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(76.87 KB 905x604 hypergamy philosophicat.PNG)

Hypergamy Anonymous 04/08/2022 (Fri) 12:56:26 Id: 413405 No. 14934 [Reply]
This triggered a lot of men on 4chan. There's a surprisingly large number of white niggers on 4chan /pol/. This chick, I think, is a literal neo-Nazi. She's talking about eugenics via hypergamy. You can tell that she believes in the Swastika nonsense a little too much - lots of male white supremacists got triggered, and she went on about Shiva and Chakras and some Hindu mumbo jumbo. But I get it. Our current system rewards low IQ breeding. Some hoodlum thug gets to father children with several different women, and his kids are put on welfare and become a burden on the productive people in society. A man without a job wouldn't even get to be a father back in the day. Granted, back then, it was way more accessible for a man to find employment. You could be a mentally disabled man, and someone would have a job as a ditch digger for you, and that job would provide you with enough to buy your own house and provide for your retarded wife and retard children. Now, decent jobs are comparatively hard to come by. But, with that in mind, if you are one of the men with a decent nine-to-five job, it should make you more desirable now. You shouldn't have to be a doctor or a lawyer, but a good job that provides you with enough food and shelter for you and a few other people should at least put you in front of the unemployed boy who sits at home smoking weed every day. Margaret Sanger said that capitalism was making whites weak, but I think that whites probably used to have the highest IQs in the world on average. It's Asians now, but that is only due to sexual selection, IMO. Philip J. Rushton is this "racist" anthropologist whose work is banned throughout academia, but he claimed that low IQs were correlated with penis lengths. Penis lengths were linked to promiscuity. Black women were most promiscuous; therefore, blacks had the lowest IQs and most violent behavior. Asian women were the least promiscuous; consequently, Asians had the highest IQs and most family values. Rushton found that whites were in the middle, and critics claim that he's stating that whites were superior because of some goldilocks shit. But, I think that whites might be in a transitionary period. If you consider that Sexual Selection is a real phenomenon, then CULTURE PLAYS A ROLE IN GENETICS. Whites will eventually be dumbed down to the level of blacks if the trend continues.
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(72.65 KB 586x426 spidey wasted.jpg)

>>15016 I'm not from Norway btw, I'm a bong. 4chan sucks ass! (that was an insult to 4chan)
>>15015 a chads a dangerous type like mma trained, armed or a bouncer or something like that or just some fucking weakling for the show mucles type fuckboy? i guess anyone that has a way of getting sluts to fuck by the bulk regardless of how? anyway who the fuck works that much but a fucking slave , bet is miserable shit too not anything even have fun doing , even if they are doing some educated office slave shit , let em have their slave women fuck other men behind their back i dont give a fuck just dont let some lustful fuck that wants to have like 10 women at once have enough wealth to provide for them theyll be back with weaklign hard hard working slave for money and protection that keeps em laboring carrying bricks about and such maybe make it illegal to fuck another mans wife will help among free men well its a matter of loyalty i would not abandon a girl for another regardless of looks i would never fuck some ugly bitch anyhow so it woul d not be like it matter much the difference and just fucking kill the fucking both of em if you find your woman betrays you like that is detererent enough you say like current so called society is something to preserve so slavelike and fucked up are the laws of the rabble of slaves are that if a man kills his wife and the man he was fucking wile he catches em on the act with fucking witnesses and all they wannna lock the man up for life o execute him , calling him the psycho, the madman and shit like that honor dont matter shit to the masses of slaves , wake the fuck up
>>15029 >make it illegal to fuck another mans wife will help The abolition of women's suffrage is a prerequisite to the criminalization of adultery.

(350.25 KB 720x561 ancientaryans.jpg)

(209.23 KB 1200x675 hyperborea.jpg)

(49.38 KB 740x400 atlantis.jpg)

(50.88 KB 600x422 agartha.jpg)

Hyperborea, Atlantis, Agartha/Hollow Earth discussion Anonymous 09/09/2021 (Thu) 19:39:34 Id: fd2eb9 No. 11611 [Reply]
Thread related to all things esoteric. Post your theories.
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>>11619 since when did Gulags have security cameras?
>>11611 Can somebody help jog my memory regarding something? I vaguely recall seeing here on 8/pol/ that there was some group of people who engaged in some kind of activity. I think they were "occult investigators." I remember a woman and she was suspected to have been killed because she had successfully exposed things about the darker, inner workings of Hollywood. Does anyone know anything about this kind of job? "Occult investigators" or something? I'm trying to research it myself and I just can't quite find the people I saw before.
>>14893 >since when did Gulags have security cameras? since they became tourist attractions. you dont want vandalism and other crime scaring away your paying customers

(422.96 KB 884x1496 cc3.png)

Anonymous 01/24/2021 (Sun) 19:26:58 Id: a4e921 No. 7338 [Reply]
Why do Christian Q followers want Trump to take over etc, don't they believe in Biblical end times prophecies?
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>>15008 *Early March. MAGA!
>>15008 >Prez Trump could get back in Why would we want that? You want more laws against antisemitism, more black employment, more "legal" mass immigration, more covid shots?
>>15008 He will never lock up Hillary, he will never build the wall, he will never drain the swamp. Orange Man Bad, but unironically

(2.00 MB 3840x2160 ClipboardImage.png)

project /polfren/ - a crowd sourced globohomo network analysis project Anonymous 04/09/2022 (Sat) 13:19:47 Id: 49aedd No. 14962 [Reply]
https://web.archive(Please use archive.today)/web/20140214081302/http://www.politicalfriendster(Please use archive.today)/ >Political Friendster is a parody of the social network Friendster. It allows a visualization of the connections between players in the political game. This site has absolutely no affiliation with the real Friendster. So I have this idea. Suppose someone creates a script to scan for posts with the following syntax: ((( George Soros ))) ((( Open Society Foundations ))) ((( George Soros;Open Society Foundations;founder and chairman ))) The first two lines are what we call "nodes". The third line is what we call a "link". Both entries are written to a separate data-table. Now imagine we all started doing this. In a very short amount of time we would be able to create a huge data set of globohomo networks. >ok cool but why? Well, you know the Big Data meme and how globohomo uses it to screw us over? Well, the gist is that we turn the meme around and use it on them. Through network analysis we can plot this database into a network graph, apply some algorithms to structure it and detect communities. This makes the data suited for consumption and analysis. On the one hand, the visualised graph will be published publicly and serve as a red pill. On the other hand it will serve as a resource for diggers and autists to help them along in their own research. To give you an example of how the data could be published: https://www.sigmajs(Please use archive.today)/demo/index.html I'm thinking of implementing the sigma js library to render these graphs in the browser. As you can see from the demo, it works pretty well. I would change some things like make nodes and links show tooltips so that users can better understand the context of interlinked nodes. I would also attach resources to both nodes and links, depending if there is an interesting story there. Essentially the database will be open and searchable for anyone. All it requires us to do is write the proper syntax and make great connections. Pic related is the Political Friendster data I plotted in a progam called Gephi. It is a tool for network analysis.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

5 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>15011 >>15007 >>15010 >Anyone has source? I made a thread on frenschan, the Political Friendster link is over there as well: https://frenschan(Please use archive.today)/pol/res/1254.html I just finished the thread scraper. I'll cross post it here
(9.58 KB 574x74 ClipboardImage.png)

>>15018 link in pic rel
(916.86 KB 2100x1834 polfren-harvester.jpg)

[UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT] I've just finished a first working version of the /polfren/ thread harvester. Pic rel. >QRD You launch the program and enter the url of a digging thread. It then scrapes data entries, according to the following syntax: (((id))) [[[source,label,target]]] A practical example: (((The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation))) (((Event 201))) [[[The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,co-hosted,Event 201]]] The first two (2) lines write the contents inside the tags to a data table called 'vertices.csv' The third line writes the contents inside the tags to another data table called 'edges.csv' >How To Harvest 1. OP creates a digging thread about a specific globohomo topic 2. anons join and dig in, pulling articles and other resources to start discussion 3. obvious players like corporations, organisations, people and events are mapped using the vertex tags. 4. connections between the vertices are then mapped using the edge tags.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

(110.86 KB 678x680 All is lost.jpg)

Anonymous 01/21/2021 (Thu) 00:56:18 Id: 000000 No. 7183 [Reply]
>Obama is elected >Shock to the system, Boomers begin waking up. >Millennials grow up in the rising socjus mania at college, internalize their triggering, letting it learn and grow >Housing market implodes in 2008, stagflation fucks millennials >Ron Paul undermines the GOP and the whole political landscape, casting irrefutable skepticism on all US politics >the Alt-right stirs circa 2010 >the GOP loses again in 2012, discredited >Socjus liberals intensify their mania, the 2012 election doesn't end because of king nigger >the consequent clampdown on the internet begins. Reddit's growth spills over into 4chan moderation > 2013 jannie leaks happen >the Alt-right begins moving off the internet into the real world >8chan is created >2014 midterms cuck Obama, deranging liberals notably. Ripple effect is felt everywhere culturally >Gamergate pulls the ripcord, everything explodes >Culture war becomes hot. A half year of cyber warfare rages, spilling over everything. >Summer 2015, a Hero appears >everyone coalesces around Trump. The alt-right, gamergate, skeptics, conservatives, Boomers.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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(8.73 KB 251x170 RPyouonlyhadtoListen.jpg)

>>7183 Damn anon, brutal, but so true. I guess Trump was not The Gray Champion.
>>7936 Amk türkü yorum hakkın yok
>>7183 >>Ron Paul undermines the GOP Noooooooo! We need a strong Republican party that stands up to the enemies of Israel!!! I hate Libertarianism now!! I'll do anything, disarm myself, accept higher taxes, and more regulation so long as we safe guard the only free democracy in the Middle East!!!1!!!

(599.70 KB 320x240 CWRA.mp4)

Commie general! RLXXXNZV.com 09/30/2021 (Thu) 11:35:34 Id: 7e30e1 No. 11986 [Reply] [Last]
Post commie material and discuss anything about commiedom here. Communism will rise again!!! to those decrying "communism is jewry": ah, take the chill pill, kikes btfo under us
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(234.84 KB 500x502 matt.jpg)

>kikes btfo under us
Kiill yourself retarded nigger
>>11986 All leftards will be killed.

(21.28 KB 1000x600 coincidence-flag.jpeg)

The Coincidence Detector is Back! Anonymous 12/25/2020 (Fri) 04:55:41 Id: 30a377 No. 5833 [Reply]
https://coincidencedetector(Please use archive.today)/ Merry Christmas /pol/acks. Version 14.88.28 of the Coincidence Detector has been released, and it's working again. Changes: - Judas Watch integration was disabled, because https://judas.watch/ has disappeared. - IPFS URLs were disabled, because I'm not happy with IPFS's performance. I also want to handle decentralization of the list in a more low-tech way going forward. - Firefox's postMessage implemenation became more strict since 2 years ago, so a Firefox-specific fix for that had to be made. https://coincidencedetector(Please use archive.today)/
29 posts and 7 images omitted.
(178.21 KB 1366x768 screen.jpg)

nice, it seems to work well. it will need some updating though, (((Larry Fink))) is arguibly more responsible for the downfall of western civilization than anyone alive today (at least concerning people who's existence is common knowledge) through Blackrock's ESG scores. He is also definitely Jewish. If you havent gone down the Blackrock/Vanguard rabbithole yet you really should, they own literally everything. Go onto any financial site and chek out any major public company that you ca thnk of nd you willsee those two names as majority shareholders. Hedgefunds get the bullet. Blackrock (through ESG scores) are the main reason for corporatons (especially those in the enetertainment and media industry) going oke over the last cople of decades, its not just pandering, they have real financial incentive to spout the shit they do. When people say a certain company is on the nose's payroll he is the one they mean whether they know it or not, Larry Fink is THE nose the fucking proto-kike. loo into it. >inb4 doxxing myself, Alex isnt my real name
>>13625 fuck I can't spell worth shit at the moment apparently, i should definitely proofread better when i'm drinking the Russian stuff. I noticed that i left out the main point behind this post making me look like a rambling schizophrenic, i was searching some names to see how well your addon works and i noticed that Larry Fink and his organizations don't echo, you should add a feature on the site to allow us to submit suggestions and you can review and add them over time.
>>5833 kek I knew there had to be purpose to the jew tag. I've got an interesting idea and I just posted it here https://8chan.moe/pol/res/14962.html#q14963 if you want to check it out

(443.52 KB 600x532 1590088088-0.png)

(1.49 MB 1908x5910 1590088088-1.png)

Right wing dev squads Anonymous 05/27/2020 (Wed) 16:46:45 Id: 21867e No. 346 [Reply]
copying from https://9chan.tw/bestpol/thread/9620 https://archive.vn/Lj45V >Right wing development general thread. If you're also developing something, that's related to /pol/ or the right wing movement, feel free to post it. This series of threads is intended to motivate fellow dev anons to build an ecosystem that belongs to us and won't be shut down immediately, and serve for non-dev anons as a white pill. >Current projects: Germania, decentralised image board, specs: https://gitlab.com/rwdevsquad/rwds-dchan-spec, code: https://gitlab.com/rwdevsquad/rwds-dchan, members: 5 >Germania was envisioned by the upper echelon of the third reich to become the capital city of the world. After a few days of planning, we're finally starting to write Code. We're starting development using an abstract notion of the anonymisation layer and transport layer and cryptography layer. This is actually better anyway, since we can also write a simulated transport layer for testing purposes and easily transition to new cryptographic implementations should any issues become public. I have started to create issues that can be worked on by volunteers (of course, I'll work on it, too). I got banned from 4chan's /pol/ for this thread series. While this is not strictly politics, it is very related to /pol/ as a movement, and I hope this place will be a more hospitable for this. I apologize for tripfagging, it's just that I don't want the project to be subverted by people claiming to be official developers and making false statements about the project (I won't use the tripcode outside of these threads). If the mods want it, though, I can stop using a tripcode. If you think it doesn't fit here, you can also move this thread to /tech/ (I just think it might be more interesting to /pol/ users than just /tech/ users). Previous thread archives from 4chan (2 threads were nuked): https://archive.fo/LvqLZ https://archive.fo/Y31U0 https://archive.vn/9bzpJ https://archive.vn/sNi96 (trannies moved it to /bant/)

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>348 Don't use a VPN or 5eyes will get you. Use I2P and TOR.
>>14890 >Don't use a VPN or 5eyes will get you. my personal experience contradicts that >didnt have access to VPN as a teen >parents got letters from our ISP about my activity all the time >became adult >10 years ago >got VPN >no more letters from ISP >Never raided by feds either. >Slip up occasionally, don't realize VPN isn't running >get warning emails from ISP again. you should assume your ISP shares everything they see with 5eyes. You want to hide from fedbois, you have to hide from your ISP first. Also you can combine Tor and VPN
>right wing time to let go. False dichotomies no longer serve us.

(483.51 KB 600x450 1557876963212.png)

(109.59 KB 600x446 i4oYqFy.jpg)

/pol/'s News Thread Anonymous 08/02/2021 (Mon) 01:53:30 Id: 000000 No. 10568 [Reply] [Last]
This thread is for sharing news of all kinds that /pol/ users find relevant. The purpose of this is to encourage activity on the board by creating a source of constant topics that can be discussed and new threads created if they are "big" enough, as well as serving as a place where less "important" news can be shared without fear of "wasting" a thread on them. As with the rest of the board, it is a requirement to include an archive of the news article in question. Social media screenshots of "literal who" are discouraged unless they are a part of a major event. It is recommended that topics that have generated a lot of discussion in the thread have separate threads, in order to avoid derailing this thread.
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(143.18 KB 800x848 ayyyy.jpg)

>>13780 The globalists are sending in starving African children, but the Poles want to keep them out so they militarize the area to get the press to fuck off.
>>10693 what episode is that from?
What are some good news sources besides stormer5v52vjsw66jmds7ndeecudq444woadhzr2plxlaayexnh6eqd ?

(60.55 KB 500x500 rotten.jpg)

china Anonymous 04/07/2022 (Thu) 14:41:47 Id: 72ae5d No. 14914 [Reply]
china love da white wo man china make iphone and emm ess gee china love da noodle an da bat soup china is a comm you nist con tree china love da jew cause it help destroy da world. LOL china is da noodle love con tree hahahaha

(713.68 KB 1976x1584 Mike_Pompeo_official_photo.jpg)

Take Our Martyr Soleimani’s Revenge And Kill The Arrogant Clown! KillP 04/04/2022 (Mon) 03:58:01 Id: 000000 No. 14805 [Reply]
Our proud brothers and sisters, it’s time to end America’s malign presence. Trump and Pompeo must face trial for the assassination of Soleimani, and God’s ruling must be carried out against them! The Muslim World are already taking actions. Missile strike near US consulate in Iraq is just the beginning, and to take revenge on the arrogant clown Mike Pompeo is the next! Brothers and sisters, the official security provided to Pompeo is expired. Although Pompeo has been seeking for extensions, the Government will not continue to spend that much for his security. It’s time to take our martyr’s revenge! Contact us if you want to be the warrior for Soleimani and the whole Muslim world, and we will pay you with a large sum of money.
Seriously? How to contact you?

(149.45 KB 1440x576 cs_italy.jpg)

china Anonymous 04/06/2022 (Wed) 17:06:02 Id: 1e2095 No. 14898 [Reply]
china love da bat souuuup

(196.25 KB 954x766 tranny3.png)

(56.83 KB 1027x675 tranny1.png)

(204.87 KB 840x815 tranny2.png)

Alternatives to companies Anonymous 03/16/2022 (Wed) 02:42:51 Id: a21c01 No. 14407 [Reply]
60+ Major Companies Join HRC Urge Texas Governor Abbott & Elected Leaders Across the Country to Abandon Anti-Transgender Efforts https://archive.ph/pQA59 Anyone want to help develop a list of alternatives to the products and services these companies provide?
7 posts omitted.
>>14636 >It's not really entertainment companies doing this. >It's not just entertainment companies doing this. They taught you these mean the same thing there in Canada?
>>14407 Niggers burning down H&Ms is bad for business. Therefore niggers are bad for business.
(340.52 KB 3286x2191 pirate flag jolly roger.jpg)

These are establishment corporations. They are as deep state as any globalist government. One day there will be the establishment side of capitalism (Corporatism) and the non-establishment side of capitalism (Privateering). > You will have to decide which side you want to support.

(132.38 KB 1023x577 1648929667537.jpg)

Russia believed to be selling energy exports in the International Dark Economy Anonymous 04/02/2022 (Sat) 20:17:50 Id: 000000 No. 14693 [Reply]
MOSCOW (AP) — Russian President Vladimir Putin insisted last week that the country’s energy exports must be paid for with rubles, a demand apparently intended to help bolster the Russian currency but one that European leaders say they will not comply with because it violates the terms of contracts and sanctions. However, European authorities believe the Russian Federation and elements within the Russian Energy industry are accepting "dark payments" from international buyers on the Dark Net. International law enforcement agencies believe they have traced hundreds of barrels of oil having already been sold through the largest Dark Net Market, Versus Market. Putin said Russia will start accepting ruble payments Friday and gas supplies will be cut off if buyers don’t agree to the new conditions, including opening ruble accounts in Russian banks, from which the gas payments will be made. Yet, the Russian Federation is also believed to be accepting "Dark Payments" while hording cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Monero. The Russian Government is speculated to control large monopolies of Dark Net commerce. Russia is believed to be one of the leaders of the "International Dark Economy" but this is believed to be the first instances of international trade of this kind. “If these payments are not made, we will consider it a failure of the buyer to fulfill its obligations, with all the ensuing consequences,” Putin said. European leaders cautiously insisted they will continue to pay for natural gas in euros and dollars and want to see the fine print of how the Kremlin will implement its decree. European authorities are also planning to counter this new "international dark economy" controlled by Russia with talks among leaders planned for late-April in Brussels.
1 post and 1 image omitted.

(143.41 KB 500x282 kenoshakylevid_0.png)

Rittenhouse Hidden Footage Anonymous 11/03/2021 (Wed) 00:04:49 Id: 36eefd No. 12473 [Reply] [Last]
JURY DECISION: NOT GUILTY! In other news today, Kyle Rittenhouse is getting off scot free, cleared of all charges, and will be able to countersue the media, his prosecutors, and all political groups involved for hundreds of millions in slander and libel damages. https://www.zerohedge(Please use archive.today)/political/fbi-sat-bombshell-footage-kyle-rittenhouse-shooting https://archive.md/rGHSF FBI Sat On Bombshell Footage From Kyle Rittenhouse Shooting On Tuesday, opening statements in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, an18-year-old aspiring police officer accused of fatally shooting two men and wounding a third on the night of Aug. 25, 2020, as BLM riots raged in the streets of Kenosha in response to a white-on-black police shooting. While prosecutors have slapped the teen with two counts of homicide and one count of attempted homicide, Rittenhouse has pleaded not guilty to all charges, claiming self-defense. Now, new footage has emerged which bolsters his case. Now, Human Events' Jack Posobiec reveals that the FBI sat on potentially exonerating evidence in the Rittenhouse case, where threats against Kyle can clearly be heard before he opened fire, as well as what appear to be muzzle flashes from people shooting at the teen. We recommend playing full screen.
Edited last time by Shellen on 11/19/2021 (Fri) 18:31:00.
207 posts and 171 images omitted.
>>13116 Oh for fucks sakes. FINE https://archive.ph/IDCZ7 Happy?
>>12652 > Based--ic law is this country ... Judge is OG
>>12883 I hate niggers.

(128.06 KB 958x954 1627862715262.jpg)

How to deal a nice blow on ZOG Anonymous 09/06/2021 (Mon) 18:58:42 Id: 000000 No. 11546 [Reply]
I always get indignation with new information or news I get from chans and unkosher media. And it just angers me how powerless I feel. So I keep thinking of ways to do something about it. The idea I had was related to how Trump got elected. Part of it at least. He had people send his propaganda through social media and instant message apps and it spread like wildfire. I think we should do something similar but with the JQ. And only the JQ, at least for now. Trying to bring race for example will give too much room for D&C. Think it that way, first we try to do something about the root of the problem. Later on we can think about economics and other stuff because if we were successful we would get just so much more room to maneuver. The focus is to try to redpill mainly the cuckservatives on it. Because it would be much easier and one of the main goals is to take antisemitism out of the underground. For it not to be so taboo anymore. But any non jew is a potential candidate. How do we do that? The strategy would be to just plant a bunch of seeds in their heads. Not to bother persuading them at the moment of the interaction but to created doubt and give them directions for where they can satisfy their curiosity later on. Because we are dealing with the truth and the truth doesn't need to be hammered. Once it takes root, it grows strong. Because it just makes sense. We already have the tools with the memes we keep making here. We just need to organize to expose the greatest number possible of the most susceptible possible people to them before we get shut down. All in a sudden blow. How exactly must be a surprise it must be organic and decentralized. I am sure you know what I mean. Just remember to preserve your anonymity anons. Because if it works well they will get scared and they will come after us . What do you anons think? Of the plan? The writing? Shills who post on this thread will have their hands fall off. Jews will also lose they genital organs so they can't rape goy children.
7 posts and 2 images omitted.
I suppose if you run those pages that I've been converting to php into an r code translater it might extract those statistics for you. because the internet is not exactly like the government tells you it is... I'm part of 38 mafias and most of them are indeed jew and italian. But I'm 4th reich somehow. so... Whatever, my bad that red head called me a terrorist and arrested the royal jihadists..
(83.32 KB 1024x1017 1647165062274.jpg)

>>11552 the fucking image you uploaded made me laugh so hard kekekekek
Jews love Cheese Pizza. It is the most popular kind in Israel.

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