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(578.19 KB 1200x596 Kiki.png)
Krita Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 03:03:28 No. 533
Krita remains the most versatile and overall best free drawing, painting and animation software I'm aware of. It is extremely competitive and even superior to many commercial software options. Find it at https://krita.org/en Newest Release (10/17/20) https://krita.org/en/item/krita-4-4-0-released/
>>533 Thanks for the notification. I'm interested in that SeExpr shader language. Let me pull the newest changes and see wha I can come up with.
Is it a good sketch program replacement for Mischief?
>Mischief I have no fucking clue what that is. I would say it's probably a good replacement for Mischief. (Also I personally wouldn't run a piece of software called "Mischief". But that's just me.)
>>535 OP here Searching for that program brought me to a pretty sketchy site with a .ru address so yeah I think it's a safe bet that Krita is superior. It has great brushes, since its latest release it's much smoother and faster and it has the best animation timeline of any software I've ever used. >t. Owns both Clip Studio Paint and Toon Boom Studio-and has tried many others. Its own historical downside is its reliability which I still feel may be suspect but I haven't run into any problems with the latest release-and thanks to its vigorous autosave feature even five years ago this wasn't such an insurmountable problem or huge concern. Try it out!

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