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(50.81 KB 290x290 victo.jpg)

Anonymous 07/13/2021 (Tue) 19:25:10 Id: 000000 No. 10116 [Reply]
National Socialism does not require violence in any form. It is completely compatible with peace. The ideology as a concept does not require genocide, eugenics, or war. Anyone who says otherwise, as if it was a requirement, is automatically wrong or lying. Governments of any nation, state, or ideology can have genocides, eugenics, or war. The morality of this is irrelevant. There is no requirement to have this, however. The ideal human is not decided by humans or governments or religions. It is decided by the laws of nature and evolution.
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>>10116 >National Socialism does not require violence in any form Literally the first page of the mein kampf, lol: >When the territory of the Reich embraces all Germans and proves incapable of assuring them a livelihood, only then can the moral right arise, from the need of the people, to acquire foreign territory. The plough is then the sword, and the tears of war will produce the daily bread for the generations to come.
>>10874 That's hitlerism, baka.
>>10116 >National Socialism does not require violence in any form. It is completely compatible with peace. So why does the dude in your pic have a sword and shield?

(128.37 KB 640x622 O PSLBS W - Copy.jpg)

(811.17 KB 640x622 PSBLS edit Copy.png)

Anonymous 01/18/2021 (Mon) 17:33:56 Id: 000000 No. 7078 [Reply]
I saw this picture in an image result while looking for something unrelated. I decided to fix it a bit, I disapproved of the bad politics and wrong message of the original image, and even moreso i hate to see such disagreeable expressions on the faces of young pickaninny girls, or indeed, young ladies of most any sort. Lately I've been drawing etc a lot more than usual due mostly to the increased of certain medicines, but I am by no means much of an artist. Still, i think it's at least an improvement, with more cheerful faces and attitudes, a better sense of friendship and whimsy, and a more sensible and relatable advocacy. I'm gonna email my edit to the original artist and see what he thinks.
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>>7696 Full disclosure, I stuck my cock in his teen girl. She had just came back from university (trying to be a nurse). I boned this guy's baby girl after I met her while she was visiting him one time. I fucked a negress in my place, in my room, where my /pol/ stuff is prominently displayed, she loved it, really wanted to play up the fantasy, wanted me to be mean and rough with her, she got a thrill out of the whole "her people being conquered by the white man's resurgence and then used as a living sex toy by her aryan conquerors" thing. All women are, at a primal level, traitors to their races, they know the men get shot, but they get fucked it's a thrill to women to see their people conquered and subjugated, its not as big a deal for them as for their men. They just have to spread their legs for the occupying forces. I feel terrible for doing it though, not only did I commit bestiality, but it was casual sex on top of that. I was a bit stressed out, she was friendly and good looking (for a chimp, no black slut will never compare to her aryan competition in terms of beauty). So now I'm extra nice around her dad when I see him. I'm sorry.
>>7098 You forgot their feminine penises.
>>7078 I'd like some porn of penny proud, please

(480.70 KB 2000x1000 decentralized-internet.png)

How We Can Take Back the Internet from the from the Moralist Left and Other Jackasses That Wish to Censor It and Sanatize It Anonymous 04/29/2021 (Thu) 15:48:09 Id: a88958 No. 9060 [Reply]
If you're been paying attention to the last several years you're probably aware of how the Silicon Valley and the Left in general have been doing what they can to undermine the Internet and freedom as we know it. But in order to do this we will have to get realistic about this. No LARP fantasies, no unrealistic conspiracy theories about how Donald Trump or some other stupid boomer will save the day, we have to get real about this. The first thing that has to happen is that people need to realize that tech companies are not and never will be anyone's friend. Their main concern is making money and to promote their own ideals (in this case it's promoting left-wing politics). Most of us are aware how much Big Tech sucks. Youtube being ban happy, promotes social justice crap, and has a broken copyright claim system. Tumblr is a dead website filled with loser cat ladies. Twitter being the 'woke' capital of the Internet with Jack Dorsey keeps enabling the Twitter userbase's toxic behavior. Facebook being a boomer's platform filled to the brim with MLM scams. Discord being basically Reddit 2.0. Google being the gatekeeper of information. Reddit being the cesspool of psudeointellectuals. Patreon thinking they get to dictate what content that content creators can or can't make. Even the so called "Free Speech" websites such as Gab and Minds are nothing but hugboxes for your average boomer conservative and religious nutbags anyway. So in order to make the Internet truly free and open, the following has to be done: 1. The embrace of private and anonymous cryptocurrencies. I do think it's a good thing that cryptocurrencies are being adopted as they are becoming more mainstream but to challenge the financial establishment and even governments we need to collectively embrace cryptocurrencies such as Monero to truly challenge the system. 2. The support for open source software. You're basically part of the problem if you keep using proprietary junk such as Windows or OSX or anything from Microsoft and Apple because the more you use their products the more control that these companies have. Find a good Linux distro and other open source software and learn how to use it. 3. The embrace of decentralized and peer-to-peer platforms. They do exist but for now they're nowhere near as big as their Big Tech counterparts. The biggest decentralized network is the Fediverse where instances run on Mastodon or Pleroma operate and interact with each other. There's no Jack Dorseys, no Mark Zuckerbergs, or Susan Wojcikis that can shut you down. You are your own boss on this decentralized peer-to-peer network. If you're also the owner of a website and you're reading this (whether it's a blog, a hentai website, an anime and/or manga website, a chan website just like 8chan, a website for emulators and game ROMS and ISOs, a torrenting website, a porn website, a website for tutorials, a political website, a news website, a tech website, a fourm website, an online retailer, whatever the case may) do also be on the lookout for blockchain domains; while this technology is still in its infancy this new technology will make it very difficult for governments, corporations, and moral busybodies to censor the Internet then. 4. Reduce your dependency of online retail platforms such as Amazon. I understand that it may be inconvenient but do try to use smaller online retailers whenever possible. 5. Ditch Gmail. There's plenty of better options such as Protonmail anyway. The alternatives are not fully perfect but it's best for healthy competition to manifest itself so that these services continue innovating.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>11453 Virtual computer? Get a wifi satellite point towards nearest free wifi. What they actually need is the device you posted on so they can use analytic to prove you posted it, which is why people only get in trouble when they post threats on their social media, or honeypot discord which both require more proof and track you very illegally and invasively. You can use anyones IPs to frame them which is why the CIA got caught on purpose making up the Russia collusion to prove "trump" isn't a jew puppet to make it look like he was being attacked just like us even if they have to make it up, in this case it was used to trick rightwing people to vote for a judas goat because we have the same "enemies" the CIA hur dur forget the kikes controlling it. Worry less about the IP and more about the operating system as a whole which they use to prosecute, they have kernel access to nearly every thing you ever done on that computer like all the saved indexes.
>>11463 But with IP they have the first step to locating someone. I might as well send a letter to ADL using my own address saying I am a white nationalist. >they have kernel access to nearly every thing you ever done on that computer like all the saved indexes. I wonder where in my HD are stored logs with all the sites I have ever visited if I am using safe means of access... Sure though they probably try to match some signature from my OS to the OS they detected doing whathever but I wonder how they could do that from a 4chan post unless 4chan records more than IP addresses.

Blackrock pension fund, Great Reset Anonymous 06/09/2021 (Wed) 19:04:36 Id: 4d17de No. 9490 [Reply]
https://archive.ph/jKase https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1402434266970140676.html From this thread unrolled https://twitter.com/APhilosophae/status/1402434266970140676 tl;dr: Blackrock pension fund is buying house 20-50% above asking price using Federal Reserve fund as a step for the great reset. Only low and middle class are fucked, as usual. It's also happening across other countries.
12 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>9499 >>9490 America doesn't have a land problem. You could just sell your home 50% above asking price, move to a more rural town or even better buy land with the 50% gain you just made. Start a farm or work remotely. If people just moved and started new towns in the middle of now where the great reset will back fire so fucking hard it will be seen as the dumbest move in history. >We bought every relevant town! >They just moved and built new houses instead of renting!
>>11266 >America doesn't have a land problem. Homes are being bought with CASH. 6 7 figure listings. Gates and Xi are buying farmland and importing food to bugville. * billion faggots to feed. >lets start a new town. ok Faf, gonna chalk your flag to a chang vpn
>>11266 How will anyone buy better land when international corporations own all the land and refuse to sell, dumb fuck?

(270.02 KB 1280x720 Erin_Otoole.png)

(100.15 KB 720x711 1594868938108.jpg)

LEAF /POL/ Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 06:28:07 Id: b728e4 No. 8343 [Reply] [Last]
Alright how many of you soon to be raked bastards made it here. Show of hands, I need to see my provinces reporting in lads. I'm sorry I'm late to the party, I just found out we were back in operation. I'm going to now resume gay effort posting, so expect me but for now I'd like to start by getting a good old fashioned Leaf /pol/ general going: *ERIN O'TOOLE, DELETE'S CONSERVATIVE PARTY PETITION TO BAN HUAWEI* >https://www.rebelnews(Please use archive.today)/erin_otoole_deletes_conservative_petition_ban_huawei_party_hires_ex_huawei_vp *"3RD WAVE INCOMING"* >https://twitter(Please use archive.today)/globeandmail/status/1370027753471234061?s=19 >Thread Theme: https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=6FO4R5SmSrw
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(382.48 KB 310x315 1629310273110.png)

I'm voting PPC (interior BC, safe conservative seat)
>>9516 >>9525 Basically, I'm just going to vote ppc. I know.. UGH! I know.. I'm sorry!! I'm just going to vote ppc is all. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
(27.29 KB 250x250 hear-hear-quite-right.jpg)

(49.37 KB 400x306 GB_king_solomon.gif)

The fate of Israel Anonymous 09/16/2020 (Wed) 09:54:37 Id: 0fddaf No. 1610 [Reply] [Last]
Alright so this is something I wanted to do because I believe it's pretty important to understand why the Jews actually hate us. Firstly I want to explain a couple of things. There's quite a lot to unpack here so I'll begin with the whole noah thing. Whether you believe the story or no, Personally I do but that's not the point, Noah was saved by God. Now if you asked the average pastor they would say that he was saved through his faith in God. Which while yes his faith was indeed very strong that's not the reason given in the bible. No the reason Noah was saved was because of he himself being perfect in his generations. We also learn that the reason the flood happened was because the "sons of God" intermingled with the daughters of men. This is in Genesis 6 if you want to read it. However this has massive implications, God said that angels didn't marry in the new testament. So if we take this in a different way and say the "sons of God" are the seed of Adam which makes sense considering that God gave Adam the breath of life. Then we can Assume that noah was saved because he didn't commit miscegenation with other people groups. That's great and all but is noah white? Well in my personal opinion he probably was. Noah came from Adam the word adam in hebrew came from the word ruddy. Look up strong's exhaustive concordance number 119. It literally means to show blood in the face. Something only Europeans can do. This also gives extra weight to other things Semites, Hamites and Japhethites. Were all European. Which means Assyrians Akkadians, Babylonians, Egyptians, Persians, Libyans, Cushites and yes even the ancient Hebrews were all white. Considering the flood story and that noah was "perfect in his generations" he literally had to be. However in my opinion at some point. The Jews began to mongrelize with other peoples. until only a small remnant survived at the time of Jesus. You can tell if you read the bible. Alright if you go to numbers 25 then you'll see that a man named phineas was praised for the fact that he killed a man who was breeding outside of his people he also killed the women. Not to mention it was called a plague. Later on around the time of David. His appearance was describe twice 1 Samuel 16:12, 1 Samuel 17:42. Both times he was fair and ruddy both traits of Europeans. Considering this around this time the Hebrews were still probably European especially considering Davids appearance. Plenty of other bits sprinkled through the bible gives us a rough idea of what Israel looked like song of solomon 5:10, Lamentations 4:7 it's quite consistent that they were white and had a ruddy complexion. However everything changed after the Babylonian captivity. basically majority of Israel is gone I think they are Europeans but some might not, Only a small remnant remains. They begin mongrelizing with a mixed multitude. Read Ezra 9 for further clarification, Also read Nehemiah 13. Basically Israel's prophets were struggling to keep the Israelites from breeding with other people groups. If you read antiquity of the Jews then you'll notice that the Israelites bred with a group called the edomites. Who mongrelised with a group called the Canaanites who depending on who you ask are the sons of Noah's son's Ham's kid Canaan or the sons of Cain the guy who killed Abel. The Edomites were the progeny of Esau. Who hated the Israelites. If you want to know Esau originally had the birthright but he sold it for some porridge. Obviously not the type of people you would entrust the survival of your people with. But a man called hyrcanus conquered them and assimilated them into the remnant of the Israel people. Mainly Judahites which is why they're called Jews. Now during roman times a quick thing that backs this up is that Israel was called by the name Judea which is the combination of judahite and Idumean(the greek spelling of edomite). The modern Jew also breeds with anyone from negros to Chinese to Europeans. In other words a mongrel. Jesus was born around this time possibly before it fully completed and considering how God personally birthed Jesus it's pretty easy to assume he was pure. This is why Jesus said to go only to the lost sheep of the house of israel in matthew 15:24. And looking at 1 peter 1 these places included mainly greek places. The tale of Israel is a sad one a group of people who fell into debauchery due to a king who fell into idolatry due to his wives. and were kicked out of their home by Assyria and the last remaining remnant of them becoming mongrels.
33 posts and 14 images omitted.
>>11413 At that time they were all Whites, The reason for the split though was because of solomon giving into idolatry and taking unto himself "strange women". God really hates miscegenation. A better example is noah, Who's was claimed perfect in his generations by God, Meaning he hadn't destroyed his heritage and that's why he was saved from the flood. Though people argue whether or not the people doing the intermixing were angels with white women or whether it was white men with non white women. I think it the latter though.
>>10319 Btw anon, they get really butthurt when these things get cut, since they're going to jew hell if they don't notice in time. Not suggesting anything, of course. Just making a statement of fact, like that a simple wirecutter can do the job, or that many places don't have cameras covering everything.

/nsg/ – Natsoc General Anonymous 02/09/2021 (Tue) 19:46:46 Id: 000000 No. 7870 [Reply]
ϟϟ Your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/ ϟϟ Thread for discussion of the Jewish Question, Race Realism, Anti-Communism, the Aryan Ideal, Traditionalism, Racial Nationalism, and Racial Identity Movements. Improve yourself, comrades, community, and folk. >卐 - SMASH ✡MARXISM✡! >卐 - PURGE DEGENERACY! >卐 - DISMANTLE ZOG! 卐 - SECURITY FIRST - Follow this guide to stop your ISP from spying on your browser traffic, and to view blocked sites. https://imgur(Please use archive.today)/ijqKqtm 卐 - Old (now defunct) Pastebin for OP /NSG/ - https://archive.fo/pr1AL ᛉ - ARE YOU NEW TO /NSG/ START HERE >The Optics of Ineffectiveness

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>10707 Who is this?
(17.12 KB 539x376 2ek3ne.jpg)

(153.17 KB 720x403 20210830_093240.jpg)

>>11432 Eva braun

(483.51 KB 600x450 1557876963212.png)

(109.59 KB 600x446 i4oYqFy.jpg)

/pol/'s News Thread Anonymous 08/02/2021 (Mon) 01:53:30 Id: 000000 No. 10568 [Reply]
This thread is for sharing news of all kinds that /pol/ users find relevant. The purpose of this is to encourage activity on the board by creating a source of constant topics that can be discussed and new threads created if they are "big" enough, as well as serving as a place where less "important" news can be shared without fear of "wasting" a thread on them. As with the rest of the board, it is a requirement to include an archive of the news article in question. Social media screenshots of "literal who" are discouraged unless they are a part of a major event. It is recommended that topics that have generated a lot of discussion in the thread have separate threads, in order to avoid derailing this thread.
30 posts and 34 images omitted.
https://archive.vn/WMcDG Nonwhites Gang Up Against Whites On CBS Program "Big Brother" >The mainstream media has long been guilty of fueling and delivering an extreme anti-white narrative. This happens on all levels of programming ranging from those geared towards entertainment, such as sitcoms and dramas, to the more reality-based programs, such as the daily news. Whites are often portrayed as ignorant, unfair, mean, and dangerous in comparison to their nonwhite counterparts who are often portrayed as just, vulnerable, and hard-working. For this reason, many racially conscious whites have abandoned television and sought refuge in other forms of entertainment. Yet for those whites who are indifferent towards or unaware of the anti-white narrative, regularly watching racially biased television programs that favour nonwhites has become a mainstay in their daily lives fueling their open or implicit support of this anti-white narrative. To an observer, the power of the mainstream media to shape and control the minds of whites to the point they find programs aimed at their own dispossession as entertaining may seem omnipotent. >A case in point is the highly rated reality television program Big Brother, which airs on the CBS network Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. The premise of the show is a contest between houseguests who are isolated from the outside world and who live together on set and are in full view of the television and live streaming audiences. The object of the game is to form alliances with other people and conspire to turn the majority of the household against one person, who is then evicted at the end of the week via a majority vote. The contestants compete in games to determine who will control nominations and those nominated for eviction are given the opportunity to remove themselves from the chopping block by competing in a veto competition. However, if unsuccessful at obtaining the power of veto, the nominated contestants must work to persuade the rest of the household guests to keep them, usually by offering to protect them from future nominations should they receive the head of household power. At the end of the series, contestants who were previously evicted will cast votes between the two remaining houseguests and elect the winner via majority decision. >In past seasons, contestants have largely been white with a small contingent of nonwhites, lesbians, and homosexual men. The white houseguests have typically been young, attractive, and athletic and romances, referred to as "showmances" on the program between a handsome, physically fit young white male and a beautiful young white female have been a popular staple. Moreover, the biggest threats to win have, up until this season, been the athletic white male or the intelligent white woman, because the games on the show are geared towards people with physical strength and people with good memories who can think quickly. >However, the cast of Big Brother has been noticeably different this season. Instead of attractive white males and females making up the majority of the houseguests, the number of nonwhites has dramatically increased, and the white contestants are noticeably less attractive looking than they have been in the past. However, the most salient and important change this year is that Big Brother has become a race-based contest between the nonwhites and the whites, and the nonwhites are winning. The strategy chosen by the nonwhites has been to form a secret alliance against the whites and to stick together no matter the circumstances to ensure a person of colour wins the contest this year. Equally apparent is the seemingly obliviousness of the white houseguests in knowing what their non-white counterparts are up to. >For those who watch the program on television, each episode is highly edited and appears as a mix of live and taped scenes. Right from the early episodes of this season, the producers presented clips showing that the nonwhites had immediately formed an alliance against the whites to whom they were openly resentful for their past successes on the program and for not having lived the non-white experience in America. Whites have inherited white privilege. In contrast, the white houseguests have been portrayed as consistently playing the game using the past tried and true strategies of forming partnerships with others, preparing for contests, and promising to keep their word. Yet the numbers have been against them and one by one white contestants have been voted off the show while the nonwhites openly celebrate and discuss the effectiveness of their strategy. In one scene this past week, an Asian contestant openly asked if the whites were aware that they were losing numbers, after which producers showed pictures of each white person who had been voted out, flaunting the futility of the whites who tried to play using traditional strategies in a game rigged against them from the very start. >In another scene, two black contestants also openly wondered if the white houseguests knew they were being racially targeted and the other stated that it did not matter because even if they did, they will not voice their opposition. He then indicated that only when they are in jury, the place where houseguests are sequestered when they are voted out of the game until the final vote, will the whites realize what has happened to them and then he raised both his arms over his head in a show of victory. >One need not have to think very hard to imagine what might happen if the situation was reversed and instead of nonwhites openly resenting whites and banding together to remove them, the whites employed the same strategy and set out to deliberately conspire against nonwhites to ensure a white person wins the game. It is hard to conceive the producers of Big Brother would allow whites to show such solidarity among themselves unless of course they wished to demonize them for being racially conscious.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

U.S. rocket strike killed 9 people including six children who were mistaken for ISIS - K! https://archive.fo/viNwC
>>11269 I made a similar observation of the show. It is sickening how badly whites are discriminated against in the US and indeed the world.

(130.14 KB 839x1024 hitler is a hero 03.jpg)

Race realism researches for redpilling normalfags. Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 21:57:21 Id: 000000 No. 8350 [Reply]
I'm in the process of redpilling some normalfag friends about race realism. But they are the types that always ask "where is the study?" and "where is the proof?" regarding any information, since they can't think by themselves nor analyze something without a "professional study" guiding them. So, could some anons help me with articles, researches and overall studies about race realism? More specifically, how race is a deterministic factor in a person's preference for a sexual partner to procreate. And how race-mixing is biologically averted by all races. The more they go deep into the racial differences and racial preferences among the same race, the better. My friends are interested in the topic already, so nothing will shock them too much. Also, no jewish researches. Actual, serious research showing the differences (more importantly, the superiority of some races compared to the inferiority of other races) and all information that can debunk the lie of equality between races and the lie race mixing being a preference, instead of the anomaly that it is.
24 posts and 44 images omitted.
>>11151 I will kill antis like you instead. Then I will proceed to have even more sex with children as I like.
This book has a lot of references to studies and frames things in a way NPC's can accept, it may or not be as hard as you like and idk if there's a free version but g/l
>>11422 Thanks again.

(21.28 KB 1000x600 coincidence-flag.jpeg)

The Coincidence Detector is Back! Anonymous 12/25/2020 (Fri) 04:55:41 Id: 30a377 No. 5833 [Reply]
https://coincidencedetector(Please use archive.today)/ Merry Christmas /pol/acks. Version 14.88.28 of the Coincidence Detector has been released, and it's working again. Changes: - Judas Watch integration was disabled, because https://judas.watch/ has disappeared. - IPFS URLs were disabled, because I'm not happy with IPFS's performance. I also want to handle decentralization of the list in a more low-tech way going forward. - Firefox's postMessage implemenation became more strict since 2 years ago, so a Firefox-specific fix for that had to be made. https://coincidencedetector(Please use archive.today)/
23 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>8486 > no degree why the most American IT geniuses have not degree or they got them like "oh, man, you are so rich, take a diploma, it's a gift, from our University"?
>>10508 >Elizabeth Holmes this? either a Jew or a BigFoot.
>>6053 > Americans need a special script to detect Jews > (((Kogan))) lolish lol. Americans, what planet are you from? coz obviously it's not our Earth

(39.16 KB 480x468 morans.jpg)

Biden is a Moran Anonymous 08/15/2021 (Sun) 17:03:29 Id: f8ca5a No. 10969 [Reply]
Reminder that Biden is a senile idiot who cock sucks Obama and his ISIS 2.0 Taliban agenda which might see Bongs and Burgers beheaded in Kabul, and now the Afghan President has fled the country! 46th Prez is a fucking disaster for the USA and should consider resigning for the good of the free world. This would not have happened under President Trump guaranteed. Senile Hussein Biden and ISIS lackey in the Oval Office. MAGA! https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/live/world-asia-58219963
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(2.11 MB 432x240 1629075190335.webm)

>>11080 That's actually more retarded than the niggers wanting to cross the sea in a home made raft. I can't believe i'm just realizing sandniggers are worst than niggers.
>>11096 no way anything is worse than a nigger except maybe a fake jew kike bitch like amy shumer. gawd if I could just face fuck her for 3 days straight while puffing meth and screaming "tucker... tucker... " like that dude in breaking bad with the shotgun all fucking badass and shit.
(75.17 KB 530x530 looney left toons.jpg)

Total moran!

Neinchan has been destroyed by Jews Anonymous 12/18/2020 (Fri) 01:45:29 Id: a0d1df No. 5656 [Reply] [Last]
A few months ago stories were coming about how 600 Jewish organizations were in support of BLM. Anons over on the board Neinchan thus began to collect the addresses of these organizations and names of the rabbis, mainly for informative and redpilling purposes. Hardly half way through the alphabet and the thread was (((deleted))) without explanation. But anons continued to collect data, finishing it two days ago. Mere hours after the list was finished, the site went offline, and has been offline ever since. The pastebin has been shoahed containing the data, and now only the archive.fo link remains. The theory right now is that the admins were v&, either that or they were Jews themselves and realized that the goyim were exposing them.
57 posts and 11 images omitted.
nigger thread
>>5656 did yu download the list?

(5.87 MB fbkdonators.csv)

In Russia everyone knows how last spring the CEO of the Anti-Corruption Foundation, Alexei Navalny, lost his base of supporters. Even we in Lithuania are aware of this. It is surprising: the "professionals" who are preparing the revolution in Russia do not have basic skills at the level of a beginner programmer! Fucking shit! And now a completely unbelievable story! Navalny's deputy Leonid Volkov keeps an archive of all the people who have made a donation to them since 2014 - 50 thousand donors. Under Russian law it is prohibited to collect such data without the consent of donors. FBK managers removed the donor's name and surname from the banking information, as well as the personal tax number, which is assigned to each citizen of Russia. Then they enhanced this data employing the popular Russian service "The Eye of God", used for trading stolen data.
Did anything else come of this?

(60.12 KB 612x407 1602502805000.jpg)

Anonymous 10/22/2020 (Thu) 10:50:07 Id: 6f674a No. 1883 [Reply] [Last]
I'm currently trying to redpill some people about kikes. What's the easiest way to go about this without being screamed at for being a nazi?
99 posts and 221 images omitted.
>>11304 While the professor is absolutely correct, it's amusing the Chinese don't know who was behind the Marxist revolution in China, who transferred technology from the West to China, and who still controls China today.
https://archive.fo/SCsJJ Some of the images were saved on web.archive(Please use archive.today)
>>11298 >help gather That is kind of the point of saving shit on /polarchive/

(254.76 KB 969x1566 TAKE ACTION v6.png)

Address rampant anorectal violence & misinformation! NOW! Anonymous 07/10/2021 (Sat) 08:03:04 Id: 000000 No. 9993 [Reply]
Blatantly injurious erotic anoreceptive violence—behavior involving a combination of rapid thrusting, considerable girth, and a prolonged duration—is rampant worldwide, facilitated by widespread (willful) ignorance, apathy, and misinformation. It is impossible for resultant anorectal injuries and serious/chronic/permanent health consequences to be uncommon due to anorectal fragility relating to anatomy and neuromuscular physiology [References: Anorectal Risks 1-3]. Hence, when more than one person is involved such violence should constitute a severe crime for any penetrative person. Pornography featuring that violence can have numerous effects on some viewers: inspiring them to emulate what they see, even using coercion; conditioning them to be aroused by suffering; and contributing to development of related mental pathology: sexual sadism disorder, sexual masochism disorder, and perhaps even psychopathy for younger individuals [References: Trends & Associations]. People with those inclinations are having a field day with such violence and spreading disinformation. That unrestrained hedonism is promoting societal decadence. This is happening because the vast majority of humanity likely will never place a high value upon the good health of at least someone else's anus; too many people do not wish to think seriously about anorectal matters even though the anus is one of our most important body parts. Erotic anoreceptive activities therefore must be universally discouraged, and perpetrators of anorectal violence against another person—at least and especially ones who inspire countless others—must face justice by any means necessary. Justice has not been served in far too many cases, and it may be out of governments' hands after too much time has passed. People within governments worldwide who are or were in a position to dispense justice yet failed must be held accountable as well.
Reminder that OP is a fag who sticks dildos up his ass, and didn't think this would cause issues
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At least you left Lainchan alone, with this fucking nonsense.
>>11263 > you From the post immediately preceding yours: ultimately this is not about me From the OP image: A red herring logical fallacy is a tangential topic introduced as a distraction. One _very_ common example is trying to create an irrelevant discussion about a messenger/claimant (often by introducing alleged personal attributes or asking about unstated opinions). > this fucking nonsense Also from the OP image: A refutation with one or more vague, sweeping claims for which no proof is provided [...] The burden of proof rests on the claimant, so offering constructive criticism is a good idea: clear and specific, with citations if applicable. >>11064 > See the text in the OP image supported by Prolapse & Incontinence. On my todo list for that: Cover the possibility of shearing (and pulling/traction on one or more nerves in the region) potentially causing neuropathy and associated fecal incontinence. The first source below already is present in P&I; eventually I may add more as well. "Perineal nerve injury due to stretching is caused by excessive traction [pulling] on the distal motor branches of the pudendal nerve that innervate the perineum and anus. These injuries can occur in a number of morbid conditions (prolapsus, anorectal dyschezia, pelvic surgery) and induce denervation of the pelvic floor that very probably modifies the resistance of the sphincters. Stretch injuries should be considered when discussing physiotherapy or surgery for urinary incontinence. Diagnosis can be established by electrophysiologic studies of the perineum, particularly by measurements of distal pudendal nerve motor latencies. The authors report a series of sixty patients with stretch-induced neuropathy." "[Perineal neuropathy due to stretching and urinary incontinence. Physiopathology, diagnosis and therapeutic implications]." Annales d'Urologie (Paris). 1990; 24(6): 463-6. PMID 2176777. "Fifty percent of patients with rectal intussusception, in addition to the usual symptoms associated with obstructed defecation—evacuatory difficulty, a feeling of incomplete emptying, pelvic pain and pressure, and rectal bleeding—will complain of fecal incontinence. Possible mechanisms for this include an occult defect of the external anal sphincter or a traction pudendal neuropathy resulting from long-standing, excessive straining to defecate. An overflow incontinence-type mechanism, where distension of the lower rectum by the intussusceptum activates the rectoanal inhibitory reflex resulting in relaxation of the internal anal sphincter, has also been proposed." "Treatment of Obstructed Defecation." Clinics in Colon and Rectal Surgery. 2012 Mar; 25(1): 24-33. PMC3348733. doi:10.1055/s-0032-1301756. "Most patients with rectal prolapse have some degree of incontinence and reduced rectal capacity. Fecal incontinence accompanying rectal prolapse may be due to sphincter dilatation by the prolapse, weakness of the pelvic floor, or pudendal neuropathy caused by chronic traction of the nerves."

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>>10032 >watch yer ass It's a great philosophy, really.

(97.27 KB 655x435 aoc.png)

Anonymous 05/16/2021 (Sun) 10:17:50 Id: 8eefc1 No. 9266 [Reply]
After everything that happened to 8chan and /pol/ now the internet is talking about Anne Frank being a colonizer and calls to defund Isreal and I can't help but feel like a fucking clown
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>>11194 >I don't like something so I purposely subject myself to it You are mentally ill. Leave.
>>9290 then what the fuck is this, im a newfag just visiting from 4chan, what is the difference between this and 8kun. pls explain
>>11242 8kunt is clearly fedshit, ran of US fed servers. It's considered however to be the direct successor to the OG 8chan.

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