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Anonymous 07/18/2020 (Sat) 05:56:35 No. 1125 [Reply] [Last]
you guys are complete pussies. You said you wanted a race war, well now it's here and you pathetic incel losers are just sitting at home jacking off. You faggots are all talk. You guys won't do shit because you're nothing but a little pussy!
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(206.93 KB 1000x666 YouWon'tDoShit.jpg)

>>1125 You sound scared.
>>11252 Who would be afraid of you faggots? You do nothing. You accomplish nothing. You don't even try. You're too afraid. You absolute women even tried to claim IOTBW poster campaigns were glownigger psyops. You will sit on the internet and whine and that's all you will do. Meanwhile, your enemies will get everything they want because they have no opposition.
niggers >r9k bot on a dead board double niggers

Anonymous 07/05/2021 (Mon) 19:36:56 Id: b75119 No. 9823 [Reply] [Last]
>The highest possible IQ among all populaces >Responsible for much of modern European culture >Laid the groundworks for the existence of Christianity >Were able to monopolise the means by which everyone trades, gaining complete and utter control over wealth. >Are able to manipulate every major government in the world into doing exactly what they want. >Fooled everyone into thinking that 6 gorrilion of them have died in a horrendous genocide to make sure everyone pays them money. >Infiltrated every single part of the """master race""" and are currently working to make whites their slaves. How are they not the master race /pol/? Are you just sore losers?
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>>9825 This anon is correct. The jews have come to rule the world. But white people have created the greatest civilizations ever. All the jews know is how to subvert, murder and destroy civilizations. The jews are the greatest at being parasites. Whites are the best at building civilizations and worlds. Unfortunately everything comes to an end. And btw, east asians are the best academically. Look at the top IMO students, mostly asians with a few whites, none from Israel. Jews have just enough intelligence to make their parasitic behaviour supreme, but they aren't the smartest. East asians and Whites aren't parasitic and pathological enough to dominate the way the jews do, they're better at building civilizations. Strange world.
>>9823 There is no master race. Only kings among the rabble. People who elevate humanity to new heights, who lead and build great nations. Everyone else just takes credit because they share similar traits to these people. Jews are thieves. Some of you think this makes them great, but what happens if the great souls no longer incarnate into this sphere? Who will they take from? How long will they last without foreign money to prop up their nations, without tolerance of Whites to keep them safe? To answer your points. >they rig IQ tests and scientists even say the IQ measurement is worthless. No one takes it seriously. >No they weren't. >No they didn't. Christianity was a state creation of the Roman Empire to serve as the one world religion. It borrowed heavily from Judiasm because that was the prime mono-religion in the area and the Roman empire wanted everyone to be controlled by their religion. >you control nothing you cannot defend >No they haven't. They have control over a America and everyone else tows the line because they don't want democracy. The Chinese are less sympathetic to their existence, Africans hate them, Middle Easterns barely tolerate them, only whites see them as brothers and sisters. >actually the US Government did that to justify the post ww2 german genocide and to excuse their attrocities. No one outside the west believes the holocaust is real. >As I said whites are not a master race. They're just good cattle for great souls.
>>10905 Who do you think runs China?

(1.33 MB 983x661 89012757014.png)

Anonymous 08/13/2021 (Fri) 14:40:35 Id: 000000 No. 10902 [Reply]
He did it!

Gun seller legit? Anonymous 08/10/2021 (Tue) 16:07:28 Id: 000000 No. 10836 [Reply]
Any of you can confirm if it is a legit seller?
>>10836 Just go buy a black powder gun.
https://deepwebguns(Please use archive.today)/
>not getting your guns from ex-balkan war bosnian dealers at the serbo-hungarian border ngmi

(331.59 KB 1427x1415 bill_and_melinda.jpg)

Anonymous 01/17/2021 (Sun) 09:45:19 Id: 8fd786 No. 7055 [Reply]
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(62.96 KB 480x415 1626885842324.jpg)

>>10853 No, it isn't. Name changes happen all the time, and it doesn't work.
>>7055 sage

where can I find a doxing forum? Anonymous 08/11/2021 (Wed) 19:23:39 Id: 000000 No. 10862 [Reply]
where can I find a doxing forum?
4 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>10866 exactly my point
>>10867 Don't be a simp, anon. Maybe she's a real asshole.
>>10862 kiwifarms.net

(40.55 KB 624x351 pinochet.jpg)

Pinochet Anonymous 08/03/2021 (Tue) 21:22:40 Id: 000000 No. 10649 [Reply]
Pinochet did nothing wrong. He saved Chile from Communism whilst only killing ~3000 people, a much preferred fate than what Allende had in store for Chile.
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(188.52 KB 900x900 lenin1.jpg)

OK (Hello, I just arrived from Discord, please bully me). Keep calm.

(104.88 KB 476x339 er_report.png)

EU, memes It's not funny anymore 07/27/2021 (Tue) 23:01:19 Id: 72dcdf No. 10398 [Reply]
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(52.75 KB 1200x630 lenin2.jpg)

that's all folks. it's your end. We - LEFTS - won. And it was so easy again.
(111.53 KB 2048x1025 gorbachevpizzahut.jpg)

>>10792 Daily reminder that the soviet union collapsed and the man who killed it filmed a pizza hut commercial to rub it in.
>>10794 what's wrong with it? Less Russian Empires - more freedom and happiness

(133.65 KB 1024x701 sad.jpg)

Hitler did nothing wrong? Anonymous 06/25/2020 (Thu) 18:40:15 Id: 498d10 No. 900 [Reply] [Last]
HITLER DID SOME THINGS WRONG Nobody's perfect so he probably made some kinds of tactical/strategic mistakes which if he had acted slightly differently, perhaps Jews wouldn't have dominated the outcome of the conflict so much. Thoughts?
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>>10622 altcensored [dot] com/watch?v=-o0Ucaqzw2I
(16.12 KB 317x317 lenin_bl.jpg)

Marek’s disease vaccine (Chickens) Anonymous 07/06/2021 (Tue) 05:54:25 Id: ffc4b4 No. 9873 [Reply]
https://archive.ph/IahQV https://www.pbs.org/newshour/science/tthis-chicken-vaccine-makes-virus-dangerous Highlights: >“With the hottest strains, every unvaccinated bird dies within 10 days. There is no human virus that is that hot. Ebola, for example, doesn’t kill everything in 10 days.” >The reason this is a problem for Marek’s disease is because the vaccine is “leaky.” A leaky vaccine is one that keeps a microbe from doing serious harm to its host, but doesn’t stop the disease from replicating and spreading to another individual. On the other hand, a “perfect” vaccine is one that sets up lifelong immunity that never wanes and blocks both infection and transmission. >The 1970s introduction of the Marek’s disease immunizations for baby chicks kept the poultry industry from collapse, but people soon learned that vaccinated birds were catching “the bug” without subsequently dying. Then, over the last half century, symptoms for Marek’s worsened. Paralysis was more permanent; brains more quickly turned to mush. >“Previously, a hot strain was so nasty, it wiped itself out. Now, you keep its host alive with a vaccine, then it can transmit and spread in the world,” Read said. “So it’s got an evolutionary future, which it didn’t have before.” >Like Marek’s vaccines, vaccines for avian influenza are leaky. For this reason, they’re banned from agricultural use in the U.S. and Europe. When bird flu breaks out in these western chicken populations, farmers must cull their herds. However, Southeast Asia uses these leaky vaccines, raising the possibility for virus evolution akin to what’s happened with Marek’s disease >“Even if this evolution happens, you don’t want to be an unvaccinated chicken,” Read said. “Food chain security and everything rests on vaccines. They are the most successful and cheapest public health interventions that we’ve ever had. We just need to consider the evolutionary consequences of these ones with leaky transmission.”
7 posts and 1 image omitted.
>>9951 >A person's immune system is strongest while they are still a newborn Nigger what? Newborns need to take in white blood cells and antibodies from mother's milk to handle immune responses.
This is another of the endless scare tactics globoZOG uses. "Leaky vaccines" doesn't apply to the covid vax because they do almost nothing to stop transmission: at least 200 people need to be double-vaxxed to stop one transmission. That's not a leaky vax, that's a vax that does almost nothing. Anons, please stop falling for these jewish mind tricks. The vax is what's going to kill people, not the variant-scariants.
>>10741 Correct. I am assuming they aren't raised in a test-tube but rather by their biological parents as would happen naturally. Massive assumption on my behalf, I know, but it is one I think would still be realistic to expect.

/biz/ general Anonymous 05/17/2020 (Sun) 19:44:32 Id: 6314b1 No. 232 [Reply]
So, to address the fact that the lockdown/pandemic/seizure-of-power/whateveryouwanttocallit has shown how fragile everything is, let's start a thread dedicate towards learning how to become wealth so that people are not caught with their pants down again. After all, the world runs on money, so why not learn how to properly earn and use it?
19 posts and 19 images omitted.
>>7561 Take it easy punisher Max, you’ll pop a vein.
>>7492 >You're not a woman Nigger there are great woman traders out there. No need to alienate fellow /pol/acks by being needlesly rude.
>>7561 This edgy fucktard is onto something All systems of wealth are dependent on the existence of law and order. When there is no government to monopolize violence your ability to amass wealth through less tangible means plummets. Assuming everyone here is more worried about being self-sustaining and having true wealth unbound by the regulations and laws that keep societies free from banditry rather than getting more bing bing wahoo point on the scoreboard of fortune-500, wealth in its essence is: 1. Land: Owning a part of the earth is how you store wealth. Gold is considered to be a store of value but this is only possible when there is someone trustworthy to trade with that you can agree on a currency with. Land can't be "stolen" per se, unless you are forced out of it. So to not get forced out if you need to also have 2. Life: By having ownership over life you are able to generate more value: food, tools, shelter. Manpower in particular will also allow you to fortify your stored wealth in the form of land. This can either mean having many sons or making an agreement with other men to protect one another's land in case of infringement. Having livestock will allow you to more efficiently produce the aforementioned value, this livestock will also be a kind of currency that can be traded with trustworthy partners for land or manpower. While you're playing with shitcoins and stocks always keep in the back of your mind that until you invest in land and life, you're not wealthy. Consider if the casino will allow you to cash out before you get too deep into /biz/ness.

Feds glow, murder Haitan presidents for not taking jab Anonymous 07/19/2021 (Mon) 02:51:53 Id: d8a9a0 No. 10243 [Reply]
https://archive.fo/WQyZN >According to a report from the Daily Mail, one of the Americans arrested for the murder of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse was a DEA informant who handed over a warlord responsible for heading up the last coup in the country. The DEA has admitted some of their ‘confidential sources’ were involved in the assassination but denied the US government orchestrated the plot. >Joseph Vincent, 55, has been named by sources to the Miami Herald as one of the informants. Vincent was one of three US citizens arrested for being behind the early morning raid on the president’s home. The two others named are James Solages, and Christian Emmanuel Sanon. Approximately 20 Colombians are also under arrest for the assassination. >According to a report, several of the arrested suspects are FBI informants, and many of the Columbians were once trained by the US Military according to the Washington Post. An associate of Sanon suggested that Washington DC backed the president’s assassination, claiming their friend said the mission was supposed to ‘save Haiti from hell, with full support from the US government’. The US Justice Department said on Monday that it had been asked by Haiti to assist in the probe of Moïse’s murder, and was doing so. Vincent’s ties to the DEA were revealed as US law enforcement confirmed they are now investigating why three US citizens took part in Moïse’s assassination. >Vincent reportedly claimed the plot was orchestrated by a foreigner named ‘Mike’ who spoke English and Spanish, and that they planned to hold Moïse in the National Palace. The plot was planned over the course of a month in a hotel in the Pétion-Ville area of the country. Deputy justice of the peace Judge Clément Noël told a local Haitian newspaper the two men, who both live in Florida, said ‘the mission was to arrest Moïse and not to kill him.’ Solages said he ‘found this job on the internet.’ >The associate, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said Sanon told him he was approached by people claiming to represent the U.S. State and Justice departments who wanted to install him as president. >He said the plan was only for Moïse to be arrested, and Sanon would not have participated if he knew Moïse would be killed. >After their deaths, all three countries are now distributing US-supplied COVID jabs to their citizens. Haiti had recently declined the AstraZeneca vaccine from the World Health Organization’s Covax Facility in May, citing widespread side effects reported in Europe.
3 posts omitted.
>>10284 Because there are immense amounts of money at play. Doesn't matter that Haiti has no money, future money is money too even if the future money doesn't exist either. Africa gets massive amounts of loans for a reason: they get knowingly given loans and "assistance" they will never be able to pay back because that would incur a debt. Sure, you might not have much dyed paper but no worry, the merchants also take payment in terms of laws, land and natural resources. That is the general strategy that has been used in Africa to get them to take harmful vaccines in the past. And although massive depopulation is the main goal, it is not the only one. The money they accumulate is what allows them to try again if they fail. They could easily settle for just covering their costs and nothing more, but if they were to fail then that would mean the amount of money they used wasn't sufficient and that they needed to get more of it and dump more of it. Also he was very clearly crucified for everyone else to see. It was the only country with no vaccine at all and that sets a bad example if his country were to benefit in any way as a result.
>>10284 pilot program. haiti is where the niggers killed all the whites, haiti is what the kikes want the entire world to look like, they are using it to see just how much deprivation and violent suppression the goycattle are capable of merely surviving. the vaccine is one of their weapons, so they have to kill any goy leaders who oppose it.
>>10243 The leaders of four nations have mysteriously died recently. (((Coincidentally))) they all had refused vaccines for their citizens, and as soon as the leader was gone, the country began accepting vaccines. One was based chemist President Magufuli in Tanzania.

(28.96 KB 931x524 always kill ugly people 1.jpg)

(332.25 KB 940x529 always kill ugly people 2.jpg)

3 Disney World employees and registered nurse among group arrested in child sex sting. Anonymous 08/04/2021 (Wed) 21:33:32 Id: 000000 No. 10669 [Reply]
https://archive.is/0gyr9 If it is ugly, kill it.

Prototype Bolshevism 11/06/2020 (Fri) 20:56:58 Id: 309b27 No. 3737 [Reply]
I'm sure this topic has been broached in the past, but I had a thought today that I wonder if other anons might share. Currently reading Henry Ford's The International Jew and I am at the part where he is going into detail about how the jews made New York their operations center in the U.S. via the early incarnation of World Jewish Congress (known as the Kehillah) and were even able to force their "rights" (kike speak for suppression of nativist culture) onto Christian Americans during the 1900-1920 era. Removing Christmas Trees in public schools, pushing for separation of Church and State, banning of prayer in select schools, forcing the removal of "The Merchant of Venice" from public schools, removing Bible readings and singing etc. He also mentions how at the time (much like now) Americans did not do anything to target the foreign invader rewriting their own religion and culture, the entire operating system of the country in essence and at one of the most Christian times in America at that! It occured to me that either Christianity from it's inception was pushed unto Europe to "soften" the morality of Europeans, making them more emotionally and psychologically susceptible to accusations of "racism" and moralfagging for an enemy group, or it was heavily subverted over centuries into the "love thy neighbor/enemy" bullshit and the insane amount of Christian "divisions" or "denominations" we have today that has been brought in incrementally to fracture unity among even Christians. It also seems very strange that as we plunge into Bolshevism at an alarming rate, alot of non-White regions are now embracing Christianity and losing their native pagan religions. Worst Korea comes to mind (they are transforming even faster than we did into Cultural Marxism!), Hong Kong, African countries etc. If we are alive to see the next step perhaps it could be the reality of it - that Christianity is the first attack on a people to make them susceptible to Jewish slavery. It reminded me of something Yuri said in one of his lectures; that in ancient times Japan was impenetrable by foreigners because they simply killed anyone who came close enough to cause a problem, whereas Europeans lost that instinct long ago (after Christianity) and as such are easily infiltrated by jews acting as trojan horses. Christianity has to be the main culprit of the weaking of our moral fortitude to put our tribe, people, culture above all outsiders and actively sniff out and expunge those who seek to sabotage, subvert and destroy.
13 posts and 5 images omitted.
>>10635 >Is the typical teacher like that nowadays? They might not be the majority, but they are the ones in control, so all of the normal people, and especially anyone who would post here, would not be allowed to speak up, or else they'd get fired, and if not fired, bullied and given the shittiest jobs in an attempt to make them quit. The principals and department heads are largely SJWs (maybe not the department heads in math and science) and they, and the school boards and governments above them, force everyone else to do SJW shit. Right now, individual teachers still sort of have enough power to ignore a lot of the SJW shit that they are told to do, but I expect that to change if SJWs don't lose an enormous amount of cultural capital in the next few years. I have hope that that might happen due to parents seeing what is being taught in online classes, and rightfully throwing fits when they find out.
>>10635 Racemixing is not the norm no matter where you are. Not Iceland, not Africa, not Sweden and not Brazil. So that alone makes them outside the norm.
>>10635 crackah

(19.05 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)

27 august Nothing.emp 08/03/2021 (Tue) 19:41:08 Id: 000000 No. 10645 [Reply]
What will on 27 august on 44°29'01.6"N 26°03'49.2"E couse i got a lot of messages about this event

(3.05 MB 3120x4160 riotriot.jpg)

Anonymous 07/28/2020 (Tue) 01:23:46 No. 1224 [Reply]
I found this sticker at CHAZ's garden (yes, they still have a garden). which one of you did this?! Also, I can't find ANYTHING about this online, please tell people it happened.
13 posts and 2 images omitted.
>>9426 Is there a higher resolution version?
>>9427 I doubt people simping made her that much money, unless she's belledelphine levels of popular. Most likely rich dad/boyfriend or just lying its not $2mil
>>9426 Holy shit. She isn't even hot

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