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(1010.52 KB 1247x653 prepped antivaxxer cryptoanon.png)

Anti-vaxxer and Prepper for life! Anonymous 04/17/2021 (Sat) 11:12:03 Id: 209c26 No. 8844 [Reply] [Last]
Literally, just to live. I don't care about the arguments about disease spreading. I have not spread the meme virus and will continue not to do so. And I will live! Meanwhile, people are being mass poisoned and cheated out of their lives because of trust in the establishment. The cure should not be worse than the disease! Sauce: https:// www. dailymail. co. uk/health/article-9480051/Medical-student-21-died-day-getting-J-J-vaccine.html F for respect, but that won't be me. I was an anti-vaxxer before COVID, I'm an anti-vaxxer now, and will continue to be an anti-vaxxer forever more.
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I'll add that most countries probably need a ham radio license to talk on one, but listening is fine. Extended power outages are probably enough of an emergency to allow use of one for help, though.
>>14798 >he didn't start prepping for shit to get crazy way back when a quarter of Mainland China's population was put under lock down and welded into their own homes why? >he didn't start prepping when the highway of the Sea (the Suez canal, where 90% of your foreign shit goes through) started becoming geopolitically unstable as a result of Egypt being fucked agriculturally because of Ethiopian dams and Saudi Arabian merks and artillery crews bombing civilians in Southern Yemen for the fun of it and getting their critical oil infrastructure shot at back as retaliation WHY? >he didn't start prepping when the USA officially entered the Cold War 2.0 when our government openly started handing out free Stinger anti aircraft missiles and LAWs to Holol fighters in the Ukraine invoking the wraith a of the Ruskies not to mention the fact that the Ukraine produces a majority of the worlds wheat for the third world and Russia huge is a net exporter of critical fertilizers meaning we'll be seeing many future mass famine die offs WHY? >he didn't start prepping when Saudi Arabia basically said fuck it and opted to ditch the US petrol Dollar in favor of a petrol Yuan instead NIGGER WHY, WITH THIS MANY RED FLAGS IMPLYING WE'RE FUCKED? Geez anon talk about being late to the party... <cold storage Probably to late now but for one I'd recommend getting a chest freezer as they're way more energy efficient and will therefore hold a cool temperature longer than a traditional side door fridge even without any power because cool air tends to sink while hot hair rises so a chest/box makes sense. Other than that some candles might be a good idea too. <long term food supplies Also you you don't want your entire food stock to be reliant on electricity so get a few giant bags of quality Vietnamese Thai or American rice not Chinese though because they export fake plastic rice which obviously isn't gonna be healthy, beans, canned or air sealed bags of tuna, dehydrated kale chips and canned green beans for your veggies, and some Jerky, freeze dried soups, and MRE's on days when you're doing a lot of physical actives otherwise don't bother with that last one. <self defense

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>14811 I'm glad I prepped. I survived. That's all the justification required. I'm prepping even more now for their next false flag assassination power grabs.

(727.43 KB 1225x3314 TAKE ACTION v3.gif)

Address rampant anorectal violence along with factors facilitating it. NOW! Anonymous 04/04/2022 (Mon) 09:48:26 Id: 000000 No. 14815 [Reply]
Erotic anorectal violence—anoreceptive activity involving a combination of rapid thrusting, considerable girth, and a prolonged duration—is both very common and one of the greatest contributors to societal decadence today: • Due to its ubiquity in pornography, several generations now have grown up masturbating to, demanding more of, and seeking to emulate violent behavior that should easily be considered severely criminal when more than one person is involved. Perpetrators of such violence against one or more others going unpunished is a major problem, as is incriminating evidence being sold for profit. Those perpetrators are rewarded, encouraged, and celebrated when they should instead face justice and be condemned. • Widespread apathy, (often willful) ignorance, and misinformation about anorectal anatomy, physiology, and health are enabling people with (self-)destructive tendencies to have a field day with such violence and to effectively spread disinformation. That unrestrained hedonism is contributing very significantly to societal decay. Far too many people don't wish to think about nor seriously discuss anorectal matters, so rampant anorectal violence and its consequences "fly under the radar;" people would rather focus on some other kind of erotic violence which may be far less dangerous. • Widespread ignorance of what a human anus is even supposed to look like makes it an easy target for people who like to mutilate body parts. Although the anus is one of our most important body parts, typically it is very under-valued. It commonly is denigrated and intentionally harmed, a situation that is tolerated—or at least ignored—by far too many people. As the vast majority of humanity likely never will care much at least about another person's anus, discouraging anoreceptive activities entirely is the only realistic solution. Rampant anorectal violence is caused by and in turn contributes back to societal decadence; this is called a positive feedback loop.

(2.28 MB 1344x3244 11.png)

(29.68 KB 753x489 12.png)

(42.78 KB 888x807 13.png)

(40.65 KB 703x631 14.png)

(69.84 KB 745x567 16.png)

U.N. declares the New World Order Anonymous 05/26/2020 (Tue) 22:24:56 Id: 203640 No. 323 [Reply]
http://archive.vn/9WEEN >The United Nations has posted a new website at unnwo.org, declaring the dawn of New World Order. >This is an official UN website registered to Illien Global, the NGO responsible for the UN’s “happiness” program. >Obviously, the UN is aware that the masses of people associate the term “New World Order” with a conspiracy for global government. So there is no reason for them to use this term unless they’re purposefully trying to provoke us, demoralize us, or just rub it in our faces. And we should of course be wondering why it is that they would be trying to purposefully provoke people in the middle of a crisis that they themselves created out of nothing. >The United Nations exists as the structure for a world government. At the point which a world government is viable, the UN is ready to go. As we’re trying to understand this coronavirus hoax, we should be aware that the end goal of the people in power is the establishment of a New World Order run by a global government based at the UN. http://archive.vn/UzCV1
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>>333 This.
(1.17 MB 1200x1051 Leyenda-del-golem-1.png)

(37.66 KB 728x655 Smug.jpg)

>>333 That's actually hillarious. Seriously though, how do you fall for this shit? I immediately sniffed that something was wrong the moment I heard the word "Happytalism"

(126.87 KB 480x480 oh-fuck-merchant.jpeg)

The way to absolutely DESTROY the jews Anonymous 10/26/2021 (Tue) 22:53:42 Id: 000000 No. 12343 [Reply]
I always get indignated lurking here. And it makes me feel so powerless. So I keep thinking of ways to DO SOMETHING. The idea I had was related to one technique of Trump's campaign. He sent his propaganda through social media and message apps. I think we should do something similar: -- WE MUST DO IT ONLY FOR THE JQ, at least for now. Trying to bring race etc will take the focus away from the goal. First we do something about the ROOT. -- This is also a surgical strike targetting critical demographics, CUCKSERVATIVES/QFAGS/CHRISTIANS/LIBERTARIANS/WHITE CENTRISTS. NOT something just to troll libs. -- The strategy is to just plant the JQ seeds in their heads. NOT TO BOTHER PERSUADING THEM AT THE MOMENT but to CREATE DOUBT and give them DIRECTIONS to satisfy their CURIOSITY later on. The TRUTH doesn't need to be hammered. Once it takes root, it grows STRONG. -- We already have the tools. We must do it all in a SUDDEN BLOW. How and when exactly must be a SURPRISE, ORGANIC and DECENTRALIZED. I am sure you know what I mean. -- Use terms like DOG OF THE JEWS or JEWISH SUPREMACIST to SHAME enemies for being the little bitches of the kikes they are (DON'T ARGUE WITH KIKES) -- Also remember to PRESERVE YOUR ANONYMITY. Because they WILL surely get scared by this.
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(68.39 KB 509x610 16311831725361.jpg)

>DON'T ARGUE WITH KIKES Sorry, pal, but you look like one of (((them))) that trying to make us look silly in the eyes of npc. I may be wrong that, but in any case that sort of advice can greatly harm our reputation. We need to provide reasoning even if npc wouldn't listen, because logic and properly done polemics is what our society lacks in the recent days (for example, (((politicians))) are not even bother with refutation, instead adressing to the distorted and heavily mutiliated ethics like remembering some irrelevant conflict of the past thats hovewer seen by npcs as important argument because npcs are lazy bastard that cling to the first politician they see
>>12343 >jewtube I was trying to call out a pedophile but youtube have insane filter built around that word: Saying pedophile will get you a temporary shadowban. ). I spent 1 HOUR to find way around filter - You cant say pedophile even in diactric -saying child sniffer is also autofilter I settle with just calling him wanting balloon chest (oppai loli) (saying any of " breast chest tits b00b" will autodelete your comment (at least from youtube android app)
>>14579 Putin prevent nato from advancing into his country. If nato and usa can (and still) bombing countries beyond their border in MENA region, then moreso if Ukraine became nato member To prevent more casualty of possible ww3. Abandonig Ukraine is equivalent of approving death penalty: let 1 die so other may live.

Supply chain Anonymous 10/10/2021 (Sun) 03:53:59 Id: 440f29 No. 12123 [Reply]
Current supply chain problem at the LA seaport https://archive.ph/5TYqT https://www.businessinsider''(Please use archive.today)/shipping-containers-stuck-california-ports-combat-shortages-2021-9 >Key US ports in Southern California are facing near-record backlogs of cargo ships. >About 98% of warehouses in Southern California's logistics-heavy Inland Empire region are fully occupied, while the entire Western U.S. has a 3.6% vacancy rate, according to The Journal >Executives have warned the shipping crisis will continue into 2023. In other kind of related news https://archive.ph/1qtmq https://amac.us/with-acquisition-of-california-port-china-broadens-influence-on-us-commerce/ >This alarm comes in the wake of China’s largest shipping company, Cosco Shipping Holdings Co., taking control of a major US trade terminal in Long Beach, California >In the mid-1990s during Bill Clinton’s campaign for his second presidential term, the Clinton administration worked towards ensuring a Chinese shipping company with communist ties received a good deal on another Long Beach shipping terminal. >The bad China deals didn’t stop with Clinton, either. Under the Obama administration, US-China relations shifted, with Obama positioning the United States as a partner to China, rather than a competitor. As the US became less competitive with China in the name of “international cooperation”, the Obama administration gradually began to allow more and more Chinese conglomerates to buy out American properties and businesses. The Democrat-backed policies that gave China trade advantages are, in part, responsible for the development of the current state of affairs in which China has a disproportionately large influence on American commerce. Also do note that the fentanyl problems comes from China Previously: https://archive.ph/2G0di https://www.forbes''(Please use archive.today)/sites/wadeshepard/2017/09/06/chinas-seaport-shopping-spree-whats-happening-as-the-worlds-ports-keep-going-to-china/ >China has been buying up the development and operational rights to a chain of ports that stretch from the southern realms of Asia to the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and even South America.
1 post omitted.
>>12124 because there are not enough chassis for the containers to bring to the final destination.
>>12124 California, in its unending wisdom, has passed a law that basically bans all older trucks/trucks with older parts from the state. That means a significant amount of trucks can't operate within the state since trucks are too expensive to upgrade constantly. Clean Air Regulations for Heavy-Duty Diesel Vehicles is what you wanna look at. That aside, port terminals get shut down for chinkflu constantly, and the work is shit, so people don't want to do it after they discovered how little money they can spend during lockdown.
We are living in the end times. This lockdown is permanent. Those who thought that the US was too big to be locked down now have found out that the entire world can easily be put under house arrest. The elites will not stop because no one will resist. Even if there is a vaccine for this virus, the globalists will create another virus scare or start another crisis by saying that the Russians are coming. The ruling class will cull the 99% by using abortion, suicide, starvation, war, and concentration camps. When the government says report to the town square, run for the woods.

(126.98 KB 960x673 cuba will fall.jpg)

Revolution in Cuba happening. 07/12/2021 (Mon) 04:34:53 Id: 353249 No. 10031 [Reply]
Revolution in Cuba happening right now. Most of the mainstream media isn't reporting on it. Communist tyrants ordered the military to kill the populace, but the people are amassing in high numbers to invade federal buildings aiming to kill all leftard politicians still alive. The communist tyrants want to flee to Venezuela if the military can't contain the population. https://archive.is/jYbwT
1 post omitted.
>>10031 Awesome.
Americans say that the 2020 election was rigged, but the 2024 election will be fair.
The elites want to make everything illegal so they can fill their private prisons and kill off the 99%, but life would be much better if everything was legal and people could travel, make money, go to church, go to school, and start businesses.

(331.59 KB 1427x1415 bill_and_melinda.jpg)

Anonymous 01/17/2021 (Sun) 09:45:19 Id: 8fd786 No. 7055 [Reply]
6 posts and 3 images omitted.
>>7055 sage
>>7055 Winner
Americans say that the US is the land of the free, but North Koreans also believe that North Korea is a free country.

(90.20 KB 750x563 marchers with flags.image.jpg)

2nd civil war Anonymous 02/06/2022 (Sun) 06:04:10 Id: 5337e3 No. 13841 [Reply]
Anybody else think there's a new civil war coming? Johanna Troutman does. See what she has to say at RSB Publishing Digital Media, www.rsbpublishing.info.
next big wars will be domestic wars. In many places. Between races, ethnic groups, social classes...
>>13869 amen
Does anyone get the feeling that if the elites decreed that everyone must have their thumbs amputated, Americans would agree that the law makes sense and must be obeyed?

(39.26 KB 660x350 LincolnQuote.jpg)

When did the Founders become taboo? Mrs Lincoln 07/13/2021 (Tue) 14:42:55 Id: 000000 No. 10097 [Reply]
From the 1776 Report. ----------------------------------------------------- Texas Gov To Arrest Dem Lawmakers Who Fled State On Private Jet To Block Voting Rights Bill https://twitter.com/zerohedge/status/1414940147028738048
26 posts and 4 images omitted.
>>12307 >Nude paintings of CIA agents were also quite common in the 1700's I was told the CIA was created during WW2 and had a different name back then
>>14586 >and had a different name back then You're talking about the OSS. Actually, a lot of the modern government agencies started sometime during the World Wars.
>>14428 I'm not the one defending pedophiles here.

(188.64 KB 1024x748 NWOgoals.jpg)

Agenda 21 - 'Sustainable Development' Anonymous 02/27/2022 (Sun) 20:53:06 Id: d4657c No. 14118 [Reply]
ITT we discuss how recent event will lead up to the masses' acceptance of the gay reset.
7 posts and 10 images omitted.
(31.18 KB 400x527 jfk-jr-dies-time-cover.jpg)

(6.81 KB 275x183 photo.jpg)

(162.05 KB 840x560 1635931156720.jpg)

(63.68 KB 1080x1106 1636877423103.jpg)

(70.82 KB 1080x927 1636879055575.jpg)

JFK Jr is the antichrist. He will be the leader of the oppressive system, the one world government, after the Great Reset.
>>14123 >>14559 >He will be the leader of the oppressive system, the one world government, after the Great Reset. care to elaborate your interesting claim?
>>14379 you are not really japanese.

QTDDTOT Anonymous 07/07/2021 (Wed) 18:41:09 Id: 000000 No. 9936 [Reply] [Last]
A thread for asking and answering questions that aren't important enough to make an entire thread for them.
45 posts and 19 images omitted.
>>15471 Link to the video (about 7 minutes long): https://files.catbox.moe/8q1fys.mp4
another FAKE bulshit psyop shot point blank range and NO BLOOD , autopsy even shows they died from BLOOD CLOTS not bullets, the bullets were made of COVID you fucking retards, goverment was testing 5G weapons!!!
(97.34 KB 633x356 the future.jpg)

What if there was an alternate reality and ultimate universe if you will where Hitler succeeded in the reich and we had the future of the aryan race protected for generations to come an advance society more advanced than any other state on earth what's your take on it?


Anonymous 03/26/2022 (Sat) 15:08:36 Id: 1baf04 No. 14576 [Reply]
The Iran nuclear deal is being close to being signed the only thing standing in the way is removing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from the foreign terrorist organisation (FTO) list. Thanks to Ukraine war Iran will soon be from to sell oil again. (((Isreal))) is seething right now.
>>14576 >removing the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps will never happen. Cry kafir
>>14578 How shit is your reading comprehension? Did you even finish reading OP's sentence? He's literally on your side.

(270.02 KB 1280x720 Erin_Otoole.png)

(100.15 KB 720x711 1594868938108.jpg)

LEAF /POL/ Anonymous 03/15/2021 (Mon) 06:28:07 Id: b728e4 No. 8343 [Reply] [Last]
Alright how many of you soon to be raked bastards made it here. Show of hands, I need to see my provinces reporting in lads. I'm sorry I'm late to the party, I just found out we were back in operation. I'm going to now resume gay effort posting, so expect me but for now I'd like to start by getting a good old fashioned Leaf /pol/ general going: *ERIN O'TOOLE, DELETE'S CONSERVATIVE PARTY PETITION TO BAN HUAWEI* >https://www.rebelnews(Please use archive.today)/erin_otoole_deletes_conservative_petition_ban_huawei_party_hires_ex_huawei_vp *"3RD WAVE INCOMING"* >https://twitter(Please use archive.today)/globeandmail/status/1370027753471234061?s=19 >Thread Theme: https://www.youtube(Please use archive.today)/watch?v=6FO4R5SmSrw
84 posts and 37 images omitted.
>>8464 >is it cheap and easy to buy and own acres of freehold land no great for gettign lose inna woods if you're willing and able to make taht journey >will I get fucked by weather patterns yes. We all hate it here and always complain about the weather >is global warming and the melting of the artic ice creating a northwest navigable passage for freighters going to make canada more or less comfy a meme. Nothings changed >maritme areas like PEI. they are the most delusional leftist boomers you'll ever meet. I'd say equal to ontario but others say far worse. No matter what they love trudeau and his big black caucus (look at up, these retards vote liberal every chance they get and im against voting) >canada is the scottish lebensraum

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

>>14532 >Every single one that enforces the mask cuckoldry is anglo. And yet Trudeau is french, haha.
>>8464 >is global warming and the melting of the artic ice creating a northwest navigable passage for freighters going to make canada more or less comfy? Depends where you go. If you live in the prairie provinces, it does get hot in the summer and the dryness + miles of grassland means we get really nasty brushfires that cause lots of smog every summer. Some clowns blame it on global warming but brushfires have happened here almost every year since I was a kid in 97. Expect relatively hot summers (around 32C, which would probably be what you call a cool day in Cali and Texas) and REALLY cold winters (-20C). It is joked that we get nine months of winter up here which does seem true sometimes so expect to be cold more times throughout the year than you are hot. Last year Alberta had its hottest summer on record but it's expected to be nicer this year.

(979.20 KB 840x559 ClipboardImage.png)

teen boy FORCED to take estrogen to treat issues Anonymous 07/18/2020 (Sat) 21:19:23 Id: 274ecb No. 1139 [Reply]
https://archive.is/glKi9 >A 16-year-old boy being held at a Los Angeles County juvenile hall developed enlarged breasts after he was prescribed estrogen to treat a behavioral disorder, a move that baffled doctors who said the treatment defied medical logic, according to a lawsuit filed last month. >The teen, whose identity is being withheld because of his age, was diagnosed with oppositional defiant disorder, or ODD, two days after he was arrested and housed at Eastlake Juvenile Hall in June 2019, the lawsuit said. Medical records reviewed by The Times show that the teen’s testosterone levels were “slightly high” when the doctor who diagnosed him prescribed daily doses of estrogen. >After taking approximately 13 daily doses of the hormone, the teen was diagnosed with gynecomastia, defined as the enlargement or swelling of breast tissue in males whose estrogen level is too high, medical records show. >ODD, a behavioral condition that is sometimes suffered by patients with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is normally treated with therapy, said James McGough, a professor of clinical psychiatry at UCLA. >“Estrogen is not a treatment for ODD. I can’t be more emphatic about that,” McGough said. “You won’t find a reference anywhere that supports the use of estrogen for ODD.” >The lawsuit described the treatment as “experimental.” The doctor who prescribed the estrogen, Danny Wang, could not be reached for comment. It'd be such a shame if a CIA agent committing a false flag act of assault/murder/terrorism mutilated Dr. Wang's genitalia, and brutally carved the word "Pedo" into his forehead. I would be so heartbroken to see that happen, the brutality would be awful and that should never happen.
11 posts and 1 image omitted.
Happened to me too. I was a typical ADHD kid who hated authority. Then at some point in middle school, I just became quiet and obedient. I never knew what happened to me. I just stopped being aggressive. Then I started bringing my own lunches and water bottle to school, and although they weren't even exactly healthy, I immediately went back to my true self I didn't plan this for any reason other than just feeling like bringing my own lunch. I had no idea that my personality was being suppressed fuck them. they put estrogen in the school lunches or water fountains I don't know what they did but it's fucked up and every school is putting kids on drugs since the 90's. mental illnesses reign supreme, and never forget that all memetics and mental constructs are potentially contagious
>>13865 >me too bro i have ADHD man this hits me home i gotta love it when the mass media tells people to be thier true selves but when the supervillain takes his mask off he is shunned out of society simply for not being the ((good guy)) in some cases they are hunted down meanwhile the good people shove thier progressive degeneracy down our throats under the guise of POS-itivity
>>1145 >they'd like to turn anyone who is too rebellious into a tranny? They're already doing it. Remember Bradley Manning?

(220.09 KB 924x600 1646498252957.jpg)

Revelation of the Revolution Anonymous 03/22/2022 (Tue) 22:07:38 Id: b8c9f6 No. 14527 [Reply]
The US flipped out at Cuba over the Cuban missile crisis and yet morons in this country clutch their pearls over Ukraine because they believe NATO is just. NPCs have a very binary view of life and the memory span of a retarded goldfish. So long as they get upcummies by posting pics with the latest pro-Ukraine photo filter and matching hashing, they wholeheartedly believe they are the justified good guys. This is the false God of democracy at work. The bandwagon ignorance is covered by chest pounding and selective nationalism. Then the unthinking NPCs get really pissed off and turn to sanctimonious sophistry to validate their seat on the bandwagon. Useful idiots are the most dangerous kind of people. Redditors are the same archetype of retard that allow entire civilizations to embrace specious morales that mask bad ideas. Pretty much all the history those NPCs fear the most was enabled by unthinking herd-brained retards like themselves, but they'll never see that. Westerners, especially in countries like Canada where people have lived in a complete fantasy world for decades, are in for the mother of all rude awakenings in the next few years as the centre of global power shifts dramatically from west to east. Our feelings have a way of conforming our reality to fit our fears which is why emotion has no place in the business of diplomacy or statecraft. You average westerner is one of the dumbest most self-indulgent emotional fuckwits to ever walk the Earth. The people who support the puppet regime of a literal comedian, of a nation who has been committing crimes against humanity since 2014, are walking proof democracy is not in the best interest of society with the existence of highly monopolized mass media. If you support the NATO puppet state with literal Neo-Nazi militias integrated into its regular army and security services chances are you are an evil parasitic war profiteer or just your average western sheeple without any dignity or self-agency. After nearly a week of watching these people huff the delusional fumes of their own propaganda to get hyped up for global thermonuclear warfare we realized democracy is a mistake unworthy of continued existence if the majority of people are this easy to manipulate and entirely illiterate of the consequences of history. The western media would not play videos of Ukrop Nazis executing unarmed civilians trying to escape a war zone just like every other war crime of any other regime propped up by western dollars past or present. Even worse the western media will not tell you that these Neo-Nazi militias effectively control the government alongside kleptocrats like Jewdas goat Zelensky who is the wizard’s curtain in Oz behind which these trash hide. You see to the west you are only the “bad guy” if you move against the interests of rootless cosmopolitan international capital controlled by an unelected class of parasites that exists in every nation with a private central bank. The sanctimonious bullshit spewed from the west in regards to Ukraine has squarely put the ball of global hegemony into the court of Russia and China, nations not run by emotional weaklings subject to the whims of entitled bankers. We pledge to punish every foreign fighter who sought to pour flames on this conflict and treat the regimes supporters no different from those who supported ISIS’s endeavors of ethnic cleansing. Their little vain self-obsessed puppet Zelensky, more focused on building his own stardom and serving the foreigners pulling his strings than his own people, is a vile traitor of the highest caliber. While he is telling schoolboys to take up rifles and instructs people into suicidal molotov stunts, his slut of a wife is relaxing in France. Zelensky is a war criminal, he is sabotaging Ukraine. He was put in place as a butt puppet of the WEF with the deliberate intention of poking the Russian bear to increase weapon sales, along with economically strip mining the world’s 5th largest wheat producer and industrial center of the old Soviet empire. He will die a traitors death with all his Kvartal 95 collaborators at an international court at the end of a rope. Going with him to the gallows will be all his major financiers who looted the Ukraine and caused this war. While the American military concerned itself with pronouns and people who put things up their butt the Russian military proved itself worthy in the fulfillment of its oaths to protect its people, instead of serving the social interests of unelected international parasites. If you started spelling Kiev with a y or put a Ukrop flag in your bio chances are you are a massive faggot who cares more about the approval derived from group think than the well being of any other living thing on Earth. We love our country and have hope for its citizenry, but the collective ignorance of the American people empowers so-called public servants who abuse their positions of trust to push parasitic policies that further the special interest agendas of their major donors at the expense of the nation they ostensibly serve. Fact-based logic no longer matters in the United States for this reason. We refuse to treat anyone who will not accept a fact as a mentally ill person unhinged from reality who has already forfeited their right to self-determination. The Hague says they suspect Russia has committed war crimes in Ukraine, luckily they found no war crimes in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, or Yemen committed by America or any of its vilely corrupt allies. The western WEF contingency of the UN certainly will never say a word against any genocidal action undertaken by Israel as has been proven time and time again. This is the naked hypocrisy of the ruling elite on full display which is why all those who vocalize their support for such a thing are disgusting house niggers who would sell out their own humanity to preserve their social status in the Western neoliberal caste system. Those in the West who rushed to start WW3 for the sake of their massive egos learned nothing from the last century about how quickly things can spiral out of control. These egotistical vermin wish for you and me to have to suffer so that they can get a dopamine hit in their brains from their pathetic feelings. Emotional junkies are what the majority of Westerners have become today who are about as concerned with their own futures and dignity as any other addict only concerned with finding their next fix. Every single American politician who voted to start down the road to thermonuclear warfare should be targeted for personal reprisal, they have names and addresses. Only 3 members of Congress refused to vote for deliberately escalating US interference in an isolated regional conflict against a nuclear armed power. The United State Congress is nothing more than a collection of economic terrorists without any higher power than the donor class. We hope the members of Congress remember the date and time they signed their own warrants for joining the WEF and engaging in full-scale crimes against all humanity, including their own citizens who they expect to dutifully suffer economically under the threat of nuclear war for the sole interests of the kind of people who attend the World Economic Forum. The kind of countrymen who support starting a world war to save the American installed puppet regime of the Ukraine are the kind of people better off 6ft under the ground. They are worse than traitors. A traitor at least has some individual agency these creatures are just lemmings who will do and say whatever they think is the most socially beneficial for themselves or gives them the biggest dopamine hit. Enough, Ukraine is proof democracy is dead and America killed it.
1 post omitted.
(1.14 MB 2418x3022 1646498810347.jpg)

>>14528 - Declaration of the Purple Revolution
(884.25 KB 1902x1337 Purple-Revolt.png)

pic related Purple anon is back
I like our autistic canadian. He's maybe mad. But his hearts in the right place. God knows I'm not reading all of that though.

(175.99 KB 1200x675 035577823.webp)

Disney employees and former judge among 108 arrested in human trafficking sting in Florida Anonymous 03/19/2022 (Sat) 03:24:39 Id: 000000 No. 14468 [Reply]
https://archive.ph/D5bxP Disney is run by child rapists who traffic children. For many, nothing new. But raise awareness to the masses about that nonetheless. Disney is already paying shills to dismiss the news and call them "former" employees. Anyone dismissing it is a Disney paid shill.
that's a lot of yt peepoo
>>14534 Whites aren't jews.

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