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(578.19 KB 1200x596 Kiki.png)

Krita Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 03:03:28 No. 533
Krita remains the most versatile and overall best free drawing, painting and animation software I'm aware of. It is extremely competitive and even superior to many commercial software options. Find it at https://krita.org/en Newest Release (3/24/21) https://krita.org/en/item/krita-4-4-3-released/
Edited last time by loomis on 03/29/2021 (Mon) 04:27:33.
>>533 Thanks for the notification. I'm interested in that SeExpr shader language. Let me pull the newest changes and see wha I can come up with.
Is it a good sketch program replacement for Mischief?
>Mischief I have no fucking clue what that is. I would say it's probably a good replacement for Mischief. (Also I personally wouldn't run a piece of software called "Mischief". But that's just me.)
>>535 OP here Searching for that program brought me to a pretty sketchy site with a .ru address so yeah I think it's a safe bet that Krita is superior. It has great brushes, since its latest release it's much smoother and faster and it has the best animation timeline of any software I've ever used. >t. Owns both Clip Studio Paint and Toon Boom Studio-and has tried many others. Its own historical downside is its reliability which I still feel may be suspect but I haven't run into any problems with the latest release-and thanks to its vigorous autosave feature even five years ago this wasn't such an insurmountable problem or huge concern. Try it out!
(3.14 MB 1600x1200 spring_scene_alt.png)

I'm not really sure if this should go in the practice thread or here. Does anyone have any insight or opinions on what I could be doing better/differently? I'm pleased with how this came out, but I'm also having a hard time identifying exactly what I messed up and what I did well.
>>715 If it's a WIP of something you'd put in your hypothetical portfolio it can go in the draw thread, if you're just experimenting/studying a subject such as anatomy, perspective, construction, spatial relationships and so on it goes in the practice thread-but as I'd mentioned before there's sometimes a lot of overlap between the two and no one's going to get a big hard on about you posting in one or the other, hopefully. I was actually going to suggest adding a few trees into the foreground, myself-though I was going to say perhaps just one or two on the opposite ends to break up the empty space while still giving Gondola breathing room in the clearing.
>>716 Ah, I see. I was working in Krita, so I figured I might as well post it here because people might have some software-specific tips for brushes and such. Looking at a few images of similar subjects, I can see how I might do a few things better. I could add a foreshortened branch to the tree, coming towards the viewer, to give a better sense of depth to the tree. I think I could also go a bit darker with the blossoms on the inside of the tree. As for the background, there should be some more foliage and undergrowth, instead of just blue sky. The back row of trees could also be a little bit taller to create the sense of an enclosed space.
>>718 You're definitely on the right track with your thinking process. Always self-critique, thinking about things you could do differently and why you'd might consider doing them and you'll always be improving, bit by bit.
>>715 The thing that comes to mind for me, is value separation. I would make the trees in the background lighter by mixing some of the sky color into them. Then you could darken the foreground trees and maybe take some of their saturation away.(Means dulling down the colors towards gray.) That would make the cherry tree look a lot more impactful.
How does this compare to Medibang Paint?
>>730 I've tried Medibang and it was solid but pretty forgettable. I didn't use it long enough to discern if it was better than Krita but I honestly doubt it. I have Photoshop, CSP, and Toon Boom and I'd take Krita every time for straight drawing. All software has its use though and I wouldn't say the others are bad, just that Krita is a very good program, especially for the price.
Is it normal to rely on brush smoothing? I'm new to digital and started using weighted smoothing, but I have a nagging feeling that I'm using it as a crutch and need to force myself to get used to basic.
>>715 >>725 I'm not sure if there's a specific feature explicitly for this, but one convenient way to keep tabs on values is by temporarily removing color and making sure you're not too cramped in a narrow band of grays. If you set your Soft Proofing to grayscale, you can easily toggle your viewport between black and white and color using Ctrl-Y (View - Soft Proofing). The soft proofing setup is under Settings - Configure Krita - Color Management - Soft Proofing.
I'm curious, but is it actually possible to get phtotshop for free? i heard of rumors about it and somehow, I think it would be good having it on my device. Only thing I have is Pencil2d.
>>731 How's ToonBoom? I saw this video specifically and it really looks good. I wish I had the money, but I hope there is a way for a free version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vikM4IWpf78
>>905 Yes you might have heard of it, it's called pirating.
>>906 Toon Boom has amazing software tools but it's extremely user unfriendly when it comes to drawing frame by frame animation in my experience. It's convoluted as fuck which is why I primarily use Krita still. Nevertheless ToonBoom is certainly worth looking into as it is an international standard for professional animators.
>>906 Try OpenToonz.
>>913 OpenToonz is also pretty weird and complicated >t. knower
>>914 You can use Tahoma2D, it's based on OpenToonz, it's portable and more user friendly. Still on beta tho. https://tahoma2d.org/
>>1160 I was prepared to be underwhelmed but that actually looks pretty good.
>>1160 >it crashes in the video >"...it tends to crash when it gets overloaded" *he says while in the process of drawing the 16th frame of a bouncing ball animation* I uh...I think I'll stick to Krita for now! It does look like it has some potential though, this is an early release, after all.
A Krita tutorial on including explanations for creating selections, alpha masking and alpha inheritence. Download the video titled selections-and-alpha.mkv https://mega.nz/folder/2F80lCya#QOLvihw60_-85v1jfuDufQ
I'll stick to my pirated copy of PS from 7 years ago.
New Krita Release Fuggers! Let's see what 4.4.2 has in store for us https://krita.org/en/item/krita-4-4-2-released/
(29.43 KB 400x400 thanks.jpg)

>>1655 >The gradient map filter was improved and made faster Oh god yes finally
>>1655 Cool but I'm still going to use the super outdated package from debian repository lul.
>>1680 based and, dare I say, redpilled
New Krita Release, Fuggers! https://krita.org/en/item/krita-4-4-3-released/ >This is strictly a bugfix release. Uh...gay?
>>2120 I haven't gotten a bug in years! I never push the software to its limits.
>>2124 I just hope the animation works better. Its timeline is the most user friendly in the industry but it's still a bit sluggish overall

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