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(47.35 KB 688x476 ungern.jpg)
Royal Court King 04/29/2020 (Wed) 21:07:03 No. 1

Welcome to /monarchy/.

A kingdom of our own. One of many to be.

Have we thought of inviting other boards, especially /fascist/, to this site? It looks like they've set up a bunker on anon.cafe, but I think it would be better for both of us to have them here.
/fascist/ might come along, and they probably always could if they want to.
If you go and look at the latest posts in the /fascist/ meta thread it looks like the anon who hosts this asked the BO for an email which he just a little bit ago gave him. /fascist/ will be here very soon it looks like.
Oh wait, it'€™s already here >>>/fascist/

Something strangely calming about seeing the same

20 MB would be ideal if possible.

You can'€™t post images on mobile. It will let you select one but it doesn'€™t attach.

If possible, pin royal court + pin reading thread

How many posts are allowed per thread btw?

I am finished transferring my essential threads.
Also, we need to make it so we can post the same image over and over again. That needs to be fixed.
(164.86 KB 1600x1066 Happy Hans Adams II.jpg)
I can.
Royal Court is pinned already.

I'm glad we have a fresh start on /monarchy/–a healthy restart helps refresh activity + change things up a bit.

What happened to the delete button for posts? I can't find it anymore.
Now you can.
(75.39 KB 370x450 0909090213.png)

King-sama, will we eventually have file size re-adjusted to 20MB or does it stay around 16MB?

I plan on making a historiography chart for /monarchy/ based on the historical accounts presented in the history thread on julay.

This fresh new start for /monarchy/ is really working out well. It will be hard to contain my autism. But board quality is better.
(248.17 KB 1280x853 _PQ3cphnBVo.jpg)
Your pic reminds me, what happened to our friendly neighborhood diaper cabal? Were they so easily vanquished? Just a week ago they used to boast in everyone's faces how they are the boss of the gym, but now they're as quiet as sheep. It's like a Mongol horde came out of nowhere, swept through our lands, and vanished back into insignificance.
Diaperfags must be ruined.

The Diaperfag Cabal thought they would rule the world, but they couldn't survive the fracturing.

And now we have all sorts of hullabaloo happening on Julay. We really did jump ship just in time.
Thanks to the wise decision-making of our King and thanks to whosoever to help set us up here.
Praise Hoppe.

Is julay.world down now?
Yeah. As if things weren't "interesting" enough.
Do you know of the pandemonium that has been taking place over there?
Holy shit. I just came over here because /monarchy/ is about the only board I lurk on, and then all this shit happens. Gj, King.
The diaperfags are slowly reconstituting themselves. I wouldn't count them out yet.

It is a custom of this board to say 'monarchy' rather than 'monarchism'.

Could you Most Honorable BO of ours delete all but one of the latest, spammed posts of mine in the /monarchy/ general redux thread? When I wanted to post them yesterday it appeared to me as the posting was stuck at 100% and after I refreshed the page they didnt appear to be posted back then. I dont remember the passwords attached to them and I think Ive already submitted reports on them. Thanks in advance.
This is still an ongoing issue though.
Needs to be fixed.

Is the board fixed yet?
I wonder when King-sama is coming back.
>>961 I'm here.
The Imperial Ruling Council of /jp/ has placed /monarchy/ under its protection. Submit peacefully and you will be spared and allowed to prosper. Resist and terrible retribution shall be brought down upon you.
(2.25 MB 3192x3000 grace_blush.png)
>>983 I, for one, submit to our /jp/ rulers. They could only improve the quality of this board.
(51.98 KB 600x446 iveSeenThisBefore.jpg)
>>983 >>986 What's the point of a /monarchy/ if you submit to every anime girl that tries to conquer you
(1.06 MB 2152x2888 PoutyPrincess.png)
>>983 Grace bows to no one
>>999 For any /Fascist/ crossposters, Go back to Anon.cafe, Board owner nuked the board.
(359.02 KB 500x375 sad charlie brown.gif)
>>997 Do not worry, brother. You are not alone in your contempt.
>>1 Ive never been to this board but one of my interests is medieval history. Just seeing some webms in the thread made me more interested and exciting. Thanks for a great board !
>>1026 Thx, anon. Just remember. This board ain't /his/. I'm not personally that wild about medievalism, but some anons are.
>>983 Fuck off lmao
FYI, txti has broken down, I can no longer edit it.
>>983 based
New peasant here,rate my waifu.
(2.74 MB 3168x3280 grace_dante.png)
BO or anyone in charge, requesting that the reading list gets pinned.
Requesting this as a banner.
(2.29 MB 2728x2624 LARP01.png)
>>1097 Nice choice.
>>1 What happened to the Strike Witches fag and why is it that every time I come here I feel like I'm a babysitter?
>>1219 >why is it that every time I come here I feel like I'm a babysitter? Must have something to do with all the diaperfags.
>>1235 This.
>>1235 Oh, heh. I mean, it feels like I'm surrounded by morons.
(1.07 MB 1920x1080 grace baby.png)
>>1235 Diapers are a patrician interest, it's only natural that /monarchy/ and /abdl/ mesh so well.
A meta for a the diarchy is established. >>>/site/319 Between /monarchy/ and /liberty/ other boards welcome to visit too
(360.37 KB 1536x2048 EUtGaAAUYAENZe2.jpg)
For Newfags on converting Youtube to MP4 MP4 converter: https://ytmp3.cc/en13/ Video size reduction: (Scale 'reduce' video to 720 width) https://www.videosmaller.com/ I also use this sometimes: http://www.mirovideoconverter.com/
>>1336 Ideally one would use ffmpeg + youtube-dl for fast local saving and conversions. You can use chocolatey to download both of them and have them automatically added to your windows shell.
(13.58 KB 299x100 remove banner 01.jpg)
(14.47 KB 300x101 remove banner 02.jpg)
(18.70 KB 299x100 remove banner 03.jpg)
>>1 Requesting the removal of banners. These are banners I regret suggesting. I'm the anon that put these banners forward, but I want them removed. Remove these 3 banners. /monarchy/ needs a few new banners, but we should start by getting rid of those. The rest of the banners are good to stay, and I think those are brilliant and I love seeing the very, very ancient banners still present.
>>1 Another request to the court of /monarchy/. Could we return to "Peasant" rather than "Anonymous"? I miss the peasant name. ... Once these 3 banners here >>1340 are removed, hopefully anons will have new banner suggestions. There used to be a rules and links section. It's too bad those are gone.
(3.42 KB 324x216 italianroyalensign.png)
(160.61 KB 296x288 caligula_coin.png)
(703.00 B 368x221 us-gu.png)
I like the flags we currently have. Last time it seemed we had too much clutter. Requesting 4 flags. 1. an /ita/ flag 2. caligula coin flag 3. union jack for brits 4. grand union flag for burgers Whoever is administrating this board, you're welcome to improvise or find a different version of these flags. This particular Caligula coin I'd request. We also could do with a Spanish flag + Australian flag.
>>1340 >>1341 I'll get to it momentarily.
Looks good. /ita/ crossposters have something now. Spain could probably have the Cross of Burgundy or current day flag. Maybe both.
Are you testing the flags?
>>1354 Yes
(204.53 KB 540x540 Oger.jpg)
nice board
As a burger, can I use the Grand Union in support of what could have been under King George III, while at the same time beginning to loathe King George V the more I learn of him stabbing Czar Nicholas II in the back?
>>1365 burgeranon, you may do whatever you want. Grand Union flag was used in the Revolutionary War, was it not? >It was widely believed that the flag was raised by George Washington's army on New Year's Day, 1776, at Prospect Hill in Charlestown (now part of Somerville), near his headquarters at Cambridge, Massachusetts, (across the Charles River to the north from Boston), which was then surrounding and laying siege to the British forces then occupying the city That flag is just an archaic flag for burgers.
(1.18 MB 1762x2260 GU Flag.jpg)
>>1367 Thanks, here it is.
The Imperial Ruling Council of /jp/ has officially released /monarchy/ from under its protection. We no longer have the power to keep you safe. Any debts owed are forthwith to be considered null and void. Diapers will have to be changed by your previous masters as we will now allow them to regain control.
>>1388 If you were protecting us, you were doing kind of a shit job.
(93.45 KB 960x720 sakura_angry.jpg)
>>1 Reminder that "X political gang" grew from /leftypol/ when /leftypol/ became full of redditors; it is objectively a reddit meme. No sense of fucking taste.
(65.94 KB 960x720 sakura_face.jpg)
>>1388 /jp/ has been shit for over a decade, kill yourself, fag.
>>1405 You sound new. This board and the posters on it have been around for a while now. C.f. http://txti.es/monarchymagnacarta .
(1.19 MB 1280x1110 Grace Muse of Monarchy.png)
>>1411 I'm glad we have the magnacarta txt back. It's good to see this returned like it was in the older days of /monarchy/. We need to preserve our history and all as a board... I keep promising to contribute a history of /monarchy/ chart... I should get on it, or make a rough draft... >>1388 Why have you forsaken us, /jp/? A peasant like me wants to see renewal in /monarchy/-/jp/ relations.
Would anyone recommend for a Spanish flag?
(555.05 KB 300x300 [rage intensifies].gif)
>>1411 No, FUCK YOU, you fucking piece of shit. I have been around way longer than you. Just because it's been around for a few fucking years does not fucking mean it isn't a fucking reddit meme, kill yourself.
(32.56 KB 340x444 rage.jpg)
>>1411 What's next? You'll start spewing "#YangGang" or "This Meme Was Made by JoJo gang", you fucking cancerous piece of shit? I hate that 8gag is full of faggots like you. In fact I'm surprised I don't see more "soy cringe based". Fucking hell.
>>1418 >>1419 I'm going to guess you're like me in that you've had this issue: >"hurr this one poster disagrees with the mass opinion, that means he's wrong! durr" >"Don't worry, reddit-tier hivemind! I'll do whatever you ask, just don't leave the board! t. Board Owners post-2015" >"Sorry bub, but you're causing trouble, that means you gotta go, even if you're 100% right, because this is a fucking ὀχλοκρατία and don't you dare criticize us." Correct?
>>1418 I posted that more because your original post doesn't even make sense. Saying that "This is /monarchy/" is like saying "X political gang"...how? My best interpretation was that you thought this board was completely new or something. Guess I was wrong and you blew a fucking gasket. You're so deep in memespeak that it's really difficult to understand you, which is what makes me think you're new to the monarchy board. Well, there's a number of things that make me think you're new. The most obvious is that there are so few posters on this board that you can pretty much identify posters by their language quirks (e.g. "Political animal"/"Speaking like a republican") and what kind of images they post (images of the Tsar/images from that WWII witch anime). I've never seen any of the other three posters here post Cardcaptor Sakura, so that pretty much automatically flags you as a new poster in my mind. That's not even a bad thing, but I guess you take it to be a bad thing too? Why are you upset over such unimportant things, and even if you were, why would you let other people on an imageboard know that--they'd just want to fuck with you if they know your buttons can be pushed so easily. Right, so anyways, continue on you NEWBIE. Fucking NEWBIE ALERT here. Someone who has NEVER LURKED BEFORE is here. Attention everyone, this guy has NEVER POSTED ON AN IMAGEBOARD BEFORE AND DOESN'T KNOW HOW THEY WORK.
>>1422 He's the ultimate oldfag
Your Royal Majesty, King of /monarchy/ May we have the >>1413 Cross of Burgundy as a Spanish Empire flag?
Also, if you add the Spanish Empire flag, could you add the 2nd Mexican Empire flag too?
>>1438 I think there is that Mexican poster that likes Emp Maximilian I and other apologists in general. They should get a flag.
(871.04 KB 680x627 it's all over.png)
>>1420 Yes. And of course the other half of the site would simply let the mob do as they willed, because "muh free speech", letting their respective boards turn into /b/ 2.0 or just into dog shit. 8gag was rightfully criticized for its structure in the first few exoduses. IIRC, Hotwheels himself said he used reddit as a model. In any case, it would seem most who were around at the time have long since left, given the blatantly false and normalfag-ish criticisms levied against Hotwheels when he was vocally adamant on supporting the shut-down of the walking corpse known as 8chan. Holy fuck I'd beat so many niggers. I've said it before and I'll say it again, /monarchy/ (and really any gaggle of circle-jerking morons) is a prime example of why aristocratic elites are the way to go. Fucking plebs.
(100.53 KB 1024x1024 33553392_p0_zps2fc8da8b.jpg)
>>1470 The gaggle of circle-jerking morons are the aristocratic elites of this board.
>>1470 aristocratic elite = good
>>1405 >>1406 >>1418 >>1419 >>1470 Honestly, you're the most cancerous, unlikeable retard on the board and if you think there is "free speech" here or this is /b/ 2.0 for you to post cancerous memes and do as you please, then you're fucking wrong.
(8.79 KB 608x149 monarchy rule of one.png)
Please make this a banner.
>>1470 <because "muh free speech" >(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST) Based jannies.
>>986 The only way the quality of this board could be improved is by removing anime.
>986 The only way the quality of this board could be improved is by posting more anime.
>>1566 I should also note that it was during the Dark Age of /monarchy/ that "Peasant" was introduced.
(139.98 KB 593x579 S7.jpg)
>>1566 Also, the Dark Age of /monarchy/, when I said "1st tyrant"--I meant my own shenanigans. Not the 4th king.
(1.35 MB 1600x1600 history of monarchy.png)
(82.16 KB 451x457 kings of monarchy.png)
(109.06 KB 505x529 Ages of Monarchy.jpg)
>>1567 >>1568 Revised a slight bit.
>>1569 So the bunker's been deleted? I couldn't find it on the webring today.
>>1569 Bretty good anon, nice collation. >>1579 I believe so.
>>1569 Epic chronicle, man.
(8.52 KB 416x176 monarchy dates.png)
(116.66 KB 1227x533 monarchy history 01.png)
(92.31 KB 1224x448 monarchy history 02.png)
(17.29 KB 1098x237 monarchy titles.png)
(28.17 KB 377x226 Cross of Burgundy (Spain).png)
Added a flag.
...I have a terrible idea. Is there a compilation anywhere of every single flag representing a state in the Holy Roman Empire? Here's some more flags, in any case.
(13.46 KB 622x587 Shitposts.PNG)
Are you going to delete these?
Captchas enabled for all posts to help contain the spam. I'll leave it on through the night to ward off another attack. I recommend your BO sets the "hourly thread limit" and possibly the "enable captcha for X posts/threads" options. It helps slow spam attacks.
This board is dead
(337.60 KB 1080x1080 hKQyA9kClGk.jpg)
>>1933 It's slow but not dead.
>>1939 Who is this? /monarchy/ Saber?
>>1942 Fate Nero.
Grace does seem like a Saber though.
(217.83 KB 329x346 1552238232183.png)
>>1 >mfw I see the way the board and BO act
>>2009 What happened?
>>2009 Totalitarianism including monarchy and fascism and communism works very well if and only if the leader and all their leading descendants are benevolent and act in the interest of their nation. That's easier said than done, and terribly hard to undo.
>>2033 Sophomoric centrism is a crime worthy of banishment.
>>2033 >FAGcism and communism works very well at least, you're funny
this place is dead
is the board getting raided by NigSocs?
BO is literally (and I'm using that correctly) 4chan-tier in his moderation "skill". Unjust, and having no sense of taste. Enjoy being king of shit mountain.
>>2099 A joke is what this place is
>>2134 So's /fascist/ but you post there anyway.
God, i hate (((elections)))
I once again call on you Russanon to cleanse this place from the destructive maniacs that are the diaperfaggots, democ rats and assorted majoritards

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