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Draw because you want too & not because you have too

(946.32 KB 1000x1000 WeeklyTheme5_OP.png)

Weekly Theme Thread Anonymous 01/24/2022 (Mon) 19:19:01 No. 5665
-See weekly theme. -Draw. It doesn’t matter what, or how, as long as it’s related to the theme. -Post. -Repeat next week.
(208.55 KB 600x600 week199.png)

Next theme: GOLEM 30th of January
(869.99 KB 4171x2733 present.png)

Present (apologies for the low turnout on this one, I'm pretty sure this was the week where I didn't update the theme on the drawpile until wednesday or thursday)
(3.27 MB 7421x4890 dragon.png)

(457.04 KB 272x224 me rn.mp4)

Just a few...more...
(1.08 MB 3403x4669 bee.jpg)

(2.56 MB 7588x4721 crab.jpg)

>>5698 this is shrimp
(159.81 KB 680x1020 shrimp-fried-rice-4.jpg)

>>5699 So what you're trying to tell me, is that thing fried this rice?
(552.45 KB 721x712 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5666 I went with more obscure golem type that's made of coral. I tried to incorporate as many different coral morphologies as I could while still make it look cohesive. Last time I thought of this creature was years ago when I was flipping through old RPG books and monster manuals.
>>5732 That's extremely clever. Well done, man
>>5732 Very interesting
(169.39 KB 600x600 week200.png)

Next theme: GONDOLA 6th of February week 200!
>>5743 Gondola is shit.
>>5751 No (You)
>>5743 Behold, the hard work of a wizened mspaint master.
(84.95 KB 382x624 sumodola.png)

Eh, I might completely rework this one
(713.53 KB 1000x1000 gondola_l.png)

>>5743 >>5751 >clover headband opinion discarded
>>5753 Very handsome boi
>>5756 >you will never wander out into the forest for Gondola-spotting purposes with your freckled farmhand gf
(97.66 KB 600x600 week201.png)

Next theme: FEATHER 13th of February
>>5777 A fine set of Irish Trips, laddie
(260.77 KB 1667x1000 feather_1667_L.jpg)

>>5781 >Cock Goblin
>>5782 Oh uh...by the way a lot of us are over on the other, drawpile-adjacent board now and we'd all enjoy your company, King.
(99.86 KB 600x600 week202.png)

Next theme: HEART 20th of February
(21.97 KB 1440x900 heart.png)

>>5798 I should stop using paint and start using actual colors and brushes.
>>5813 Macabre You could always use Krita if you're looking for something free. Admittedly I haven't been using it myself lately because of performance issues but that could just be on my end.
(257.37 KB 2103x1180 gondola1.jpg)

>>5743 Gondola!
(550.08 KB 3298x2078 feather1.jpg)

(493.68 KB 2642x2490 heart1.jpg)

(148.90 KB 600x600 week203.png)

Next theme: CLOWN 27th of February
>>5819 [honking intensifies] https://youtu.be/3oTR5o9nUzI
(234.87 KB 600x600 week204.png)

Next theme: [GOBLIN] 6th of March
(52.67 KB 1027x684 Berserkd.png)

>>5839 >>5840 lol'd audibly
(30.60 KB 1080x656 gobbo ass stab.png)

>>5839 Gobbo from last night.
>>5861 Made me lol when I saw it last night, well done fella
(412.87 KB 602x829 ClipboardImage.png)

(714.54 KB 786x622 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5839 >>5743 Here's my unfinished work for these two themes.
>>5868 Very ambitious Gondola scene, and a very merry -looking Goblinfella as well
(947.98 KB 1000x1331 20220305A_1000.png)

>>5873 Heckin' adorbs. I wonder what 80s/90s-themed Goblinettes listen to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T4jWO_4lXyg
(78.48 KB 600x479 week205.png)

Next theme: ROBOTS 13th of March
>>5877 synthwave but the gremlin likes Sabaton
(1.25 MB 1200x2000 Too lazy to finish.png)

A bit late but this is a sketch I drew last year. I was thinking of posting this on /monster/ but whatever.
(250.51 KB 560x472 goblass.png)

>>5891 Not too shabby! Gotta love that CSP "chalk" brush. It's subtle but, here's my interpretation assuming a slight downward angle. There are some key points to think about to consider. My interpretation could be wrong or inapplicable in either case but I just figured I'd share. It looks good!
(1.76 MB 1200x2000 Rbt.png)

Nobody's posted a robot yet?
>>5914 That's really well done anon
>>5914 btw I apologize but because a lot of the activity is eaten up by the drawpile I usually try and keep up with any Theme of the Week submissions there and compress them into individual images. This is actually a pretty time-consuming process sometimes so I tend to let it get backed up. I'll try and update it soon.
(464.85 KB 1175x1325 sari_b_1175l.png)

>>5880 this will have to do >>5914 gort gondola
>>5917 Based Sari appreciator
(149.17 KB 600x600 week206.png)

Next theme: LEPRECHAUN 20th of March
>here's the theme >no one draws the theme why
>>5928 It's more like >here's the theme >everyone draws the theme on the drawpile and the BO is too lazy to update the thread for several weeks at a time S-sorry.
>>5928 -and alright, you twisted my leg, I'm working on it now and should be caught up in an hour or so heh
(1.86 MB 5148x4468 goblin.jpg)

(697.80 KB 3057x2636 clown.jpg)

(1.51 MB 4069x4400 robot.jpg)

...aaaaand ROBOT! Thanks for your patience, every-buddy!
>>5928 I've been doing this since 2018 and there have been plenty of weeks if I didn't draw something, no one would have, so it's nothing new. The only reason I still make a theme each week is because it seems to help with drawpile >>5929
>>5934 All u care for is drawpile fags and it shows
>>5928 Because people are flaky, have inconsistent schedules, other responsibilities, and whole other slew of factors. I have been on loomis since 2014/15, and it's always been like that. This is common in every art community I have seen. Set times for drawpile seem to get people to draw consistently - something that many people drawing as a hobby lack. Drawpile gets more people to contribute in total and but that means fewer posting in the thread directly. I am a trad artfag, but can't help myself and shoot for the moon with a lot of my drawings. Half of the time my idea is too ambitious to finish within the amount of time I have to spare, and I don't let myself post it unless it's at least 80% complete. Couple that with trying to get used to a tablet, learning programming, music, and animation, and your free time just disappears.
>>5935 Could to explain that bit of logic, chief? Do you have any suggestions?
>>5934 >>5938 You're appreciated, King. Thanks for everything you've done and continue to do. >>5935 It just happens to be a hub where most of the community's activity and new blood has been directed lately-and it's still "our community" whether it's here, the drawpile canvas, artga.in or even anon.cafe imho despite the fact I don't link back to them anymore (they never did to me). This is where we're at after 8 years of trying to promote this board both on 8chan and off. >>5936 Definitely this as well.
>>5938 figure it out smart guy. /loomis/ has three boards.Two of them are dead and the other one no one cares for. It's just time to move on. Anons don't matter no more to the mods. U must be a digital artist namefag drawpiler to be apart of loomis. The reason you don't see draw fags no more they left to a place that doesn't exist
Must be hard to just draw and upload for u, buddy. Pick one it's clear u are an advocate for drawpile they are another community not anonymous one
(148.00 KB 600x600 literally me.png)

>>5940 >>5942 I think I see what's going on here but I still fail to see why people drawing together in an impermanent livechat software and posting the results here is a problem. Most of those here have been here for many years and are not "anonymous" when posting here either, at least in the truest sense of the word. >Pick one Why do that when we don't have to? Art is being made and being posted on an art board, there is no cause for alarm. Do you draw, yourself or are you just here to stir up shit for no reason?
>>5943 People don't post shit. Don't know what ur idea of an art board is if no one posts art and shares it. I do draw. but I failed to see the point long ago to post in this place It's just falling apart. Hence why I said people who draw pissed off long ago. They know no one cares. No need to seek validation in general. Half the critiques are subpar and barely helpful. It's time someone stirred the up some shit this place deserves to burn and I got front row seats. I want to see it collapse it's about time
>>5945 >Half the critiques are subpar and barely helpful That suggests that the other half of the critiques are above par and exceptionally helpful, which you have to admit is a pretty good ratio for an anonymous art board.
>>5947 Lmao the only one who gives a good critique is the name fag loomis. Small hands that can produce magic
(29.28 KB 788x623 robogobloclownochaun.png)

>>5945 cunt you made me draw
>>5948 BO should do something about that guy namefags gtfo
>>5949 Excellent submission, I got a good belly laugh from it. You've covered all the most recent themes in one go! Even shitposts deserve a critique: you exhibit good understanding of form with the tubular arm on the right but you sort of have a hiccup on the left, having made that arm into a thinner, ribbon-like shape by closing off that contour on the top/bringing it out to the opposite edge like that. You could better maintain its cylindrical volume by greatly shortening that inner-contour and having it only subtly deviate from the path of the line it emerges from. The hand on our right's fingers are roughly one line-width thinner than those on the opposite hand. Other than that, a perfect Rogoblichaun
(22.92 KB 788x623 robogobloclownochaun 2.png)

>>5951 Thanks, made some changes based on your critique and also cleaned up a few messy pixels.
>>5952 Perfect! The arms look great (though the one on the left is a bit thicker around come to think of it) and the fingers are much more congruent with one another. Now, as another step, consider trying to similarly tie the Robot's segmented glass eyes to an imagined ellipsoid form and giving those segments spatial uniformity like you'd done with the arms. Or not, sometimes less formal rigor is more with thngs like this. It's quite appealing as-is. Good work man.
Edited last time by loomis on 03/17/2022 (Thu) 17:48:34.
(586.47 KB 900x900 leprechaun2022_L.png)

>>5957 >you will never knock back a pint with a creature pulled straight from the pages of Irish Folklore
(170.27 KB 602x707 ClipboardImage.png)

>>5923 This week's submission. >>5957 That's a pretty cute, tiny leprechaun.
(155.59 KB 600x600 week207.png)

Next theme: GLASS 27th of March
(83.63 KB 600x600 week208.png)

Next theme: KEY 3rd of April
(428.17 KB 2434x1423 glassprechaun.jpg)

Unfortunately not a great turnout for two otherwise perfectly clever themes! Not to worry! Let's hope this week gets the gears turning more.
Edited last time by loomis on 03/31/2022 (Thu) 02:44:29.
>>6058 the bottom left drawing is breath taking
(252.04 KB 937x623 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6058 It was tough for me think of something interesting for glass, but my last week was busier than normal too. Buy the time I got something it was already Monday. >>6029 My entry for this week
>>6067 That's super cool and creative, well done, man.
(50.69 KB 900x900 keydola.png)

>>6071 That's straight up keyed, n*gga!
(235.64 KB 600x600 week209.png)

Next theme: TROLL 10th of April
>>5974 that's kinda funny, I like your style
(499.86 KB 1000x1000 troll_1000L.png)

>>6086 Gosh I want to just start finding her hair in the oddest places.
>>6087 I found a hair in my pasta last night. Not from a goblin girl sadly :(
>>6088 omg she's a troll u rasis bigot
(1.29 MB 1460x1572 209 - Troll.png)

>>6090 >Homestank That takes me back, just seeing it and being aware of its existence anyway; in truth I have no idea what it was or what it was really about.
>>6091 Very well done, by the way, You did a good job taking the reference material and making it your own
>>6091 The screen cap with George Costanza will tell you all you need to know about homosuck.
(359.82 KB 1045x744 Troll 2022 - prp.PNG)

>>6086 That's a very well groomed trollette! >>6090 To think that it all started over a decade ago. That's some nice job shading over there. >>6069 Thanks, I always try to inject a little bit of story or whatever I have been practicing lately. >>6077 This week's entry - a stereotypical fantasy adventurers stumbling upon a woodland troll. I tried to make something complex but loose without devolving to cramming too much detail, and limiting myself to a relatively short drawing time.
>>6098 >That's a very well groomed trollette! That's why she's upset. Someone washed and put product in her hair. >I tried to make something complex but loose without devolving to cramming too much detail, and limiting myself to a relatively short drawing time It worked
(161.31 KB 600x600 week210.png)

Next theme: BUNNY 17th of April
>>6098 I really like it. It seems like fantasy trolls are either giants like in many storybooks or in Warhammer, or just a "not orc" humanoid race like in Warcraft.
(533.47 KB 850x1020 fabric_bunny_850L.png)

>>6105 Super cute APC. There's already a ton of buns in the Drawpile too waiting to be posted. Unfortunately the Troll theme really took a shit somehow. Sad!
>>6105 I like the detail of the stitching in her bunny ears, it adds a sense of dimension to the ears themselves and is just cute, besides.
(197.12 KB 977x613 ClipboardImage.png)

>>6100 A bunny for this week
>>6122 That is super cute anon. Thank you all for being patient, I will try and gather up the drawpile weekly theme submissions of the past few weeks over tomorrow and tuesday. There have been a ton for bunny in particular.
(128.36 KB 600x600 week211.png)

Next theme: PIRATE 24th of April
(734.97 KB 1882x2048 b nu.png)

(608.96 KB 1926x2048 bunnc.png)

>>6100 A little late, but it's finished
(486.86 KB 3288x2884 key-theme.jpg)

(330.43 KB 2516x1214 troll-theme.jpg)

(2.43 MB 6029x4925 bunny-theme.jpg)

(415.89 KB 900x900 pirate.png)

>>6127 yar >>6132 bnuy >>6133 boy, that was a lot of rabbits >tr-...'TROLL'' ... lol troll'd by teh troll theme
(188.96 KB 600x600 week212.png)

Next theme: CHICKEN 1st of May
(120.56 KB 1046x779 pirate amogus.png)

>>6155 Yar, there be a sus impostor among us!
(173.29 KB 831x685 Chicken 2022.png)

>>6145 I am kind of stretching it this week. I forgot to to draw the speech balloon before scanning, so I decided to pull out my old tablet and try to free hand it. writing was barely legible once I did it using a brush, so I had to use the text tool. How do you people get lines in digital to be so smooth? Is it all muscle memory and practice, stabilizer tools, or is there some trick to it? >>6123 Thank you, and thank you for your service.
(227.71 KB 600x800 Lines.png)

(590.25 KB 600x800 Color.png)

Thought I'd do that thing where you cover multiple topics in your drawing.
>>6163 Well done, old bean >lines I too struggled quite a bit until I was properly pilled on tablet variations; please see this image I'd made a short time ago for more details >>6065 >>6164 Very cute, your lines are quite well done, with good use of line thickness and variation, and the color shows your versatility though they could be pushed a bit further. For example, I think the transition between the mass of earth and water could be given a bit more detail. Wet sand, chunky, smooth rocks etc.-all would make a good addition and a satisfying subject to study from reference.
>>6155 Amogus! >>6163 >How do you people get lines in digital to be so smooth? Who says I do? (brush type/zoom level/hand speed) >>6164 The bun pirate Blackwisker
(18.77 KB 600x600 week64.png)

Next theme: CUPID 8th of May
(112.11 KB 684x762 Cupid - 2022 - QP1D.png)

>>6168 High tech cupid for this week >>6165 Thank you and thanks for your post is the tablet thread. I have an old, large intuos 4. So far I mostly used it for photo editing. I probably need more practice and confidence when making strokes. Along with making some adjustments as >>6167 mentions. >>6164 That's very nice, especially the coloring. Both color choices and technique.
>>6177 Very cool design, you maintained your volumes very well-even the wing tip peeking over the robot's trap is impressively uniform with its counterpart on the other side (mind that line tangent, though! You don't want that line to feed directly into that line that demarcates the pectoral chest plate and "deltoid" area). I feel like we should see more of that black "padded" area between the limbs on the leg on our right-just a few line widths worth on both ends would make the limbs appear more complimentary, as of right now the conspicuous omission or excessive subtlety of that padding causes a bit of an unintentional contrast, I think. Good work, and keep it up!
>>6178 Thank you for the feedback. I really need to work on planning things better. Focusing on that would address a good portion of flaws in my work. As it is now, I plan some things out but then stop thinking it will be good enough to just improvise the rest. It rarely is. Hence the tangents. >even the wing tip peeking over the robot's trap is impressively uniform with its counterpart on the other side After long time of half-assing, it is inevitable to learn how to cut a corner or two. Wings were the last thing I drew. Originally there was supposed to be only a jetpack until I changed my mind at the very end. >I feel like we should see more of that black "padded" area between the limbs on the leg on our right-just a few line widths worth on both ends would make the limbs appear more complimentary, as of right now the conspicuous omission or excessive subtlety of that padding causes a bit of an unintentional contrast, I think. I was on the fence between leaving it as it is or adding more black. I though that more black would make the knee look too "fat." In hindsight, adding just a smidgen more would work better.
No weekly themes?
>>6217 admin loomis is taking a break so I wouldn't expect updates in the mean time. Unless he has other maintainers to step in I have no clue.
Does one of the artists or visitors want to step up and lead? Hell I'll do it. > admin loomis is taking a break Then here is the new theme: Break. You can go in a few different directions with this.
(279.60 KB 1200x831 break.jpg)

Break I'm done
>>6237 > arting while breakdancing Nice.
(150.52 KB 1069x989 gondola ledge break.png)

>>6245 oh no pikachu use vine whip
(85.37 KB 987x791 gondola vine whipped.png)

>>6247 I've got to say. Giving Gondola a lashing as it plunges to certain doom is pretty hardcore.

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