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(5.53 MB 640x480 yuri_nazis.webm)
/pol/ Meta thread Anonymous Board owner 07/11/2020 (Sat) 02:11:05 Id:b0ca41 No. 1063 [Reply] [Last]
Seeing as how the board is getting more active, figured it was about time to actual discus what's going on in regards to how the board should operate.
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>>6987 There is no such thing as honorary, but that doesn't mean we can't be frens.

(52.06 KB 300x100 1411504031510.png)
(421.29 KB 300x100 1419741433925.gif)
(6.15 KB 300x100 1411506145242.jpg)
(82.11 KB 300x100 1469450159036.gif)
(19.66 KB 300x100 1469450453561.png)
Banner Thread 10/01/2020 (Thu) 14:33:00 Id:d34bdf No. 1723 [Reply]
Let's spruce this place up. Here's a dump of some old banners, just to get things started.
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(2.26 MB 387x251 chuck norris thumbs up.gif)

Nigger lives don't matter Anonymous 01/25/2021 (Mon) 20:55:30 Id:0b1e54 No. 7376 [Reply]
Black on white crime thread. https://www.bitchute(Please use archive.today)/video/GQC5gNiAdOQn/ If infographic anon is here, got another fucking horrible one for you.

(475.92 KB 1366x2092 pmq2.jpg)
Explain this Anonymous 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:07:17 No. 1238 [Reply] [Last]
>12 year old woman cannot consent >male infant can consent to circumcision Explain this.
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>>7354 I will absolutely not. I'd sooner circumcise your throat for implying I would, you absolute nigger spawned faggot spouting bullshit statistics like "99% of the time in America." If I had a son with a woman it would only be after long establishing that they would be as I mentioned earlier home delivered and raised properly, not mutilated nor subject to propaganda. Fuck your bullshit rationale, fuck your use of kiked language like "whites" too, wouldn't surprise me if you were just pushing the ethnic Europeans need to die because of jew crimes narrative out of a nosier sort of self-interest.
>>7358 I like the cut of your jib, g, but reality doesn't bear it out. Most men cow to their wives because she controls the access to pussy, which is the primary motivation of most men. When you're in that state of lust, it is LITERAL insanity. You can't use your morals, beliefs, or logic to override it. Sorry, that's just the truth. You might regret it later, but probably not. Cognitive dissonance is a thing. It's much more likely that you'll just change your beliefs rather than accepting you made a mistake.
>>7371 I don't doubt you're that kind of doormat faggot cuck simp, but I'm not. I'd kill that cunt dead before I did that.

“Emergency” Covid Measures Anonymous 05/08/2020 (Fri) 02:41:16 Id:a4e465 No. 89 [Reply]
“Emergency” Covid Measures: Are We Witnessing the Collapse of Individual Rights and Democracy? > April 27, 2020 > In Global Life-Death Struggle, Democracy Changes Course > By Jamie Dettmer VOA > Outside wartime nothing like it as ever been seen before in modern Western history. The lockdowns by democratic states with their draconian constraints on civil liberties and private enterprise fly in the face of an historical progression that’s seen the size and roles of governments shrunk and individual liberty boosted. > As governments mobilize resources and coerce people in a life-and-death struggle to contain the coronavirus and mitigate its impact, the state has been unbound. > People have been confined indoors, police powers have been expanded, data-surveillance increased and businesses shuttered. All with little debate. > The size and scope of the state’s role in the economy prompted by the coronavirus dwarfs anything mounted to handle the 2008 financial crash. Britain, France and other European countries have offered so far loans and subsidies worth around 15% of their GDPs. America’s stimulus package is at around 10% of GDP. > The U.S. fiscal stimulus package was dubbed by Larry Kudlow, President Donald Trump’s economic adviser, “the single largest Main Street assistance program in the history of the United States.”

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>7361 >Why should I take advice from someone who sourced real medical literature to form his argument, rather than cherry picking infographics made by retards on Facebook It's not about you, dumbshit. I already know I cannot convince your screaming tinfoilhat ass. Debate on an open forum like this is for the purposes of convincing others. And that's not something you can't do with pretty pictures and crying over a couple people dying somewhere sometime. What's next? Are you going to pull that old salt about how there are microchips in there that will track everyone's movements? What about the one with the lizard people wearing human skin? Oh wait! There's the one about vaccine ingredients being only "a couple of elements" different from poison. Try that one, that one really gets those twitter grandmas!
>>7372 >Debate on an open forum like this is for the purposes of convincing others. I doubt anyone else came here for your lukewarm takes. You really think they opened up their browser, typed in 8chan.se/pol/ and opened up the catalog in search of your analysis? Because from the immensely valuable contribution you have provided from your expertise on human-leather clad lizards and the age demographics of twitter users, it seems you have absolutely nothing of value to contribute. Only commentary on what you consider to be socially acceptable and a repetition of whatever you understood from a cursory glance on Wikipedia.

(110.86 KB 678x680 All is lost.jpg)
Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 00:56:18 Id:000000 No. 7183 [Reply]
>Obama is elected >Shock to the system, Boomers begin waking up. >Millennials grow up in the rising socjus mania at college, internalize their triggering, letting it learn and grow >Housing market implodes in 2008, stagflation fucks millennials >Ron Paul undermines the GOP and the whole political landscape, casting irrefutable skepticism on all US politics >the Alt-right stirs circa 2010 >the GOP loses again in 2012, discredited >Socjus liberals intensify their mania, the 2012 election doesn't end because of king nigger >the consequent clampdown on the internet begins. Reddit's growth spills over into 4chan moderation > 2013 jannie leaks happen >the Alt-right begins moving off the internet into the real world >8chan is created >2014 midterms cuck Obama, deranging liberals notably. Ripple effect is felt everywhere culturally >Gamergate pulls the ripcord, everything explodes >Culture war becomes hot. A half year of cyber warfare rages, spilling over everything. >Summer 2015, a Hero appears >everyone coalesces around Trump. The alt-right, gamergate, skeptics, conservatives, Boomers.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>7283 It is an accurate description of one so limited in his IB experience, one day you will reach maturity and become a man baby.
>>7183 >Trump loses 2024. Who knows if it is stolen? Who cares? Alt-right is dead, skeptics are forgotten, Gamergate lost, videogames are a diseased husk. No one cares about libertarianism. No one really believes in liberalism or leftism, they are exhausted by the Long War. Everything on the right consumed the min its blackhole death spiral. Just blackpills everywhere. Utterly no hope. Holy based Also go outside you incel
>>7284 >I read that Qfags are also buying the Biden is one of them That's hilarious levels of cope. First they deny that Trump was one of them because he didn't do jack shit in the end, and then they pretend as if the guy they were afraid of was actually on their side the whole time. Don't worry, guys! It's all "part of the plan!" the Day of The Rope is still coming, just wait a little longer. A little longer. A little longer. Jesus is still coming, too. He's been coming for 1000 years, but it'll be any minute now!

Anonymous 06/04/2020 (Thu) 05:07:45 Id:2fc19f No. 702 [Reply]
daily reminder you subhumans will pay for stealing our achievements
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>>7365 This entire post is projections and strawmans. You had not responded to a single thing I said. Sorry anon but you're the only one who is jealous here.
>>7366 I did. Reread the post over and over until you fully understand it - best of luck.
>>7365 >I'm proud of my ancestors accomplishments This is literally admitting that you haven't, personally, done a goddamn thing worth being proud of. It's pathetic and sad. You are a pathetic and sad, altogether worthless human being. Sitting on your ass doing nothing, vicariously being proud of dead people, isn't going to save your race.

The future is only 34 days away Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 07:43:05 Id:e01a7c No. 5035 [Reply]
Now that the end of 2020 is five weeks away, as is the start of 2021, how many future predictions have come to fruition by the closure of this historic number change? So many predictions made in the past with these exact numbers in mind, how many technological predictions, movies and books have been right in their choice to pick this very exact year for their prophecies? Other years are also welcome, of course, as are past failed predictions for the development of technology and potential failed future ones.
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(191.89 KB 473x488 Disgusted Lucky Star.png)
>>5038 >shitty adaptations of Japanese Cyberpunk anime >Superhero movies >Fucking Jumper being obvious fucking "racism bad" bait >Fucking Inspector Gadget, the adaptation of a kid's cartoon about a dumbass detective who always has to be saved by his more competent niece. I'm not going to say that Hollywood doesn't have propaganda, or even transhumanist propaganda, but those examples are extremely fucking retarded.
>>7364 All you've done is redpill me on Inspector Gadget and convince me that it is feminist propaganda, though obviously not transhumanist propaganda since Gadget is a retard and he would represent transhumanism more than Penny, who is normal but has an early '80s laptop. I guess Brain is competent and he seems to be more than a normal dog, but I'm not sure if he's a cyborg. Maybe it's promoting transcaninism, but not really transhumanism. But it's definitely feminist.
>>7367 >Inspector Gadget is feminist propaganda The original cartoon certainly wasn't. It's too old for that kind of thing. Penny was intended as a foil character for Gadget for comedy reasons, therefore you invert the age, gender, and skillset. She's smarter than he is, for sure, but he still has the superpowered body and therefore the means to actually DO things that Penny cannot, because she is a weak little girl as is normal. Feminist media tends to alter girls/women into being men in defiance of reality; so in that case it would be Penny except she's actually super-strong and beats up the bad guys herself, therefore not needing Gadget for anything. A competent or intelligent woman is not feminist garbage. A stronk don't-need-no-man woman is.

(224.01 KB 1024x1024 karen magas for you.jpg)
MAGA Anonymous 01/20/2021 (Wed) 19:19:56 Id:7cfcbd No. 7153 [Reply]
Reminder that President Trump never conceded in pubic. And President Trump never congratulated Biden, denying a win confirmation personally. President Trump is still "A" President of the USA. Source: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9168175/Donald-Trump-DID-leave-Joe-Biden-letter-Oval-Office-desk.html?ci=70073&si=24249205 MAGA until 2024. And then MAGA on after that! > MAGA!
15 posts and 6 images omitted.
>>7153 This is like saying the Third Reich government still runs Germany just because they technically never gave up power, except it's even worse than that fantasy because you're coping with the loss of a jewish pressure release valve.
(113.60 KB 600x561 maga salute cute mask.jpg)
>>7328 Left wing, big government deep state liberal Dems adminstration's are the real Third Reich++ of the USA. When they aren't burning the USA flag, that is. I'll stick with Shadow Prez Trump, thanks. MAGA!
>Thinking a Shadow President can have any power whatsoever when even the Actual President does not I don't know what the fuck your question is, man, but Trump is not and has never been the answer. If nothing else, he's a Jew in disguise. Has Jews in his family, pays service to them, pays money to them. That alone should be enough for you to jump off the MAGA train and never look back, not even counting everything else that's even more wrong with him than every other politician.

(73.53 KB 1200x725 index.png)
Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 00:11:08 Id:80e605 No. 6746 [Reply]
A reminder to everybody If you haven't already, go to torproject(Please use archive.today) and download and install the most recent release of the Tor browser. I'd recommend downloading and backing it up for multiple operating systems as well. Shit's getting crazy, who knows what will happen. And don't forget to bookmark the onion for this site.
32 posts and 8 images omitted.
>>7306 Not only does that not mean it won't happen, even if it did and people forked Tor, They would likely begin some kind of purge to get rid of "unsafe Tor forks", with maybe some amount of success. >>7308 >criticizing Tor means you're a glowie I don't think there's any need for you to worry about them if you're this fucking retarded. >>7311 >You sound angry, like if you were selling VPN. Because telling someone to use Tor instead of a VPN is fucking retarded, you should be using both; and frankly that is a ludicrous amount of fucking hypocrisy. >Feds can ask any VPN for data and read your browsing history. And I imagine that they could theoretically track down various Tor nodes and spy on what's being sent; the issue is less the possibility and more about if that happens, will the VPN refuse and actually does not keep any logs; a few VPNs have ran into issues and have either refused to give up information, or when that information was accessed, there were indeed no logs on it. >Little when feds can check who you are with one click. That does not explain anything. >You can read Tor source code and check it yourself. You can also commit a serious crime with Tor and see if you get caught. Try to do the same with VPN. VPNs are well-known to let you avoid getting into trouble with your ISP over torrents. >Crypto is also payment data. Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are not anonymous, they are similar to credit cards and you are tracked. >cryptocurrencies like bitcoin ...then don't use bitcoin. Sounds like a pretty simple solution, there.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>7324 >Not only does that not mean it won't happen, even if it did and people forked Tor, They would likely begin some kind of purge to get rid of "unsafe Tor forks", with maybe some amount of success. Nobody brought up forks until now. That is a theoretical future problem, not a current one. If that happened and TOR was ruined and alternatives were shut down, maybe then VPNs would be the best solution left for a time. We're not in that hypothetical future yet, though. >VPNs are well-known to let you avoid getting into trouble with your ISP over torrents. He said "serious" crime.
>>7324 >criticizing Tor means you're a glowie Maybe you aren't, but you are manipulated by VPN sellers. They make profit from that shit so they pay people to shill the shit. >Because telling someone to use Tor instead of a VPN is fucking retarded Because? Tor gives anonymity and privacy, VPN does not. So use Tor only. >you should be using both For what purpose? Why aren't you posting on this site from Tor? >And I imagine that they could theoretically track down various Tor nodes and spy on what's being sent This won't do shit because from spying the last Tor node you won't see who sent the data. There are some complicated and expensive attacks to deanonymize Tor users, but they have weak success rate and are expensive. Deanonymizing VPN users is trivial. >will the VPN refuse and actually does not keep any logs; a few VPNs have ran into issues and have either refused to give up information, or when that information was accessed, there were indeed no logs on it. False. They sell the logs to feds because they can get more profit from that, if they refuse to give logs the feds will close their business. Even if they really didn't log, the feds can read traffic that goes into the VPN server and out. It won't be hard to find the person.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(422.96 KB 884x1496 cc3.png)
Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 19:26:58 Id:a4e921 No. 7338 [Reply]
Why do Christian Q followers want Trump to take over etc, don't they believe in Biblical end times prophecies?
>>7338 It's pretty clear why you made this thread.

(1.05 MB 1200x1086 9a1ba08d6fcf5e12.png)
Anonymous 10/31/2020 (Sat) 14:20:50 Id:bfd8b9 No. 1941 [Reply]
Solution: Government functions will be stripped down to law enforcement and national defense, all departments or agencies that provide any other functions of the government shall be purged. Political representatives will be prohibited from making any changes to the laws, but will instead merely act as overseers and enforcers of the law as they are written. Laws are likewise stripped down, for the most part, they will be restricted to the NAP, and the exceptions will be detailed below. Laws only apply to living white gentile male humans, as do rights, freedoms, etc. Anything else is not protected by law, except as an indirect consequence of them being owned by living white gentile male human being. The age of consent, maturity, and adulthood will be 5 years of age, and, of course, thos only applies to live white male gentile humans. Not to anyone or anything else. Every living human is required to take a genetic test to determine whether they are Jewish, Jews shall be considered non-Whites under the law. Those Identified as Jews must be marked at the earliest opportunity, the markings must be permanent, located somewhere upon their heads, and must be prominently visible. Jews must also be sterilized or killed (and the bodies destroyed) at the earliest opportunity as well.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(109.86 KB 255x255 CIBugs.png)
>>7223 Orly?
(525.23 KB 1079x845 1576233375948.jpg)
>>1941 We can argue about solutions once the people get off their fucking ass and win back the country. None of that shit matters till AFTER the deep state is defeated. Not one fucking line or letter.

(389.37 KB 1593x1600 bxOnwj2l4KU.jpg)
Good sources on leninism? Anonymous 01/22/2021 (Fri) 00:52:23 Id:cf8de7 No. 7249 [Reply]
I wanna find out what leninism. Books and documentary films are welcome, wiki is a shitty place for getting any sort of information bout anything.
very high effort reply for a very high effort thread
>>7331 for fuck's sakes
>>7249 Just read Lenin himself. It's not hard if you can stomach retardation.

(9.05 MB 1280x720 twitter_part2.mp4)
>>7000 Project Veritas released another twitter leak.
>>7004 Absolutely disgusting. And I say that as a furfag myself. Tor/I2P is the future, fren.
>>7330 Good luck getting anyone to use it. Clearnet's too convenient -- even anons won't bother unless forced to.

(1.04 MB 705x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 04:21:33 Id:edbdb0 No. 376 [Reply] [Last]
Niggers are rioting in milleanapolis because of pic related.
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>>1921 >running at 2 armed cops with a knife. To anyone that stupid death is a gift.
(96.76 KB 900x900 1607124925996.jpg)
>>7312 >banning vaping might be acceptable 2 words cold dead hands ... faggot

(71.01 KB 277x162 Biden Rotten Potatoe.png)
Memeing and Ridiculing Biden Anonymous 01/23/2021 (Sat) 02:51:43 Id:ccbe77 No. 7285 [Reply]
Lets just start this thread. I'll start with just memeing the old foggy as a rotten Potatoe!
(1.35 MB 1279x990 bj.png)
>>7285 that his dick? lewd
Don't forget to ridicule """republicans""" that turned coat as soon as a hint of things becoming hard. And then fighting over who becomes the good goy so they don't get punished. Spoiler: they'll still get in the cuck shed either way and should have stuck by their guns.
>>7303 No need for those quotes. Those are Republicans. Trump is the one who was never really one of them. Never forget that they tried to rig the primaries in the 2016 election against Trump. He was just too popular for it to work.


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