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(599.19 KB 1186x958 1611356230552.png)
Article I, Section 9, Clause 4 Of US Constitution Anonymous 06/02/2021 (Wed) 03:31:08 Id:69c808 No. 9418 [Reply]
Can someone please help me understand it? It seems to say Congress can only tax according to the amount of people. But much can be taxed per person? How often? For what? It's to fucking vague.
The (((American Bar Association))) is pretty clear on what they think about it. https://www.americanbar(Please use archive.today)/groups/taxation/publications/abataxtimes_home/19aug/19aug-pp-johnson-a-wealth-tax-is-constitutional/

(96.11 KB 400x348 marcus-aurelius.png)
Book Thread Book Nigger 05/22/2021 (Sat) 19:54:54 Id:000000 No. 9316 [Reply] [Last]
Can we get a book thread? I just listened to Marcus Aurelius' book Meditations on Audible. I wish for this thread to be a place where people who are interested in books can come and learn together. As a result of listening to Meditations; I no longer fear Death as I once did. We are as a part of Nature as the spider on its web in the corner of our rooms keeping the insects from being where they shouldn't. And as the spider dies and its matter returns to Nature, so will we. We all end up in the dirt eventually. It does not matter if it happens today, or 3 years from now. It's all in the same. also FUCK NIGGERS
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(3.05 MB 3120x4160 riotriot.jpg)
Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 01:23:46 No. 1224 [Reply]
I found this sticker at CHAZ's garden (yes, they still have a garden). which one of you did this?! Also, I can't find ANYTHING about this online, please tell people it happened.
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>>9426 2 million dollars just for wearing a shirt saying you're a berniebro on tik tok. Do Americans really?
>>9426 Is there a higher resolution version?
>>9427 I doubt people simping made her that much money, unless she's belledelphine levels of popular. Most likely rich dad/boyfriend or just lying its not $2mil

ITT: Anonymous 02/07/2021 (Sun) 14:57:22 Id:000000 No. 7822 [Reply] [Last]
post brutal wall-hitting rosties.
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(70.73 KB 542x852 7a2.jpg)
>>7837 Or better yet, kill all pedos.
>>8741 Wondeful

(1.10 MB 1024x833 whowouldwin_mtmeron.png)
(365.72 KB 2048x1366 AP21120213350901.jpg)
44 Killed in Stampede at Israel's Mount Meron Anonymous 05/04/2021 (Tue) 09:13:00 Id:16f933 No. 9128 [Reply]
https://www.timesofisrael(Please use archive.today)/mount-meron-the-disaster-everyone-knew-was-waiting-to-happen/ GOODBYE, DIRTY, STINKY JEW YOU NEED US BUT WE DON'T NEED YOU THE ZOHAR'S A LARP THAT NEVER WAS REAL LOOK OUT, I SEE A BANANA PEEL
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https://www.cnn(Please use archive.today)/2021/05/24/world/myanmar-journalist-danny-fenster-intl/index.html Goodbye, dirty, stinky Jew. You need us but we don't need you. We've had enough of your violence and lies. We don't give a fuck if one of you dies. You brought the ragheads into the nation. The time has come for De-Fenster-ation. Thrown in a van instead of a plane, Headed to a party that's totally Insein. What will you look like when you get out of here? I'm thinking either cold meat or Warmbier.
(5.13 MB 480x848 kike stampede 45 dead.mp4)
(1.09 MB 352x640 kike collapse 2 dead.mp4)
>>9379 Rats.

(78.03 KB 432x520 1444648758647.jpg)
U.S. monitoring Iranian warships heading to Venezuela Anonymous 05/30/2021 (Sun) 19:03:03 Id:073573 No. 9388 [Reply]
The U.S. national security community is monitoring two Iranian naval vessels whose ultimate destination may be Venezuela, according to three people familiar with the situation, in what would be a provocative move at a tense moment in U.S.-Iran relations. An Iranian frigate and the Makran, a former oil tanker that was converted to a floating forward staging base, have been heading south along the east coast of Africa, said the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive subject. U.S. officials do not know for sure the destination of the Iranian ships, these officials said, but believe they may be ultimately headed for Venezuela. Iran’s intent in sending the vessels in the direction of the Western Hemisphere remains a mystery, the people said, as does their cargo. The two countries — both of them facing severe U.S. sanctions — have developed closer ties over the last few years, with cooperation ranging from gasoline shipments to joint car and cement factory projects. Senior officials in President Nicolás Maduro’s government in Caracas have been advised that welcoming the Iranian warships would be a mistake, according to a person familiar with the discussions. But it’s not clear whether Maduro has heeded that warning: At one point on Thursday, U.S. military officials understood the ships had turned around, but as of Friday morning they were still steaming south, one of the people said. Lawmakers privy to the most sensitive intelligence information were informed over the past few days that the U.S. believed the Iranian ships may be heading toward Venezuela, but cautioned that the destination could change, according to a person briefed on the matter. The mere presence of Iranian warships in America’s backyard would represent a challenge to U.S. authority in the region — and would likely inflame the debate in Washington over President Joe Biden’s decision to re-open negotiations with Tehran. Iranian media has claimed the 755-foot long Makran, which was commissioned this year, can serve as a platform for electronic warfare and special operations missions, and Iranian officials have boasted of the ship’s missile and weapons capabilities. It is able to carry six to seven helicopters, as well as drones, they have said. A spokesperson for the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry declined to comment. A spokesperson at the Iranian Mission to the U.N. declined to comment. And White House and Pentagon spokespersons declined to comment.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>9388 Iran isn't going to be the cause of WWIII, sadly. Just another giant mess in the Middle East if war breaks out, since they actually have some defensive capabilities. Nothing important, unless you're military who's going to be sent to die for Israel.
>>9389 Jews always need somebody to oppress them anyway so that they have an excuse to be malicious. It wouldn't be to Israel's benefit to provoke an all out war rather than just LIC (low-intensity conflict) so they could continue to work toward Greater Israel and generally jewing over the whole world.

The "Hidden Answers" webiste on Tor has similiar questions and answers about stuff like manufauring sarin, making weapons grade uranium (like with the easy laser enrichmant method), making explosives, etc.
(716.01 KB 1024x895 screenshot.png)
(1.96 MB phosgene2.pdf)
(1.84 MB grenade3.pdf)
Phosgene was discovered by reacting chlorine with carbon monoxide in sunlight, in something like airtight glass containers, to form the WW1 chemical weapon phosgene.
Perhaps by keeping the phosgene in seperate containers in a molatov coctail,, the phosgene could be dispersed by the explosion of the gasoline. The phosgene and gasoline could react chemically dangerouly if not kept seperate, or make the phosgene inert as a chemical weapon.

(97.27 KB 655x435 aoc.png)
Anonymous 05/16/2021 (Sun) 10:17:50 Id:8eefc1 No. 9266 [Reply]
After everything that happened to 8chan and /pol/ now the internet is talking about Anne Frank being a colonizer and calls to defund Isreal and I can't help but feel like a fucking clown
10 posts omitted.
>>9286 >though they tend to secretly support each other however at odds they some times LARP See >>>/pol/9300
Leftists have always hated Israel because they're racist nazi meanies. I'd rather send all Jews to Israel and let them keep it than reimport all of the Jewish race just so some of the 2 million subdistinctions of Arab can have their own country. Then we'd be funding Hamas instead of Israel and you best believe International Jewry isn't gonna care that much that their vacation spot has a different yet still obedient government
>>9266 Anne Frank absolutely was a colonizer. All jews are. Especially those in Israel. 109 countries can't be wrong.

/biz/ general Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 19:44:32 Id:6314b1 No. 232 [Reply]
So, to address the fact that the lockdown/pandemic/seizure-of-power/whateveryouwanttocallit has shown how fragile everything is, let's start a thread dedicate towards learning how to become wealth so that people are not caught with their pants down again. After all, the world runs on money, so why not learn how to properly earn and use it?
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Have a couple questions about wallets. First of all, what's the real difference between the web, mobile, and desktop clients? I assume, that the desktop clients are the most "secure" by default, but just asking because I'm curious. Second, after going to the website of the cryptos that I'm interested in, here are the wallets that I'm looking at: >Bitcoin Core: https://bitcoin(Please use archive.today)/en/wallets/desktop/windows/bitcoincore/ >Monero GUI Wallet: https://www.getmonero(Please use archive.today)/downloads/ >Guarda Wallet (Litecoin, Ethereum): https://guarda(Please use archive.today)/ I was wondering is anyone has any experience with these or if there's a better wallet out there for these currencies.
(267.59 KB 1200x900 Poker_chips.jpg)
I think I found a purpose behind the shitcoins. They're the lowest value of poker chips. For those who don't know, white chips are $1, red are $5, and blue are $10. Comparing these to cryptos, your blue chips would be Bitcoin and Etherium. Your red chips are "lesser" powerful ones like Dash and Lite. And, your white chips would be the shitcoins like Doge and Shib. Now, with white chips, they don't really exists for those who want to make any real money gambling. They just exist for people who are looking to play around with gambling and either lose their small amount of pocket change or come out with an extra $10 they didn't have prior. I was wondering if it's possible to use the shitcoins for a similar purpose. NOT as any currency with real value, but as a means to drop $5 exchanging around money between currencies to get a feel for the trading, how it works, how to send/receive crypto, how to convert it, and so on. As far as I know, there isn't really any application or "game" that exists that simulates how trading/exchanging in the crypto market actually functions. So, I was wondering if these shitcoins would be a good primer for what comes later.

(475.92 KB 1366x2092 pmq2.jpg)
Explain this Anonymous 07/29/2020 (Wed) 23:07:17 No. 1238 [Reply] [Last]
>12 year old woman cannot consent >male infant can consent to circumcision Explain this.
98 posts and 22 images omitted.
>pedophilia is ok liberals pls go.
>>1238 I've never met a 12 year old girl who would marry me. Not that I've proposed to a 12 year old girl or anything like that ever, heh.
>>9299 >I've never met a 12 year old girl who would marry me. How do you know that? 12 year old girls are romantic, not degenerate like adult whores who demand wealth to marry you and will never love you. All adult women are prostitutes, their marriage is transaction-al.

(52.67 KB 564x720 2 Seanie.jpg)
(41.31 KB 426x720 3 She Used To Travel.jpg)
(909.25 KB 774x900 5 But Academics Are Cucks.png)
The Odinist Lady, Seana Fenner, of Odinia Died Today Anonymous 05/20/2021 (Thu) 05:16:13 Id:9f5af0 No. 9303 [Reply]
Her website hasn't been updated in over a year at this point because she was in poor health for a long time. I supported her for a long time because she is the proper /pol/-tier religion for our people (folkish, tribal, pro-family, etc.). I tried not to be an annoying, blogposting faggot about it nor shill it too much, but I have mentioned her once in a while or specifically in religion threads for several years now on multiple /pol/ boards, particularly on HateChan in it's heyday (it was the most based site where you could be the most offensive, in case you are a newfag and don't know). https://odinia(Please use archive.today)/ http://vikingalthing(Please use archive.today)/ --site's broken at the moment, but has been a thing https://odinist(Please use archive.today)/ http://seanafenner(Please use archive.today)/ --her personal site I guess come to think of it she had a few and was taking them into some different focuses, but like I say, her health had gone downhill, and I am the one who told her that she should try to get better because I hoped she would and could go back to things later. I am posting this thread on a few different /pol/s and I hope it is alright. She had made headlines multiple times without trying any stunts for attention because the Nose Tribe was super assmad that anyone except themselves was trying to exercise religious freedom at all (especially those whitoids--oy vey!). There are always various (((interested parties))) trying to push our people in every direction except good ones and except the direction of Nature. If you knew anything about her as a person, she deserved better. Odinia will live on and there will be more pro-whites running it than there were before to honor her memory. I remember the lies, the excuses from those who would not help, and the idiotic semitic shilling against her cause, and I am proud to have defended her from all of the mud that was slung. Because real people and truth-tellers in general are suppressed (and every faggot e-celeb has multiple threads a day everywhere, hmm...), I want to mention her one last time because she died today, or so I am told. I generally can manage to deal with death pretty well, but this one hit me hard. She was one of the best of our people. She literally used to go around and redpill QTs for our Race in the streets and other things of that nature. I'm just making this thread because /pol/ boards and internet shitlording is basically my home. I identify with shitlord anons and have been perusing, memeing, and/or posting for a very long time. I wouldn't be who I am today without any of you, including spammers and faggots who shit up threads. All of you who ever did any redpilling, shitposting, or any kind of activism redpilled anons like me long ago, and you are heroes.
I apologize that this is somewhat blogposty, but I personally knew her and I have been teared up for like five hours now, so I can't not blogpost. I know I said I wouldn't post any of her pics either, but no one can hurt you with those anymore. She was quite the QT herself back in the day. I guess her health really started to go downhill a few years ago or so, although it took a turn for the worse about a year ago. I am sad as fuck, you niggerfaggots.
Her tl;dr is basically that she was a fellow White woman oppressed by the System. She's one of the only people that tried to do something about public christcuck racemixing advocacy or any of the other bullshit, and if there is one duty I have after she is gone, it is to preserve the Truth against all adversaries.
>>9303 Women have no importance whatsoever. Women are tools to be used and discarded. Not people.

Libertarian National Socialism Anonymous 02/17/2021 (Wed) 05:32:03 Id:0a94cc No. 8031 [Reply]
This is a continuation of a deleted thread on /v/ https://8chan.moe/v/res/228762.html#q239225 >National or 'Nazi' as the Jew say, on the subject of Race and Eugenics. >Socialist in that Citizens should receive revenue from Publicly owned property. >Libertarian in everything else HAIL VICTORY!
29 posts and 11 images omitted.
>>8691 no but it should be
and our new religion will be Judaism mixed with neo-paganism. Hallah Óðinn!
>>8031 >Nazi Eugenics Elaborate

(416.25 KB 474x474 ClipboardImage.png)
BIG HABBEN Anonymous 10/18/2020 (Sun) 23:46:13 Id:8e155c No. 1858 [Reply]
THIS IS NOT A DRILL 8KUN COMPLETELY FUCKING WIPED, IT'S ALL GONE OH FUCK https://www.Webm or instances.invidio.us/watch?v=TkA7xQb6uPk
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>>9274 I can be yer sister if you'd like, eheheh.
>>9274 fuck off jewish cuck
(87.34 KB 1000x733 aliens.jpg)
>>9285 I'm not jewish, Ahmed. But I do watch the skies. >>9275 We are all space brothers and space sisters to each other.

(329.76 KB 646x486 image.png)
These are the "people" who want you disarmed so badly. Anonymous 03/25/2021 (Thu) 01:19:22 Id:e7de38 No. 8490 [Reply]
The next time you listen to the ever-more-aggressive gun control advocacy in these times you should drastically rethink the consequences of the abolition of the 2nd amendment. Your elected officials are lying through their teeth when they tell you the push for disarmament is to protect the public from gun violence. I'm not even going to bother with citing official statistics because that is entirely beside the point. The Bourgeoisie want you defanged and neutered so they have absolutely nothing to fear from the working class when they throw you into the meat grinder by the millions to squeeze out every last drop of debt money. Pic very related. These are the sickeningly bloated Wall Street billionaires who sat by and drank champagne with each other while an unprecedented sum of the angry voting public took to the streets during the Occupy Wall Street protests of 2011. The most powerful federal agencies are predominantly loyal to them, and only loyal to Washington when it suits them. These are the same people who told you Jefferey Epstein, a convicted sex-trafficker with ties to innumerable high-profile pedophiles around the world, committed suicide in his jail cell despite being on suicide watch 24/7 and being monitored by state of the art surveillance systems that conveniently went offline. These are the people who faced absolutely no consequences when the Panama papers dropped revealing a staggering network of offshore tax havens and horrifyingly widespread interconnected corruption among goverment officials around the world. Never underestimate their ability to bury scandalous stories with complacent media giants at their heel. Your stance on this crisis should be completely related to your race, sex, religion, and political affiliations. If you let them take your guns, you have condemned yourself and your decedents to an eternity of technocratic serfdom.
19 posts and 1 image omitted.
Elitists don't want their chattel armed.
>>8994 > They were perfectly happy to encourage the great BLM chimpout, remember? BLM are 'their' guys. If you are reading this, you are not. Look at Jan 6. Mostly fake, but They are sparing no expense to make the show trials real.
>>8490 >The Bourgeoisie fuck off commie cuck

The future is only 34 days away Anonymous 11/27/2020 (Fri) 07:43:05 Id:e01a7c No. 5035 [Reply]
Now that the end of 2020 is five weeks away, as is the start of 2021, how many future predictions have come to fruition by the closure of this historic number change? So many predictions made in the past with these exact numbers in mind, how many technological predictions, movies and books have been right in their choice to pick this very exact year for their prophecies? Other years are also welcome, of course, as are past failed predictions for the development of technology and potential failed future ones.
28 posts and 22 images omitted.
>>7514 Especially in Canada
>>9225 >The future is only one Planck time unit away at any given moment, really. Couldn't have said it any gayer than this.
>>5035 >how many future predictions have come to fruition by the closure of this historic number change Who gives a shit. None of your (((transhumanist))) prediction charts matter.

(1.04 MB 705x1200 ClipboardImage.png)
Anonymous 05/28/2020 (Thu) 04:21:33 Id:edbdb0 No. 376 [Reply] [Last]
Niggers are rioting in milleanapolis because of pic related.
319 posts and 226 images omitted.
the truth doesnt matter. they had an angry nigger mob out of their door and chauvin was sacrificed as dragon food to "appease" the beast. thats the fate you choose when you join the police or the military. you WILL be used as sacrificial tribute.
>>9257 >nigger mob sir please do not make this about race, the BLM terorrists come from many ethnicities! >truth doesn't matter It does in ascertaining who are the useful freethinkers. The shills aren't just those repeating 'murder' but also those repeating 'neck'.
>>9258 and then what? once you have the freethinkers marked down what do you do? you're still the minority, and the mob will kill you nobody gives a shit where his knee was. just like no one gives a shit that votes for biden materialized out of thin air overnight.


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