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(22.90 KB 300x225 shillings.jpg)
Connecting writers to artists (and general shilling) Anonymous 10/09/2020 (Fri) 17:54:35 No. 441
I'm really impressed by the work on this board that you guys put out, and I'd like to be that "for exposure" asshole and get some of you to work for notpockets or only small amounts 'cause I'm a neet like you. Long story short, I'm a failed writer with a couple of short stories that could be made into comics and some stories that are too long for that but I'd like to see scenes/characters drawn from. If anyone is looking for inspiration or something to work on, I'm looking for someone who can draw better than the stick figures that I can manage. You can then post 'em on your social media and show off your work, just credit me as the writer. The "please draw my" characters come from a medieval fantasy, a 20th century cold war story with some fantasy/sci-fi elements, and a worlds-in-collision that mixes up genres but is heavy on sci-fi and medieval fantasy. If someone wants to do an entire story, my short stories include a magical girl parody that could be done in manga style, a D&D parody that could be done in a naturalist / classic fantasy style, a Teen Titans fanfic that could be done in TT2003 style, and a couple of ideas for rebooting Fearless Fosdick. If the crowgirl artist is around and available, I'd like you to draw one scene. One of the non-crow pics you did makes me think you'd be good for it. Another scene that I'm willing to commission would include fog effects, ice, lighting on different textures (metal, ice, cloth, skin). I'd like it done well so I'm willing to pay for it. So, how do we do this? Should we communicate offsite so a story is new to readers when the artwork is finished, or should I post a script online and send volunteers to it? Should I throw out a character description a week and ask volunteers to draw them and post them at the end of the week, like the theme thread? If you take commissions or know someone who does, how do I contact you? If the mods don't want this sort of thing on the board, I won't be offended if you kill the thread. Are there other places where a request like this might be welcome?
>>441 >'cause I'm a neet like you I might be a neet, but I'm not a degenerate or incel.
>>442 being a degenerate incel is GOOD, redart!
OP here. Hey, some tangential blather is at least a response. Better than nothing. Since there's no interest in being my artslave yet, I'll post some general concepts and see if that piques any interest before suggesting anything from my writings. It'll be like a second theme thread except the leader is a little crazier and has no idea what he's doing. Here's a concept: Two board-tans (or other mascots) playing a sport together. It's a good way to show off some motion and action. Post on Friday (16th of October) or whenever you get around to finishing it. Anchor to this post. And if anyone is offering themselves for commissions, add some way to contact you.
(769.33 KB 715x914 ClipboardImage.png)
(838.26 KB 774x1142 ClipboardImage.png)
Comfy, tightly knit art place to post artwork, gains and more. https://matrix.to/#/!sjMcOGrPkRfWXFaSmb:matrix.org
>bumping a request thread >bumping a request thread to advertise some chat room thing Now that's just rude.

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