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Peasant 06/28/2021 (Mon) 00:20:58 No. 2698
ok lets establish some basics. moanrchy: arose from tribalistic europe, basically modern and large scale chief cult. read tacitus. >"it is customary for states to make voluntary and individual contributions of cattle or agricultural produce to the leaders these are accepted as a token of honour." >"on the field of battle it is a disgrace to the leader to be surpassed in valour by his companions, to the companions not to equal the valour of their leader. to outlive ones leader by withdrawing from battle brings life long infamy and shame" >"to defend and protect him, to attribute to his glory ones own brave deeds, that is the crux of their oath of allegiance: the leaders fight for victory, the companions fight for their leader" basically, the chief (king) is meant to be a role model, protector, and provider. the lads fight for the chief it is honourable to give your all for him AS LONG AS THE KING IS TRUE. >Culture culture is important. problem is, good times-weak men, and all that. its bad cause the good cultures have produced times so good that their sons become weak. good morals produced by a good culture are far better than any laws. laws can be good, but they are easily corrupted. what needs to happen is the creation of a good culture that is different in that it is self sustaining, self replicating, immune to bad change (immediet or eventual), and dug in. basically every facet of society, biology, and psychology must be taken into account and optomised to ensure the survival of good culture and good men. a point to consider. >artificial struggle. create artificial struggle, do not be a greedy dog for your children that wants the world for them, as your grandchildren will lack far more than the grandparent. but also like working out. you could "struggle for a year, get gains and slack off, create measures to call out and negate complacency. monarchs are not meant to take advantage of their people. the peoples adoration and loyalty is a fucking privilege for services rendered. the trick is installing a new monarch, since most revolutions end up in the installation of a democracy which his even worse than a selfish monarch. bloodlines are good but dry up. once this happens and you get th inevitable limp dicked crones that are now Britains monarchy, their line ran its course, throw them out and find another hero. next up: spirituality/religion
religion. let us look at this from the perpective of an atheist social Darwinist/ tribalist. religion. it is a very essential part of humanity. with religion and culture you shape how that society will behave and stuff. the problem is these things made by humans, while powerful, are subject to change just as humans are fickle. this leads to gay pastors and black "vikings". so we have the benefits of religion: a framework for human behavior. the negative being its inherent weakness to change(not adaptive change but unnecessary moral change).. i have no loyalty to a god that wishes harm to those of my kin that do not want to slave for him. am the purest nationalist, one that puts his tribe above ALL.
there was a dream that was Britain. that dream is not ended just yet (Eternal Anglo is not a negative title). one problem with Gods is that they can A) be disproven and thus through sheer coincidence the people lose their framework for another. and B) they can be aloof. such as the christian God, who is the one true God and thus all are equal under him. on good example of Gods are the tribal foundation myths where a great hero founds the tribe and becomes the tribes patron God, their father. this is Good as the people have a far closer connection to their God and have to go through less mental gymnastics, the less of those the better. it also justifies their survival and benefit. "we are the sons of God, we Deserve this. ". all great nations held the belief that they were on the side of divinity/were chosen by God. faith is powerful. it is jewish subversion that they are Gods chosen, applied through their tool christianity, this gives europeans weak atk dmg against jews, as the jews are the ones revered in the bible. slave religion. so. what is it? there needs to be the creation of a nation God. one that is connected to the people through blood and soul.this draws on primal tribal elements more connected to human nature as well as helping to eliminate any potential equality moral faggotry down the line. the disproven part is far more tricky. thankfully, the loyal subjects do not have to think much with these matters. God is the boss, we are on his side, we have no guilt. but for the entire population, since we are making it up, we can spend as much time as we want making it waterproof.
(129.46 KB 600x750 photo_2019-12-03_11-26-54.jpg)

in the nation one dilema will be those whose blood or upbringing cause them to be more degenerate than others.it is useful to make use of everything. the state religion should incorporate some kind of redemption system. except for the most heinous sinners, you should be able to reclaim your place in the afterlife, maybe as a servant, by fullfilling service such as conscription, the providing of biomatter (genes, blood), manual labour, and all of them at once. they could even be cloned as fodder. thing is allowing such an unhealthy demographic into society may, without proper and good preventatives, lead to the demographic gaining freedom somehow or the watering down of our values over time. so the pros and cons must be weighed. of course guilt tripping is powerful, as can be seen in the slave cult of Christianity. it could be viable to create a guilt cult for degens as a separate caste. you could make a patron sinner saint as the ideal redemption story. of course, this should differ from christianity in that you do not just ask for forgiveness and then get into heaven, or transfer your sins to a chicken. as long as you labour, give your blood and sweat, it would be fair to excuse those minor sins that have no giant impact on the society. so yeah, guilt trip kult.
(1.59 MB 300x162 1624131903417.gif)

Outer culture intergration/subversion. Think of how the romans called germanic gods Hercules. Think. Lets say you have a type of saint. You must make him to fit any potential descendant cultures that are cut off. These cultures must be similar as the european cultures are similar. In the saints story have some general period of quest or adventure. So he went out and explored for like 100 years or so. This period of unknown allows for "oh well it was probably our saint that was your god". This is for the event of some warhammer lost world scenario.
(421.95 KB 1200x848 Temple003bLodon Mithra.jpg)

create some Mithraic, babylonian sun miracle pagan ancestor cult. strap it to a colonial imperialistic feel, and then add warhammer mechanicus high teck aesthetics. will be back
it seems i will need to emphasize more the proper relationship between king and subject. (also in this new and right monarchy there will be no queens. thats hella gay) "for king and country", what is this phrase? is it a declaration of the un ending sovereignty of a bloodline for literally no reason? nah, the "country", the "folk" and "kin" are the only thing deserving of such treatment. it is a rallying cry. a monarch, like some ancient chief or hero, is followed for their ability to lead and inspire. when the new king about a hundred generations on is slack and the substance that animated his family is gone, will king and country inspire you much? if this king is slack, fat, greedy and dumb, you will not unless you are a fool. cut out tumors. like how religion occurring naturally is merely competent in its evolution conditions, so too is monarchy, arisen in certain conditions, in need of amendments and optimizations to become perfect, master of all situations. iproposethecreationofsocalledladssociety
so basically the purpose of this lads society would be as a sort of organic societal defence system. bare bones immunity. lads good ol lads with spirit out to bash unhealthy elements in their spare time. it would also serve to help young ones entering the world, instilling patriotism, belonging, toughness good values etc. this is hooligan stuff though, not gay american frat gay stuff. purely footie sorta things
(14.58 KB 1699x836 Acha anti,do apurify.png)

(156.11 KB 900x675 GigaSigmaChad.jpg)

>Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult >Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult >Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult >Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult >Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult >Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult >Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult\ Schizing Eternal Anglo Cult
(35.03 KB 640x373 insp.jpg)

(35.03 KB 720x718 1620432139025.jpg)

(857.19 KB 1800x1200 Tea-Time_SIEG.png)

>>2741 Oswald Mosley should have stage a coup d'etat in Britain and married his sons to the princesses. Oswald Mosley was the last Briton worthy of being a usurper.
(302.50 KB 1024x768 S0S.jpg)

(2.77 MB 1920x1030 Borg-2030.png)

>>2752 >Transhumanism The (((elite))) version is more like pic related. Genetically engineering super-human ubermenchen is a better idea.
(28.98 KB 480x480 1622498891646.jpg)

(163.07 KB 1080x1008 IMG_20210715_232623_792.jpg)

Next is some of my ideas on currency and secret societies (i know extremely little of economy). So it is obvious that secret societies, groups of close compatriots with common goals and specialized skills can be very effective, both in times of hardship and prosperity. Any currency in such a thing should only be for puppet societies of a lower level. These societies would see the top and just one as a mysterious aloft thing whose respect is essential. The top society would be pure and always one track with their goal of ensuring the continued expansion and existence of the imperium. The currency would only be used in circles, and mayhaps not even for outright services but maybe signs of power/good character. Like shares of companies the one with the most will be the most 'influentual'. A bad analogy, but i am drunk and believe you get thw picture. The top society 2ould always be in total control and since they are barred from using currencie in the circles they would never fall to vice or corruption with the proper gatekeeeping and hygiene. They would obviously be made of a precious metal, silver or platinum, gold is a base metal for the sinner they flock to it. Silver is cool(low temperature), noble. Iits very colour lends it to subtle greatness. Gold is on the head, the metal of dullards. The coins may be marked and minted maybe but there would be limited. They may be marked with anything that gives it more value. Maybe a sign the lesser circles dont know and thus covet/dream. A symbol so obscure or made by the top itself. Maybe a sign they would know more about but speculate/. Mystery.
(268.14 KB 899x960 1621196178930.jpg)

EA general (Eternal Anglo general). 1# ITT Anglo pride Anglo supremacy. It is an all too common occurence. Young Anglo lads getting swept into the umbrella "white nationalist" tripe by the spiteful subversive Aryan. Abandoning their own tribe, culture, legacy, and the sacrifices of their ancestors, all for the gay dream of some limp dicked, virgin, pushover vegetarian, animal rights activist retard painter from austria. How neurotic is that? Neurotic passion dream farm. Make no mistake, Anglo is above all. Eternal Anglo, they use it as a negative term against us, but remember that we are Eternal. What is germanys claim to fame? Hyperborea cringe wave? 10 years of meh natsoc governance? Leave this childish nonsense. The reality is this: Anglo had the thousand year Imperium. Anglo beat fritz. You managed to hold out against a decaying carcas of a God, so what? You lost in the end. >jew puppet Yeah i wont deny it. But how about you deal with your own shit mister eu? And we will handle ours. It will be a cold day in hell when Britain becomes the lapdog of fritz, Anglo pride WORLDWIDE Eternal supremacy.
(267.67 KB 587x800 1627927775600.png)

A good recommendation for old culture (good culture), would be this book here: https://www.fadedpage.com/showbook.php?pid=20140819 While not exactly pro Anglo, it is a good source of culture and has many Anglos as well as stereotypical other races. Here are some poems. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Beginnings https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Do_not_go_gentle_into_that_good_night https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invictus https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/If%E2%80%94 Eternal supremacy, Anglo pride galaxy wide
(36.45 KB 1010x373 IMG_20210215_094401_580.jpg)

I've been thinking about individuals and affecting the world or timeline. Not exactly monarchy related, but could it be that the more effect on the universe you have (direct or indirect), the more embedded your position becomes in the timeline? I like to think of it in the terms of steins gate. It Is very difficult for one to mess with the timeline. Hence the more presence the more protection you have. It may not be propper immortality but still. Another point to consider is that the future will only know about you based on your effect on the universe. Hitler existed and exists, but does some nameless peasant? Like the tree falling with no one to hear. They might live on though, but altered, living on as in their being transferred through contribution into the larger tribe/nation that IS known in history.
(73.66 KB 1280x719 IMG_20210819_134107_537.jpg)

Let's see, whats something I haven't covered... ok. Imperialism. It is common amongst the dumb memelord ecofash natsoc larpers to be against imperialism. This comes from a misguided and uneducated position that has them believing that Imperialism can ONLY equal out to globohomo melting pot dark age. This is simply not true. For one, think what if during the imperiums early golden age, one in the age of modern tech and monstrous weapons of genocide, spanning the entire globe. What if this racially pure imperium shone their light to every dark corner of the earth and redacted all negative elements? Like a quick bandaid removal. The only reason entities such as rome collapsed into race mixing is cause they first of all did not have as rich a race realist perspective, secondly they did not have the power to enact such a total cleansing if they did have said perspective. There would always be pockets of natives ready to pop up conveniently when so ever the society degenerated. Fortunately I have addressed some anti cultural degeneration measures in this thread, Mainly artificial struggle/hardship up to the age of crystalization. (This is not enough, further measures must strengthen the first to ensure it does not become mere complacent tradition). Remember that unless a culture is bested physically, it will definitely be immortal otherwise with these policies. The next point is anti industrialisation and general cave man think. Ok, we get it, industrial society is bad. This does not mean it is inherently bad though and that you can not fix it once you win. Instead of regressing to dumbshit dark age tech, why not start with identifying harmful chemicals in everyday things and replacing them? Use your brain to come up with solutions. Plastics make you grow tits? Limit plastics to non close contact items I.e, nothing that would enter your body through food or excessive contact with skin. Bring back waterskins, if this is unsustainable with normal farming, just grow skins. Other Kitchen utensils can be replaced with non harmful materials like wooden bowls and spoons. There is no reason to abandon civilisation, just modify industrial society to the bare bones; limiting exposure for the everyday civilian. Imperium is achievable, it is sustainable. It is entirely possible to do it right. We just need to 1. Get rid of all outsiders. No half measures. No virgin holohoax. Total exterminatus. 2. Eliminate potential for cultural degradation through the store mentioned methods as well as others. 3. Optimise industrial society. Min max, so hella munitions and tech produced, limited human exposure. Lobotomised the internet into a purely militaristic tool for communication. Moderate against degeneracy. It can be done. This does not cover all issues, just the standout ones. But we can adapt as we go. Pic related: Anglo Imperium vs semitic imperium.
>>2816 >Afore mentioned
>Dunbar number This is just one of many of the tiny inherent things that need to be addressed. It is done already by culture or religion, ensures that any one new that you meet past 150 will be similar enough to your friends and family that you click. It arises naturally in human society but it can be thought of in depth for optimisation.
Neurotic passion farm
(4.00 MB 4608x3456 IMG_20210830_230915.jpg)

(145.53 KB 1280x720 EmTgqyVU8AA6M0D.jpg)

(2.58 MB 4096x2902 1630333723493.jpg)

Tbh any Anglo supremacists on here? I may have something for you...
(2.95 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20210911_102112.jpg)

(3.12 MB 3456x4608 IMG_20210911_103404.jpg)

Emotions besides anger are fucking gay.
Ok, real simple. My goal is to create the perfect enclosure for the preservation of things like documents, my DNA (hair etc), and all that good stuff. Basically take something and preserve it for as long as you can without changing the original item (rewriting something with special paper and ink.). I have thought of a few things, for example would having silver around help sinc it is anti bacterial? Maybe there would be key architectural spots (not rich enough to cover all) for maximum passive bacterial killage. Similarly, I am too dumb to figure it out, but I know that humidity and temperature are important. I think below ground sorts temperature but what of humidity? I read in a fiction novel about the corpse of Jesus being preserved perfectly because he was surrounded by salt.
>>2783 >m Mobile user Moment.
Mobile users get put in ....
>>3191 Diapers
Wait you plebs actually use computers? Cringe.
Adding onto the whole artificial struggle and "good times, weak men" thing, I think (and it should be obvious) that the higher ups and more refined should imitate the lower levels of the society that go without pleasure for pleasures sake. Just another societal-cultural counter measure module you could install. The elites may have better material of which their daily items are made (but even then maybe not...), But no needless dopamine brain chemical stimulation that may spiral out of control either short or long term, yes
(135.65 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235742.png)

(219.87 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235733.png)

(206.75 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235725.png)

(202.39 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235717.png)

(221.73 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235708.png)

(210.86 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235658.png)

(200.91 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235650.png)

(221.72 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235642.png)

(209.44 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235506.png)

(199.96 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235457.png)

(207.53 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235446.png)

(204.68 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235434.png)

(216.22 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235422.png)

(193.89 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235410.png)

(219.47 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235359.png)

(216.22 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235422.png)

(193.89 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235410.png)

(219.47 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235359.png)

(203.20 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235350.png)

(206.10 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234837.png)

(221.61 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234845.png)

(206.54 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234853.png)

(204.27 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234904.png)

(223.32 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234917.png)

(186.68 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234935.png)

(210.76 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234944.png)

(221.31 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_234953.png)

(217.57 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235002.png)

(217.57 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235002.png)

(212.87 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235013.png)

(215.59 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235020.png)

(213.42 KB 720x1560 Screenshot_20211114_235037.png)

dumb gay edgelord bullshit go back to /pol/
>>3477 >Edgy >/Pol/ This is a political board. Go prep your bull you fucking poofta faggot cunt
Banned by butthurt pooftas So I have to address it here. >Nihilism and desire Ok listen you fucking dumb weeb cunt, you don't know anything about success, you give money to animated egirls because they put on a show of being nice. You may as well sign up for some fucking are camwhore that pretends to play Vidya badly for comedic effect. Now onto the doctrine. If you could into reading comprehension you would realise that the pasta is not "nihilism", you stupid fat dog, but it is egoism. "Stop caring so much about things" is referring to other people and unnecessary emotions. It is the realisation that only you pov exists and you alone are God. Its whole point is putting success as the main objective, making it the most desirable. Fucking pleb. You can not stop me bans will not keep me.

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