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Against nationalism Anonymous 06/27/2020 (Sat) 22:49:00 No. 1126
https://aidanmaclear.wordpress.com/2019/03/03/nationalism/ >In other words, nationalism helped cause the problem it now complains about. By destroying hierarchically stacked loyalties arranged as family, locality, king, with God to mediate Man’s relationship with each and every one of these entities, man fell necessarily into pledging an uncertain, distant, and uncaring loyalty to vague and meaningless (to him) entities such as nation, race, party, which he would not naturally care about. Thus he became a slave of mass agitation and propaganda, his mind malleable and changeable, since there was no longer anything solid before his own eyes on which to stake his vital male loyalties. Nation, Race, and Party are all entities which have definite meaning only in the minds of priests, thus classical romantic nationalism ensures rule by priests, is a tool for ensuring priestly power, because even when a warrior is ostensibly at the head of a nationalist state, the priests retain the power of names, the power to define the criteria of membership in nation-race-party.
>>1126 If anything, nationalism and liberalism ensured that the priesthood lost the last traces of whatever political and social power they still had during and after the Enlightenment.
>>1155 A New King must rise, a King for the modern world.
>>1156 We are already living in a sort of a transitional period from modernism to that of postmodernism. If I want to use your analogy, the "New King" must be one that seizes this postmodern era for himself instead of being stuck in the so called "modern world".
>>1158 The only thing the postmodernists understand is power. They are always complaining about this or that political institution having too much power. Assign all political power to a monarch of unmatched wisdom and authority, and they will no chance to throw their petty disputes about republican style delegation of powers.
>>1155 >he thinks priests are only shit like the Catholic Church Go look up where teen girls are learning to hate Whitey from. It's not from churches, it's from their teachers. A relevant priest isn't some old man in a temple. It's a Boomer in college.
>>1182 Calling those charlatans of the "Cathedral" "priests" is a disgrace on God Himself.
>>1126 Lolworthy. If Nationalism is pushing for love of one's people, culture, heritage, and wanting a future for them, I see no reason why it would be incompatible with the notion of a King who is the father of that people. Always remember, that the greatest king, God himself, despised Babel so much and so thoroughly that he had it destroyed, for he saw the existence of the different nations of the world (his creation) to be good and the attempt to unite them all to be degenerate and evil. And it was, for they were motivated in their vain,heretical attempt by the notion that would become like God. And that same notion is what has lead us to the hellscape before us now. Do not stray from the path of the righteous.
>>1210 Look up the etymology of "nation".

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