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Discuss Harukaze Doremi, and her many anime series', created by the great animation collective, Izumi Todo.

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References to Doremi in other Media Anonymous Ojamajo 08/03/2022 (Wed) 00:01:20 No. 418
I just found out today that Pururin in the Welcome To The NHK anime, is actually a stand-in parody anime of what Yamazaki's original anime obsession in the novel was, Ojamajo Doremi. This realization drove me to make this thread, to document any other Doremi references/crossovers in other media.
>>418 >main character is a pretty genki and naive girl who likes to make friends, but has on her back a big weight >a friend is a shy redhead with glasses >their person on charge is a kinda bitchy woman >there's a blonde ojou-sama who could be or not an idol little witch academia is a big, fat doremi reference...

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