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Anonymous 12/14/2021 (Tue) 19:22:15 No. 5322
Some improvement despite not being practising that often in the last year. As you can in the most recent one I need to work in quickly correctly getting face symmetry and also drawing hands. Both done in one go in a relatively short amount of time, but to be fair pen-drawing is more difficult, it's particulary tricky to add detail. Thoughts?
(1.48 MB 3024x1719 1639349765820.jpg)

You're showing substantial improvement in between these two drawings. You still have a lot of work to do, but I swear to God the first image made me lose my breath and grip my chest in an animal-like primal fear response. Your second picture shows a lot of promise, in that it did not do that. You have a long way to go but you are clearly moving forward, congratulations, that's more than can be said for many.
Your art has improved drastically, good job anon. If you are going the pencil route. You need to clean up your line quality more. Chicken scribbles look rough. Either use a rubber to clean it up and you want your lines to be more clearer, straight and more pronounced. You need to start pressing harder with the pencil tip to get more tone. It will help separating the different parts into varies shadows dark and light to help identify and see everything more clearly and give each part distinction. If your not already using the side of the pencil for shading. You want to keep it to one direction of the shading pattern it will look more appealing and congruent. Keep up the practice and you will get better with time.

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