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Bhutan Peasant 11/10/2020 (Tue) 16:09:56 No. 2227
Even to the corrupted senses of republicans, the happiest country in the world is a monarchy led by ancient spirituality. Yet they refuse to admit, perhaps they are wrong in trying to fashion false utopia on Earth. Now the worst of them, the godless, communist Chinese, threaten to destroy this immortal, benevolent society. We should esteem this rare example of traditional glory because these expressions will fade with ever increasing rapidity as the seasons pass.
(571.53 KB 2000x1053 bhutan.jpg)
Fuck yes. I actually had the opportunity to travel to Bhutan last year. It was a very meaninful trip for me, and has had a permanent impact on my worldview. Bhutan is a Bhuddist monarchy--really the last of its kind of the Mahayana Buddhist monarchies of the Himalayas (nestled among Nepal, Tibet, and Sikkim--the latter two having been absorbed by China and India, respectively). It's an extremely religious and pious country--along with the King and legislature, the monks are the third arm of the Bhutanese government. Because of its religious adherence, Bhutan has committed to maintaining 70% of its territory as wild forest land, forever. It's the only country on earth that's carbon negative, and it's illegal to kill any animals within the country (so the minority of the poulation that eats meat has to import it). Bhutan kicked off the prioritization of Gross National Happiness over Gross Domestic Product--far from a simple measure of indulgence, this measure is rooted in a deeper, moral contentment within the Mahayana Buddhist tradition. The country isn't without its challenges: it's developing, but still quite poor. Because it's positioned directly between China and India in the Himalayas, it's sort of in the middle of a global conflict. India has been a great ally for Bhutan (and is generally trustworthy and a good partner), but this has some costs too--Bhutan controls tourism and visitors by mandating that they pay a daily fee when visiting the country, which preserves the beauty of its nature. Indians, however, are exempt from this fee, and they tend to overcrowd the places they visit (this no-fee policy is actually changing this year or next though, I believe). It's a monarchy and the royal family is held in EXTREMLY high esteem, but they have ceeded some control to the legislature. Because its a developing country, they get investment from world organizations, which will invariably push them to become more globalized, democritized, and fucked, generally. All that said, it really is a magical place. I've had the good fortune to travel quite a bit, and no place has had quite a profound impact on my worldview--they really do have a different and more noble orientation than the west today. I'm a Catholic, but I learned a great deal from the Mahanya practices and have worked to integrate some of them into my own religious outlook.
>>2228 >Indians, however, are exempt from this fee lol, then they mind as well not have it. Pathetic nya~
>>2228 >but they have ceeded some control to the legislature. The beginning of the end, mass democracy is cancer nya~
>>2229 Like I said, I think they just got rid of it. >>2230 But yeah, I agree 100% on this one.
>>2231 As long as spiritual hierarchy is maintained a kingdom will last. When a monarchy abandons its divine intuition is when it will fall.
>>2227 >monarchy led by ancient spirituality. will they be able to survive current year+2020+1?
>>2394 Royal family is visiting farmers and generally being virtuous on their media releases.
>>2397 well, that's good to know

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