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Discuss Harukaze Doremi, and her many anime series', created by the great animation collective, Izumi Todo.

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(52.28 KB 640x480 onpu127.jpg)

(43.75 KB 400x400 Onpu's_second_bathing_suit.jpg)

(182.16 KB 640x960 1326336613165.jpg)

Happy birthday, Onpu-chan!
What's your favorite Onpu outfit/transformation? I really like regular girl Onpu for some reason.
(259.00 KB 635x483 evil_onpu.png)

>>279 how can be possible that a 10 yo stick with limbs be so fartable adorable? >>282 evil onpu, but i'm more into totally nude onpu
(88.23 KB 1178x480 562ab553.jpg)

>>310 >a 10 yo stick with limbs 10? In the beginning of the show I'm pretty sure she's 8. >fartable The fart does that mean?
(32.52 KB 331x415 1652294371196.gif)

Let me test the filter then: fart. Also, cunny.
(253.69 KB 968x351 8568756.PNG)

>>321 As someone with a major ADHD obsession of sorting art by their creators, it kills me that so much good Ojamajo art originate from longdead oekaki boards. A long time ago, on the old /mahodou/, I believe there was a thread for finding old oekaki sites and posting their web archives. I think we might have a similar thread now, but the one on the original 8chan had some really good links. I regret not saving them ;(((
(61.53 KB 500x667 o02.jpg)

(66.90 KB 500x583 o05.jpg)

(4.25 MB 4032x3024 m01.jpg)

(159.71 KB 1500x1500 onpu_nd.png)

my part to keep the board alive

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