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♔ Read a Book ♔ Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:16:48 No. 22 [Reply] [Last]

Reading Thread.
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I heard that Empress Theodora spanked some of her subjects but I have no idea how true that is. Anyone got reading on her?

Royal Court Tyrant 01/31/2021 (Sun) 10:48:52 No. 2450 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /monarchy/
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What are the plans for /abdl/?

(1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)

Grace OC Thread Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:12:54 No. 20 [Reply] [Last]

It's not legitimate without Grace chan!
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>>4130 But can Grace smother me with her tits though?
>>4130 Perfect file name, very QT drawing. Best thing Ive ever seen in a while, excluding this >>4132
>>4134 UGH. LEE.

(216.23 KB 1439x1393 5f198760cbfb2.jpeg)

/monarchy/ general 2.0 Peasant 11/24/2020 (Tue) 19:56:53 No. 2288 [Reply] [Last]
For general discussion again.
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>>4145 Grace Chan is gold
>>4146 Okay then. You should also update that roster post on /icup/ with this info.
>>4147 Done.

(43.63 KB 1280x720 jc.jpg)

GIVE ME THE GEP GUN Peasant 05/13/2022 (Fri) 17:45:33 No. 4133 [Reply]

Peasant 05/13/2022 (Fri) 03:04:06 No. 4128 [Reply]
Can Grace smother me with her tits?

(3.84 MB 1280x720 Go Back To Africa.webm)

Black Monarchy Peasant 05/12/2022 (Thu) 21:54:28 No. 4126 [Reply]
Could a black Monarchy exist in Africa? https://gobacktoafrica.com/

(838.72 KB 1024x984 1651478567050.png)

(211.55 KB 400x395 file_146027_400x395.png)

(265.07 KB 512x512 1651477676665.png)

alpha chan general Peasant 05/03/2022 (Tue) 07:05:11 No. 4006 [Reply]
& for discussion on Russia / Ukraine.
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>>4106 Alpha chan is cute tho. As long as noone deface her with Zwastikas.
>>4112 Just wait till /abdl/ gets their hands on her.
>>4109 >catgirl Alphachan >>>>>>>>>> gr@ce

Peasant 05/06/2022 (Fri) 16:49:04 No. 4034 [Reply] [Last]
I could get behind this monarchy stuff tbh, but how do you explain how The Greatest Leader in Human History was elected as President of a Republic?
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>>4081 If commiecat is Grace's puppet then why is Grace destined to commiecat's food?
>>4081 Commiecats have diseases. Don't let them get their germs on you.
>>4121 What diseases? All commiecats would be inspected for contamination before sale, and infected commiecats would be incinerated.

/monarchy/ ♕ Music Homecoming ♕ Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:27:14 No. 23 [Reply] [Last]

Relax and listen to music
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Peasant 05/05/2022 (Thu) 06:40:16 No. 4027 [Reply]
what the fuck
>>4027 That's what the fuck, sir, to you peasant.

(969.22 KB 1669x1141 cafe-alpha-sorry-quick-3hJH.jpg)

Peasant 04/26/2022 (Tue) 19:32:03 No. 3924 [Reply]
Hey, this board seems to interest members in our server so we'd love it if any of you would join and share your knowledge. We're a long-running community for people who want to hang out, chill, share their day, encourage each other, and improve themselves. Limited shitposting but we are not a hugbox so moderation does allow for disagreements and harsher language. https://discord.com/invite/XVnTdEa
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(1.07 MB 3000x3000 Grace unhappy revised.png)

Does OP say that to all the other boards? That we interest them?
>>3933 Your mom interests me
>>3924 Aside from being a retarded discord, why is the pic holding a baby rattle?

(473.25 KB 480x432 ClipboardImage.png)

Royal Wrestling Peasant 03/27/2022 (Sun) 11:04:09 No. 3833 [Reply]
BOSS♂OF♂THIS♂REALM Daily reminder that Henry VIII of England wrestled Francis I of France, and lost, showing that the Valois dynasty was superior to the Tudor one.
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>>3861 Why are Austrians such manlets?
(35.25 KB 764x257 ClipboardImage.png)

It is a stark difference in attitudes when monarchs had to live through war, leading their armies from the frontline. Shame cause it bred a far better breed of character.

(947.38 KB 948x1500 ClipboardImage.png)

Connection between bedwetting and monarchy Peasant 01/25/2022 (Tue) 19:55:11 No. 3610 [Reply]
Is it because Princesses are bedwetters and every little anon and girl secretly wants to be a Princess? Or is incontinence the height of monarchism since only servants need concern themselves with potty training?
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>>3610 I'm pretty sure that (as I think someone said in the Grace thread), only the peasants and slaving masses need to concern themselves with "potty training", or holding it in while they work. Grace and all good princesses don\t need to care about such things, and can appreciate and fill in only the softest and comfiest of diapers as they work.
(1.23 MB 898x934 ClipboardImage.png)

Obsession over continence is nothing new in Royalty. The French Monarchy for example were obsessed with enemas where is was considered the highest point of fashion and the French nobility did not have to concern themselves for where they went potty. It was not uncommon to see Maids diving under dresses to apply an enema and allowing the Lady to relieve herself on the spot. Meanwhile the Maids themselves had to endure a strict potty schedule, each receiving an enema before they started work and control their bowels. It would not be hard to take a leap into a fantasy of a padded monarchy when close enough things have already happened in reality. Could very well become fashionable to see the high born strut around in diapers with the servants cleaning up after them. With Grace though it is a question of how she would look to rule? With diapers and spankings for the unruly subjects or to horde that as a sign of luxury for herself? Will she rule as a tyrant with her subjects over her knee with their backsides whacked till they wet their padding? Or will she prefer to be a hedonist that lounges around enjoy leisure activities while a servant wipes her bottom clean?
Starting to wonder how many Royals have been bedwetters in history?

(201.05 KB 540x504 v0zZee.png)

(6.07 KB 864x360 bob.v.the.0.nazi.s.z.png)

(467.54 KB 1600x1227 0_JS162994953.jpg)

Peasant 06/28/2021 (Mon) 00:20:58 No. 2698 [Reply] [Last]
ok lets establish some basics. moanrchy: arose from tribalistic europe, basically modern and large scale chief cult. read tacitus. >"it is customary for states to make voluntary and individual contributions of cattle or agricultural produce to the leaders these are accepted as a token of honour." >"on the field of battle it is a disgrace to the leader to be surpassed in valour by his companions, to the companions not to equal the valour of their leader. to outlive ones leader by withdrawing from battle brings life long infamy and shame" >"to defend and protect him, to attribute to his glory ones own brave deeds, that is the crux of their oath of allegiance: the leaders fight for victory, the companions fight for their leader" basically, the chief (king) is meant to be a role model, protector, and provider. the lads fight for the chief it is honourable to give your all for him AS LONG AS THE KING IS TRUE. >Culture culture is important. problem is, good times-weak men, and all that. its bad cause the good cultures have produced times so good that their sons become weak. good morals produced by a good culture are far better than any laws. laws can be good, but they are easily corrupted. what needs to happen is the creation of a good culture that is different in that it is self sustaining, self replicating, immune to bad change (immediet or eventual), and dug in. basically every facet of society, biology, and psychology must be taken into account and optomised to ensure the survival of good culture and good men. a point to consider. >artificial struggle. create artificial struggle, do not be a greedy dog for your children that wants the world for them, as your grandchildren will lack far more than the grandparent. but also like working out. you could "struggle for a year, get gains and slack off, create measures to call out and negate complacency. monarchs are not meant to take advantage of their people. the peoples adoration and loyalty is a fucking privilege for services rendered. the trick is installing a new monarch, since most revolutions end up in the installation of a democracy which his even worse than a selfish monarch. bloodlines are good but dry up. once this happens and you get th inevitable limp dicked crones that are now Britains monarchy, their line ran its course, throw them out and find another hero. next up: spirituality/religion
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1. Once you have their money, never give it back 2. You can't cheat an honest customer, but it never hurts to try 3. Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to 4. Sex and profit are the two things that never last long enough 5. If you can't break a contract, bend it 6. Never let family stand in the way of opportunity 7. Always keep you ears open 8. Keep count of your change 9. Instinct plus opportunity equals profit 10. A dead customer can't buy as much as a live one 11. Latinum isn't the only thing that shines 12. Anything worth selling is worth selling twice 13. Anything worth doing is worth doing for money 14. Anything stolen is pure profit 15. Acting stupid is often smart 16. A deal is a deal ... until a better one comes along 17. A bargain usually isn't

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Esoteric atheist nihilism Esoteric Optimistic-Nihilistic Atheism. What you will discover within: The strength to go on, or apathy inducing despair Quantum immortality, and other mechanics. Better than magic?! Creating vs becoming God: which is "better" morally? Morality? Well yes but actually yes. A list of frameworks that are closest to correct, and why "this" correct is correct The consumer pig (false) atheist and his esoteric superior. Atheism is correct, religion is necessary. How optimism can fit with nihilism

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