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Anonymous 01/13/2022 (Thu) 16:48:08 No. 40
Destruction of Adultery. Never stop praying for deliverance from pornography. Destroy it from your computer. Do not look at any show that sexually provokes, even if it's only for a second, it comes from hell. Pray for deliverance from masturbation. Fight your thoughts the moment you start thinking bad things. Keep praying and in God's good time you can be delivered from it all.
Just that? Did you ever know the no-fap easers? >cold showers >intermitent fasting (even if just once a day) >leaving red meats or just eating meat like once in a week >strenuous sports that might leave you tired
>>42 I was only saved from masturbation after praying enough, it just got sucked out of me. Any addiction can only fully be cured by God because the battle is not with flesh and blood but with spirits. 90% of the time I'd say any addiction is demonic. And when I accepted that I couldn't do anything about it and begged enoguh times for it to be taken from me it was.
Anime Addiction The first thing is to of course delete all anime porn if you are a collector. If the porn is lumped up with regular anime images the whole folder has to go you can't go sorting through these things, looking at the porn is just going to give a crack for demons to enter. Deleting all the porn and making sure you don't go to any websites to collect more that's good. Then what the people do is they start pornless masturbation, which is a good step, they masturbate to the thought of their anime wife. Well at least you're thinking about sex in marriage now. But of course masturbation is still an addiction, and do you think Jesus masturbated? I don't think so. I don't think you're committing adultery at all, you're not looking at a woman with lust you're looking at a bug eyed alien drawing. That's not a problem, the problem is are you addicted? I can't imagine anyone being a controlled masturbator, people masturbate because they can't help it. And all addiction is demonic. You need control over your own flesh. So now people will have “clean” anime images. They'll have just a collection of images of their waifu. If you are still masturbating you need to get rid of it all. That's very hard when someone has spent their life collecting anime things on their computer. Cutting off your arm is very difficult. But there's ways to make it easier. deleting chunks of your collection at a time. Or the best solution I think is to make it hard to access. Sometimes it's hard to get rid of things but you can put it on a flash drive and bury it or put all the files in the receyling bin just for now. When it's harder to access it beomces clearer you don't need it. Give it up and you will find it will eventually return to you in a more proper way.

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