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(2.15 MB 1124x1113 grace.png)
(1.33 MB 2152x2888 grace pout.png)
Queenly Conduct Peasant 10/11/2020 (Sun) 01:00:44 No. 2114
The queen, as head of the body politic, must be freed from the concerns of lesser commoners. Thus, diapers are the choice of royalty, just as is /abdl/ the board of patricians. Diaper dependence is recommended for princesses and queens alike for many reasons, including the ones listed above, but not to mention the general aesthetic benefits of diapering, which include a padded and seemingly enlarged butt and crinkly sounds. Changes are the work of servants. Grace, as pictured above, is allowed daily playtime sessions and changes. She resents having to change, sometimes, but a queen cannot be smelly and wet. What are the implications for diapering monarchs?
(62.00 KB 472x445 grace pout.jpg)
>>2114 >Changes are the work of servants make the fucking nobles do it. like at versailles, when they'd dress king louis xiv
(2.20 MB 3000x3104 grace shrug.png)
>>2115 Hey, if the nobles can be compelled to do it, Grace won't complain. Someone's got to change the royal diaper.
(682.24 KB 960x1280 grace royal diaper change.png)
Would you?
>>2117 What if I refuse?
(3.11 MB 2848x3544 GracePrepared.png)
>>2129 I think you already know what happens then.
>>2129 >refusing to change the queens diaper Know your place, commoner
>>2157 But it's nasty and smells pretty bad!
(425.57 KB 972x1350 grace diaper box.png)
>>2180 You wouldn't want Grace to get a diaper rash would you?
(1.14 MB 446x469 what the fuck am I reading.gif)
>>2181 >You wouldn't want Grace to get a diaper rash would you?

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