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♔ Read a Book ♔ Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:16:48 No. 22 [Reply] [Last]

Reading Thread.
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Six Books of Commonwealth (long version) in PDF

Royal Court Tyrant 01/31/2021 (Sun) 10:48:52 No. 2450 [Reply]
Welcome to /monarchy/
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New flags added. Request flags any time.

Peasant 04/10/2021 (Sat) 19:54:58 No. 2602 [Reply]
>this ungrateful little worm has to crawl back home to attend his grandfather's funeral What punishment does he deserve, /monarchy/?
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The the Rothschilds are the true rulers of the UK. The official Monarchy is butt their puppet. I predict more blacks and Jews marrying into the puppet Monarchy in the future. The only solution is total Pro-White British National revolution. The leader of the revolution may then become the new dynastic ruler. A new William the Conquer is needed. >>>/vox xe/
>>2602 The English "monarchy" are glorified mascots.
>>2640 this but duke Franz of Bavaria should become ruler

/monarchy/ ♕ Music Homecoming ♕ Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:27:14 No. 23 [Reply] [Last]

Relax and listen to music
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(883.68 KB 2314x1212 Nordic-Timeline-1999-Borderless.png)
Nordic Monarchist Supremacy Peasant 05/03/2021 (Mon) 05:40:23 No. 2639 [Reply]
In this world, Norway and Sweden unite as Kingdoms before the start of the Viking age and Norway and Sweden form an early non-Aggression pact. The reason? To resist Christianity and the Northern Crusades (NC). While Denmark succumbs to Catholicism, converting before facing the NC, Norway and Sweden remain stubbornly 'Pagan,' and refuse to let those who reject the worship of the Aesir-Vanir into the nobility. Denmark in this timeline plays the role of Prussia in our timeline but at a much earlier date. As a result of less in-fighting, the Nordic nations have become first-tier super-powers as opposed to their backwater status in our timeline. The Danish and French Empires are officially Catholic and have a non-Aggression pact similar to the one the Northern Empires have. The Norwegian Empire remains majority 'Germanic Pagan,' although Buddhism, Taoism, and even 'heretical' (non-Catholic) Christianity have also spread to some degree among peasants. In the Swedish Empire, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, and non-Catholic Christianity form the major religions while the nobility is still required to primarily worship the Aesir-Vanir. Only racially Nordic people that worship the Aesir-Vanir are permitted to be nobility in the Northern Empires. Christians and other races are locked out of official power. Meanwhile, the Catholic Empires do not tolerate any public religious diversity, even among peasants. In this timeline, Religion, Monarchy, and Feudalism are still absolute, with the exception of Switzerland. The Renascence happened in Italy, and the industrial revolution began in Britain but they didn't lead to serious political reform nor the total abandonment of villages. The Protestant Reformation happened but never achieved political power. The Japanese Empire remains Shinto, Buddhists, feudal, and isolationist in that foreigners are not welcome without an invitation by a Daimyo, yet Japan is not closed to trade. The Arabian Caliphate is this timeline's primary source of chaotic 'terrorism.' All within the Caliphate are slaves to Allah, even the Caliph. This is a common saying in the Caliphate, and it may be true, but there are ranks of slaves, and a Black is not permitted to be the master of an Arab or whiter muslim. In war, Blacks form the majority of foot soldiers. By 1999, technology has advanced to the point the Norwegian Empire has landed a Man on the Moon and nuclear weapons have been tested by all major powers, although never used. 'Internets' exist but are niche. Taking the train is more common than taking a personal car. The internal combustion engine although discovered, was banned for peasants for 'polluting the air.' Large urban development is largely restricted to rail corridors and rivers. There are far more legal jurisdictions than in our timeline and far fewer jurisdictional agreements. Marriage is still the primary method of class advancement. https://8chan.moe/voxxe/res/4254.html#q4830
>Nordniggers moving anywhere past the Bronze Age too much bullshit.

How did you become a monarchist? Peasant 11/28/2020 (Sat) 03:27:22 No. 2298 [Reply]
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(46.23 KB 400x400 000440.jpg)
I wonder how many legit monarchists visit this board. And not the "not real monarchist™" gatekeeping, but in general. I think we get a few /his/fags & others who probably couldn't care, maybe /liberty/ once in a moon, but what people primarily with monarchy? Outsiders, I suspect.
(4.99 KB 469x314 1594059152527.jpg)
>>2298 >Freedom good >People Dumb Hmm, libertarianism cant work >Authoritarianism unenjoyable >Commies hungry >Nazis sexless Well fuck, isnt that awful too Then idea: >Freedom without the right to vote it away >Monarch raised from birth with the values of their forebears >Feudal lords that war with each other to maintain the wealth of their personal districs >Constitution enforced on the feudal lords by the monarch enabling freedom, and cementing control over the nation >Freedom, morals and tradition upkept by minimal taxation, and government funded schools, Monarch has a vested interest in maintaining social cohesion, freedom allows societies artists and other degenerates to do as they please without it hurting society >Military upheld by a combination of conscription with good pay from fiefdoms, and military education in the state funded schools

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>>2630 I also identify with Libertarian Monarchism.

Our Condolences to HM the Queen Peasant 04/09/2021 (Fri) 19:09:15 No. 2592 [Reply]
/monarchy/ pays its respect & remembers the life of Prince Philip. "He has, quite simply, been my strength and stay all these years, and I, and his whole family, and this and many other countries, owe him a debt greater than he would ever claim, or we shall ever know." The Queen's Golden Wedding Anniversary speech, November 1997
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I don't visit here often but I'm just posting here to pay my condolences.
Memory Eternal.
>>2592 The present Monarchs have presided over the fall of the British Empire and the British people becoming the minority in London. I have no respect for such false 'royals.' >>>/vox xe/

(1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)
Grace OC Thread Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:12:54 No. 20 [Reply] [Last]

It's not legitimate without Grace chan!
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(460.36 KB 1532x2048 84tiO7X8.jpg large.jpg)
(139.95 KB 688x1024 dPTT0NJ5.jpg medium.jpg)
(491.91 KB 2048x1694 8RECxdeb.jpg large.jpg)
(1.12 MB 2000x1824 Grace royal birthday.png)
(678.79 KB 1200x1824 Grace birthday transparent.png)
(390.31 KB 1200x1824 Grace plain gift.png)
(670.25 KB 1200x1824 Grace gift white background.png)

Peasant 04/24/2021 (Sat) 08:52:49 No. 2627 [Reply]
Is this place still alive? Lol
(72.54 KB 900x1200 Grace chan portrait.jpg)
YES. But this board is very, very, very slow.

(12.49 MB 480x360 The Battle of Bouvines.mp4)
webm/mp4 thread! Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 02:33:13 No. 55 [Reply] [Last]

Put videos here.
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(216.23 KB 1439x1393 5f198760cbfb2.jpeg)
/monarchy/ general 2.0 Peasant 11/24/2020 (Tue) 19:56:53 No. 2288 [Reply]
For general discussion again.
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(2.36 MB 640x444 HqMLfUAdBC-Vp7cO.mp4)
THE GREAT FOUNDER ARCHTYPE As explained by Aristotle in Politics Further, the state is by nature clearly prior to the family and to the individual since the whole is of necessity prior to the part… The proof that the state is a creation of nature and prior to the individual is that the individual, when isolated, is not self-sufficing; and therefore he is like a part in relation to the Whole. But He who is unable to live in society, or who has no need because He is sufficient for himself, must either be a Beast or a God! A social instinct is implanted in all men by nature. & yet he who first FOUNDED the state was the GREATEST of benefactors! 🌞 But when a whole family or some individual, happens to be so pre-eminent in virtue as to surpass all others, then it is just that they should the royal family and supreme over all, or that this one citizen should be king of the whole nation. For, as I said before, to give them authority is not only agreeable to that ground of right which the FOUNDER of all states… are accustomed to put forward … but accords with the principle already laid down. For surely it would not be right to kill, or ostracize, or exile such a person, or… require that he should take his turn in being governed. The Whole is naturally superior to the part, and he who has this pre-eminence is in the relation of the Whole to a part. But if so, the only alternative is that he should have the supreme power, and that mankind should obey him, not in turn, but always!
(3.92 MB 3400x3082 grace-reprimands.png)
(2.47 MB 2000x2000 Monarchy vs Anarchy.png)
Anarchy? That word evokes a headless body. Monarchy, one head on the body-politic! Not 'A for Anarchy', but 'A for Autocracy'. Spoke Grace, muse of monarchy. "Let there be one Lord, one King!" said Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus (Caligula), reportedly by Suetonius.

(97.17 KB 915x610 History- German East Africa.png)
(172.66 KB 516x610 The Raj of Sarawak - History.png)
Monarchy, Colonies, and Empire Peasant 08/10/2020 (Mon) 01:55:35 No. 1575 [Reply]
Which colonial projects under kingly direction went the best, do you think? What could've been done better?
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>>1723 Right first on Solano fucking Lopez, a Paraguayan dictator with a napoleon complex who drove his nation to the dirty because of some delusion of grandeur. He thought that he could take on the two super powers of the region (Glorious Brazilian Empire and...Argentina *vomits*) and their rebellious child (Cisplatina or Uruguay depending on who you ask) and win...well he failed terribly. The Christ cannon, was one the artillary guns used by paraguay during the war but was captured by the Brazilian army and is on exposition in a brazilian museum as a war prize.
>>2494 >>1723 The thing is...Paraguay was devastated during the war for no fault but their own, with Lopez going Endsieg before it was cool and even throwing children at the veteran brazilian army near the end of the war. About 60% of Paraguays population died in the war (most because of famine and disese), Lopez was hated by Paraguay for a long time until they decide to go full revisionist and make him a national hero while also blaming the Triple Alliance nations (especially) Brazil for the war with even some of the demanding reparation because of it
Bolívar, the man who not only betrayed Spain, but also all Venezuelans, this man signed an act and told the people that it was to expel Napoleon from Spain, and that the King regain his crown. but he lied, and when he was discovered and the people expelled him, he returned and killed everyone who was not by his side, killing more than half the population, even those who were in hospitals, those who had surrendered and the children, the elderly and women. He's definitely what a megalomaniac would call an equal.

(82.12 KB 456x512 .d.jpg)
Hack MONARCH 02/24/2021 (Wed) 15:24:17 No. 2501 [Reply]
Friends of Osman, eh? Punisher of the Greeks.

(1.47 MB 909x2021 superb owl 55 invite3.png)
Peasant 02/06/2021 (Sat) 23:24:23 No. 2469 [Reply]
You're invited! To the sporting event of the year! The superb owl! Hosted by spee Come on by, drink some beer, eat some snacks, shitpost, and jack off with your spartman friends! Cya there!
>>2469 See you there, anon.

Bhutan Peasant 11/10/2020 (Tue) 16:09:56 No. 2227 [Reply]
Even to the corrupted senses of republicans, the happiest country in the world is a monarchy led by ancient spirituality. Yet they refuse to admit, perhaps they are wrong in trying to fashion false utopia on Earth. Now the worst of them, the godless, communist Chinese, threaten to destroy this immortal, benevolent society. We should esteem this rare example of traditional glory because these expressions will fade with ever increasing rapidity as the seasons pass.
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>>2397 well, that's good to know
Muh Nepalis

(1.33 MB 973x999 23453634.png)
So, yea.. about that Monarchy thing Peasant 01/02/2021 (Sat) 21:06:05 No. 2361 [Reply]
Hello there. The door were.. missing, so I let myself in. Some Grace'ful purple rabbit led me into this strange land and after mining her appearance a bit I thought that being monarchist myself I might inquire a thing or two, and no, I'm not asking about the diapers, whatever that weird shit is, I'm not ready. Went over some posts for the last three hours to compose my idea about this place, but I guess it would be more considerate to just ask you openly – what kind of /Monarchy/sts are you? (Beside silent ones. I wen't through the general and lots of you seem to openly having nothing so say and just lurk. Or outwardly state being afraid of saying anything due to chadbrain thundercocks.) Please excuse my retardation but I though it was the yellow people who like to nap alot, why do you also do nothing about the shitstorm that our world has become? This place seem.. crestfallen. And yea, to a point - I get it. Nobody outside is throwing flowers when you enter a room. Nobody mentions the topics you are so well versed in. All that seem to be left from the ideals you hold so dear are malicious laughter and occasional finger-pointing. If thats the barrier here then.. Well, tough shit sweetheart. Do you know what history calls good people that changed nothing because the process hurts? Me neither. So thats why I ask – what kind of /Monarchy/sts are you? Do you honestly believe that Monarchy can grant this planet an actual future, and by that I mean that it can stop this tech inbued bread-and-circus regress we seem to be stuck in? Or is this place just some souvenir shop of the bygone era, offering same answers to the same questions for a rare occasional net tourist? Because if you're just broken, honestly broken, then I'll leave you to it. I might be still young, but my liver is not. But if you are just discouraged by this idea's current popularity, the low count of your own board population, the chilly welcome that topic of Monarchy receives in the outside spaces – this all can be changed, and quite easily at that (although not instantaneously I feel I need to add). > changed? Well.. yea. With fire. How exactly do you think those things went in the age old past? You construct a gameplan. Aggresive, offensive gameplan.

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Are you autistic?
>Or is this place just some souvenir shop of the bygone era Yes


no cookies?