend is dead (again). Perhaps he will return someday
(157.12 KB 736x750 Capture.PNG)

>>3755 Add some rollerblades and you'd have a nice Jet Set Radio character >though I suppose if you wanted to do that, you would have
(469.20 KB 909x500 namesblue.png)

>>3121 No, not a secret - but, months later, it's still a bit of a mystery to me. But if I had to teach someone how to emulate my style in general, including my paint style, I think I'd still have a lot to say. I like to use shades of grey to apply and blend values. I like uneven hue and saturation so I'll often throw in and experiment with random colors. I find it easiest to get the feel of lighting right if I first apply shading as "strips," almost very thick outlines, along the contour of forms. I'd describe my approach as generally being edge-based, and that seems to lend itself nicely to emulating the look of flash photography, which I'm kind of a a fan of, even though I don't do it particularly often. The principle of subtle taper and gradients is applied in basically every main element of coloring (hue, value, etc).
>>3784 >"Name's Blue" >is brown What did she mean by this
>>3784 Your work is always so lumpy and cool, do you have any background in sculpture?
>>3787 da ba dee dabba da-ee
>>457 >>1197 >>1298 >>1785 >>2294 >>3188 Alright, people post gondolas here, wonderful! Here's a gondola I made; The music is my creation as well (albeit by using algorithms like a mad scientist). I have it posted on the tubes too, but it feels wrong to advertise here.
(196.24 KB 679x680 Capture.PNG)

>>3798 I like what you're doing with your midriffs. The big hands on that character are cool too, I honestly really like her design. That said, the gesture of the tail is a little weird. It turns very sharply and doesn't seem to really follow the overall gesture of the body. It also seems to attach quite far up, basically at the small of her back. Assuming she has a mostly human pelvis the tailbone is a lot further down even if we account for the possibility that it's differently shaped than on a regular human (Say, curving outward rather than inward, and the sacrum being shorter). Also, watch it with the length of the legs in poses like that. Her left is quite a bit longer than the right. I dunno how your process looks, but it helps quite a bit with this to focus on the foot placement when you're drawing the pose.
>>3799 I see, thanks m8
>>3692 That's really petty anon.
>>3799 I agree with some of this except if the tail were any lower it'd be straight up her butt, it's fine. You're right about the leg though certainly.
(558.59 KB 1133x1019 disgaea-WIP.png)

Just some fan art, I haven't played Disgaea is a while - it's too time consuming.
(78.94 KB 500x436 Diagram.png)

>>3798 >>3799 >>3803 Where the tail begins is fine, it's in the right general area, what's causing the confusion is how sharp the tail curves upwards immediately. There should be a very small downward curve following the spine for the first inch, then a sharp raise. The tail is just an extension of the spine where you give it one more curve to compensate for the drop of the sacrum, then you get free range with it to do whatever you want, but you have to follow the curve of the sacrum when it first exits. I have drawn a diagram to help explain better. Both of your tails turn up a bit too fast to be convincing. The base of the tail basically has to do a full semi-circle before it can stretch anywhere above the point of origin.
>>3806 Why would you assume the tail followed the sacral curvature of a human?
(1.05 MB 1024x1024 ClipboardImage.png)

(188.11 KB 564x389 ClipboardImage.png)

(237.62 KB 396x521 ClipboardImage.png)

(924.20 KB 900x669 ClipboardImage.png)

(269.58 KB 459x612 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3807 Because the tail follows the sacrum in actual monkeys? You could argue that the tail wouldn't necessarily start at the end of the sacrum as opposed to slightly higher, but at the end of the day, if a mammal or even a reptile for that matter has a tail, it's attached to the sacrum.
(107.12 KB 250x184 ClipboardImage.png)

>>3808 >>3807 Ah, sorry, I forgot the sacrum and the cocyx are considered two separate bones. Because the tail that humans used to have would be attached to the cocyx, which does in fact follow the sacral curve. Of course this all depends on how "cartoony"/realistic you want to be with your human monkey tail. Goku has it coming out at a 90 degree angle from the sacrum, which looks fine in that artstyle.
>>3808 This might sound odd, but I feel like a lot of monkeys look more like humans than apes do. I suppose it's because many of them have less of a protruding mouth than apes do.
>>3790 No, no background in sculpture, but looking to get into it. I'm generally interested in 3D
>>3804 Pretty well done (a little gay though ngl)
(884.16 KB 900x1200 disgaea-fanart-WIP0821.png)

>>3813 Hey you know what - I'll take that as a compliment. I usually don't see artists like Bengus or Yusuke Murata as "gay" for drawing shounen characters - just really good at anatomy. Right now I've got the underpainting done so I'm just working on top and when that's finished I'll render it out and detail it a little.
>>3815 I'm sorry, I was just busting your chops, it's pretty good lad. I think you should soften those ribs a bit, keep in mind it's more the obliques/serratus muscles we see in that area which smooths the harsh shape of the ribcage out.
>>3815 Anon's chops busting aside, would you hold it against me if I admitted, at first, I kinda had the subtle impression? The body shape reads to me as having a certain delicate undertone (but that's not the intention, yeah?). Might be the round belly/abdomen shape, and the prominent naval and nipples, idk (Not a suggestion to change anything by the way; looks fine mang)
(310.70 KB 468x526 torso.png)

>>3816 I figured you were bustin' my balls - it can get hard to tell on the Internet when everyone relates everything to sexuality nowadays. I did end up softening the ribs and obliques/serratus muscles. I ended up smoothening the muscles into a much lighter tone. >>3817 >The body shape reads to me as having a certain delicate undertone (but that's not the intention, yeah?). Might be the round belly/abdomen shape, and the prominent naval and nipples, idk I see what you're saying. Harada's design of Laharl is kind of "cute" and he gets jokes as his expense based on his young age, height, that sort of thing. I do find that cute about him, Etna was designed to be loli fanservice material and Flone is also a cute/innocent character.
(144.60 KB 794x826 Gigga Nigga.jpg)

(72.46 KB 816x971 Booberess.jpg)

(207.26 KB 698x729 broko.png)

(33.28 KB 434x613 Bruh.jpg)

Random sh*t
(108.54 KB 729x722 basedchief.jpg)

(249.65 KB 831x848 BRON COMFRTO.png)

Based off of someone's painting
(57.19 KB 538x531 Blooque.jpg)

(903.55 KB 900x1200 disgaea-fanart.png)

>>3815 Finished >>3819 I like these, you should do some caricatures of urban mugshots or politicians.
>>3830 Really like your use of colors, especially the contrast in his hair while still maintaining a more simplistic artstyle. Only part slightly distracting to me is the slight distention of his right side stomach in relation to his rib cage. I suppose he might be leaning back slightly, and maybe it was intentional, but I find it mildly distracting. Most non-autists probably wouldn't notice it though.
(140.98 KB 1024x1530 sackgasse_d8.jpg)

(675.60 KB 1600x1066 85710919_o (1).jpg)

>>3832 It was intentional to draw attention to his developing body, but that part of the torso is still tricky for me. I think the general idea with kids is to emphasize babyfat in the limbs and belly, and as they get older they'll still have it, though it'll just be less noticeable.
(2.64 MB 4160x1920 20210823_094326_HDR.jpg)

>>3857 Very nice, the drawing is well done, and I really like the framing too.
(262.95 KB 1024x955 kip3.png)

>>3867 >that shiny crop-top holy frijoles
(94.03 KB 873x828 Untitled-1.jpg)

>>3996 Eyyy, whadda you lookin' at
(48.41 KB 540x488 booomer.png)

>"Beer, lol" My stereotypical boomer uncle visited today so I drew a caricature of him when he wasn't looking. Nice guy, brought us some pork chops and ribs he had extra of.
>>4071 I really like the depth of the nasolabial fold. The line from the left of of his mouth to his nose is interesting too, I don't think I've ever seen that region described like that. Somehow it's very satisfying to look at. As a line fetishist it tickles my brain in just the right way.
(3.73 MB 3120x4160 IMG_20210904_121121.jpg)

(152.03 KB 538x1024 min.png)

(123.04 KB 694x878 SMASHING.jpg)

(140.11 KB 673x753 Capture.PNG)

>>4184 Quite smashing, indeed
(407.39 KB 1050x1058 fludd.png)

Tried painting different types of surfaces like metal and glass. I used many references but It didn't come out very good. Any advice?
>>4190 lol, that's pretty good, man. I think you did a decent job on the glass, I'm pretty bad at rendering so I don't have any advice myself other than generic stuff like "push your values" more. I think Scott Robertson has some videos from his "How to Render" book on Youtube that might be useful.
>>4190 I don't have any advice right now. I would like to say I didn't need this image in my life, but thank you now that it's here and I can't get rid of it.
>>4190 This might help. You should understand how light interacts with objects of different kinds. I mean the physics model. Material absorbs, reflects and refracts light (and probably does other things to light). Really understand what it means to be 100% reflective or 100% transparent (refraction changes the direction/angle of light rays/photons, which can also vary in strength). So 100% reflection is a mirror, which is made of a very thin, very smooth layer of metal protected by glass on top. To draw mirrors, understand the principle how every particle - when reflected - is reflected at the same angle relative to the reflection surface as it had right before it hit the surface. If the surface is rough, the reflection is blurred. If the surface is convex it starts to reflect more off the surrounding, while the viewer sees it as distorted from his vantage point. Transparency is easy. Just lower the opacity of the wash or mix the paint for the spot with the color that's behind. For glass in front of a brown bear, you would mix the brow n of the bear with the color of the light that is reflected off of the colorless glass. Less brown in the mixture as the reflection increases in strength. If the surface absorbs part of the light, the surface becomes darker and the complementary color to the absorbed wave length becomes visible. Refraction is the distortion of light which becomes very obvious in water or other mediums with a different density as air at room temperature. Hot air --> fata morgana, because of the distortion of the light send out from the distant object (be it a diect light source or an indirect light source through reflection). Water --> things seem offset by a certain angle when looking through a flat water surface. Round off the surface using a glass jar or waves, you'll get all kinds of fascinating distortion. Play around with the composition of those main three properties: - reflection (- roughness and texture, which is part of reflection) - transparency - refraction You can study those properties a life time if you want to understand them more and more, and how they interact with each other. Then you can start to also play around with the color or the light and the color of the object. Maybe a hourglass shaped glass container, which is semi transparently green in front of a yellow cube lit by a point light source a few feet away to the top right, which has a slightly blue color, while the surrounding has an overall purple atmosphere, while parts of the glass are rough and have scratches. There is a lot of fun to be had. When working from imagination, most people put down blobs of color which are informed by these principles until it looks right. But it's important that you could go in and actually make it photo realistic if you wanted to. But usually it's not worth the effort. There comes the question of why you are doing art and what kind of goal you're trying to achieve. - t. got bitten by a viper man who wrote this with one hand
>>4191 >>4196 Thank you for the pieces of advice and resources. I'll post more progress on surfaces when I draw them. >>4192 Would you play a new Mario Sunshine the likes of that image? Y/N
>>4200 > Would you play a new Mario Sunshine the likes of that image? Y/N N The only reason I had for e ver owning amintendo consolewas pokemon, but that has turned gay. Mario is weak.
>>4200 >Would you play a new Mario Sunshine the likes of that image? Y/N Y, looks like a mod that could be thrown together real fucking fast if you just had a good model for replacing Mario and FLUD with.
(26.48 KB 623x278 GB_Landscape.png)

>>3721 >>3801 Thanks guys. Just completed another one, this is a gameboy-pocket-style landscape. All freehand on a whim. Tried to incoporate more tempo into the drawing (most-evident on mountains and a few rocks) but I felt like I lost it when I got to shading.
>>4211 I fucking love that pre-photoshop digital art look. Biggest regret of buying an ipad is that there's no good options for for pixel art along the lines of grafx2 or the macpaint line of programs.
(466.36 KB 1275x719 bday.png)

It was a certain someone's birthday recently It's a bit rushed and a little late but I hope you like it
>>4286 based and b-day pilled
>>4286 Ah dude thank you so much! It warms me cold, dead heart seeing other people drawing the autismos.
(205.14 KB 512x485 messy_hair.png)

I like freckles
(710.08 KB 1024x1122 ..--.-...-...-..-..-...png)

>>4417 cute
(654.50 KB 1310x701 ne'er-do-wells.png)

She looked a little lonely. I don't really like how the lad looks here, something about his eyes is wrong to me, but I can't quite put my finger on what.
>>4430 Middle gent's left eye should be slightly smaller than his right due to the rules of perspective. Furthermore I think the entire face is slanted a bit to much relative to the position of his chin and crown of his head, making all of his facial features feel "off", but this is most noticeable in the eyes where the eye line is the most important cue for symmetry. Last you can almost never actually see the curvature of the human eye unless they're bulging, his left one looks like it's about to pop out of it's socket in it's current state with how curved you made it. It should probably look a touch better if you reduce the curve and size ever so slightly. It's only off a little bit, but enough to notice. Taking one last look, you have the upper eyelid so receded it looks like he doesn't have one on his left eye at all. That's also a bit distracting.
>>4507 very cute!
(30.30 KB 700x800 clamgrill.jpeg)

I tried, don't think I'm ready to draw/paint without references yet.
>>4509 it's okay anon, it's coming along alright
>>4509 It looks damn decent anon. Very well done for a naive approach. I can tell you're somewhat scared of hands, but the stylization of the face is interesting. Keep it up.
>>4518 Yup, couldn't draw the hands without using reference, well at least I feel like I'm making progress on painting hair
(235.33 KB 792x782 ClipboardImage.png)

(112.51 KB 487x550 image.png)

(109.99 KB 754x615 pige.png)

>mfw this thread hasn't been bumped in a grip-time Bumpo
(164.41 KB 884x651 pige2.png)

Oink heh
(173.39 KB 1126x1027 meditation.png)

you people still draw right
>>5027 >>5029 Nice. >>4573 >>4629 A different kind of nice.
>>5105 Yeah, though a considerable portion of the drawing activity here has been absorbed by the Drawpile as of late.
>>2689 Awe dude, I remember your stuff from twitter, don't worry I don't judge, massive fan.
>>5105 Not for the four weeks, because my arm and hand have been hurting. I am better now and will get back to drawing soon.
(1.70 MB 4960x3508 doodle-009-005.jpg)

Second one will be posted later. This one took about maybe 16 hours I think.
>>5120 Excellent work, i must say >>5119 Take it easy if you need to, better to have slower recovery than to strain yourself.
(559.18 KB 1024x1024 doodle-010.jpg)

Ok, this was the last illustration of the old me. I'm no longer "Artchad the Gray", but "Artchad the White". You will from this day on notice a difference in the work I will share. I have quite a few connections to people who would pay me for the things I do, so I need to be presentable. It's not that I've changed just to appeal to others. But I changed, which now allows me to appeal to others. I'm not saying that I will no longer draw sexually explixit things, but they will have a different emotion within them. You might call them wholesome in some sense. I do no longer want to sin. I will start illustrating more biblical stories and high fantasy. I've just finished a chapter of my development as an artist. The old Artchad is no more.
>>5125 You do you, girl. Best of luck.
>>5126 >> You do you, girl. Best of luck. Thanks. I knew feds can be nice from time to time. Same wishes go out to you my fellow [spoileranime girl[/spoiler]. Although I must confess, in actuality I'm a man. Yes, I know. It's shocking. I don't know when I became one, but there is no going back now.
Based and Chadpilled; stay safe and keep us posted
>>5128 > Based and Chadpilled I don't know dude. I'm currently playing with the thought of giving up drawing. I'm loosing it. Why do I even draw? I mean like...what's the purpose? Should I stop thinking? Religious texts sure fuck with your head. GET ME OUT OF THIS EXISTENCE! ... OK, I think I'm fine again. I remembered. I draw for fun. I don't need a purpose, because God takes care of that. I'm just the medium. Then there also is no degenerate art. But I still think my art will change, because my mind changed quite a bit over this pasr week.
(406.99 KB 806x1382 1638257022370.jpg)

warning: not moe Is this pose possible? I mean the position of the legs?
>>5172 yes
(227.04 KB 1024x652 bone.png)

A shitpost/request
>>5261 I don't get it, cute art style though, looks vaguely familiar but I'm not sure what show it's from
(5.52 MB 2399x1375 電車.png)

(1.43 MB 2065x2596 nk0.png)

(532.39 KB 484x669 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.57 MB 1337x1775 ClipboardImage.png)

(1.27 MB 1171x1939 ClipboardImage.png)

>>2971 been a hot minute since i last posted. i've been up to some shit. this week i picked up some momentum i had not since the last time i posted here. so there's been some experimentation here and there. it's like every december i refresh and make up for what i fucked up for the rest of the year
>>5288 Nice Hitler dubs-and good to see you back again; consider joining us in the Drawpile sometime. To be honest it's soaked up quite a bit of our community activity lately (it wouldn't be anything to just post the stuff on the board as well but I guess collectively we're just a little lazy). >4th pic So that's what happens when the characters in ARMS aren't able to pay their bills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v9DpJO1jNxE
thank u vry much
>>5331 He's got dem cheeks
>>5331 Looks groovy and glamours. Is it giga elvis packing it in the back trunk?
(12.01 KB 263x263 hoXVVme7.jpg)

>>2930 >>2971 >>5288 Reinout could you please fuck off with your werido furry vore fetish shit? You're just as cringe as ciircuit was
(89.74 KB 102x192 reminder.webm)

>>5371 >there should be fewer artists posting on this board I'll grant that it might be appropriate to spoiler it, but don't get your panties in a twist over fetish art.
>>5371 Do not be mean to ciircuit, he has mental problems and he's French :( But I do agree about the vore, nobody wants to see that nasty stuff and most here are too polite to say it
>>5172 of course is not, all the anatomy and the perspective are fucked up.
(1.06 MB 2544x1636 ClipboardImage.png)

I'm a novice, please don't bully
>>5417 >tfw no mousse gf smdh tbh famalam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZB50v6joJCE
(3.84 MB 2399x1375 train.png)

wip thing >>5371 oh well, can't please everyone. seeing others are seconding the notion at least i see where you're coming. for all i care at least go back to /ic/. that's the only place where reddit tier insults hold any weight if you're not going to put the effort
>the Chad vore furry vs the Virgin /co/ and /v/ tourists
Edited last time by loomis on 12/23/2021 (Thu) 02:29:21.
(186.56 KB 590x469 1602423739494.png)

(593.54 KB 1024x1024 kotwip.png)

dubble-yew eye pea
>>5417 cute
>>5514 lookin' gud
(219.31 KB 1024x1024 orangebat2.png)

flying monke
>>5539 OO OO!
(191.96 KB 1024x1024 jucikot.png)

(310.45 KB 1024x1024 jucikotc.png)

>>5514 Fin
>>5584 >tfw no half-starved socialist socialite FSU catsuit gf This is le gabidalisds' fauld :DD
(308.03 KB 1024x1024 susteenwip.png)

(12.75 KB 285x500 Clowngrillpose.jpeg)

Tried drawing Clowngril again still afraid of hands
>>5667 That's very cute anon. One thing that can help get you started with hands is to set up some nice padding on your drawing table (a little hand towel folded over a couple times works pretty well) to prop your elbow up so you can hold your hand steady and just draw it from observation in different positions a bunch.
(241.04 KB 488x761 suse.PNG)

>>5667 Cyoot clown Which works more, top or bot
>>5676 It's almost impossible for me to not choose the bottom but for some reason I think the skirt would be more appropriate here. You could always do the classic skirt + thigh-highs combo as a compromise tho
>>5676 leggings under the skirt.
(160.57 KB 232x578 islawip.PNG)

>>5678 >>5681 Noted, thanks Should the skin have moar contrast
>>5687 >mfw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kkh22D6UQY Looks okay to me, maybe experiment with darker skin/lighter hair or the reverse.
(226.63 KB 1024x1024 teenusie.png)

(215.85 KB 1024x1024 teenusiec.png)

Kinda half-assed it towards the end
(226.56 KB 1024x1024 teenusie.png)

(242.62 KB 1024x1024 teenusiec.png)

>>5691 Slight edit
(172.29 KB 393x708 hlfnwip.PNG)

(157.42 KB 428x767 kn.PNG)

>>5704 other WIP
(122.18 KB 657x728 garth.png)

Hogarth study from Drawpile >>5704 Rude smh >>5706 Very cute, are you using Sai? Something gives me that impression for whatever reason.
(146.47 KB 634x1024 fingr.png)

>>5707 Nice muskles. Also no, I use krita >>5704 Fin
>>5708 You've gotten quite good at portraying folds, forms and value gradations in clothing, well done. >I don't think I've ever drawn a cloth in my life smh
(390.29 KB 666x700 LainSky1.png)

A drawing I did for lainchan's /vis/ and thought it would be nice to post here too. Let's all love Lain.
>>5713 Based Lainposter.
>is Loomis still relevant today? >was Loomis racist?
(594.38 KB 1024x1280 .---.-.-.--.png)

(795.47 KB 1024x1321 .-..-.---.png)

>>5737 Based
>>5739 Wrong thread, my mistake
>>5739 UOOOH! >>5740 np np
(3.74 MB 2636x2713 pitaaaaa.png)

Recent shape/digital paint practice piece
>>5745 It's been a while; a privilege to see your work again. >Family Guy x SNK
(379.78 KB 467x691 Capture.PNG)

>>5706 Continuation, need to understand how to render metal
(131.94 KB 1600x900 162488.jpg)

>>5789 Assuming you're unfamiliar, check out the weird and wonderful work of Hajime Sorayama. I'm sure if you take a close look at how he does his metallic maidens it could prove to be most informative.
Edited last time by loomis on 02/13/2022 (Sun) 22:20:00.
(498.76 KB 1724x2490 FRESH BEAT3 copy.jpg)

I am incapable of doing a drawing correctly, Redline anyone?

(18.94 KB 214x256 TonkaGoBotsLogo.jpg)

(248.83 KB 900x679 TheWraith.jpg)

(8.32 KB 286x83 R-Type_Logo.jpg)

>>5790 >>5789 A good place to start too is looking at those old chrome fonts that were so popular in the 80s and 90s.
>>5791 Looks like it fits the style fwiw, I don't see any outstanding flaws apart from perhaps the hand on our left doesn't look great, fiddle around with it and look for references of similar poses.
>>5794 the whole area of the hips and where the legs attach to them is wrong, it needs a redline.
(185.27 KB 807x1280 burger.jpg)

Atlas, Carrying his Burger
>>5797 Nice to see you posting again, Struggler.
(325.75 KB 807x1280 atlas.jpg)

>>5797 Well done achieving such clear and consistent values shading like that with pressure sensitivity. Solid work on the figure. That said, I think you could have shaded the burger better, you seem to have switched into detailing mode on that. Which is a shame, because that kind of inconsistency detracts from a piece. You have similarly cylindrical objects in the picture in mostly the same orientation, so the light should probably affect the borgar approximately the same way it does them (unless the light was very close but that's a different scenario) Also, an ellipse is symmetrical across both axes so you should be able to tell more or less where the far side of the bottom bread should go since you have a good ellipse on the lid of the burger, even if they should become more squished closer to the horizon line, that looks rather a lot too flat to me. Although I guess it does help silhouette his head when they don't overlap. Strictly speaking you also wouldn't see the outer edges of the bread bulging in like that if he's holding it up closer to to its center. The bottom plane is turned towards the viewer, so unless you meant to describe the edge as sagging down it could not realistically overlap his hands, if that's what you were trying to avoid. My redline is probably not super accurate though, do your own measurements.
>>5801 Looking again I'm beginning to think I may have been slightly retarded in my observation of your drawing. I haven't slept. Take it with a grain of salt, I guess.
(256.57 KB 415x529 kn2.PNG)

>>5792 >>5790 Thanks for the tips
(243.74 KB 472x1024 gogo.png)

(342.88 KB 1069x2048 hgogonc.png)

>>5825 Looking good, I wonder if trying to change the line work on the colored fabric to a darker shade of that color instead of straight black would be a good thing to experiment with.
(334.60 KB 448x1024 knight.png)

Finished, I believe
(132.32 KB 767x583 StupidDogYouMadeMeLookFat.PNG)

>>5829 WIP, I don't know where to post this other than here and /co/.
>>5848 Based and McNuggiespilled
(44.59 KB 549x841 gobbob.jpg)

>>5855 Based goblin enjoyer
(182.47 KB 584x1024 bicep.png)

Fin. Arm's still fugged though
>>5862 I think it came out pretty well, man. >now that you mentioned your torsos are long I literally can't not-see it and I'm not even sure if it's an objectively correct criticism or not, now.
>>5862 >>5864 The torso appears long because he's severely reduced the width of the body. Shoulders are only a little more than 1 head wide, and the torso is two heads instead of three. Thus the character has been made half as wide but two thirds as tall proportion wise. Because of the juxtaposition this makes the torso appear "long" by contrast. It's obviously a stylistic choice, so I can't call it "wrong" as much as "preference". Personally the rest of the anatomy is solid enough it works quite well. Not the best thing I've ever seen, but pretty good.
>>767 good commie cat post
(181.03 KB 584x1024 bicep.png)

slight edit >>5864 >>5865 Thanks. I do want to explore other proportions to prevent getting trapped in drawing beanpole-mode figures
(128.67 KB 730x735 bluntcredible2.png)

(101.38 KB 549x612 Capture.PNG)

WIP + shitpost
>>5866 frenchmen and their cats. >>5867 She's cute. The torsos are long, but they're not too long I always read these as stylistic choice combined with a natural affinity to skinny and flat.
>>5879 Based and Bluntpilled Also, I've always liked that shadowy character of yours; it's good to see her again
(317.99 KB 1024x1524 del3 (2).png)

(332.34 KB 1024x1524 del3bgnc.png)

(225.85 KB 374x681 Capture.PNG)

WIP Note - I have no idea what I'm doing, will need to study how light works on diff. textures
>>5925 >I have no idea what I'm doing Could have fooled me, it looks great. That transition towards the bottom of the shirt on left there is very nice, you've handled it with great subtlety.
>>5925 If anything, I would say there are a few spots where there is a harsh blotch of pigment that looks a bit "conspicuous" and makes things look somewhat less even. A few of those occur in the chest area where it interrupts the kind of smooth, seamless rendering you exhibit towards the bottommost portion of the garment.
(1.49 MB 3138x3078 Do or Die2.png)

(1.39 MB 3138x3078 Do or Die.png)

(74.52 KB 800x582 Do or die Flower.jpg)

I spent about 10 hours making a flower. Source has purple spots, but I don't know, it's really fucking hard to get Photoshop brushes to do what I want. I think the dots may flatten it, but I also like them for the contrast they provide, they really make the petals *pop*. Regardless, I've been up for 18 hours at this point and I am exhausted. Wasn't going for 100% accuracy, just wanted to try painting in photoshop. Weird fucking posting issues.
>>5960 Rather than painting it looks like you're using vector graphics, gradients etc. It's a pretty decent reproduction from a lineart perspective. The bottommost petal is a little longer and thinner than that of the reference, the leftmost petal is a little more narrow, the negative space between the unbloomed flower and the petals on the right over and underlapping it is a bit larger, and some of the flower's stamen aren't exact-but it's pretty well done for what it is all-in-all. Keep practicing.
>>5964 >Rather than painting it looks like you're using vector graphics, gradients etc. Hrmmm, I see what you mean, but then, how do you avoid that? I was using a brush with very low opacity and very soft edges, is it something else I'm supposed to do? >aren't exact-but it's pretty well done for what it is all-in-all. Keep practicing. I'm aware, it wasn't lineart practice as much as painting practice, and while it certainly wasn't easy I wasn't exactly "tryharding" the line art as much as possible.
>>5966 >how to avoid Good question, I'm not much of a painter myself, but what I perceive as having been done in this piece is you used a soft round brush for the whole thing which kind of gave it an appearance similar to if you'd just used the gradient tool and made a "selection" in the areas you wanted to paint. To that end you've actually done a pretty skillful job, making it look as if it were done with a tool rather than a brush, however if you want a more "painterly" look it's good to use harder brushes with texture. I recommend watching some of Daarken's tutorials on his personal website, a lot of stuff about the nuances of digital painting from process to software. http://enliighten.com/blog/category/tutorials/page/9/
(664.43 KB 1305x2048 crab.png)

(1.10 MB 1305x2048 crabnf.png)

brush + filter testing
>>5970 >tfw no chitinous, exokeleton'd crab-girl gf
>>5970 I bet she squeaks when you rub her.
(185.04 KB 882x832 batmeme.png)

I don't think I'll be going any further with this but I had a bit of fun with the flavor of the month meme
>robin made a joke about catwoman's "hairless pussy"
>>6050 reminds me of some old internet artist I used to like back on newgrounds but I forgot his name
>>6052 Probably Harry Partridge/"Happy Harry" He is among the greatest traditional animators active today in my opinion, and even though my own work falls far short for now I count him as one of my influences
>have a fun idea for April fools day drawing >almost done on day of >stretch my hand and somehow sprain my wrist and strain multiple tendons in my hand >have to wait almost entire week before my hand feels well enough to finish it Blogposting aside, enjoy this lame joke that would have been maybe funny if it had been done in time
(548.18 KB 657x2835 stretch.jpg)

>>6084 Some of those stretches are legitimately dangerous, man. Be careful. Very qt drawing tho
(206.05 KB 1200x679 하인리히 신부.png)

from comic 'desire' ji ryoung choi
>>6109 I like your tank, in and of itself it's very well constructed. Is it on a ledge though? Otherwise the perspective gets completely thrown out of wack by the man standing next to it. They don't appear to be standing in the same space.
(257.24 KB 722x700 BUN.PNG)

>>6117 Looking good so far, I like the oversized gloves
(247.50 KB 1024x1109 gwhw.png)

trying pencil-type brushes
>>6134 >how are you B-...een better, thanks for asking! >pencil type I like them a lot, I usually use the CSP "chalk" brush but I think they have a newer pencil brush which works pretty good.
(1.12 MB 1450x2260 face.png)

Sneedvening /loomis/. Been a while since I visited. Fell out of practice drawing tbh. Out of the blue I installed GIMP a few days ago and jumped on the 'digital painting' bandwagon. Did this face most recently. Okay, thank you.
>>6153 based and Sneedpilled. I never had much luck getting GIMP to work properly but I never worked to hard at it either. I always recommend people give Krita a try
(2.25 MB 3923x3881 anna-concept.png)

(5.91 MB 2957x3558 annaprofile.png)

(728.92 KB 1650x1650 desiree-concept.png)

(10.29 MB 5924x3721 dai-profile.png)

Here's a bunch of my OCs. I'm working on these for various game projects I'm doing. One thing I'm working on is a team of magical superheroines who work at a mall food court together and each have powers based on their individual store cuisines. I have these two done but I need to work on Desiree's profile art similar to Anna's - her weapon is a pair of flame gauntlets that shoot bullets that she calls her grill mitts. Then after her I still need to work on the remaining three team members. I have a lot of characters I need to draw and I'm mainly looking for inspiration on their warrior costumes. The fat snake girl is unrelated to them but it's my latest piece. She's a minor antagonist for something else.
>>6170 I should say those colorless sketches are very old, they're from 2020 or something I think.
>>6153 Based neanderthal maxxing
>>6170 Not necessarily to my taste but pretty good improvement.
(319.31 KB 495x630 image.png)

(161.95 KB 516x586 image2.png)

(156.06 KB 240x747 Capture.PNG)

>>5687 fin
(701.39 KB 1232x895 image.png)

Just a pale imitation of a work from someone who is far greater than I.
(228.37 KB 936x939 warm-up.png)

Trying to warm my smooth brain up.
(1.08 MB 1387x2006 undefined.jpg)

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