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♔ Read a Book ♔ Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:16:48 No. 22 [Reply] [Last]

Reading Thread.
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>>22 After digging through a while, I could finally find some books on monarchy and rule from and Islamic perpective. -KITAB AL-KHARAJ by Abu Yusuf -Ghazālī's Book of Counsel for Kings -The Morals of the Beneficent -The Ordinances of Government -The Book of Government; or, Rules for Kings

Royal Court Tyrant 01/31/2021 (Sun) 10:48:52 No. 2450 [Reply] [Last]
Welcome to /monarchy/
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>>3333 I'm not angry or surprised about this, now I just wanna watch how this unfolds itself. My retardation also doubles as genius sometimes. Plus, I think /abdl/ has a handful of new muslim diaperfags already

/monarchy/ ♕ Music Homecoming ♕ Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:27:14 No. 23 [Reply] [Last]

Relax and listen to music
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(216.23 KB 1439x1393 5f198760cbfb2.jpeg)

/monarchy/ general 2.0 Peasant 11/24/2020 (Tue) 19:56:53 No. 2288 [Reply] [Last]
For general discussion again.
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North Korea: Embracing the Monarchist ideal wholeheartedly Traditionalists & Royalists these days: Curving their lips in disdain, dismissing the Monarchist ideal Haughtily denying the significance of one ruler Dabbling into Anarchist politics Only there to promote glitter and pomp Doesn't see how the political structure of Monarchy resembles a household rule, doesn't see how the political structure of Monarchy matters Decadent, proud, and elitist
DPRK song talking about the importance of ONE leader
I love monarchy I love Christ's favourite model of society And you can't make me not I hate the antichrist I hate the antichrist I hate the antichrist

(1.31 MB 1522x1100 3 Monarchy.png)

Grace OC Thread Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 01:12:54 No. 20 [Reply] [Last]

It's not legitimate without Grace chan!
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>>3491 >For failing to sell Monarchy? No you disingenuous clown, because the board is dead.
>>3502 I doubt anyone else could make this board live.
>>3492 I think it would be more appropriate if she died by diaper rash.

(12.49 MB 480x360 The Battle of Bouvines.mp4)

webm/mp4 thread! Peasant 05/01/2020 (Fri) 02:33:13 No. 55 [Reply] [Last]

Put videos here.
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(5.19 MB 640x360 James coins.mp4)

(7.56 MB 640x360 James Succession.mp4)

(8.55 MB 640x360 James Burials.mp4)

(11.84 MB 640x360 James Equivocator.mp4)

(14.82 MB 640x360 King & Playwright Enclosure.mp4)

(652.45 KB 649x498 ClipboardImage.png)

The Rules of Acquisition Peasant 10/15/2021 (Fri) 12:16:29 No. 3174 [Reply]
Was having a read over these and thought they seem to translate well for establishing a successful monarchy. List below: 1. Once you have their money, never give it back 2. You can't cheat an honest customer, but it never hurts to try 3. Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to 4. Sex and profit are the two things that never last long enough 5. If you can't break a contract, bend it 6. Never let family stand in the way of opportunity 7. Always keep you ears open 8. Keep count of your change 9. Instinct plus opportunity equals profit 10. A dead customer can't buy as much as a live one 11. Latinum isn't the only thing that shines 12. Anything worth selling is worth selling twice 13. Anything worth doing is worth doing for money 14. Anything stolen is pure profit 15. Acting stupid is often smart

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>3481 Which Star Trek creator was Jewish? I couldn't find any information on Gene Roddenberry's Wikipedia page about him being such. And even if they were written by a Jew, it wasn't as something to emulate. Whereas this entire thread is about emulating them.
>>3482 Ira Steven Behr Aka Private Lee Lemon
>>3339 The star trek wiki

Autonomous Peasant 10/23/2021 (Sat) 15:10:45 No. 3256 [Reply]
Is this the incest board?
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>>3257 someone's butthurt
>>3272 Makes sense. You don't want to be responsible for yourselves at all. You just want to regress to childhood and live forever in the arms of your daddy, the king, spiritual Father or whatever.
>>3266 Why?

Brandon 11/23/2021 (Tue) 14:48:12 No. 3475 [Reply]
busco sicario de costa rica para una vuelta,pago bien!!

Monarchy, Colonies, and Empire Peasant 08/10/2020 (Mon) 01:55:35 No. 1575 [Reply]
Which colonial projects under kingly direction went the best, do you think? What could've been done better?
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>>2857 Go back to /pol/.
>>3383 Why not?

(201.05 KB 540x504 v0zZee.png)

(6.07 KB 864x360 bob.v.the.0.nazi.s.z.png)

(467.54 KB 1600x1227 0_JS162994953.jpg)

Peasant 06/28/2021 (Mon) 00:20:58 No. 2698 [Reply] [Last]
ok lets establish some basics. moanrchy: arose from tribalistic europe, basically modern and large scale chief cult. read tacitus. >"it is customary for states to make voluntary and individual contributions of cattle or agricultural produce to the leaders these are accepted as a token of honour." >"on the field of battle it is a disgrace to the leader to be surpassed in valour by his companions, to the companions not to equal the valour of their leader. to outlive ones leader by withdrawing from battle brings life long infamy and shame" >"to defend and protect him, to attribute to his glory ones own brave deeds, that is the crux of their oath of allegiance: the leaders fight for victory, the companions fight for their leader" basically, the chief (king) is meant to be a role model, protector, and provider. the lads fight for the chief it is honourable to give your all for him AS LONG AS THE KING IS TRUE. >Culture culture is important. problem is, good times-weak men, and all that. its bad cause the good cultures have produced times so good that their sons become weak. good morals produced by a good culture are far better than any laws. laws can be good, but they are easily corrupted. what needs to happen is the creation of a good culture that is different in that it is self sustaining, self replicating, immune to bad change (immediet or eventual), and dug in. basically every facet of society, biology, and psychology must be taken into account and optomised to ensure the survival of good culture and good men. a point to consider. >artificial struggle. create artificial struggle, do not be a greedy dog for your children that wants the world for them, as your grandchildren will lack far more than the grandparent. but also like working out. you could "struggle for a year, get gains and slack off, create measures to call out and negate complacency. monarchs are not meant to take advantage of their people. the peoples adoration and loyalty is a fucking privilege for services rendered. the trick is installing a new monarch, since most revolutions end up in the installation of a democracy which his even worse than a selfish monarch. bloodlines are good but dry up. once this happens and you get th inevitable limp dicked crones that are now Britains monarchy, their line ran its course, throw them out and find another hero. next up: spirituality/religion
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(186.68 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234935.png)

(210.76 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234944.png)

(221.31 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234953.png)

(217.57 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235002.png)

(217.57 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235002.png)

(212.87 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235013.png)

(215.59 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235020.png)

(213.42 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235037.png)

dumb gay edgelord bullshit go back to /pol/

Otto the great Peasant 11/04/2021 (Thu) 11:37:24 No. 3394 [Reply]
Otto "the great" was king of Germany, he represssed countless nobles' revolts, conquered loraine in 939, stopped the hungarian invasions in 955, conquered Italy in two campaigns in 951 - 955, and on febrary 3rd 963 ultimately became emperor of what will be later known as "Holy Roman Empire" that would last until 1806 when Napoleon abolished it.
If he knew what autism he was about to unleash he would have packed it in before he would have even tried.

Otto the great Otto the great 11/04/2021 (Thu) 11:34:21 No. 3392 [Reply]
Otto "the great" was king of Germany, he represssed countless nobles' revolts, conquered loraine in 939, stopped the hungarian invasions in 955, conquered Italy in two campaigns in 951 - 955, and on febrary 3rd 963 ultimately became emperor of what will be later known as "Holy Roman Empire" that would last until 1806 when Napoleon abolished it.

(21.38 MB 4272x2848 ClipboardImage.png)

Ingerland Peasant 11/02/2021 (Tue) 16:06:47 No. 3386 [Reply]
The power of the royal family is broken The ginger one is in exile The ancient watcher has perished. And the less said about the kiddie fondler the better. Is this the way the British monarchy dies?
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>>3387 Considering her recent health that might not be long.
>>3388 I think her health goes in a cycle, where she often has these periods of sickness but she still manages through them. If she dies soon, it will mean that her mother lived longer (101 years).
>>3386 No, the institution itself won't die.

(12.87 MB 3865x2576 ClipboardImage.png)

The US Constitution Peasant 11/02/2021 (Tue) 06:25:16 No. 3384 [Reply]
Aside from it forming such a monstrous republic, what are your thoughts on the amendments themselves? What do you like or don't like?

(2.24 MB 1861x2368 Queen_Rania_of_Jordan.jpeg)

Peasant 10/02/2021 (Sat) 11:54:35 No. 2999 [Reply]
Is this the only wholesome board on 8chan?
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>>3005 >wise Hardly. He is quite literally like every other BO that isn't like /co/'s current one whose name I forgot, and that one might be an idiot but he's less bad because he's slightly less "hands-off" like every other one, because every other one is a dipshit who shouldn't be moderating. Freeze peach is bad. Censorship is good. Justice is not passionate, fair, and does not heed the mob—consequently most every BO in the past 5 years has been unjust. They're all too focused on "le imageboard cultural context XD MUH FREEEDUMBS!!!!11" to properly moderate. In before this one decides to ax me not out of a just ruling, but because of some really petty reason as is typical with any lawless lawgiver (read: tyrant). This board has been drivel since before the shithole it was spawned from finally kicked the bucket. Nothing has been even remotely worthwhile since at most 2017. Lastly, go back to 4chan.
>>3186 take your meds
(400.05 KB 1800x1800 Grace sketch laugh.png)

>>3188 >I'd like you more if you weren't a faggot But you are an oldfag. >In before this one decides to ax me not out of a just ruling, but because of some really petty reason as is typical with any lawless lawgiver (read: tyrant). I am a more vulgar tyrant. Never ax'd anyone yet. I didn't wish to become King, but the Anarchy made me put on the crown. This board is my personal hell.

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